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COMMENTARY: The God That Fails
[New York Times, 12.31.09]

COMMENTARY: Lawmaker Investments and Disclosure
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 11.23.09]

COMMENTARY: Data.gov: Where’s the Beef?
[NextGov: Tech Insider, 11.16.09]

COMMENTARY: Congressional Committee Webcast Archives Review: I See Progress
[Joshua Tauberer’s Blog, 11.10.09]

COMMENTARY: Putting source documents online
[Reuters: Felix Salmon, 11.9.09]

COMMENTARY: Unlikely Group Working Happily Together To Solve Patent Problem
[O’Reilly Radar: Carl Malamud, 11.8.09]

COMMENTARY: Who Should Monitor Corruption?
[New York Times, 11.5.09]

COMMENTARY: Electronic voting lingers on
[Washington Post: Faster Forward, 11.4.09]

COMMENTARY: Obama’s shield law reversal disappointing
[San Antonio Express-News, 10.17.09]

COMMENTARY: A Change That’s Hard to Believe In
[Columbia Journalism Review, October 2, 2009]

ANALYSIS: Recovery.gov 2.0
[Free Government Information, 9.30.09]

COMMENTARY: Transparency, Free Speech, Privacy
[NextGov, 9.29.09]

ANALYSIS: Is It Time to Revisit the Federal Advisory Committee Act?
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 9.23.0909]

ANALYSIS: Legal Implications of Cloud Computing – Part One (the Basics and Framing the Issues)
[LLRX.com, 9.12.09]

COMMENTARY: Scope of openness is a big, big issue
[Free Government Information, 9.15.09]

COMMENTARY: Fallacious Celebrations of Facebook Fans
[O’Reilly Radar, 9.16.09]

COMMENTARY: Defining Transparency
[NextGov, 9.3.09]

COMMENTARY: Comment on article: Depository Library Program in 2023
[Free Government Information, 8.31.09]

COMMENTARY: Open Government Data: Starting to Judge the Results
[Freedom to Tinker, 8.7.09]

COMMENTARY: Critical GPO systems and the FDLP cloud
[Free Government Information, 8.30.09]

COMMENTARY: Are Congressional "New Media" Clubs Missing the Point?
[TechPresident, 8.26.09]

COMMENTARY: Getting Away from "Off the Record"
[Columbia Journalism Review, 8.21.09]

COMMENTARY: Towards a Fresh Start in Classification Policy
[Secrecy News, 8.6.09]

COMMENTARY: White House ‘Cyber Czar’ Resigns; Let’s Not Replace Her.
[Wired: Danger Room, 8.3.09]

COMMENTARY: No Change in Immigration Policy
[New American Media, 7.23.09]

COMMENTARY: Federal managers rate the Recovery Act
[GovExec.com , 7.17.09]

COMMENTARY: Six Questions for Jack Balkin on the Entrenchment of the National Surveillance State
[Harper’s Magazine , 7.16.09]

COMMENTARY: Questions for the Attorney General
[Newsweek , 7.16.09]

COMMENTARY: NSA’s cyber overkill: A project to safeguard governmental computers, run by the NSA, is too big a threat to Americans’ privacy.
[Los Angeles Times, 7.14.09]

COMMENTARY: Recovery Mapping: ARRA Spending Across the US
[O’Reilly Radar, 7.13.09]

ANALYSIS: Sarah Palin’s New Reason
[Columbia Journalism Review, 7.9.09]

ANALYSIS: Whitehouse.gov – Reaching Beyond the Echo Chamber
[Shifting the Debate, 7.5.09]

COMMENTARY: Radical Transparency: The New Federal IT Dashboard
[O’Reilly Radar, 6.30.09]

COMMENTARY: Obama’s schooling the Bank on transparency
[Bank Information Center, 6.24.09]

ANALYSIS: Garcetti & its aftermath: case analyses
[First Amendment Center, 6.16.09]

COMMENTARY: DorobekInsider: The benefits of the federal IT "dashboard"
[Federal News Radio, 6.11.09]

COMMENTARY: Defeat of Graham-Lieberman and the ongoing war on transparency
[Salon, 6.9.09]

COMMENTARY: The CIA’s Truth Problem
[The Nation, 6.3.09]

COMMENTARY: Checking State Secrets
[Jurist: Forum, 6.4.09]

COMMENTARY: Lieberman Looks to Make Detainee Photos Indefinitely Secret
[OMB Watch: Fine Print, May 21, 2009]

COMMENTARY: The Role of the CIA Historical Review Panel
[Secrecy News, 5.11.09]

COMMENTARY: The rise of government 2.0
[Politico, 5.7.09]

COMMENTARY: Bloggers, TV, Go Nuts Over Misleading ‘Patriot Act’ Arrest Claim
[Wired: Threat Level, 5.6.09]

COMMENTARY: The Problem With a Special Prosecutor
[Mother Jones, 5.1.09]

COMMENTARY (Mary Graham): Transparency and the right to know
[Boston Globe, 4.25.09]

COMMENTARY: The CIA Memo Transparency Test
[NextGov: Tech Insider, 4.23.09]

COMMENTARY: Analysis: Bring Them On
[Government Executive, 4.24.09]

ANALYSIS: Obama’s Transparency Promise: We’re Still Waiting
[Electronic Frontier Foundation, 4.19.09]

COMMENTARY: Why Aneesh Chopra is a Great Choice for Federal CTO
[O’Reilly Radar 4.18.09]

COMMENTARY: Why Social Media Matters for Government
[NextGov, 4.15.09]

COMMENTARY: Put NSA in Charge of Cyber Security, Or the Power Grid Gets It
[Wired: Threat Level, 4.8.09]

COMMENTARY: Office of the Historian’s New Web Site
[American Historical Association Blog, 4.7.09]

COMMENTARY: Torture probe: How should it work?
[Politico: The Arena, 4.7.09]

COMMENTARY: Reconciling The State Secrets Doctrine with Due Process in Terrorism Related Cases
[Counterterrorism Blog, 4.7.09]

COMMENTARY: Making Government Web Sites Searchable – A Vital First Step
[Sunlight Foundation, 3.27.09]

COMMENTARY: Transforming the Relationship Between Citizens and Government: Making Content Findable Online
[O’Reilly Radar, 3.24.09]

COMMENTARY: Whistleblower’s Revenge
[Chicago Sun-Times, 3.19.09]

COMMENTARY: Social networking, new governing
[Politico, 3.12.09]

COMMENTARY: The Missing Watchdogs: How staff cuts at newspapers hurt democracy
[Cranford Chronicle (NJ), March 4, 2009]

ANALYSIS: Too Early to Criticize Obama’s Tech Policy?
[Wired, 3.3.09]

COMMENTARY: Tom Devine: The right way to protect taxpayers
[The Capital Times (WI), 2.24.09]

COMMENTARY: Will Obama keep his tech promises?
[Politico, February 25, 2009]

COMMENTARY: Open government rhetoric versus reality
[DC Examiner, 2.17.09]

COMMENTARY: Vinton Cerf: Internet forecast calls for clouds
[Government Computer News, 2.4.09]

COMMENTARY: Need Teachers? Show Them the Money
[Washington Post, 2.8.09]

COMMENTARY: Bush’s legacy is Obama’s uncertain mandate
[Federal Computer Week, 2.6.09]

COMMENTARY: Waiting for a Chief Technology Officer
[Secrecy News, 2.2.09]

COMMENTARY: Obama Administration Can’t Get White House Emails Working
[MoJo Blog, 1.26.09]

COMMENTARY: Why Are Federal Web Sites So Bad?
[NextGov, January 22, 2009]

COMMENTARY: Show Me the Money: Obama should push for online stimulus transparency
[Reason, January 21, 2009]

COMMENTARY: The Blanket Option: Who Pardons Next?
[Legal Times, 1.12.09]


ANNOUNCEMENT: More than 25,000 Additional White House Visitor Records Posted Online
[White House blog, 12.30.09]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Meeting of the Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board
[Federal Register, 12.28.09]

ANNOUNCEMENT: OSTP wants your comments on Open Access to Federally Funded Research
[Free Government Information, 12.11.09]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Govt transparency workshop to be held in January at Princeton
[Free Government Information, 12.5.09]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Welcome to Stimulus Watch 2.0
[Stimulus Watch, 11.18.09]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Help Threat Level Examine Federal Spy Documents
[Wired: Threat Level, 11.12.09]

ANNOUNCEMENT: DHS:Published Privacy Impact Assessments on the Web
[Federal Register, 10.14.09]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sunlight Foundation Names Apps for America2 Winners
[Sunlight Foundation, 9.9.09]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Apps for America: The Finalists
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 8.24.09]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Birthers and Transparency
[NextGov: Tech Insider, 8.14.09]

ANNOUNCEMENT: April 14: Transparency – Is the Government Ready?
[Government Executive, 4.7.09]


CONGRESS: Hearing on: H.R. 984 the "State Secret Protection Act of 2009"
[Senate Judiciary Committee, 6.4.09]

CONGRESS: Lieberman, McCain Urge Better Access to CRS Reports
[Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, 4.30.09; see also CDT’s announcement]

CONGRESS: New Legislation Would Combat Tax Haven Abuse, Increase Transparency and Accountability
[Sun Herald, 3.2.09]


NEWS: Army History Finds Early Missteps in Afghanistan
[New York Times, 12.30.09]

NEWS: Order on Interpol Work Inside U.S. Irks Conservatives
[New York Times, 12.30.09]

NEWS: 2009’s Top FOIA Stories
[FOIA Blog, 12.29.09]

NEWS: Cowboy hats, secret files and more headed to Bush library
[Washington Post, 12.28.09]

NEWS: Obama orders review of flight screenings
[CNN, 12.27.09]

NEWS: Japan-US secret nuclear deal discovered: reports
[Intelligence Daily, 12.25.09]

NEWS: National Archives-"History Museum or Records Access Agency?"
[National Coalition for History, 12.23.09]

