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 in the News – 2010


Viewpoint: Happy Birthday, Open Government Directive
[Government Executive, December 8, 2010]

Covering "state secrets" cases under the Obama administration’s new policy
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Fall 2010]

Executive Order seeks to simplify document classification
[Federal News Radio, November 10, 2010]

Obama orders uniformity in managing unclassified info
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, November 5, 2010]

White House Sets "CUI" Designation for Sensitive Government Documents
[Center for Public Integrity: Paper Trail, November 5, 2010]

Executive order creates new CUI system
[Federal Times: FedLine, November 4, 2010]

Obama Issues Executive Order Improving "Controlled Unclassified Information"
[National Security Archive: Unredacted, November 4, 2010]

National Archives rapped for weak document security
[Government Executive, October 28, 2010]

Episode 29 – USDA/FDA Survey Results; Transparency at the State Department
[Whistle Where You Work, October 25, 2010]

Read: Not-so-Secret ‘Secrets’ the Pentagon Paid Thousands to Destroy
[ProPublica, September 29, 2010]

Your Input Needed: How to Evaluate Open Government?
[POGO Blog, September 24, 2010]

OMB needs help in measuring government openness
[Fierce Government IT, September 22, 2010]

Sunshine Group Seeks Input on Evaluation Plan
[CalAware Blog, September 21, 2010]

Government keeps national security secrets hush, hush
[Washington Post: Top Secret America, September 14, 2010]

Obama still has work to do on reversing federal secrecy
[The News Tribune (WA), September 13, 2010]

FRINFORMSUM (Freedom of Information Summary)
[National Security Archive: Unredacted, September 13, 2010]

Obama delivers mixed results on transparency promises
[California Independent Voter Network, September 11, 2010]

Editorial: Obama’s mixed secrecy results
[Roanoke Times: Round Table, September 9, 2010]

Obama Administration Openness: A Mixed Bag
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, September 9, 2010]

Editorial: Showing progress
[The Daily Review (PA), September 9, 2010; also appears in the The (Scranton) Times-Tribune, The Citizen’s Voice (PA), and The Standard Speaker (PA)]

Audio: Open Government and transparency
[Federal News Radio, September 9, 2010]

Watchdogs: Gov’t Spent $196 Keeping Secrets For Every $1 Spent Declassifying Documents
[ProPublica, September 8, 2010]

Government Secrecy Report Card Offers Mixed Results For Obama
[TPM Muckraker, September 8, 2010]

Report: Secrecy Ebbs From Bush Administration High Water Marks, Backlogs in Declassification System Grow
[YubaNet, September 8, 2010]

Transparency group’s report gives Obama mixed grades
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, September 8, 2010]

Open government group gives Obama administration a mixed grade
[Federal Times, September 7, 2010]

Obama gets mixed secrecy review from watchdog
[Fierce Government IT, September 7, 2010]

Obama gets mixed report card on transparency
[Yahoo News: The Upshot, September 7, 2010]

2010 Secrecy Report Card Is Out…
[The Art of Access, September 7, 2010]

2010 Secrecy Report Card Indicates Trend toward Greater Openness
[AALL: Washington Blawg, September 7, 2010]

Administration Scores a ‘Shows Improvement’ on Secrecy Report Card
[OMB Watch: The Fine Print, September 7, 2010]

Mixed report on efforts to open the government
[AP via Gogle News, September 7, 2010]

Watchdog group gives Obama mixed review on openness
[NextGov, September 7, 2010]

A Report Card on Secrecy
[Secrecy News, September 7, 2010]

Defining ‘sensitive but unclassified’ surprisingly complex
[Federal Times, September 5, 2010]

Issa joins senators in questioning FOIA exemptions for SEC
[The Hill: On the Money, August 16, 2010]

Advocates worry White House changes could hurt transparency
[NextGov, August 16, 2010]

AUDIO: Obama’s Record on Government Secrecy
[WBEZ 91.5, July 29, 2010]

White House cites use of health data as example of its innovation initiative
[NextGov, July 22, 2010]

New Podcast: An Inside Look at Updated Evaluations of Agency Open Government Plans
[POGO Blog, July 23, 2010]

NASA, HHS, Justice get high marks for transparency
[Federal Times, July 23, 2010]

Federal Agencies Bolster Transparency Plans
[ProPublica, July 21, 2010]

Watchdog group charts open government winners and losers
[Federal Computer Week, July 20, 2010]

Activist Archivist: Open-government advocates sees the new National Archives chief as a breath of fresh air.
[National Journal, July 10, 2010 (subscription req’d)]

Open-gov reviews devalue social media
[Federal Computer Week, July 8, 2010]

Open government plans updated, criticized
[Federal Computer Week, July 1, 2010]

