Open Government Partnership Meets in Brasilia

Government officials and selected civil society organization representatives gathered in Brazil's capital city of Brasilia on April 17 – 18 to showcase the progress made by participants in the Open Government Partnership (OGP). More than 50 countries have signed on to the international effort to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance. To become a member of OGP, participating countries must embrace a high-level Open Government Declaration; deliver a country action plan developed with public consultation; and commit to independent reporting on their progress going forward. You can watch video of the meeting's opening remarks, including those made by Secretary Clinton here.

Patrice McDermott, Executive Director of, attended the meeting as the representative of US civil society and participated in a panel discussion on how the US and Canada have worked with civil society to develop and implement country action plans. As you may know, we praised the US action plan as "impressive in its scope and breadth," with the understanding that the ultimate success or failure of the open government agenda laid out in the document depends on how well the US carries out its commitments. To help make sure the US implements the plan in a meaningful way, has set up teams of advocates to work with the Administration and is developing metrics to evaluate the government’s progress towards its goals; learn more about the community's efforts here.

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