Of Interest – 2010 Archive

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COMMENTARY: The Muzzling of the FDA: How government press officers stole our freedom
[Columbia Journalism Review, 12.6.10]

COMMENTARY: FOIA Facts: High Profile FOIA Requests
[Llrx.com, 11.15.10]

COMMENTARY: "Shiny app syndrome" and Gov 2.0
[O’Reilly Radar, 10.21.10]

COMMENTARY: Accountability, transparency and their unintended consequences
[ Lectern blog- Federal Computer Week, 10.21.10]

COMMENTARY: Learning to Navigate Free vs. Fee
[Free Government Information, 10.18.10]

COMMENTARY: White House records in Facebook era
[Politico, 10.6.10]

COMMENTARY: Real-Time Government Has Arrived
[Huffington Post, 9.27.10]

COMMENTARY: ‘Pentagon’s cybersecurity plans have a Cold War chill
[Washington Post,8.26.10]

COMMENTARY: ‘National security’ vs right-to-know is ongoing debate
[Pittsburgh Post Gazette,8.22.10]

COMMENTARY: My $3.52 Worth of PACER
[Free Government Information,8.22.10]

COMMENTARY: An Open Government Lesson
[NextGov, 8.13.10; see also Sharing of Data Leads to Progress on Alzheimer’s from the NYT]

COMMENTARY: We Need Whistleblowers – Mike German
[Campaign for Liberty, 8.12.10]

COMMENTARY: Unnecessary lies: A whistleblower’s perspective on Necessary Secrets
[National Law Journal, 8.9.10]

COMMENTARY: Devine: National security whistleblowers deserve more protection
[Washington Post, 7.2.10]

COMMENTARY: Wikileaks Fails "Due Diligence" Review
[Secrecy News, 6.28.10]

COMMENTARY: No More Secrets: Then What?
[Huffington Post, 6.24.10]

COMMENTARY: Wikileak Case Echoes Pentagon Papers
[Consortium News, 6.15.10 ]

COMMENTARY: Social networking: Agency silos 2.0?
[Federal Computer Week, 6.11.10 ]

COMMENTARY: Closing the Digital Frontier
[The Atlantic Magazine, July/August 2010]

COMMENTARY: Smithsonian digitization strategic plan
[Free Government Information, 6.7.10]

COMMENTARY: Accountability must follow transparency
[Federal Times, 6.6.10]

COMMENTARY: Hill Wants Access to Secret SIPRNet
[NextGov: What’s Brewin, 5.26.10]

COMMENTARY: Conflict of Values – Preserving Government Secrecy
[Alternet, 5.21.10]

COMMENTARY: Stonewalled by the S.E.C.
[New York Times: Opinionator, 5.13.10]

COMMENTARY: Transparency Trap
[Government Executive, 5.5.10]

COMMENTARY: Case Study: How Open data saved Canada $3.2 Billion
[eaves.ca, 4.22.10]

COMMENTARY: AG Unsure Why More Information Being Withheld
[The FOIA Blog, 4.15.10]

COMMENTARY: How Congress and the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission are botching their only chance to reform Wall Street.
[Slate: Eliot Spitzer, 4.13.10]

COMMENTARY: Stop Fishing and Start Feasting: How Citable Public Documents Will Change Your Life
[O’Reilly Radar, April 7, 2010]

COMMENTARY: Contracting Responsibility Database Improved, but Still Misses the Mark
[POGO Blog, 3.23.10]

COMMENTARY: A TARP Program by Any Other Name Still Needs Oversight
[POGO Blog, 3.22.10]

COMMENTARY: A Historic Opportunity for Government Transparency: Keynote Address from John D. Podesta at American University Washington College of Law
[Center for American Progress, 3.17.10]

COMMENTARY: Round 2 of the PACER Debate: What to Expect
[Freedom to Tinker, 3.16.10]

COMMENTARY: Limiting Sunshine
[Columbia Journalism Review, 3.11.10]

COMMENTARY: Driving by the Numbers
[New York Times, 3.11.10]

COMMENTARY: 10 flaws with the data on Data.gov
[Government Computer News, 3.10.10]

COMMENTARY: Truly Open Data
[O’Reilly Radar, 3.9.10]

COMMENTARY: Tackle problems, not mandates, with collaboration
[Federal Computer Week, 3.4.10]