NEWS: Two Lawyers Named to Intelligence Advisory Board
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, 12.23.09]

NEWS: Open-records law appears to breach government secrecy
[AP via Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 12.22.09]

NEWS: Calling on Leakers to Help Document Local Misdeeds
[New York Times, 12.20.09]

NEWS: U.N. alters process for maintaining terror list
[CNN, 12.17.09]

NEWS: Ex-FBI linguist pleads guilty to leaking secret documents
[AFP via Google News, 12.17.09]

NEWS: State.gov gets a makeover
[Federal Computer Week, 12.17.09]

NEWS: Torture Chamber Music
[Jazz Times, January-February 2010]

NEWS: NOAA Petitioned to Remove Gag on Sea Grant Researchers
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 12.17.09]

NEWS: Federal court says mug shots not public records
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 12.16.09]

NEWS: Plugging The Government’s Biggest Data Leak
[Forbes, 12.16.09]

NEWS: Secret Corporate Royalty Plans Force Parks to Eat High Administrative Costs
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 12.16.09]

NEWS: Chance to Change USA.gov
[Free Government Information, 12.16.09]

NEWS: House backs e-standards for financial reports
[NextGov, 12.15.09]

NEWS: Aides: Short PATRIOT extension likely
[CongressDaily via Government Executive, 12.14.09]

NEWS: The Shield after Senate Judiciary
[Columbia Journalism Review, 12.14.09]

NEWS: Social media called just another communications tool
[Federal Computer Week, 12.14.09]

NEWS: FDA, FSIS Explore Traceability Options
[Food Safety News, 12.11.09]

NEWS: Privacy group challenges phone companies’ wiretapping immunity
[Raw Story, 12.10.09]

NEWS: Bill Protecting Journalists’ Sources Gets Boost
[AP via New York Times, 12.10.09]

NEWS: Cloud computing could pave way for open government
[Federal Computer Week, 12.10.09]

NEWS: DOD falls in line with Open Government Directive
[Federal Computer Week, 12.9.09]

NEWS: FBI: 19,000 Matches to Terrorist Screening List in 2009
[Wired: Threat Level, 12.9.09]

NEWS: Document dump: Concerns with contracting oversight in Afghanistan run deep
[Foreign Policy: The Cable, 12.9.09]

NEWS: 200 Sites Still Vulnerable As Long Shrouded IG Report Fuels Cover-up Charges
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 12.9.09]

NEWS: Google’s "Broken Windows" Investment
[Internet and Democracy Blog, 12.7.09]

NEWS: Local Governments Offer Data to Software Tinkerers
[New York Times, 12.6.09]

NEWS: Federal shield legislation delayed by amendment process
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 12.3.09]

NEWS: Media outlets urge openness in Fort Hood proceedings
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 12.3.09]

NEWS: DOJ Pays $4M a Year to Read Public Court Documents
[Wired: Threat Level, 12.1.09]

NEWS: New HHS contracting rules push transparency, green purchasing
[Washington Technology, 12.1.09]

NEWS: Overseas voting act could serve as model for future election reforms
[National Journal via NextGov, 11.30.09]

NEWS: White House friends GSA, comments on social media
[Federal Computer Week, 11.30.09]

NEWS: New Online: 5,000 Previously Unpublished Documents of the Founders of the United States
[Resource Shelf, 11.30.09]

NEWS: November 2009 Lost Docs Report and Appeal
[Free Government Information, 11.28.09]

NEWS: House seeks records in contracting case
[Washington Post, 11.26.09]

NEWS: Obama Wants Computer Privacy Ruling Overturned
[Wired: Threat Level, 11.25.09]

NEWS: Congress’ Best (And Worst) Committee Web Sites
[National Journal, 11.25.09]

NEWS: Data-leak lessons learned from the ‘Climategate’ hack
[Computer World, 11.25.09]

NEWS: And This Year’s Qui Tammy Award Goes To…
[Project on Government Oversight, 11.24.09]

NEWS: CIA’s Lost Magic Manual Resurfaces
[Wired: Danger Room, 11.24.09]

NEWS: Alberto Gonzales Won’t Be Charged Over Eavesdropping Testimony
[New York Magazine: Daily Intel, 11.23.09]

NEWS: Court Kills ‘Round-The-Clock’ Surveillance Case
[Wired: Threat Level, 11.23.09]

NEWS: Skeptics doubt Mexican data on military abuses
[Washington Post, 11.23.09]

NEWS: Rule could slow Pentagon’s revolving door
[Government Executive, 11.20.09]

NEWS: Britain looks to take Data.gov concept to the next level
[Government Computer News, 11.20.09]

NEWS: Advisory Committee on the Records of Congress Meeting
[National Coalition for History, 11.20.09]

NEWS: Judiciary Committee rejects shield bill amendments
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 11.19.09]

NEWS: Lithuania investigates facility that may have been CIA ‘black site’
[Washington Post, 11.19.09]

NEWS: Medicare agency to post payment data on public Web site
[NextGov, 11.19.09]

NEWS: Bill would ban P2P use on federal networks, PCs
[Washington Post: Security Fix, 11.19.09]

NEWS: Bridging the DiGital Divide: A New Vendor in Town? Google Scholar Now Includes Case Law
[LLRX.com, 11.18.09]

NEWS: GAO Report Underlines Need for Fundamental OSHA Reform – Systemic Change Requires Stronger Whistleblower Protections and Transparency
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 11.18.09]

NEWS: National intelligence director to evaluate CIA missions
[Los Angeles Times, 11.17.09]

NEWS: Collection of FDR papers soon to become public
[AP via FindLaw, 11.16.09]

NEWS: Is There a Constitutional Right to Sign a Petition Anonymously?
[FindLaw, 11.16.09]

NEWS: Excerpts from rulings in Guantanamo Bay cases
[AP via FindLaw, 11.15.09]

NEWS: What Price Information? Try $7 million
[Mackinac Center for Public Policy, 11.10.09]

NEWS: President Obama: I’m a big believer in openness
[Politico, 11.16.09]

NEWS: World Bank Data Now in Google Search Results
[World Bank, 11.11.09]

NEWS: FBI’s case management project remains on shaky ground
[Federal News Radio, 11.11.09]

NEWS: The .Gov Waiting Game
[Forbes, 11.11.09]

NEWS: FDA tackles gray area of social media
[Los Angeles Times, 11.12.09]

NEWS: A Shield for Bloggers?
[Columbia Journalism Review, 11.11.09]

NEWS: Will the White House give CIOs more power in the 2011 budget?
[NextGov, 11.11.09]

NEWS: Towns host each other’s recovery data
[Government Computer News, 11.11.09]

NEWS: Justice Dept. Asked For News Site’s Visitor Lists
[CBS News, 11.10.09]

NEWS: ProPublica’s FAQ for Recovery.gov
[ProPublica, 11.9.09]

NEWS: EPIC Sues Homeland Security for Information About Digital Strip Search Devices
[Electronic Privacy Information Center, 11.9.09]

NEWS: 10 Ways Facebook Pages Can Help Local Governments Better Serve Their Constituents
[Inside Facebook, 11.5.09]

NEWS: Obama administration publicly endorses shield bill
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 11.5.09]

NEWS: Online Voter Registration Draft Unveiled
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 11.5.09]

NEWS: Maryland Voters Test New Cryptographic Voting System
[Wired: Threat Level, 11.4.09]

NEWS: Google, Mozilla & Sunlight Announce Nationwide Government Data Hackathon
[ReadWriteWeb, 11.4.09]

NEWS: Waiting on the Shield Law
[Columbia Journalism Review, 11.4.09]

NEWS: No Sunset for Sweeping Patriot Act Powers?
[ISP News, 11.4.09]

NEWS: Promoting Plain Language
[NextGov: Tech Insider, 11.3.09]

NEWS: Italian judge to reach verdict in CIA kidnap trial
[AFP via Google News, 11.3.09]

NEWS: OPM Touts Info-Sharing Culture
[NextGov: Wired Workplace, 11.2.09]

NEWS: Banning file-sharing software won’t keep data safe from hackers
[NextGov, 11.2.09]

NEWS: Court won’t stop release of church documents
[AP via Washington Post, 11.2.09]

NEWS: Bad news for Democrats in revelation of ethics probes
[Washington Post, 11.2.09]

NEWS: October 2009 Lost Docs Report and Appeal
[Free Government Information, 11.1.09]

NEWS: Shield Law Compromise Would Protect Reporters and Bloggers
[New York Times: The Caucus, 10.30.09]

NEWS: Metadata in State Documents Is Public Record, Court Rules
[Wired: Threat Level, 10.30.09]

NEWS: Small Business Agency will pay attorney fees in FOIA case
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 10.30.09]

NEWS: 3 governing challenges, 3 Web solutions
[Federal Computer Week, 10.20.09]

NEWS: Q&A With FBI Director Mueller
[Secrecy News, 10.30.09]

NEWS: Ethics Inquiries Into Lawmakers Surface via Security Breach
[New York Times, 10.29.09]

NEWS: The New Operations Manual from the F.B.I.
[New York Times, 10.28.09]

NEWS: Officials cite IT as key to monitoring the real-time spread of H1N1 flu
[NextGov, 10.28.09]

NEWS: Education Department hit over Web site access
[Federal Computer Week, 10.28.09]

NEWS: States mismanage student information, study concludes
[Washington Post, 10.28.09]

NEWS: Government breaks new ground in Web site satisfaction
[NextGov, 10.27.09]

NEWS: Death threats spur release of web commenter’s identity
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 10.27.09]

NEWS: Probe of Homeland Security privacy office sought
[Washington Post, 10.27.09]

NEWS: NIH funds a Facebook for scientists
[Federal Computer Week, 10.26.09]

NEWS: Congress Wants Better Locks for Secret Docs
[Secrecy News, 10.26.09]

NEWS: Politicians’ Web town halls boost their approval ratings
[CongressDaily via NextGov, 10.26.09]

