In The News- 2007 Archive

FOIA bill expected to clear House today
[Austin American-Statesman; via The Secrecy Files 12.18.07]

Senate Passes Major Whistleblower Reforms
[WebWire 12.18.07]

Talks on FOIA revamp reach an impasse
[CongressDaily via Government Executive 11.7.07]

Coalition seeks public’s view of government transparency issues
[National Journal’s Technology Daily via Government Executive 11.7.07]

Secrecy in Farm Bill
[Cox Newspapers – Secrecy File Blog 11.5.07]

Panel proposed to balance research, security
[National Journal’s Technology Daily via Government Executive 10.29.07]

Bush Administration Ramps up Secrecy
[Atlantic Free Press, 9.10.07]

Government earns low marks for openness
[Federal Computer Week, 9.7.07]

Too much secrecy also a threat
[First Amendment Center, 9.6.07]

Net Efforts Shed More Light On Washington
[WebProNews, 9.5.07]

Secret Governments: Uncommon rays
[Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editorial, 9.5.07]

Study: Government Getting Good at Keeping Secrets from the Public
[Public News Service9.4.07]

US federal government secrecy on the rise: report
[JURIST, 9.4.07]

Citizen Watchdog: Government developing new ways to hide records
[Dallas Morning News, 9.4.07]

Your government secrets
[Clarion Ledger (MS) blog, 9.4.07]

Report Accuses Bush Administration Of Exercising ‘Unprecedented’ Secrecy
[BNA Daily Report for Executives – subscription required, 9.4.07]

Government secrecy expanding at rapid rate, report says
[Cox News/Austin American-Statesman, 9.1.07]

Report Finds Increasing Trend of Government Secrecy Troubling
[AP, September 2007]

Bill to improve processing of FOIA requests advancing
[Congress Daily via 8.13.07]

Be careful with that blindfold
[Star-Telegram (TX) Opinion, 8.8.07]

Bridge collapse highlights importance of public safety records
[Dallas Morning News Citizen Watchdog Columnist 8.7.07]

Executive Privilege Used to Expand Government Secrecy
[Truthout, 7.31.07]

FOIA Hits Mid-life Crisis at 41
[Austin American-Statesman, 7.3.07]

Panelist notes politics of putting agency information online
[Government Executive 6.19.07]

Feds, industry expand digital partnerships
[Federal Computer Week 6.11.07]

Secret Hold Redux?
[Cox Newspapers’ Washington Bureau Blog 5.24.07]

GAO seeks new authority to get data from agencies
[Cox News Service via Arizona Daily Star, 5.6.07]

Senator push for consistency in secrecy designations
[Federal Times 5.4.07]

Probes highlight problems with agencies’ e-mail storage
[ 5.3.07]

Google helps make public records available
[AP via Seattle Post-Intelligencer 4.29.07]

Groups Want Taxpayer-Funded Reports Posted Online
[InformationWeek, 4.2.07]

Groups Seek ‘Net Access to Congressional Research
[, 3.30.07]

AP: 1M archived pages removed post-9/11
[AP via USA Today, 3.14.07]

Are we safer…in the dark?
[USA Today Opinion, 3.13.07]

Sunshine Week forecast: Mostly cloudy, thin rays of hope
[Sen. Patrick Leahy, Vermont Guardian, 3.13.07]

Keeping secrets: The law is explicit, but reluctance reigns
[Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, 3.11.07]

More light shines on government secrecy
[Gannett News Service via USA Today 3.10.07]

Frequent Errors In FBI’s Secret Records Requests
[Washington Post, 3.9.07]

Freedom of Information Act turns 40
[McClatchy Newspapers, 3.9.07]

UT celebrates libraries’ anniversaries
[Tennessee Journalist, 3.4.07]

Senator seeks to plug leaks
[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3.3.07]

Lawmakers seek to draw attention to FOIA
[, 3.2.07]

Government’s global news pulled from site
[ 2.22.07]

In Washington, Contractors Take On Biggest Role Ever
[New York Times 2.3.07]

Group Attempting to Simplify Byzantine Terror-Alert System
[Washington Post 1.24.07]

Bloggers take on Congress
[Cox News via Sunlight Foundation, 1.8.07]

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