COMMENTARY: Who is going to build new public services?
[Public Strategist, 2.25.10]

COMMENTARY: Transparency: The Good and the Bad
[Think Progress: Yglesias, 2.22.10]

COMMENTARY: Transparent leadership starts from within
[Government Executive, 2.11.10]

COMMENTARY: Rethinking Open Data: Lessons learned from the Open Data front lines
[O’Reilly Radar, 2.2.10]

COMMENTARY: A Corporate Full-Body Scan
[Dirt Diggers Digest, 1.28.10]

COMMENTARY: Let The Cameras Roll
[Think Progress, 1.11.10]

COMMENTARY: Adding More Names to Watch Lists Isn’t Change, It’s a Step Back
[Wired: Threat Level, 1.11.10]

[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 1.8.10]

COMMENTARY: Privacy’s Long Shadow
[NextGov, 1.8.10]


ANNOUNCEMENT: Second Annual Whistleblower Film Series Kicks Off This Saturday [10/16]
[POGO Blog, 10.14.10]

ANNOUNCEMENT: FISA Court Rules Published for Comment
[United States Courts, 9.13.10]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Public Consultation on access to information and open government data
[Access Info Europe, 9.6.10]

ANNOUNCEMENT: House Oversight Subcommittee Schedules Series of NARA Hearings
[National Coalition for History, 6.4.10]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Necessary Secrets: Panel Discussion [May 25]
[Secrecy News, 5.20.10]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Transparency Caucus Announces Inaugural Event
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 4.21.10]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Attorney General Holder to Speak at Department of Justice Celebration of the First Anniversary of the Attorney General’s FOIA Guidelines
[FOIA Post, 3.8.10]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Physics and Secrecy: February 13
[Secrecy News, 1.29.10]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Conference: Limiting Knowledge in a Democracy – Feb 24-26
[The New School, 1.5.10]



NEWS: Comparing the Old and New House Rules
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 12.23.10]

NEWS: State Department review promises transparency, civilian ‘face’
[Government Executive, 12.20.10]

NEWS: Energy.gov to move to Drupal
[Social Sciences Research Network, 12.17.10]

NEWS: SEC Moves Ahead On Oil, Mining, Derivatives Transparency
[Center for Public Integrity, 12.15.10]

NEWS: Gulf Spill Paymaster Acknowledges Transparency Problems and Outlines Fixes
[ProPublica, 12.14.10]

NEWS: Air Force Blocks Media Sites
[Wall Street Journal, 12.14.10]

NEWS: Why is the Navy reversing course on blog?
[Federal Computer Week, 12.14.10]

NEWS: Social media looms in regulations development
[Federal Computer Week, 12.14.10]

NEWS: Google, GPO strike an e-Book deal
[Washington Post: Federal Eye, 12.14.10]

NEWS: GSA aims to make agency websites more user-friendly
[Government Executive, 12.13.10]

NEWS: Sunlight Unveils House Staff Directory (in beta)
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 12.10.10]

NEWS: Treasury Classification Guide, and Other Resources
[Secrecy News, 12.10.10]

NEWS: US senator calls for hearings on plane registry
[AP via Google News, 12.9.10]

NEWS: White House proposes sweeping federal IT reforms
[O’Reilly Radar, 12.9.10]

NEWS: Advocacy group urges a broader view of data mining
[NextGov, 12.7.10]

NEWS: Navy serviceman accused of trying to sell classified military documents
[Washington Post, 12.6.10]

NEWS: EPA Launches Website to Increase Transparency of Regulatory Activity
[beSpacific, 12.5.10]

NEWS: E-rule-making has potential, but kinks must be ironed out, expert says
[Nextgov, 12.1.10]

NEWS: Setback in case against accused NSA leaker
[Washington Post: Checkpoint Washington, 11.29.10]

NEWS: New House overseer suggests it might be closing time for some agencies
[Government Executive, 11.24.10]

NEWS: Federal appeals court allows ruling against warrantless GPS tracking to stand
[Jurist, 11.23.10]

NEWS: Interview with Earl Devaney
[IBM Center for the Business of Government, 11.24.10]

NEWS: OMB releases preliminary guidance on plain writing
[Government Executive, 11.23.10]

NEWS: DOJ: Record-Breaking Year for False Claims Act Recoveries
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, 11.22.10]