NEWS: How to give the FCC a piece of your mind, online
[ars technica, 10.25.09]

NEWS: GAO: FDA fails to follow up on unproven drugs
[AP via Washington Post, 10.26.09]

NEWS: Nation’s First Open Source Election Software Released
[Wired: Threat Level, 10.23.09]

NEWS: Census sets up new interactive website
[USA Today, 10.22.09]

NEWS: Cell-Tracking Bills Require Info Dump for Missing Persons
[Wired: Threat Level, 10.22.09]

NEWS: California Investigating Problems With Voting-Machine Audit Logs
[Wired: Threat Level, 10.22.09]

NEWS: Experts: Key drug facts often left off FDA labels
[AP via Google News, 10.22.09]

NEWS: D.C. Circuit Sides with FTC in Video Dispute
[The BLT, 10.23.09]

NEWS: President Obama tightens lobbying stance
[Politico, 10.21.09]

NEWS: Federal student aid data isn’t secure, IG says
[Federal Computer Week, 10.21.09]

NEWS: Why Color-Coded Terror Alerts Have Made Us Less Safe
[Wired, 10.19.09]

NEWS: Professor Stripped of NOAA Funding for Advocacy
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 10.21.09]

NEWS: Merit board nominees pledge to rebuild workforce, boost efficiency
[Government Executive, 10.20.09]

NEWS: Drip, drip… Administration investigates leaks
[Foreign Policy: The Cable, 10.19.09]

NEWS: TRAC Seeks Retraction From DOJ
[TRAC, 10.19.09]

NEWS: AP, Others, Still Uncertain About Pentagon’s Revised Rules on Covering War
[Editor and Publisher, 10.16.09]

NEWS: Twitter and a Newspaper Untie a Gag Order
[New York Times, 10.19.09]

NEWS: Forgotten Lead Smelter Prompts EPA Investigation
[Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 10.18.09]

NEWS: Va. Coalition highlights transparent government
[News Virginian, 10.17.09]

NEWS: New DOD photo rules prompt outcry
[Politico, 10.16.09]

NEWS: Official says Einstein security system won’t read e-mails
[CongressDaily via NextGov, 10.15.09]

NEWS: Judge Closes Off Pretrial Blackwater Hearings
[Washington Post, 10.15.09]

NEWS: Critics say franking rules should change to suit the age of Twitter
[The Hill, 10.14.09]

NEWS: Gov’t Unveils New Short URLs
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 10.13.09]

NEWS: List Of IP Treaty Readers Revealed
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 10.13.09; see also IP Watchdog FOIAs USTR (Again)]

NEWS: Taxpayers foot bill for missing items
[Politico, 10.13.09]

NEWS: Scientists chastise government for drawing out BPA study
[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10.12.09]

NEWS: Spies Protest After Intel-Sharing Tools Shut Down
[Wired: Danger Room, 10.9.09]

NEWS: Sentiment analysis monitors public opinion from behind the scenes
[Federal Computer Week, 9.30.09]

NEWS: New military policy prohibits photos of troops killed in action
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 10.9.09]

NEWS: While security clearances speed up, quality lags, GAO says
[Federal Computer Week, 10.8.09]

NEWS: Cloud-based e-mail and archives for agencies sparks security concerns
[Federal Computer Week, 10.8.09]

NEWS: Senators Vote to Renew Patriot Act Spy Powers
[Wired: Threat Level, 10.8.09]

NEWS: Shuttering of intel e-mail draws concern for other collaboration tools
[NextGov, 10.7.09]

NEWS: Do or Die for the Shield Law?
[Columbia Journalism Review, 10.7.09]

NEWS: States urged to create data catalogs
[Federal Computer Week, 10.7.09]

NEWS: Arlington unveils a new unknown soldier
[Salon, 10.7.09]

NEWS: A year later, public still waits for requested Palin e-mails
[Anchorage Daily News, 10.7.09]

NEWS: CEA Unveils ‘Apps For Innovation’ Contest
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 10.7.09]

NEWS: OMB Wants More Data on Government’s Performance
[Washington Post: Federal Eye, 10.7.09]

NEWS: CIA probe may go faster without Kit Bond
[Politico, 10.6.09]

NEWS: Recovery.gov Double Fault: Broken Data Feeds
[Intelligent Enterprise, 10.2.09]

NEWS: Senate bill would protect contractor whistleblowers
[Government Executive, 10.2.09]

NEWS: Judge reprimanded for allowing cameras in courtroom
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 10.2.09]

NEWS: Soldiers’ Data Still Being Downloaded Overseas, Firm Says
[Washington Post, October 2, 2009]

NEWS: Revamped Carter museum to reopen in Atlanta
[Washington Post, 10.1.09]

NEWS: White House Proposes Changes in Bill Protecting Reporters’ Confidentiality
[New York Times, 9.30.09]

NEWS: CIO Council releases Web 2.0 tool guidance for agencies
[Federal News Radio, 9.29.09]

NEWS: National Archives and Footnote.com Announce New Digital Holocaust Collection
[National Archives and Records Administration, 9.29.09]

NEWS: Lawsuit Filed to Unearth Suppressed IG Report into Agency Misconduct
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 9.30.09]

NEWS: Draft Policy Would OK Troops’ Tweets
[Wired: Danger Room, 9.29.09]

NEWS: Report criticizes SEC’s compliance with FOIA
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 9.29.09]

NEWS: Senator urges caution in consolidating contracting databases
[Government Executive, 9.29.09]

NEWS: GPO Announces Additional Federal Digital System Collections Digitally Signed
[beSpacific, 9.29.09]

NEWS: Baucus health bill would let private group write rules
[Los Angeles Times, 9.28.09]

NEWS: Countrywide’s Destroyed Phone Logs Prompt Calls for More Info
[Wall Street Journal, 9.28.09]

NEWS: F.D.A. Reveals It Fell to a Push by Lawmakers
[New York Times, 9.24.09]

NEWS: EFF Wins Release of Telecom Lobbying Records
[Electronic Frontier Foundation, 9.24.09]

NEWS: Court orders USDA to disclose animal testing records
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 9.24.09]

NEWS: Congressman uses social media to collect health care reform feedback
[Federal Computer Week, 9.24.09]

NEWS: Border Agency Axes Top Lawyer for Whistleblower Complaint
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 9.24.0909]

NEWS: 72 Hour Rule Momentum
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 9.23.0909]

NEWS: Tracking States’ Stimulus Sites
[ProPublica, 9.22.09]

NEWS: Specter Urges Action On Press Sheild Bill
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 9.22.09]

NEWS: Citizenship agency launches interactive Web site
[Federal Computer Week, 9.22.09]

NEWS: Do tele-town halls shield lawmakers from rowdy crowds?
[Politico, 9.22.09]

NEWS: Most companies meet deadline to file financial data in new format
[NextGov, 9.21.09]

NEWS: Schumer calls for review of voting machine sale
[CongressDaily via NextGov, 9.21.09]

NEWS: Politicians’ Tweets Are Mostly Self-Promotional, Researchers Say
[Washington Post, 9.18.09]

NEWS: Definition of ‘journalist’ scaled back in federal shield bill
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 9.18.09]

NEWS: Progress on shield bill slows in Senate Judiciary Committee
[Reporters Committee on Freedom of the Press, 9.17.09]

NEWS: Study: Congress all a Twitter
[Kansas City Star, 9.15.09]

NEWS: 220+ Years Later, It’s Time to Publish the Constitution Annotated Online in XML
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 9.17.09]

NEWS: Academics Risk Jail Time for Violating Export Laws
[Wired: Danger Room, 9.17.09]

NEWS: Law Enforcement Feuding Persists
[Federal News Radio, 9.16.09]

NEWS: W.H. collects Web users’ data without notice
[Washington Times, 9.16.09]

NEWS: Intel agency lags behind broadcasters in using video
[CongressDaily via NextGov, 9.15.09]

NEWS: Berry: OPM is ahead of schedule on security clearance reforms
[Government Executive, 9.15.09]

NEWS: International Court Fines Journalist for Secrecy Violation
[Washington Post, 9.15.09]

NEWS: Agency Admits It Did Not Perform Promised Scientific Studies of Health Dangers
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 9.14.09]

NEWS: Senate panel to examine inaction on security clearance reform
[Federal Times, 9.14.09]

NEWS: Antitrust Concerns Swirl Around Sale of Diebold Voting Machines
[Wired: Threat Level, 9.14.09]

NEWS: Army CIO announces Apps for Army competition
[Government Computer News, 9.10.09]

NEWS: Altruistic Techies Hacking Government’s Under-Developed Databases
[San Francisco Appeal, 9.10.09]

NEWS: Senate Judiciary Committee tweaks federal shield bill
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 9.10.09]

NEWS: Business Booming at NASA, White House Websites
[eWeek, 9.9.09]

NEWS: Privacy Groups Score Obama Team
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 9.9.09; see also the report]

NEWS: Sebelius announces new food safety Web site
[AP via Google News, 9.9.09]

NEWS: Facebook sets up government page
[Federal Computer Week, 9.9.09]

NEWS: Feds to Let Citizens Log In With Yahoo, Google, Paypal Accounts
[Wired: Epicenter, 9.9.09]

NEWS: Local Druggists Argue Over Price Disclosures
[Roll Call, 9.8.09 (subscription req’d)]

NEWS: Pentagon Keeps Wary Watch as Troops Blog
[New York Times, 9.8.09]

NEWS: NSA-Intercepted E-Mails Helped Convict Would-Be Bombers
[Wired: Threat Level, 9.8.09]

NEWS: Why read the bill? Listen instead!
[Politico, 9.8.09]

NEWS: White House Makes Available Ten Ethics Waivers Granted by Federal Agencies
[POGO Blog, 9.4.09]

NEWS: How Team of Geeks Cracked Spy Trade
[Wall Street Journal, 9.4.09]