Commentary: Four differences between Twinkies and open-government plans
[Federal Computer Week: FCW Challenge, May 17, 2010]

Open government audit: agencies straddle the Mendoza line in meeting OGD goals
[FreeGovInfo, May 17, 2010]

Groups Urge Lawmakers to Ensure Public Access to Whistleblower Disclosures on Financial Fraud
[POGO Blog, May 11, 2010]

Gov 2.0 Week in Review
[O’Reilly Radar, May 7, 2010]

An open-source system for the VA is the next logical step
[NetworkWorld, May 7, 2010]

Open government plans mostly mediocre, says watchdog
[FierceGovIT, May 5, 2010]

Groups Thank SECDEF for Unclassified NPR, Stockpile Data
[Secrecy News, May 5, 2010; see also Size of Nuclear Stockpile to be Disclosed]

Agencies struggle to meet Obama’s Open Government Directive
[ComputerWorld, May 4, 2010]

OMB Gets Low Marks On Transparency
[Information Week, May 4, 2010]

Audit: Agency Open Government Plans vary widely
[Federal News Radio, May 4, 2010]

Agencies’ transparency plans need improvement, groups say
[Federal Computer Week, May 4, 2010]

NASA Ranks First in an Audit of Agency Open Government Plans
[The FOI Advocate, May 4, 2010]

Agency that initiated open gov process ranks near last in open gov study
[The Hill, May 3, 2010]

Are Federal Agencies Open? Audit Gives Mixed Grades
[ProPublica, May 3, 2010]

Even the ‘worst’ open government plans include open source
[NetworkWorld, May 3, 2010]

Group gives most open government plans mediocre marks
[NextGov, May 3, 2010]

Audit Reveals Wide Variation In Agency Open Government Plans
[National Coalition for History, May 3, 2010]

Next Slide, Please: Military’s PowerPoint addiction could be a bad habit for archivists
[Columbia Journalism Review, April 26, 2010]

Was Lack Of Government Transparency A Factor In Mine Deaths?
[Huffington Post, April 14, 2010]

Response to agencies’ openness plans largely positive
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, April 9, 2010]

How Are Federal Agencies Going to Help You Keep an Eye on Them?
[ProPublica, April 7, 2010]

Agencies release transparency roadmaps
[Federal Computer Week, April 7, 2010]

Agency Open Government Plans Due Today
[POGO Blog, April 7, 2010]

Open Government Day Arrives April 7
[OMB Watch: The Watcher, April 6, 2010] and AALL Host Successful Sunshine Week Webcast
[The AALL Washington E-Bulletin, March 31, 2010]

Open-government groups set to score agencies’ transparency plans
[Federal Computer Week, April 2, 2010]

Grading Executive Transparency
[NextGov, April 2, 2010]

Agencies to unveil open government plans under president’s directive
[NextGov, April 2, 2010]

Sunshine Week Wrap-up
[Office of Government Information Services, March 30, 2010]

What Open Government and Breakdancing have in common
[OhMyGov, March 29, 2010]

Agencies must be the engines behind sustained transparency push
[NextGov, March 19, 2010]

Let the Sun Shine In
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, March 19, 2010]

Obama Administration Transparency
[CSPAN Video Library, March 19, 2010]

Celebrate President Madison’s Birthday with Sunshine Week!
[OMB Watch: Fine Print, March 15, 2010]

Obama’s transparency efforts achieve mixed results
[News Media and the Law, Winter 2010]

National Security Archive announces Rosemary Award
[Washington Post: In the Loop, March 12, 2010]

View a webcast on openness in gov’t March 19
[Independent (NJ), March 8, 2010]

Improvements Needed For High Value Datasets On
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, February 4, 2010; see also Groups Offer Feedback on High Value Data Sets from the POGO Blog]

Start Planning for Sunshine Week
[Unredacted: National Security Archive, February 1, 2010]

OMB removes datasets from
[Free Government Information, January 28, 2010]

White House bars agencies from posting some statistics
[NextGov, January 27, 2010; see also Data go up, data come down from FOI FYI]

On Transparency, Obama Fails Big, Succeeds Small
[The Weekly Standard, January 14, 2010]

Data on Disappears
[NextGov: TechInsider, January 25, 2010]

Obama starts ‘government transparency’
[POC: Philippine Online Chronicles, January 24, 2010]

Is Government Transparency Headed for a Detour?
[Cato@Liberty, January 15, 2010]

Barack Obama’s pledge to bring transparency to the White House gets A for intention, but a lower grade for implementation
[The Daily Caller, January 13, 2010]

C-SPAN pledge comes back to haunt Obama
[Washington Examiner, January 7, 2010]

Secret Sharers
[ABA Journal, January 1, 2010]


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