NEWS: Marine whistleblower Franz Gayl: Security clearance removal is retaliation
[Washington Post, 11.20.10]

NEWS: D.C. Circuit Declines to Adopt Policy Over Confidential Opinions in Gitmo Cases
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, 11.18.10]

NEWS: Legal Briefs: SEC debates whistleblower incentives
[Washington Post, 11.8.10]

NEWS: More courts to offer audio recordings — for a fee through PACER
[Free Government Information, 11.17.10]

NEWS: Court: Calif gay marriage case may be broadcast
[AP via Washington Post, 11.17.10]

NEWS: Data.gov sets up open data communities page
[Federal Computer Week, 11.17.10]

NEWS: Pentagon will stop shielding mentors
[Federal Times, 11.17.10]

NEWS: Kucinich challenges Towns for top Gov. Reform panel slot
[Washington Post: 44, 11.17.10]

NEWS: Open Government Success Stories: Labor’s Online Enforcement Database
[POGO Blog, 11.17.10]

NEWS: One Hundred Naked Citizens: One Hundred Leaked Body Scans
[Gizmodo, 11.16.10]

NEWS: Bypass FOIA and seek data from agencies, says Obama official
[NextGov, 11.15.10]

NEWS: State tells man he may be jailed for releasing data
[The Boston Globe, 11.11.10]

NEWS: Interior inspector general: White House skewed drilling-ban report
[Politico, 11.9.10]

NEWS: Ocean Scientists’ Worked Screened by Public Relations Staff
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 11.9.10]

NEWS: How many terrorism tips does the government get every day?
[Slate, 11.8.10]

NEWS: Editor’s Note: How We Got the Government’s Secret Dialysis Data
[ProPublica, 11.8.10]

NEWS: Democrat maps out aggressive agenda for contracting oversight panel
[Government Executive, 11.5.10]

NEWS: GOP to install cameras in Rules Committee hearing room
[Politico: On Congress, 11.5.10]

NEWS: Defense bans contractors from interrogating detainees
[Government Executive, 11.4.10]

NEWS: Patent database up and running: U.S. Patent data that once carried a high access fee is now available for free online.
[O’Reilly Radar, 11.4.10]

NEWS: House Intelligence Committee faces shakeup
[National Journal via Government Executive, 11.3.10]

NEWS: Surveillance Court Issues New Rules of Procedure
[Secrecy News, 11.3.10]

NEWS: SEC Whistleblower Fund Is Juiced Up
[Wall Street Journal, 11.1.10]

NEWS: National security, media discussed at Newseum conference
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 10.29.10]

NEWS: FCC invites Web developers over to talk open government, accessibility
[The Hill: Hillicon Valley, 10.29.10]

NEWS: Who gets (and controls) the "first crack"?
[Columbia Journalism Review, 10.28.10]

NEWS: Defending Secrecy, British Spy Chief Goes Public
[New York Times, 10.28.10]

NEWS: ODNI Issues New Security Standards for Intel Facilities
[Secrecy News, 10.27.10]

NEWS: New consumer financial agency to rely on crowdsourcing
[NextGov, 10.26.10]

NEWS: Security flaws found in systems that track recovery-related spending at Transportation
[ NextGov, 10.25.10]

NEWS: Federal travel spending site takes flight
[Government Executive, 10.25.10]

NEWS: Fifth Circuit upholds public’s right to court documents
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 10.22.10]

NEWS: SSA to create dozens of new datasets
[Federal Computer Week, 10.22.10]

NEWS: MuckRock makes FOIA requests easy, but will reporters use it?
[Nieman Journalism Lab, 10.21.10]

NEWS: Recovery Board will track nonstimulus funding for education jobs
[NextGov, 10.21.10]

NEWS: Invention Secrecy Still Going Strong
[Secrecy News, 10.21.10]

NEWS: GOP gearing up for White House investigations
[Los Angeles Times, 10.20.10]

NEWS: Government Ready For Cybersecurity Deadline, Officials Say
[InformationWeek, 10.18.10]

NEWS: Lawsuit to Expose Cause of Scientific Integrity Rules Holdup
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 10.19.10]

NEWS: GPO Releases MetaLib Federated Search Tool
[beSpacific, 10.18.10]

NEWS: New Spy Game: Firms’ Secrets Sold Overseas
[New York Times, 10.17.10]