NEWS: What’s in Google’s Secret iPhone App Letter to Feds?
[Wired: Epicenter, 9.4.09]

NEWS: Want a Wiretap Warrant? No Problem, Court Says
[Wired: Threat Level, 9.3.09]

NEWS: Archives reports progress on road to digital ERA
[Federal News Radio, 9.3.09]

NEWS: Regulators propose database on contractors’ past work
[Federal Computer Week, 9.3.09]

NEWS: USASpending.gov slammed for sloppy design
[Government Computer News, 9.2.09]

NEWS: Wealthy, well-educated more likely to engage in online civic activities
[NextGov, 9.1.09; see also the analysis]

NEWS: Flu Trackers Encourage Patients to Blog About It
[Washington Post, 9.1.09]

NEWS: Military appeals court rejects reporter’s privilege
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 9.1.09]

NEWS: Crowdsourcing Court Records
[NextGov: Tech Insider, 8.31.09]

NEWS: Blackwater tapped foreigners on secret CIA program
[AP via Yahoo News, 8.31.09]

NEWS: Pentagon ends profiling contract
[Politico, 8.30.09]

NEWS: Despite Wikis and Other Web 2.0 Tools, Government Collaboration Is Still Slow to Catch On
[Government Technology News, 8.27.09]

NEWS: Ginsburg refuses to block release of sex abuse files
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 8.27.09]

NEWS: Joint Chiefs chairman takes questions on YouTube
[Federal Computer Week, 8.27.09]

NEWS: FCC to launch social networking site
[Government Executive, 8.27.09]

NEWS: Hollywood, Big Software and Coal Miners Pros at Timely Political Donations
[Wired: Threat Level, 8.26.09]

NEWS: Files prove Pentagon is profiling reporters
[Stars and Stripes, 8.27.09]

NEWS: Feds get tips on social media outreach from Defense Department
[NextGov, 8.26.09]

NEWS: Contractor reports of violations flowing into Defense IG’s office
[Government Executive, 8.26.09]

NEWS: CDC starts Web discussions on swine flu
[Federal Computer Week, 8.26.09]

NEWS: Internet Archive proposal for mass digitization
[Free Government Information, 8.26.09]

NEWS: CCR, Amnesty and NYU Receive Docs Cheney Wanted Declassified to Justify Torture
[Center for Constitutional Rights, 8.24.09]

NEWS: Journalists’ recent work examined before embeds
[Stars and Stripes, 8.24.09]

NEWS: Social Networks Leak Personal Information
[InformationWeek, 8.24.09]

NEWS: An ACLU attorney explains how their FOIA suit helped net the CIA’s torture report
[Columbia Journalism Review, 8.24.09]

NEWS: OMB requires agencies to submit FISMA reports via online tool
[NextGov, 8.24.09]

NEWS: IRS launches YouTube, iTunes sites
[Federal Computer Week, 8.24.09]

NEWS: House members to TSA: Don’t destroy Registered Traveler data
[Federal Computer Week, 8.21.09]

NEWS: Tom Ridge says he was pushed to raise terror alert level
[Los Angeles Times, 8.21.09]

NEWS: FDA plans electronic filing for some safety reports
[Federal Computer Week, 8.20.09]

NEWS: National Archives Highlights New Teaching Tools
[Roll Call, 8.20.09 (subscription req’d)]

NEWS: Report: IRS should keep better records for research projects
[NextGov, 8.20.09; see also, the IG Report]

NEWS: Defunct Airport Fast-Pass Company Banned From Selling Customer Biometrics
[Wired: Epicenter, 8.20.09]

NEWS: Lawyer: FBI Paid Right-Wing Blogger Charged With Threats
[Wired: Threat Level, 8.19.09]

NEWS: USDA unit bans browsers other than Internet Explorer
[Government Executive, 8.19.09]

NEWS: State plans to seek help for data center consolidation
[Federal Computer Week, 8.19.09]

NEWS: Internet Materials in Opinions: Citations and Hyperlinking
[The Third Branch: Newsletter of the Federal Courts, 8.19.09]

NEWS: U.S. Whistleblower at Center of Secrecy Assault
[Washington Post, 8.19.09; see also Under Agreement, UBS to Give Up Over 4,000 Names, NYT]

NEWS: USDA uses social media to study rural life
[Federal Computer Week, 8.18.09]

NEWS: San Fran Follows In Kundra’s Footsteps
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 8.18.09]

NEWS: @USA: We’re Writing the National Broadband Plan!
[Wired: Epicenter, 8.18.09]

NEWS: Officials Say Detainee Fatalities Were Missed
[New York Times, 8.17.09]

NEWS: FederalReporting.gov Launches
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 8.17.09]

NEWS: Safety Agency Lacks Risk Data, Report Says
[New York Times, 8.17.09; see also the GAO report]

NEWS: Firefox extension liberates US court docs from paywall
[ars technica, 8.14.09]

NEWS: Constituent e-mails to House clog system
[The Hill, August 14, 2009]

NEWS: DHS starts social network about Southwestern border
[Federal Computer Week, August 13, 2009; see Our Border – A Southwest Border Civic Network]

NEWS: IG: Energy needs more protection for some data
[Federal Computer Week, 8.12.09]

NEWS: Cheney Uncloaks His Frustration With Bush
[Washington Post, 8.13.09]

NEWS: Companies Offer Services to Crunch Gov’t Raw Data
[PC World, 8.12.09]

NEWS: Diebold Quietly Patches Security Flaw in Vote Counting Software
[Wired: Threat Level, 8.12.09]

NEWS: UBS and U.S. Report a Deal on Names in Tax Inquiry
[New York Times, 8.12.09]

NEWS: FCC Reform Official Eyes Licensing, Public Info
[Dow Jones via NASDAQ, 8.12.09]

NEWS: U.S. Web-Tracking Plan Stirs Privacy Fears
[New York Times, 8.11.09]

NEWS: Army CIO sets sights on improved data sharing
[Government Computer News, 8.10.09]

NEWS: Notice Those Ads on Blogs? Regulators Do, Too
[New York Times, 8.10.09]

NEWS: State deploys low tech social media to reach those without computers
[NextGov, 8.10.09]

NEWS: Red Flags Raised By Web 2.0 Contracts
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 8.10.09]

NEWS: IG fears risks to DHS stimulus money
[Federal Computer Week, 8.10.09; see also the report]

NEWS: Criminal investigation into CIA treatment of detainees expected
[Los Angeles Times, 8.9.09]

NEWS: Senators Consider PATRIOT Act Reforms
[beSpacific, 8.9.09]

NEWS: And You Thought a Prescription Was Private
[New York Times, 8.8.09]

NEWS: Online mapping eases county growing pains
[Government Computer News, 8.7.09]

NEWS: Senate panel to review federal contracting databases
[Government Executive, 8.7.09]

NEWS: A $191 Million Question: How a relationship between an Army official and a private contractor led to allegations of collusion and impropriety
[Washington Post, 8.7.09]

NEWS: OMG formulates records-management standard
[Government Computer News, 8.6.09]

NEWS: First text-to-911 gateway goes live in Iowa
[Government Computer News, 8.6.09]

NEWS: Voting records expunged in California
[FreeGovInfo, 8.6.09]

NEWS: An Updated Intelligence Review from the DNI
[Secrecy News, 8.6.09]

NEWS: TARP Oversight Panel Split Over Transparency, Budget Debates
[Bloomberg, 8.5.09]

NEWS: Minorities embrace internet via handheld devices
[FreeGovInfo, 8.5.09]

NEWS: Amtrak IG’s severance raises questions
[Politico, 8.5.09]

NEWS: Industry Consultants Get Closed Door Access to State Drinking Water Institute
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 8.5.09]

NEWS: White House Counsel’s Job at Stake
[Wall Street Journal, 8.4.09]

NEWS: Obama’s merit board nominees have deep background in union law
[Government Executive, 8.4.09]

NEWS: White House uses Web to fight back against Drudge attack
[AP via NextGov, 8.4.09]

NEWS: CIA Whistleblower Complaint Declassified
[Secrecy News, 8.4.09]

NEWS: DOD rethinking social media access
[Federal Computer Week, 8.3.09]

NEWS: eRulemaking Enhances Regulations.gov for Access to Federal Regulations
[EPA, 8.3.09]

NEWS: A Simple Idea to Help Open The Government
[Huffington Post, 8.2.09]

NEWS: Military/Law Enforcement Partnerships: A Growing Ball of Con-‘Fusion’
[POGO Blog, 7.31.09]

NEWS: Mikva to lawyers: Think twice before sealing documents
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 7.31.09]

NEWS: Recovery.gov Contract Delayed for Disabled
[NextGov, 7.31.09]

NEWS: Lawmakers bring different styles to watchdog role
[Government Executive, 7.31.09]

NEWS: DISA OKs collaborative site for classified use
[Federal Computer Week, 7.30.09]

NEWS: Privacy protections could hamper agencies’ adoption of cookies
[NextGov, 7.30.09]

NEWS: Alaska State Library Archiving Governor Palin’s Resignation Announcement and End of Term Website
[FreeGovInfo, 7.29.09]

NEWS: Panel approves hiring reform, expands whistleblower protections
[Government Executive, 7.29.09]

NEWS: City libraries shut out of broadband stimulus money?
[ars technica, 7.29.09]

NEWS: CSI: Watergate
[Mother Jones, 7.29.09]

NEWS: Satisfaction plateaus for government Web sites
[Federal Computer Week, 7.28.09]

NEWS: McNamara to leave role as head of information sharing
[Federal News Radio, 7.27.09; see also ISE 2009 Annual Report]

NEWS: Public more satisfied with agencies that pursue transparency online, study says
[NextGov, 7.28.09; see also Online Transparency, Satisfaction and Trust]

NEWS: Americans rate Fed worst among nine key agencies
[AP via Government Executive, 7.27.09]

NEWS: Great .Gov Web Sites
[Government Computer News, 7.27.09]

