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ANNOUNCEMENT: Library advocate becomes Superintendent Of Documents
[Government Printing Office, 1.20.11]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Registration for TransparencyCamp ’11 Now Open
[Sunlight Foundation, 3.9.11]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Samuel Dash conference on human rights: March 15
[Georgetown Law Center on National Security and the Law, 3.8.11]

ANNOUCEMENT: Washington’s Lobbying Fix — Panel Discussion on March 14
[Sunlight Foundation, 3.1.11] CONGRESS

CONGRESS: Oversight Subcommittee Leaders Unveiled
[Government Executive, 1.20.11; see also Ranking Members] NEWS

NEWS: GPO transitioning all new docs to new system
[Federal Computer Week, 3.9.11]

NEWS: CDC FOIA delays get under the skin of film producers
[Under Our Skin Blog, 3.8.11]

NEWS: Where is Obama on Bush’s Earmark Transparency Executive Order
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 3.7.11]

NEWS: Army can’t track mental health records of deployed soldiers
[NextGov, 3.3.11]

NEWS: NASA hosts ‘Tweetups’ to spread the word about its missions
[NextGov, 3.1.11]

NEWS: Feds: Keep Tucson autopsies private
[Politico, 3.1.11]

NEWS: National Security Counselors Sues the CIA over its FOIA Practices
[Unredacted: Blog of the National Security Archive, 2.28.11]

NEWS: Large Release of Intelligence Imagery Foreseen
[Secrecy News, 2.28.11]

NEWS: Long Strange Journey: A Whistleblower’s Tale
[Secrecy News, 2.28.11]

NEWS: Center releases pocket guide for sealed courts
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 2.28.11]

NEWS: The Pentagon Papers That Donald Rumsfeld Doesn’t Want You to See
[Gawker via TPM LiveWire, 2.21.11]

NEWS: New Publications on Secrecy, Espionage Act
[Secrecy News, 2.24.11]

NEWS: Scientists Are Cleared of Misuse of Data
[New York Times, 2.24.11]

NEWS: Engaging the public in federal rulemaking, Gov 2.0-style
[Federal Computer Week, 2.23.11]

NEWS: Nomination Sheds New Light on Intel Policy
[Secrecy News, 2.22.11]

NEWS: Go Inside the $56 Billion ‘Black’ Budget
[Wired: Danger Room, 2.18.11]

NEWS: Declassifying the Pentagon Papers, Finally
[Secrecy News, 2.14.11]

NEWS: Ban on earmarks may have unintended consequences
[Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 2.14.11]

NEWS: U.S weaves tangled Web policy
[Politico, 2.15.11]

NEWS: JCP directs enhanced access to 3 of "our nation’s vital legislative and legal documents"
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 2.14.11]

NEWS: CIA Reports No Progress in Classification Review
[Secrecy News, 2.14.11]

NEWS: Copy, paste…and presto, open government data makes sense
[Government Computer News, 2.11.11]

NEWS: Watchdog group faults Obama decision to withdraw transparency proposal
[Washington Technology, 2.11.11]

NEWS: Legislation would prohibit misuse of airport body-scan images
[USA Today, 2.10.11]

NEWS: Immigration Service Refuses to Release 6,000 Pages in Whistleblower Case
[AllGov, 2.10.11]

NEWS: The CIA’s Flickr Page Is Awesomely Bad
[Wired: Danger Room, 2.8.11]

NEWS: Administering Classification Policy at ODNI
[Secrecy News, 2.9.11]

NEWS: Federal judge says unsearchable PDFs ‘not sufficient disclosure’
[AU Investigative Reporting Workshop, 2.9.11]

NEWS: Issa Releases Letters From Industry on Regulations
[Center for Public Integrity, 2.7.11]

NEWS: Donald Rumsfeld Unveils Career Archives Tuesday
[ABC News, 2.7.11; see also Rumsfeld WikiLeaks Himself to Rehab Image from Wired: Danger Room]

NEWS: Judge says jail for Bush whistle-blower protector
[AP via Forbes, 1.21.11]

NEWS: Office of the Historian, U.S. Department of State, Announces the 150th Anniversary of FRUS
[State Department, 1.21.11]

NEWS: Interior First Out of the Gate with Science Integrity Policy
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 2.1.11]

NEWS: Memo to FCIC: More Transparency, Please
[Mother Jones, 1.27.11]

NEWS: Congress uses social media to talk, not listen
[FierceGovIT, 1.27.11]

NEWS: Bill to Make Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Subject to FOIA Introduced
[FOIA Blog, 1.27.11]

COMMENTARY: Transparency In The SOTU
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 1.25.11]

NEWS: US wants Internet, cell records held longer
[AFP via Google News, 1.25.11]

NEWS: CDC publishes social media metrics on dashboard
[Federal Computer Week, 1.25.11]

NEWS: White House prepares interactive State of the Union speech
[Federal Computer Week, 1.25.11]

NEWS: Lawyer in CIA leak case questioned by grand jury
[Washington Post: Spy Talk, 1.23.11]

NEWS: CRS Director’s Retirement Renews Old Questions
[Secrecy News, 1.24.11]

NEWS: Memo Implies EPA Will Not Clarify Scientists’ Right to Publish or Speak with Media
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 1.24.11]

NEWS: Domestic use of aerial drones by law enforcement likely to prompt privacy debate
[Washington Post, 1.23.11]

NEWS: Court rules detainee docs protected from FOIA disclosure
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 1.20.11]

NEWS: GSA launches how-to website for feds
[Federal Times: FedLine, 1.18.11]

NEWS: Freshmen win subcommittee gavels
[Politico, 1.18.11]

NEWS: Tweet Away, Troops: Pentagon Won’t Ban Social Media
[Wired: Danger Room, 1.14.11]

NEWS: Unfollowed: Pentagon Deletes Social Media Office
[Wired: Danger Room, 1.13.11]

NEWS: Web 2.0 tools could save rulemaking transparency
[Government Executive, 1.13.11]

NEWS: The Sun Never Sets on the PATRIOT Act
[Cato @ Liberty, 1.12.11]

NEWS: Leahy Sets Cyber Privacy Agenda
[NextGov, 1.11.11]

NEWS: Library of Congress taps LII for Expertise in Legislative Information
[beSpacific, 1.10.11]

NEWS: U.S. journalists back away from WikiLeaks founder
[Miami Herald, 1.9.11]

NEWS: Document Friday: The Department of State was Hiding…. THIS?!?!
[National Security Archive: Unredacted, 1.7.11]

NEWS: 19 Steps To A More Transparent FDA?
[Pharmalot, 1.6.11; see also FDA Launches Website To Address Company Questions from AP via NPR]

NEWS: Citizens, Federal Employees Support Open Data Plans
[Information Week, 1.5.11]

NEWS: FedFlix federal video archive grows in popularity
[Federal Computer Week, 1.5.11]

NEWS: GOP backpedals on committee attendance rule
[Politico: On Congress, 1.4.11]

NEWS: Air Force SAP Policy Limits Congressional Contacts
[Secrecy News, 1.4.11]

NEWS: DISA poised to become Pentagon’s top cloud computing supplier
[NextGov, 1.3.11] REPORTS

REPORT: Six Strategies for More Open and Participatory Government
[Knight Commission, 2.25.11] RESOURCES

RESOURCE: The Whistleblower’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing What’s Right and Protecting Yourself
[National Whistleblowers Center, 2.28.11]

RESOURCE: A Condensed User Guide for FOIA Requests
[National Security Archive: Unredacted, 2.3.11] OTHER


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