NEWS: Labor Ponders Splitting Up Troubled Whistleblower Program
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 10.18.10]

NEWS: BLM Urged to Put More Leasing Protest Data Online
[Center for Public Integrity, 10.13.10]

NEWS: DOJ Releases, Then Tries to Reel Back FOIA Documents in Holocaust Case
[Center for Public Integrity, 10.13.10]

NEWS: TSA charges 9NEWS $1 million after 4-year wait for information
[9 News (Denver), 10.13.10]

NEWS: GSA debuts new Web 2.0 tools and hosting for federal agencies
[Federal Computer Week, 10.12.10]

NEWS: Requesting Public Records? Threats Work Best, UA Study Finds
[University of Arizona News, 10.12.10]

NEWS: Fix Congress’ Personal Financial Disclosures
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 10.12.10]

NEWS: Nobel Prize in Economics goes to secret hold victim
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 10.10.10]

NEWS: FOIA Facts: Mid-Term FOIA Grade for the Obama Administration
[LLRX.com, 10.10.10]

NEWS: Keep Greenhouse Gas Data Private, FTC Warns EPA
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, 10.8.10]

NEWS: Reporters Committee Petitions Supreme Court To Intervene In Grand Jury-Related Case
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, 10.8.10]

NEWS: Caught Spying on Student, FBI Demands GPS Tracker Back
[Wired: Threat Level, 10.7.10]

NEWS: Panel calls for common ID numbers for contracts, grants
[Federal Times, 10.7.10]

NEWS: Journalist receives government records after 7 years
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 10.7.10]

NEWS: Social networks are most popular Gov 2.0 tool, survey says
[Federal Computer Week, 10.5.10]

NEWS: Using Technology To Assist Declassification
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 10.5.10]

NEWS: GAO debuts new online report technology
[Federal Computer Week, 10.5.10]

NEWS: Government data will be machine readable, Maude pledges
[The Guardian (UK), 10.4.10]

NEWS: Congress Compromises with Executive Branch on Oversight of Intel Community
[POGO Blog, 10.5.10]

NEWS: OSHA Quietly Pulls Plug on Touted Recordkeeping National Emphasis Program
[PEER, 10.5.10]

NEWS: Low participation in SSA video contest is latest in a lackluster series
[Federal Computer Week, 10.4.10]

NEWS: In School Outreach, BP and NOAA ‘Dispel Myths’ About Dispersants, Subsurface Oil
[ProPublica, 10.4.10]

NEWS: Inspector General Rips OSHA Whistleblower Program
[PEER, October 4, 2010]

NEWS: Faster Access to the Law
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, October 1, 2010]

NEWS: Rep. Foster Introduces Bill To Improve THOMAS
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, September 30, 2010]

NEWS: Web clearinghouse for student loans not needed, GAO says
[Federal Computer Week, September 29, 2010]

NEWS: Study: Audio recordings of US history fading fast
[AP via Google News, September 29, 2010]

NEWS: Judge: can’t FOIA Fannie & Freddie political gifts
[Politico: Under the Radar, 9.30.10]

NEWS: Interior institutes scientific integrity policy
[Government Executive, 9.29.10]

NEWS: GAO Gains a Foothold in Intelligence Oversight
[Secrecy News, 9.29.10]

NEWS: New RTI Legislation Rating Methodology Launched
[Access Info Europe, 9.29.10]

NEWS: Lawmakers’ message loud and clear on jargon
[Government Executive, 9.28.10]

NEWS: U.S. Supreme Court to release weekly audio records of oral arguments
[Supreme Court, 9.28.10]

NEWS: White House agrees to share covert operations information with more members of Congress
[Washington Post, 9.27.10]

NEWS: The Nixon Papers You Haven’t Seen
[Columbia Journalism Review, 9.28.10]

NEWS: Unpublished Iraq War Logs Trigger Internal WikiLeaks Revolt
[Wired: Threat Level, 9.27.10]

NEWS: Libraries: Good News, Bad News
[Free Government Information, 9.27.10]

NEWS: Panel opens review of online privacy law
[CongressDaily via NextGov, September 22, 2010]

NEWS: Merit Systems Protection Board weighs national security powers against employee rights
[Washington Post, September 22, 2010]

NEWS: A Look Back at "Classification Management"
[Secrecy News, 9.22.10]

NEWS: National Archives puts 3,000 historic documents online
[Federal Computer Week, 9.21.10]