NEWS: ISCAP Directs NSA to Release COMINT History
[Secrecy News, 7.27.09]

NEWS: Advocacy groups, individuals get into the government data game
[Government Computer News, 7.27.09]

NEWS: Federal Court Grants Public Access to Evidence that Drug Company ‘Ghostwrote’ Medical Articles About Deadly Hormone Therapy Drug
[DocuTicker, 7.27.09]

NEWS: Data.gov Surpasses 100,000 Datasets
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 7.23.09]

NEWS: DHS’ revamped site first to follow new social media directives
[AP via NextGov, 7.22.09]

NEWS: Top Pentagon Contractors Unnamed
[Aviation Week, 7.22.09]

NEWS: Senate Bill Would Disclose Intel Budget Request
[Secrecy News, 7.23.09]

NEWS: Pentagon media program did not violate propaganda rules: report
[Jurist, 7.23.09; see also GAO Legal Opinion letter and Capitol Hill takes on Pentagon ‘propaganda’ costs ]

NEWS: Obama’s Intel Chief: I Never Said It Was Legal For CIA To Mislead Congress
[The Plum Line, 7.23.09]

NEWS: HUD, FEMA data sharing finds waste
[Federal Computer Week, 7.21.09]

NEWS: SIGTARP: Most Banks Using Funds For Lending
[NPR, 7.20.09]

NEWS: State Dept Offers New Caveat on Nixon Tapes
[Secrecy News, 7.20.09]

NEWS:JFK Urged Release of Most Diplomatic Records After 15 Years
[Secrecy News, July 20, 2009]

NEWS: Site maps stimulus spending
[Federal Computer Week, 7.17.09]

NEWS: OMB’s dashboard site plays role in suspending 45 tech projects at VA
[NextGov, 7.17.09]

NEWS: Administration to get recommendations on reducing over-classification
[Federal Computer Week , 7.16.09]

NEWS: Site maps stimulus spending
[Federal Computer Week, 7.17.09]

NEWS: OMB’s dashboard site plays role in suspending 45 tech projects at VA
[NextGov, 7.17.09]

NEWS: Federal Rulemakings, Made Easy
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose,7.15.09]

NEWS: Classified Intelligence Leaks, 2001-2008
[Secrecy News,7.15.09]

NEWS: Disappearance of Privacy Board From White House Web Site Raises Questions

NEWS: GAO refreshes guidelines for rating computer data reliability
[Federal Computer Week, 7.14.09]

NEWS: PTO Puts The Brakes On Patent Project
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 7.13.09]

NEWS: Justice Dept. wants UBS customer names
[Miami Herald, 7.13.09]

NEWS: Agencies’ Web applications fail to provide meaningful services
[NextGov, 7.10.09]

NEWS: USPS goes open-source with tracking system
[Government Computer News, 7.10.09]

NEWS: Obama’s Cyber Plan Raises Privacy Hackles
[Forbes, 7.7.09]

NEWS: $18 million Recovery.gov contract awarded
[Federal Times: FedLine, 7.9.09]

NEWS: Cyberattacks on federal Web sites may be smokescreen
[NextGov, 7.8.09]

NEWS: Rove deposed in U.S. attorney probe
[Politico, 7.8.09]

NEWS: Jackson Sought to Have New Jersey PFOA Study Pulled from Publication
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 7.8.09]

NEWS: Gene Dodaro Is The One
[Government Executive: FedBlog, 7.7.09]

NEWS: GOP rep calls for greater Rules transparency
[The Hill, 7.7.09]

NEWS: Digitization Dollars (Strings Attached)
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 7.6.09]

NEWS: Fate of Registered Traveler data up in air after vendor quits program
[Federal Computer Week, 7.6.09]

NEWS: FEMA takes open approach to social media
[Government Executive, 7.6.09]

NEWS: Will NSA Cybersecurity Put an End to Gov Whistleblowers?
[VA Watchdog.org, 7.6.09]

NEWS: Senate to post staff salaries, expenses on Web
[AP via Google News, 7.6.09; see also Online posting of House expenditures delayed from TheHill (7/2)]

NEWS: Palin’s Hidden Emails
[Columbia Journalism Review, 7.5.09]

NEWS: U.S. Joins Whistleblower Suit Alleging SAIC Rigged Contract
[Washington Post, 7.3.09]

NEWS: FAA whistle-blower safety warnings found to have merit
[CNN, 7.2.09]

NEWS: Facebook’s Easy Virtue:’Click-Through Activism’ Broad but Fleeting
[Washington Post, 7.2.09]

NEWS: Congress Seeks Answers on Defunct Airport Security Fast-Lane Company
[Wired, 7.1.09]

NEWS: DHS to sweep up more data on employees, contractors
[Federal Computer Week, 7.1.09]

NEWS: Rule requires more reporting of contractors’ past performance
[Government Executive, 7.1.09]

NEWS: White House Pushes To Keep Visitor Logs Private
[NPR, 7.1.09]

NEWS: Obama’s Online Town Hall Returns
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 6.30.09]

NEWS: Transparency Corps Debuts
[Columbia Journalism Review, 6.30.09]

NEWS: Officials Hired for Census Planning
[New York Times, 6.30.09]

NEWS: More Intelligence Oversight Advised
[Washington Post, 6.30.08]

NEWS: Letter writing still gets the job done in Congress
[Politico, 6.30.08]

NEWS: NARA FY ’10 Budget Clears First Hurdle in the House
[National Coalition for History, 6.29.08]

NEWS: New York City Starts Contest for Big Apple Apps
[New York Times, 6.29.08]

NEWS: NASA Wants Your Ideas for Digitizing Rocket Scientist’s Notes
[Wired: Wired Science, 6.26.08]

NEWS: US Gov Weighing Rewards for Safer Secure
[InternetNews.com, 6.27.09]

NEWS: Microsoft: Legacy systems not a barrier to cloud computing
[NextGov, 6.26.09]

NEWS: Social media puts the squeeze on Army public affairs
[Federal Computer Week, 6.25.09]

NEWS: Grassley Presses Obama on Watchdogs
[Washington Post: Federal Eye, 6.25.09]

NEWS: The Government has a database for most everything
[Politico, 6.24.09]

NEWS: HUD joins Recovery Act mapping effort
[Federal Computer Week, 6.24.09]

NEWS: New Nixon Tapes and Files Released
[New York Times, 6.23.09]

NEWS: ’70s CIA chief advises: Keep politics out of intelligence gathering
[Fairbank Daily News-Miner, 6.21.09]

NEWS: Is Twitter now a critical app?
[CNET, 6.19.09]

NEWS: Business Jet Group Tries to Block FOIA Request
[ProPublica, 6.17.09]

NEWS: Report: Online dialogue better than RFIs
[FCW, 6.17.09]

NEWS: Senators Introduce "Run The Tubes Under The Highway Bill
[WIRED, 6.15.09]

NEWS: Kundra advocates open source
[FCW, 6.15.09]

NEWS: Vivek Kundra, America’s CIO, Details Plan to Let Us Mash Government Data
[WIRED, 6.15.09]

NEWS: "Sensitive" Info in the Congressional Record
[Secrecy News, 6.15.09]

NEWS: White House blog highlights public response to open government
[Federal Computer Week, 6.12.09]

NEWS: Senate Rules Committee pondering Facebook use"
[Congress Daily via Nextgov.com, 6.12.09]

NEWS: Kundra pushes case for adopting Web 2.0
[GCN, 6.11.09]

NEWS: FDA creates info-sharing task force
[FCW, 6.10.09]

NEWS: Army Orders Bases to Stop Blocking Twitter, Facebook, Flickr
[Wired: Danger Room, 6.10.09]

NEWS: House passes bill to change selection process for five IGs
[Congress Daily via Government Executive, 6.9.09]

NEWS: White House Unveils New Stimulus Site
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 6.9.09]

NEWS: Feds Claim Prices Oil Company Paid for Royalty-In-Kind Oil Are Trade Secrets
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 6.9.09]

NEWS: Success with Web 2.0 requires risk
[Federal Computer Week, 6.4.09]

NEWS: Bills would kill DHS satellite surveillance office
[Federal Computer Week, 6.5.09]

NEWS: NARA Signs Agreement to Preserve Millions of Immigration Files
[National Coalition for History, 6.5.09]

NEWS: Darrell Issa and Edolphus Towns find friendship in oversight
[Politico, 6.17.09]

NEWS: Declined: How a reporter’s pro se FOIA battle ended with Sonia Sotomayor
[Columbia Journalism Review, 6.5.09]

NEWS: The Secrecy Court of Last Resort
[National Security Archive, 6.5.09]

NEWS: Tracking jobs created under Recovery Act could be tricky
[Government Executive, 6.4.09]

NEWS: Is Internet Voting Safe? Vote Here
[Wired: Threat Level, 6.4.09]

NEWS: FEMA Encourages Public Participation
[Washington Post, 6.4.09]

NEWS: Agencies still working through GSA’s social networking agreements
[NextGov, 6.3.09]

NEWS: Wrap-Up of the Open Government Brainstorming: Transparency
[White House Blog, 6.2.09]

NEWS: College athletic departments use vague law to keep public records from being seen
[Columbus Dispatch, 5.31.09]

NEWS: Kundra: Government must tap into Web 2.0’s potential
[Federal Computer Week, 6.1.09]

NEWS: The Next Frontier: Decoding the Internet’s Raw Data
[Washington Post, 6.1.09]

NEWS: GSA offers e-Buy to state and local governments
[Federal Computer Week, 5.29.09]

NEWS: Media asking for access to evidence of terrorism
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 5.29.09]

NEWS: Aide: Senate panel weighs Privacy Act update
[CongressDaily via NextGov, 5.28.09]

NEWS: Openness Ombudsman: Lucy Dalglish on the OGIS and FOIA
[Columbia Journalism Review, 5.28.09]

NEWS: Group calls for overhaul of privacy regulations
[CongressDaily via Government Executive, 5.27.09]

