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COMMENTARY: E-Discovery Update: My E-Discovery Holiday Wish List
[LLRX.com, 12.14.08]

COMMENTARY: Change.gov and Open for Questions
[Sunlight Foundation, 12.10.08]

COMMENTARY: OSTI: collecting AND connecting scientific govt information
[Free Government Information, 12.9.08]

COMMENTARY: Some Ideas for Access to Information
[Sunlight Foundation, 12.9.08]

COMMENTARY: A Democratic insider’s call for a new presidential secrecy power
[Salon, 12.7.08]

COMMENTARY: Mission Accomplished?
[Index on Censorship, 12.3.08]

COMMENTARY: Obama releases donor names
[Politico, 12.1.08]

COMMENTARY: change.gov changes its copyright statement, gets it *almost* right
[Free Government Information, 11.30.08]

COMMENTARY: Why Obama should ditch YouTube
[Cnet News, 11.24.08]

COMMENTARY: Tony Byrne: Get a grip on Web 2.0 content
[Government Computer News, 11.17.08]

COMMENTARY: Lessons from Change.gov
[Free Government Information, 11.12.08]

COMMENTARY: Numbers Aren’t Enough: Providing Context
[Free Government Information, October 29, 2008]

COMMENTARY:Government 2.0 – Fact or Fiction?
[ThePublicManager.org, October 20, 2008]

COMMENTARY:Reality Check: A new twist on the Data Reference Model
[Government Computer News, October 20, 2008]

COMMENTARY:Burton: Past performance, future results
[Federal Computer Week, October 20, 2008]

ANALYSIS:A DNA Database for Counterterrorism
[Secrecy News, October 14, 2008]

COMMENTARY:A secret memo controls the rules of the presidential debates – should it?
[San Francisco Chronicle, October 14, 2008]

COMMENTARY:YouTube for president?
[Politico, October 14, 2008]

COMMENTARY:Information technology goals for the next president
[Federal Computer Week, October 5, 2008]

ANALYSIS:FOI in the EU: When is a "document" not a "document"?
[Statewatch, October 3, 2008]

COMMENTARY:Ellen Miller: Make Washington More Like the Web
[Wired, September 22, 2008]

COMMENTARY:Overcoming Overclassification
[Secrecy News, September 16, 2008]

COMMENTARY:Flood victims’ payouts should be open for review
[Reporters Committee for the Free Press, September 3, 2008]

COMMENTARY:Internet can strengthen democracy
[CNN, August 26, 2008]

COMMENTARY:Data on-line could jump-start activism
[The Times-Picayune, August 23, 2008]

COMMENTARY:Podcast Lecture: A Hacker’s View of the Freedom of Information Act
[The Last Hope Conference, July 2008]

COMMENTARY:Andrew Glass: Our digital democracy
[Politico, August 19, 2008]

COMMENTARY:Cracking the Pentagon Pundit Code
[CommonDreams, August 12, 2008]

COMMENTARY:Should the president be Internet savvy?
[POLITICO, August 10, 2008]

ANALYSIS: Protecting "Critical Program Information" Within DoD
[Secrecy News, July 21, 2008]

COMMENTARY:Let My Data Go: How Activists Can Transform Government Through Public Data
[Huffington Post, 7.15.08]

ANALYSIS:The Candidate Said What?! Google’s new video-search gadget not yet a boon to reporters, but it will be
[Columbia Journalism Review, 7.16.08]

COMMENTARY:SEC filings should be clearer and more detailed
[Dirt Diggers Digest, 6.25.08]

COMMENTARY:Coleen Rowley: 9/11 Change: Yes We Should!
[Huffington Post, 6.24.08]

COMMENTARY: The price of rushing regulatory reform
[Politico, 6.20.08]

ANALYSIS: Cost of Secrecy System Reaches Record High
[Secrecy News, 6.19.08]

COMMENTARY: ‘Snail mail’ blazes slow e-trail
[BBC News, 6.17.08]

COMMENTARY: Adventures in Web 2.0
[Federal Computer Week, 6.16.08]

COMMENTARY: Sprehe: Keeping it digital
[Federal Computer Week, 6.16.08]

COMMENTARY: This time we really mean it, Mr. President
[Viewsday (from Newsday), 5.27.08; see the bill]

ANALYSIS: Privacy Principles for Digital Watermarking
[Center for Democracy & Technology, May 2008]