NEWS: New tool adds geospatial capabilities to federal data website
[Federal Computer Week, 9.21.10]

NEWS: Google Reports on Government Requests and Censorship
[New York Times: Bits, 9.21.10]

NEWS: Home Foreclosures and Security Clearances
[Secrecy News, 9.20.10]

NEWS: Q&A: White House E-mail Lawyer Anne Weismann
[Columbia Journalism Review, 9.20.10]

NEWS: Gov’t Report Slams Labor Dept. Program to Protect Whistleblowers
[ProPublica, 9.17.10]

NEWS: Media Companies Want D.C. Circuit Ruling in Gitmo Case Unsealed
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, 9.17.10]

NEWS: 20+ Orgs Ask For Better Access to the "Constitution Annotated"
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 9.16.10]

NEWS: The Most Open Congress Ever?
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 9.15.10]

NEWS: Lawsuit to Unravel Varying BP Spill Estimates – Paper Trail Explaining Starkly Different Leak Rate Numbers Yet to Surface
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), 9.16.10]

NEWS: Judge orders agency to release Idaho ranchers’ addresses
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 9.16.10; see also the Idaho Mountain Express editorial]

NEWS: Obama memo to Senior Executive Service outlines Web tool that tracks progress
[Washington Post, 9.14.10]

NEWS: Judiciary Approves Pilot Project for Cameras in District Courts
[beSpacific, 9.14.10]

NEWS: Lights, camera, action: Agencies to launch Video.gov
[Federal Computer Week, 9.13.10]

NEWS: Pentagon Eases Some Rules on Guantanamo Coverage
[New York Times, 9.10.10]

NEWS: Agencies must toughen rules to protect sensitive information, GAO says
[Federal Computer Week, 9.10.10]

NEWS: Forest Chief Mum on Why He Imposed Gag Order – Agency Faces FOIA Lawsuit for Failing to Turn Over Documents
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 9.9.10]

NEWS: Media groups file brief in Supreme Court FOIA case
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 9.8.10]

NEWS: DHS to develop single, searchable database of immigration records
[NextGov, 9.8.10]

NEWS: Collaboration project will share code for government apps
[Federal Computer Week, 9.8.10]

NEWS: Challenge.gov seeks to expand public’s engagement
[Federal Computer Week, 9.7.10]

NEWS: Court: Judges can demand warrant for cell locales
[AP via Google News, 9.7.10]

NEWS: New lawsuit to challenge laptop searches at U.S. border
[Washington Post, 9.7.10]

NEWS: FCC posts data sets, plans site redesign to be more like a dot-com
[NextGov, 9.7.10]

NEWS: Alex Howard Bringing open government to courts
[O’Reilly Radar, 9.6.10]

NEWS: FCC.gov poised for an overdue overhaul
[O’Reilly Radar, 9.2.10]

NEWS: Darpa’s Star Hacker Looks to WikiLeak-Proof Pentagon
[Wired: Danger Room, 8.31.10]

NEWS: U.S. Nuclear Stockpile Secrecy: A View from 1949
[Secrecy News, 9.2.10]

NEWS: NASA opens photo-sharing site
[Federal Computer Week, 8.31.10]

NEWS: FDA unveils performance management site
[Government Executive, 8.31.10]

NEWS: Interior Posts Only Half of a Scientific Integrity Policy
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 8.31.10]

NEWS: Government ethics office reorganizing site to make policies easier to digest
[NextGov, 8.30.10]

NEWS: Report says Congress needs lots of help with Web sites
[Federal Computer Week, 8.30.10]

NEWS: Earthquakes are HUGE on Data.gov
[O’Reilly Radar, 8.26.10]

NEWS: Fairs help job-seekers with security clearances connect with intelligence firms
[Washington Post, 8.24.10]

NEWS: Military Denies Having a Secret Afghan Torture Jail
[Wired: Danger Room, 8.24.10]

NEWS: ACLU Sues FBI In SF Over Muslim Surveillance
[CBS 5, 8.24.10]

NEWS: New Order on State, Local Access to Classified Info
[Secrecy News, 8.23.10]

NEWS: Leaks Aren’t ‘In,’ Clapper Tells Intelligence Community
[The Atlantic, 8.28.10]

NEWS: Agency innovation contests hampered by questions about legality, fairness
[Federal Computer Week, 8.27.10]