NEWS: Federal judge allows disclosure of Blagojevich tapes to Senate committee
[Jurist, 5.27.09]

NEWS: Secret? What Secret? Obama to Speak at Cairo University, Paper Says
[New York Times, 5.27.09]

NEWS: Interior Botches Officials’ Passports, Report Finds
[Washington Post, 5.27.09]

NEWS: Clock Ticking On Open Gov’t Proposals
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 5.27.09; see also Transparency begins at home, fed says from FCW: Insider]

NEWS: Chopra Wants To ‘Productize’ Innovations
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 5.22.09]

NEWS: Obama Set to Create A Cybersecurity Czar With Broad Mandate
[Washington Post, 5.22.09]

NEWS: Senate confirms Chopra as federal chief technology officer
[NextGov, 5.22.09]

NEWS: Obama to break ‘5 days’ pledge
[Politico, 5.22.09]

NEWS: Announcing Apps for America 2: The Data.gov Challenge
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 5.21.09]

NEWS: Federal CIO plots path to transparency
[NextGov, May 20, 2009]

NEWS: Obama Signs Federal Contractor Whistleblower Protection Law
[Washingto Independent, May 20, 2009]

NEWS: Lawsuit to Force EPA to Reveal Its Research Plans
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, May 20, 2009]

NEWS: Momentum growing to strengthen information security requirements
[NextGov, 5.19.09]

NEWS: VIDEO: Obama CTO Nominee Chopra at State of the Net
[State of the Net, 5.14.09]

NEWS: Copyright Office Bogged Down by New System
[Washington Post, 5.19.09]

NEWS: Top Secret: Bill Leonard on Classified Documents
[Columbia Journalism Review, 5.18.09]

NEWS: TSA improves program to check airline passengers against terrorist list
[NextGov, 5.18.09; see also the report]

NEWS: FBI adapts to new media
[UPI, 5.16.09]

NEWS: The 72-Hour Rule Gets a High Profile Endorsement
[Sunlight Foundation blog, 5.14.09]

NEWS: Available Online: Recordings of Hearings In Chrysler Bankruptcy Case
[beSpacific, 5.17.09]

NEWS: FBI infiltrated Iowa anti-war group before GOP convention
[Des Moines Register, 5.17.09]

NEWS: How Blogging Affects Legal Proceedings
[New York Law Journal, 5.14.09]

NEWS: Where to find stimulus contracts
[Sunlight Foundation: Real Time Investigations, 5.14.09]

NEWS: Bybee declines Senate committee request to testify on interrogation memos
[Jurist, 5.14.09]

NEWS: Teresa Chambers Finally Testifies Before Congress: Underscores Need to Reform Whistleblower Laws
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 5.14.09]

NEWS: Wanted: Stimulus Whistleblowing Instructions
[ProPublica, 5.14.09]

NEWS: AF Spells Out Use of Intel Contingency Funds
[Secrecy News, 5.14.09]

NEWS: White House Starts E-Mail Updates
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 5.13.09]

NEWS: Flickr Creates New License for White House Photos
[Wired: Epicenter, 5.11.09]

NEWS: Shadows and Light: Dan Metcalfe on Government Transparency
[Columbia Journalism Review, May 12, 2009]

NEWS: Report: Agency Sites Need Safeguards
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, May 12, 2009]

NEWS: White House wants cloud computing
[Federal Computer Week, 5.11.09]

NEWS: Microsoft unveils ODGI
[TMCnet, 5.11.09]

NEWS: White House Grapples with How to Ensure Scientific Integrity
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility,5.12.09]

NEWS: National Archives FY 2010 Budget Request
[National Coalition for History, 5.8.09]

NEWS: Mass. Criminal Database Deemed Public Safety Risk
[Information Week, 5.7.09]

NEWS: Groups fight biolab secrecy bill
[Galveston Daily News, 5.8.09]

NEWS: Efforts to lift veil on lobbyists still a work in progress
[USA Today, 5.7.09]

NEWS: Managing Technology: Open To Change
[NextGov, 5.7.09]

NEWS: Administration short on details about program review process
[Government Executive, 5.7.09]

NEWS: Cox’s SEC Hindered Probes, Slowed Cases, Shrank Fines, GAO Says
[Bloomberg, 5.6.09; see also the GAO report]

NEWS: Details thin on stimulus contracts
[USA Today, 5.6.09; see also Stimulus money site pressed for time from Federal Computer Week]

NEWS: Bush Officials Try to Alter Ethics Report
[Washington Post, 5.6.09]

NEWS: IGs at three agencies overwhelmed
[Federal Times, 5.5.09]

NEWS: HHS uses widgets and live blogging
[Federal Computer Week, 5.5.09]

NEWS: Nevada: A sure bet on XBRL
[Federal News Radio, 5.5.09]

NEWS: Transparency Interview: Jameel Jaffer
[Columbia Journalism Review, 5.4.09]

NEWS: Obama scores high marks on transparency, watchdog group says
[Federal Computer Week, 5.4.09]

NEWS: In 2007, Lisa Jackson and [NJ] DEP Brass Decided to Proceed As If New Data Did Not Exist
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 5.4.09]

NEWS: GovFresh.com: Government 2.0
[Free Government Information, 5.3.09]

NEWS: White House Joins MySpace (And More)
[National Jornal: Tech Daily Dose, 5.1.09]

NEWS: Amazon rehosts Census data for cloud users
[Government Computer News, 5.1.09]

NEWS: DoJ Faulted for Failing to Follow Surveillance Reporting Requirements
[Wired: Threat Level, 4.30.09]

NEWS: Defense contractors receive classified information on hacker threats
[NextGov, 4.30.09]

NEWS: DHS-supported fusion centers raise civil liberties concerns
[Government Executive, 4.30.09]

NEWS: Official: Collaboration is key to successful government
[Federal Computer Week, 4.30.09]

NEWS: EPA Administrator Begins Posting Daily Schedule
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 4.30.09]

NEWS: How I Got the Story: David McCraw
[Columbia Journalism Review, 4.29.09]

NEWS: Obama’s 100 Days: High Marks for Science, Low for Privacy
[Wired: Threat Level, 4.29.09]

NEWS: US does about-face on Camp Lejeune’s tap water
[AP, 4.29.09]

NEWS: GSA signs agreements with Web 2.0 providers
[Federal Computer Week, 4.29.09]

NEWS: Website lets users rate Congress
[Politico, 4.27.09]

NEWS: Recovery board begins online dialogue with IT vendors
[Federal Computer Week, 4.27.09]

NEWS: SEC May Pay Whistleblowers
[The Street, 4.27.09]

NEWS: Boehner, Facebook Team Up
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 4.27.09]

NEWS: Most families allow media to cover fallen soldiers
[AP via Yahoo News, 4.27.09]

NEWS: Public Booted from DVD Copying Trial Over ‘Secret’ CSS Code
[Wired: Threat Level, 4.27.09]

NEWS: From consultant to top reformer: Meet the new chief performance officer
[Federal Times, 4.27.09]

NEWS: 28 aircraft destroyed by animal strikes since 2000
[AP via Google News, 4.25.09]

NEWS: Sunlight Foundation reveals winners in its Apps for America contest
[Government Computer News, 4.24.09]

NEWS: NOAA adds Great Lakes images
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NEWS: Earmark scofflaws get pass
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NEWS: Experts: Clear data-sharing policies needed
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NEWS: GSA’s deal with Facebook clears the way for federal agencies to use the social-networking tool. Question is, how?
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NEWS: At Hill Hearing, IGs Seek More Powers and Staffing to Oversee Contracting
[Washington Post, 4.22.09]

NEWS: POGO Updates Contractor Misconduct Database
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NEWS: Supreme Court grants rare media access to oral arguments audio
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NEWS: Open-source tool available for unclassified work
[Federal Computer Week, 4.21.09]

NEWS: Nonprofit Groups Seeking Exceptions to Lobby Rule
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NEWS: Pulitzers recognize the public watchdogs
[Los Angeles Times, 4.20.09]

NEWS: PBM: The next-generation of government transparency and accountability
[Federal News Radio 4.17.09]

NEWS: Justice Dept. Whistleblower Defends Decision to Leak Bush Domestic Surveillance Program
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NEWS: The Ron Ridenhour Prizes
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NEWS: First Circuit won’t allow Webcast in file-sharing case
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NEWS: Clinton to hold digital town hall
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NEWS: States Moving Past Federal Government in Safeguarding Civil Servant Disclosures
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 4.16.09]

NEWS: Lawmakers lag in publishing schedules online
[Federal Computer Week, 4.15.09]

NEWS: Pentagon Closes Office Accused of Issuing Propaganda Under Bush
[New York Times, 4.15.09]

NEWS: Watchdog agency calls for 3.5 percent increase in staff
[Government Executive, 4.14.09]

NEWS: Lawmakers post earmarks online; good luck finding them
[McClatchy, 4.14.09]

NEWS: EPIC Demands Disclosure of Documents Detailing "Virtual Strip Search" Airport Scanners
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NEWS: NASA’s early lunar images, in a new light
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NEWS: Transparency and Open Government
[Intergovernmental Services Newsletter, Spring 2009]

NEWS: OpenRegs.Com To Launch Soon
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 4.14.09]

NEWS: OMB calls on agencies to share cost of Grants.gov upgrades
[Federal Times, 4.14.09]

NEWS: Standard electronic processing could ease FOIA backlog
[NextGov, 4.14.09]

NEWS: Federal Employees Face Blackballing and Career Derailment for Reporting Problems
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 4.9.09]

NEWS: The case against PACER: tearing down the courts’ paywall
[ars technica, 4.9.09]

NEWS: Judge Rules That Feedlot Phone-Book Can Be Secret
[SEJ WatchDog TipSheet, 4.8.09]

NEWS: Lawyer argues for live coverage in music downloading case
[Boston Globe, 4.8.09]

NEWS: LOC offers more digital content
[NextGov, 4.7.09]