ANALYSIS: Pentagon Intelligence Oversight Falls Short
[Secrecy News, 5.29.08; see also DoD IG Report]

ANALYSIS: McClellan blames Bush, not aides, for disillusionment
[Los Angeles Times, 5.29.08]

ANALYSIS: Press Releases Could Become "Controlled Unclassified Info"
[Secrecy News, 5.28.08]

ANALYSIS: A Strategy for Openness: Enhancing E-Records Access in New York State
[New York State Office For Technology, May 2008]

ANALYSIS: The Bush Definition of "Transparency"
[The Washington Independent, 5.27.08]

ANALYSIS: Secret Data in FBI Wiretapping Audit Revealed With Ctrl+C
[Wired, 5.20.08]

COMMENTARY: Your Tax Dollars at Work, If You Can Find Them
[Washington Post, 5.18.08]

ANALYSIS: Reviving Telecommunications Surveillance Law
[Social Science Research Network, 5.16.08]

ANALYSIS: Six Degrees of Scott Bloch: A Scandal Scorecard
[GovExec.com, 5.15.08]

ANALYSIS: Where the Appointees Are
[GovExec.com, 5.15.08]

COMMENTARY: Some Heads are Gonna Roll (or Should)
[Federal News Radio, 5.15.08]

ANALYSIS: Reauthorization of the E-Government Act: A Brief Overview
[CRS, 5.14.08, via OpenCRS]

ANALYSIS: Living Large on Capitol Hill
[Dirt Diggers Digest, 5.13.08]

COMMENTARY: Government may turn corner on Web use
[Politico, 5.13.08]

COMMENTARY: In Search of Consensus on the Role of Secrecy
[HS Today, 5.05.08]

COMMENTARY: Today’s Must Read
[TPM Muckraker, 5.01.08]

ANALYSIS: Expectation of privacy a precious right
[SeattlePI.com, 5.01.08]

COMMENTARY: Killing in Secret: Death by Lethal Injection
[The Rutherford Institute, 4.29.08]

COMMENTARY: NARA and Federal Agencies Must Overcome Record Confusion
[DotGovWatch, 4.28.08]

ANALYSIS: Federal Records: Agencies Face Challenges in Managing E-Mail
[Government Accountability Office, 4.24.2008]

COMMENTARY: Media’s refusal to address the NYT’s "military analyst" story continues

ANALYSIS: Getting to the Bottom of Coconut Road
[Sunlight Foundation: Paul Blumenthal’s blog, 4.21.08]

ANALYSIS: Nieman Reports: 21st Century Muckrakers
[Secrecy News, 4.16.08]

COMMENTARY: How to Judge a Would-Be Justice
[New York Times, 4.14.08]

ANALYSIS: Legislative Sunlight Catching On
[Cox News Service, 4.13.08]

ANALYSIS: U.S. Reconnaissance Satellites: Domestic Targets
[National Security Archive, 4.11.08]

ANALYSIS: A Flurry of Subpoenas
[American Journalism Review, April/May 2008, via RCFP]

COMMENTARY: Expecting more from your e-government
[Politico, 4.10.08]

COMMENTARY: Losing the War for Reality
[Consortium News, 4.8.08]

COMMENTARY: Domestic surveillance oversight necessary to prevent FBI abuse
[Jurist’s Hotline, 4.7.08]

ANALYSIS: The Surprisingly Stronger Case for the Legality of the NSA Surveillance Program: The FDR Precedent
[Stanford Law Review, via SSRN]

ANALYSIS: Agencies grapple with search and discovery
[Federal Computer Week, 4.2.08]

[The Constitution Project, 4.1.08]

ANALYSIS: How the open net closed its doors
[BBC News, 3.25.08]

COMMENTARY: Debate worthy of presidential campaign
[Politico, 3.23.08]

COMMENTARY: Whistleblowers need better protection
[Topeka Capital-Journal, 3.21.08]

ANALYSIS: Duplicate systems viewed as challenge to sharing intelligence information
[NextGov, 3.21.08]

ANALYSIS: The Transparent Contenders
[Cox News The Secrecy File, 3.20.08]

ANALYSIS: Washington Lets In More Sunshine, But Halls of Power Are Still Too Dark
[Center for Responsive Politics, 3.20.08]

COMMENTARY: Finally, A Campaign Debate Over Openness
[Editor & Publisher, 3.17.08]

ANALYSIS: Intelligence agencies hope to improve image by opening up
[GovExec.com, 3.10.08]