NEWS: Transportation to unveil database standards to improve highway safety
[NextGov, 8.27.10]

NEWS: WikiLeaks docs still making news
[Politico: On Media,8.22.10]

NEWS: Why federal CIOs, CISOs still have concerns about the cloud
[Federal News Radio, 8.19.10]

NEWS: Linked data is opening 800 years of UK legal info
[O’Reilly Radar, 8.19.10]

NEWS: Photog Probes Secret Sites With Megazoom and Science
[Wired: Raw Files, 8.18.10]

NEWS: Congress delays on whistleblowers
[Politico, 8.17.10]

NEWS: Officials hope unique identifiers will sharpen procurement data reporting
[Federal Computer Week, 8.17.10]

NEWS: GSA Web site to host agency competitions
[Federal Computer Week, 8.16.10]

NEWS: Who is an Intelligence Employee?
[Secrecy News, 8.16.10]

NEWS: ODNI Advisors on Bio Sciences Keep Low Profile
[Secrecy News, 8.16.10]

NEWS: A Look at Electronic Public Access in the Federal Courts
[The Third Branch, 8.13.10]

NEWS: DARPA sets privacy rules for its programs
[Federal Computer Week, 8.13.10]

NEWS: Drowning in Data
[NextGov, 8.13.10]

NEWS: Education Department sets up new Web site for data display
[Federal Computer Week, 8.11.10]

NEWS: House leaders raise financial reporting proposal again
[NextGov, 8.1.10]

NEWS: Dig into the Smithsonian Commons and you’ll find Gov 2.0 in action.
[O’Reilly Radar, 8.10.10]

NEWS: White House uses LinkedIn for policy discussion
[Federal Computer Week, 8.9.10]

NEWS: Open Source Tools Turn WikiLeaks Into Illustrated Afghan Meltdown
[Wired: Danger Room, 8.9.10]

NEWS: Dead government Web sites haunt the CyberCemetery
[Federal Computer Week, 8.6.10]

NEWS: Gov 2.0 Week in Review
[O’Reilly Radar, 8.6.10]

NEWS: A Win for Whistleblowers
[Mother Jones, 8.5.10]

NEWS: Florida to employees: Keep that tweet (and status update, IM, SMS, etc.)
[Federal Computer Week, 8.5.10]

NEWS: Obama sends first leaker to prison
[Politico: Under the Radar, 8.4.10]

NEWS: David Walls is overseeing the transition at the GPO to digital archiving
[Washington Post, 7.30.10]

NEWS: Web Search Is the New King of Government Portals
[Government Technology, 7.29.10; see also 2010 Open Government Report]

NEWS: Leak Cases Move Forward
[Secrecy News, 9.4.10]

NEWS: Feds admit storing checkpoint body scan images
[CNET, 9.4.10]

NEWS: Library of Congress forges digital preservation alliance
[Federal Computer Week, 9.4.10]

NEWS: Law document transparency project defines its terms
[National Law Journal, 9.4.10]

NEWS: After Afghan War Leaks, Revisions in a Shield Bill
[New York Times, 8.3.10]

NEWS: New Law Paves the Way for Public Posting of FAPIIS
[POGO Blog, 8.3.10]

NEWS: EPA posts toxic data early to encourage crowdsourcing
[NextGov, 8.2.10]

NEWS: GAO’s Web site goes mobile
[Federal Computer Week, 8.2.10]

NEWS: Do Guantanamo media restrictions also prevent open trials?
[McClathchy via Miami Herald, 8.1.10]

NEWS: Oil-Rig Workers Gain Whistleblower Protections in House Bill
[Bloomberg, 7.30.10]

NEWS: DOD Blocks Access To Contractor Data, Again
[NextGov: Tech Insider, 7.30.10]

NEWS: Publisher argues free access to research violates administration’s transparency initiative
[NextGov, 7.30.10]

NEWS: Senator: Secrecy Obscures Cyber Threats
[Secrecy News, 7.29.10]

NEWS: Senate Assists DoJ with Leak Investigation
[Secrecy News, 7.29.10]

NEWS: Insufficient data sharing hobbles Army’s efforts to track suicide risks, report says
[NextGov, 7.29.10]

NEWS: Pentagon Shoots Down POGO’s FAPIIS FOIA
[POGO Blog, 7.29.10]