NEWS: Earmarks: Online hide and go seek
[Politico: The Arena, 4.7.09]

NEWS: Details Lacking in Counterfeiting Treaty Paper
[Wired: Threat Level, 4.6.09]

NEWS: YouTube, and Now We Do Too
[Library of Congress, 4.7.09]

NEWS: E-mail delay highlights sluggish federal communication network
[NextGov, 4.6.09]

NEWS: data.gov coming to an internet near you!
[Free Government Information, 4.6.09]

NEWS: Federal Judge Orders Preservation of Evidence in Stevens Case
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, 4.6.09]

NEWS: Inside the CIA’s (Sort of) Secret Document Stash
[Mother Jones, 4.3.09]

NEWS: Twitter to the rescue: Agencies apply high-tech tools in crisis response
[Federal Times, 4.6.09]

NEWS: "Tactics in Counterinsurgency" Again Online
[Secrecy News, 4.6.09]

NEWS: Top 10 Measurements for Transparency
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, 4.5.09]

NEWS: A List of the Most Wanted, by the E.P.A.
[New York Times, 4.5.09]

NEWS: Google force feeds Web 2.0 to US gov: And it comes right back up…
[The Register, 4.3.09]

NEWS: Controversial NASA IG steps aside under pressure
[CongressDaily via Government Executive, 4.3.09]

NEWS: Dear Pentagon: Please Give Me All Your Secrets
[Wired: Danger Room, 4.3.09]

NEWS: Where 2.0 Preview: Eric Gunderson of Development Seed on the Promise of Open Data
[O’Reilly Radar, 4.3.09]

NEWS: Restricted Data Declassification Decisions, 1946-2002
[Secrecy News, 4.2.09]

NEWS: Air Force Base Adopts "100% Shred Policy"
[Secrecy News, 4.2.09]

NEWS: No Vacancy: Reading the tea leaves of the Supreme Court’s retirement prospects
[Slate, 3.28.09]

NEWS: ‘Plain English’ bill advances in Senate
[Government Executive, 4.2.09]

NEWS: NIST Issues Open and Transparent Methods for Testing Electronic Voting Systems
[National Institute of Standards and Technology, 4.1.09]

NEWS: Agencies work together to track contracts in war zones
[Government Executive, 4.1.09]

NEWS: Weapons Maker Sues Air Force Over Release of Pricing Data
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, 3.31.09]

NEWS: Houses passes federal shield bill
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 3.31.09]

NEWS: FBI Nabs Robbers With Google Map, Spycam Mashup
[Wired: Danger Room, 3.31.09]

NEWS: PACER to List "Sealed vs. Sealed"Cases
[beSpacific, 3.31.09]

NEWS: DHS seeks info on Common Operational Picture
[Federal Computer Week, 3.30.09]

NEWS: Oversight panel shortchanged in House budget
[The Hill, 3.30.09]

NEWS: Bureau of Prisons pressed to comply with FOIA request
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 3.30.09]

NEWS: Library Of Congress On YouTube, iTunes
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 3.30.09]

NEWS: Data Mining Case Heads to the Supreme Court
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, 3.27.09]

NEWS: Air Force Blocking the Military’s Own Video Site
[Wired: Danger Room, 3.27.09]

NEWS: Map Adds Transparency For Local Stimulus
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 3.25.09]

NEWS: CSB Reschedules Meeting After Bayer Secrecy Demands
[SEJ TipSheet, 3.25.09]

NEWS: GSA signs agreements with Web 2.0 providers
[Federal Computer Week, 3.25.09]

NEWS: XBRL: One key to the future of government transparency
[Federal News Radio, 3.25.09]

NEWS: CIA Releases 25-Year Program Archive Search
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NEWS: White House Is ‘Open For Questions’
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 3.24.09]

NEWS: A Test of the New FOIA Policy
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NEWS: Murky report card for W.H. transparency
[Politico, 3.23.09]

NEWS: Hillary Clinton pushes e-diplomacy at State Department
[AP via NextGov, 3.23.09]

NEWS: Former OMB management chief named to head Recovery Act implementation
[Government Executive, 3.23.09]

NEWS: Transparency, two-months and counting
[Federal News Radio, 3.23.09]

NEWS: Diebold admits voting system flaws
[Federal Computer Week, 3.23.09]

NEWS: Trade Officials To Review Transparency
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 3.23.09]

NEWS: Rep. Honda Asks For Web Site Input
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 3.20.09]

NEWS: USAF Org Chart Departs from Phone Directory
[Secrecy News, 3.19.09]

NEWS: Senator solicits advice for new contracting panel
[Government Executive, 3.20.09]

NEWS: Gov’t Program on Ethics: Crossword Puzzles
[ProPublica, 3.19.09]

NEWS: SBA site offers Web 2.0 tools
[Federal Computer Week, 3.18.09]

NEWS: Local police want better sharing of intelligence
[Federal Computer Week, 3.18.09]

NEWS: Diebold Admits Systemic Audit Log Failure; State Vows Inquiry
[Wired, 3.17.09]

NEWS: Bringing Hidden World War II Photos to the Masses
[Wired, 3.17.09]

NEWS: A Silenced Drug Study Creates An Uproar
[Washington Post, 3.18.09]

NEWS: Obama Administration: Constitution Does Not Protect Cell-Site Records
[Wired, 3.17.09]

NEWS: New deal for Blackwater
[Washington Times, 3.17.09]

NEWS: As Jurors Turn to Web, Mistrials Are Popping Up
[New York Times, 3.17.09]

NEWS: FAS As a "Front Company"
[Secrecy News, 3.17.09]

NEWS: Auditors: FEMA acquisition files are a mess
[Federal Computer Week, 3.16.09]

NEWS: Improvements to Grants.gov at least 90 days away
[Federal News Radio, 3.16.09]

NEWS: NARA wants new catalog
[Federal Computer Week, 3.16.09; see also NARA’s Request for Information]

NEWS: TRAC Challenges Government Privacy Claim
[TRAC, March 16, 2009]

NEWS: Watchdog Unveils Gov’t Search Tool
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, March 16, 2009]

NEWS: McCaskill returns tweet
[Politico, 3.12.09]

NEWS: As Cities Go From Two Papers to One, Talk of Zero
[New York Times, 3.11.09]

NEWS: Terrorist watch list hits 1 million
[Federal Times, 3.11.09]

NEWS: Hurdles to Voting Persisted in 2008
[New York Times, 3.10.09]

NEWS: Transparency on Bagram detentions needed from Obama administration
[Anmesty International, 3.10.09]

NEWS: Journalists call for end to flack-approval for federal interviews
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 3.10.09]

NEWS: Tension mounts between agencies over cybersecurity oversight
[Jurist, 3.9.09]

NEWS: The man behind the firewall
[Politico, 3.9.09]

NEWS: New tech trends force government to rethink storage strategies
[Federal Computer Week, 3.5.09]

NEWS: Judge reopens debate on courtroom coverage in file-sharing case
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, March 6, 2009]

NEWS: OPM urged to offer rapid hiring authority for stimulus efforts
[Government Executive, March 5, 2009]

NEWS: President Obama’s czar system concerns some
[Los Angeles Times, 3.5.09]

NEWS: In Other News
[Secrecy News, 3.5.09]

NEWS: Pressure Builds on UBS Over Secrecy
[Washington Post, 3.5.09]

NEWS: Your cell may become a tool for the enemy
[Concord Monitor, 3.4.09]

NEWS: Lobbyists Face New Rules
[Roll Call (subscription req’d), 3.4.09]

NEWS: Government joins whistleblower lawsuit against EMC
[NextGov, 3.3.09]

NEWS: CBP to test trade data programs
[Federal Computer Week, 3.3.09]

NEWS: White House Denies Shunning YouTube
[Wall Street Journal, 3.3.09]

NEWS: Four House Committees Join Twitter
[National Journal Tech Daily Dose, 3.2.09]

NEWS: Stimulus has funds for GAO to beef up staff
[Federal Times, 2.2.09]

NEWS: Obama Offered Deal to Russia in Secret Letter
[New York Times, 2.2.09]

NEWS: Focus on Fusion Centers
[Secrecy News, 2.27.09]

NEWS: Judge finds court can restrict how trial footage is used
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 2.27.09]

NEWS: New oversight committee chairman mounts charm offensive
[Government Executive, 2.27.09]

NEWS: Recovery.gov linked to other stimulus tracking sites
[Federal Computer Week, 2.27.09]

NEWS: National Archives FY ’09 Omnibus Funding
[National Coalition for History, 2.27.09]

NEWS: Budget summary is littered with management proposals
[Government Executive, 2.27.09]

NEWS: Rogue Archivist Campaigns to Be Obama’s Printer
[Wired, 2.26.09]

NEWS: Grassley proposes protecting congressional whistleblowers
[Des Moines Register, 2.25.09]

NEWS: Does the Supreme Court Tweet? Not Yet
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, 2.26.09]

NEWS: Official: Pentagon allows coverage of war coffins
[CNN, 2.26.09]

NEWS: CIA chief vows to treat Congress better
[Politico, 2.26.09]

NEWS: Files Unsealed Before Sentencing Detail Rule-Breaker’s Rise at CIA
[Washington Post, 2.26.09]

NEWS: E-Mail Surge Forces Hill IT To Keep Up
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 2.24.09]

NEWS: Pentagon Officials Must Sign Budget Secrecy Pledge
[Secrecy News, February 25, 2009]

NEWS: Senators say smaller acquisition staffs led to IT project failures
[NextGov, February 24, 2009]

NEWS: Group of Rich Americans Sues UBS to Keep Names Secret in Tax Case
[New York Times, February 24, 2009]

NEWS: Obama names online staff
[Federal Computer Week, 2.23.09]

NEWS: USA.gov will move to cloud computing
[Federal Computer Week, 2.23.09]

NEWS: States put spending details online
[USA Today, 2.23.09]