NEWS: FBI backs record-keeping on prepaid cell phones
[AP via Google News, 7.28.10]

NEWS: Gov 2.0 Summit Preview: How Open Government Spurs Innovation
[Information Week, 7.28.10]

NEWS: Can Whistleblowers Be Protected?
[Secrecy News, 7.28.10]

NEWS: O-Gov May Muck Up Agency Sites
[NextGov: Tech Insider, 7.27.10]

NEWS: When $200,000 becomes $200 million: The limits of federal spending data
[Government Executive, 7.27.10]

NEWS: Put the President on Your Calendar
[NextGov: Tech Insider, 7.26.10]

NEWS: 20 years of problems at Arlington Cemetery
[Washington Post, 7.26.10]

NEWS: Republicans fail to subpoena White House official
[Washington Post: Federal Eye, 7.22.10]

NEWS: Congressional hearing on access to publicly-funded research
[Free Government Information, 7.21.10]

NEWS: Justices to resolve appellate court split over FOIA exemption
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 7.20.10]

NEWS: DIA Issues FOUO on Post Series
[NextGov: What’s Brewin’, 7.21.10]

NEWS: Navy Cannot Find Records to Quell Claims of Continued Open Sea Dumping
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 7.21.10]

NEWS: Whistleblowers Get New Incentives In Financial Overhaul
[Dow Jones via Wall Street Journal, 7.19.10]

NEWS: The Better Way to Link to Laws
[Special Libraries Association, 7.16.10]

NEWS: 10 gov Web apps that get results
[Federal Computer Week, 7.19.10]

NEWS: Social Security in the Gov 2.0 age
[O’Reilly Radar, 7.19.10]

NEWS: FBI urges FCC to protect its ability to wiretap
[Washington Post: Post Tech, 7.16.10]

NEWS: Pick the best White House app
[Federal Computer Week, 7.15.10]

NEWS: 1968 Senate Sessions on Foreign Relations Declassified
[Secrecy News, 7.15.10]

NEWS: FCC Resumes Closed-Door Sessions with Telecom Lobbyists
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 7.14.10]

NEWS: Whistleblowers Still Run Daunting Gauntlet Under Obama
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 7.14.10]

NEWS: GPO Establishes First Preservation Librarian Position
[Free Government Information, 7.14.10]

NEWS: 75 Percent of PACER Users Won’t Pay for Access Under New Fee Schedule
[United States Courts, 7.9.10]

NEWS: Peekaboo: New boss over corporate audits is much like the old one
[Washington Post, 7.12.10]

NEWS: Army team at Arlington seeks to guarantee burial records
[Washington Post, 7.12.10]

NEWS: Rulemaking Petition to Commerce Secretary to Rescind Bush-Era Prior Restraints
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 7.12.10]

NEWS: Craigslist founder working with congress on transparency
[CNN: Political Ticker, 7.9.10]

NEWS: The best of the federal blogosphere
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NEWS: Twitter Musings in Syria Elicit Groans in Washington
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NEWS: World Bank Launches Access to Information Appeals Board
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NEWS: NOAA launches public site to track Gulf oil disaster
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NEWS: Open Source for America to Measure Openness and Transparency Across U.S. Federal Government Agencies
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NEWS: Your Archives, Through Social Media
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NEWS: Site launched to collect public input on airline rule
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NEWS: Debate focuses on how to protect users’ privacy if Web-tracking tools are allowed on federal sites
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NEWS: Pentagon to adopt FBI’s suspicious activity reporting system
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NEWS: Pushy fliers may show up on TSA’s radar
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NEWS: History Detectives
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NEWS: Obama commission to investigate BP Gulf oil spill
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NEWS: Deal with White House clears way for intel authorization
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NEWS: FDA Proposals Would Let in the Sunshine
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NEWS: Positive Results for Online Government
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NEWS: Health bill will require drug companies to reveal doctor payments
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NEWS: EPA Releases Public Database on Risk Assessments
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NEWS: Judiciary Approves PACER Innovations To Enhance Public Access
[beSpacific, 3.19.10]

NEWS: U.S. Access Board updating Section 508 disability regulations
[Federal Computer Week, 3.19.10]

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NEWS: EPA Makes Chemical Information More Accessible to Public For the first time, TSCA chemical inventory free of charge online
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NEWS: White House tweeting spreads president’s message
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