NEWS: Government to go
[Federal Computer Week, 2.23.09]

NEWS: Exploring a ‘Deep Web’ That Google Can’t Grasp
[New York Times, 2.22.09]

NEWS: Infrastructure protection plan calls for data warehouse
[Federal Computer Week, 2.20.09]

NEWS: Bill proposes ISPs, Wi-Fi keep logs for police
[CNET, 2.19.09]

NEWS: Judges Will Weigh Whether to ‘Admit the Internet Into the Courtroom’
[Chronicle of Higher Education, 2.19.09]

NEWS: Stimulus Plan Ensures Boom Sector: Oversight
[New York Times, 2.19.09]

NEWS: Jewish engineer cleared of spying sues US gov’t
[AP via Washington Post, 2.19.09]

NEWS: To keep up with IT, feds need larger acquisition force
[National Journal via NextGov, 2.19.09]

NEWS: Openness Questions Remain For Obama
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 2.18.09]

NEWS: Recovery.gov blocked search engine tracking
[CNET News, 2.19.09]

NEWS: Trouble brewing over final stimulus oversight language
[CongressDaily via Government Executive, 2.18.09]

NEWS: A Swiss Bank Is Set to Open Its Secret Files
[New York Times, 2.18.09]

NEWS: Intellipedia suffers midlife crisis
[Government Computer News, 2.18.09]

NEWS: EPA Reports on Info Access "Listening" Sessions
[SEJ Tipsheet, 2.17.09]

NEWS: Wired-o-Nomics: Transparency as a Stimulus
[Portfolio via Wired, 2.18.09]

NEWS: Senate introduces another shield law
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 2.17.09]

NEWS: Will Obama’s grass roots stand tall?
[Politico, 2.17.09]

NEWS: Sattler: Less Classification, More Communication With Coalition
[Inside Defense, 2.16.09 (via Secrecy News)]

NEWS: Watchdogs and Want Ads
[Columbia Journalism Review, 2.13.09]

NEWS: Gov. Kaine Unveils Stimulus.Virginia.Gov
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, 2.11.09; see also Public Outreach, Warts and All from NextGov]

NEWS: Marine Corps: Expose Yourself to Secrecy News
[Secrecy News, 2.13.09]

NEWS: Hoekstra denies online messaging compromised Middle East trip
[NextGov, 2.12.09]

NEWS: Management Crisis Threatens "Foreign Relations" Series
[Secrecy News, 2.12.09]

NEWS: Congress relies on traditional charts
[Politico, 2.12.09]

NEWS: Memo: 67 computers missing from Los Alamos lab
[AP via Government Executive, 2.11.09; see also the memo courtesy of POGO]

NEWS: On Trail of War Criminals, NBC News Is Criticized
[New York Times, 2.11.09]

NEWS: Agencies used social media to manage salmonella outbreak
[NextGov, 2.9.09]

NEWS: NOAA Sea Grant Seeks to De-Fund Scientist for Advocacy
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 2.9.09]

NEWS: Obama on Recovery.gov
[Columbia Journalism Review, 2.9.09]

NEWS: Congressman twitters secret trip to Iraq
[Cnet, 2.6.09]

NEWS: If Spending Is Swift, Oversight May Suffer
[Washington Post, 2.9.09]

NEWS: Pols’ papers: Trash or treasure?
[Politico, 2.9.09]

NEWS: Deputy AG-Nominee is "A Big Believer in Whistleblowers"
[Secrecy News, 2.9.09]

NEWS: Use of federal database for ID checks hits some bumps
[USA Today, 2.6.09]

NEWS: Digital Archivists, Now in Demand
[New York Times, 2.7.09]

NEWS: Towns names subcommittee leaders
[Federal Computer Week, 2.5.09]

NEWS: Senator seeks amendment to protect whistleblowers
[Congress Daily via Government Executive, 2.5.09]

NEWS: Science Found Wanting in Nation’s Crime Labs
[New York Times, 2.5.09]

NEWS: Killefer’s resignation seen as setback for federal IT
[NextGov, 2.4.09]

NEWS: New winds blow for whistleblower protection groups
[Federal Computer Week, 2.4.09]

NEWS: Defense outlines change in acquisition strategy
[Federal Computer Week, 2.4.09]

NEWS: CRS Scholar Harold Relyea Retires
[Secrecy News, 2.4.09]

NEWS: GPO Launches ‘Google’ for Federal Docs
[Washington Post, 2.4.09]

NEWS: Advocates Push Back on WaPo Bashing Whistleblower Protections
[Washington Independent, 2.3.09; see also the letter]

NEWS: Satisfaction with federal Web sites reaches new heights
[NextGov, 2.3.09]

NEWS: Rove now cooperating with Justice Dept.
[Los Angeles Times, 2.2.09]

NEWS: Nancy Killefer withdraws candidacy to Obama’s performance officers
[Los Angeles Times, 2.3.09]

NEWS: Best Practices for Government Web Sites
[NextGov, 2.2.09]

NEWS: Iraq Auditor Warns of Waste, Fraud In Afghanistan
[Washington Post, 2.2.09]

NEWS: Data requirement may be over for agencies
[Federal Computer Week, 1.30.09]

NEWS: USA.gov adds new Web 2.0 tools
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NEWS: Justices Step Closer to Repeal of Evidence Ruling
[New York Times, 1.30.09]

NEWS: McCaskill Tapped for New Oversight Post
[Roll Call, 1.30.09; subscription req’d]

NEWS: Two agencies embrace Obama’s call for open government
[NextGov, 1.29.09]

NEWS: Republicans all a-Twitter over the visit
[The Hill, 1.28.09]

NEWS: After Cheney, vice presidential house is clearer on Google Earth
[Los Angeles Times, 1.27.09]

NEWS: Report: Upgrading FEMA flood maps would save lives
[AP via Yahoo News, 1.23.09; see also, the NAS report]

NEWS: Intell agencies to link databases
[Government Computer News, 1.23.09]

NEWS: New Administration Seems Friendlier to Whistleblowers
[Washington Post, 1.22.09]

NEWS: New Federal Government Team Focuses on Innovation and IT
[Government Technology, 1.22.09]

NEWS: Staff Finds White House in the Technological Dark Ages
[Washington Post, January 22, 2009]

NEWS: Scientists Welcome Obama’s Words
[New York Times, January 21, 2009]

NEWS: New WH site offers candid bios
[Politico, 1.20.09]

NEWS: First Federal Courtroom Webcast Postponed
[Wired, 1.20.09; see also, RCFP’s Judge approves Web coverage of hearing]

NEWS: National Archives Releases Initial 9/11 Commission Records
[National Coalition for History, 1.16.09]

NEWS: Federal Register Announces New "Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents"
[National Coalition for History, 1.16.09]

NEWS: President Bush Appoints Two to PIDB
[National Coalition for History, 1.16.09]

NEWS: Blogging General Reaches Out to Troops, Blows Off Security Fears
[Wired, 1.16.09]

NEWS: Apple Faces Issues of Disclosure
[Washington Post, 1.16.09]

NEWS: Procurement officials predict increase in contractor accountability
[NextGov, 1.15.09]

NEWS: GSA, YouTube discuss posting government videos
[Federal Computer Week, 1.15.09]

NEWS: Privacy Act still misapplied against reporters
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 1.15.09]

NEWS: Bush OMB Claims Public Health Endangerment as Secret
[SEJ Tipsheet, 1.14.09]

NEWS: Reports Show Business and Taxpayer Data Still at Security Risk
[Washington Post, 1.15.09]

NEWS: OMB pick pledges better integration of management and budget duties
[NextGov, 1.14.09]

NEWS: Stevens Judge to Prosecutors: Reveal FBI Agent
[Roll Call, 1.14.09; subscription req’d]

NEWS: Online Voting Closer Than Imagined
[NextGov, 1.13.09]

NEWS: Paper urges tougher controls on contractors
[Federal Computer Week, 1.13.09; see also, the report, courtesy of POGO]

NEWS: YouTube Gets No $, but Good PR
[Roll Call, 1.13.09; subscription req’d; see also, Washington Post’s Congress Gets Down with YouTube]

NEWS: Report: U.S. Surveillance Society Running Rampant
[Wired, 1.12.09]

NEWS: Historians in Handcuffs
[The Nation, 1.12.09]

NEWS: Issa announces GOP staff for House government reform panel
[Government Executive, 1.12.09]

NEWS: AP: Iraqi Gov’t Demands Reporters Sign ‘Code of Conduct’
[AP via Editor and Publisher, 1.9.09]

NEWS: More Litigation in U.S. Park Police Case Unless Obama Administration Intervenes
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 1.9.09]

NEWS: Harvard’s Sunstein to oversee regulation
[Boston Globe, 1.9.08]

NEWS: FDA scientists complain to Obama of ‘corruption’
[Government Executive, 1.8.08]

NEWS: Feinstein introduces data security bills
[Congress Daily via NextGov, 1.7.09]

NEWS: Obama Appoints Government Performance Officer
[Washington Post, 1.7.09]

NEWS: Air Force Releases ‘Counter-Blog’ Marching Orders
[Wired, 1.6.09]

NEWS: Obama’s Choice for Solicitor General Has Left a Breach in a Long Paper Trail
[New York Times, 1.6.09]

NEWS: Bush’s Final Purge
[In These Times, 1.5.09]

NEWS: Another first; Obama to webcast inaugural ball
[Politico, 1.5.09]

NEWS: Disputes and high turnover fuel unprecedented Senate disorder
[The Hill, 1.5.09]

NEWS: Obama embraces Web-based list sharing program
[CongressDaily via NextGov, 1.5.09]

NEWS: Judge reinstates Islamic group’s wiretapping suit
[Washington Post, 1.5.09]

NEWS: DHS office describes how it assesses privacy
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NEWS: DC’s Kinetic Tech Czar: Mixing a Start-Up Mentality With a Whirlwind Approach
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NEWS: ‘Fusion center’ privacy fears persist
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