ANALYSIS: Inclusion or Illusion? An Analysis of the FCC’s Public Hearings on Media Ownership 2006-2007
[SSRN, 3.4.08]

COMMENTARY: Bush’s e-mail misery has company
[Federal Computer Week, 3.3.08]

ANALYSIS: Declassified Studies from Cheney Pentagon Show Push for U.S. Military Predominance and a Strategy to "Prevent the Reemergence of a New Rival"
[National Security Archive’s Nuclear Vault, 2.29.08; see 3/8/1992 New York Times story and the previously-published document]

ANALYSIS: EPA Library Closures Hampering Agency Work, Arbitrator Finds
[PEER, 2.27.08]

ANALYSIS: FOIA Facts: The Congressional Role in FOIA Operations
[LLRX.com, 2.27.08]

ANALYSIS: Why Was All the E-Mail Missing From Cheney’s Office on Key Dates in CIA Leak Probe?
[AP, 2.27.08]

ANALYSIS: White House Ignored Repeated Warnings That E-mails Were at Risk
[National Security Archive, 2.26.08; see also, Congress continues probe into missing e-mails and Expert: White House Had "Primitive" Email Setup]

COMMENTARY: Mr. Cheney’s Government
[Washington Post, 2.23.08]

ANALYSIS: Terrorism no match for Mother Nature
[Government Computer News, 2.18.08]

COMMENTARY: Looking at candidates’ records on open government
[Dallas Morning News, 2.18.08]

ANALYSIS: Seth F. Kreimer, Rays of Sunlight in a Shadow "War": FOIA, The Abuses of Anti-Terrorism, and the Strategy of Transparency
[Lewis & Clark Law Review; also available at SSRN]

COMMENTARY: Time to Vote Contempt
[New York Times, 2.14.08]

ANALYSIS: Exemptions subvert open records laws
[Newsweek, 2.13.08; see also, States Failing FOI Responsiveness, a 2007 study by the Better Government Association and the National Freedom of Information Coalition]

ANALYSIS: Lawfare and Legal Ethics in Guantanamo
[NELLCO, 2.12.08]

Analysis: Deepening complexity over detainees
[SCOTUS-blog, 2.12.08]

COMMENTARY: Those Missing E-Mails
[Washington Post, 2.11.08]

COMMENTARY: Clinton Records Watch
[Washington Post, 2.8.08]

COMMENTARY: The next president should open up the Bush Administration’s record
[Nieman Watchdog, 2.7.08]

ANALYSIS: Data Mining and the Security-Liberty Debate by Daniel J. Solove, University of Chicago Law Review, Vol. 74, 2007-2008

COMMENTARY: The Dynastic Question
[New York Times, 1.31.08]

COMMENTARY: The End of Privacy
[AlterNet, 1.28.08]

COMMENTARY: Found in Translation
[The American Conservative, 1.28.08 issue]

COMMENTARY: Sundance documentaries focus on trauma, tragedy (Secrecy film)
[Scripps News/Salt Lake Tribune, 1.24.08]

COMMENTARY: The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression is soliciting nominations for egregious and/or silly acts of censorship in 2007 for a "Jefferson Muzzle" (read more about the award, archive, and contact information)
[Via FEN, 1.18.08]

COMMENTARY: Our Right to Know? Over Whose Dead Body?
[Public Citizen’s Watchdog Blog, 1.15.08]

ANALYSIS: Confronting the State Secrets Privilege
[Secrecy News Blog, 1.14.08]

COMMENTARY: Electoral Politics and the Rule of Law
[The Constitution Project, 1.10.08]

ANALYSIS: A Global Approach to Secret Evidence: How Human Rights Law Can Reform Our Immigration System
[Columbia Human Rights Law Review (via SSRN), 1.10.08]

ANALYSIS: The Best and Worst of 2007: Government Secrecy
[The Century Foundation, 1.2.08]

COMMENTARY: Delete at Your Own Risk / Governments need a system for managing their mountains of e-mail. Very few have one.
[Governing magazine, January 2008]

COMMENTARY: Schwartz: Focusing on searchability
[Federal Computer Week, 1.7.08]

COMMENTARY: If Your Hard Drive Could Testify …
[New York Times, 1.7.08]

COMMENTARY: Stonewalled by the C.I.A.
[New York Times, 1.2.08]

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Coalition on Government Secrecy Upcoming Events
[Washington College of Law at American University, 12.12.08]

ANNOUNCEMENT: December 10: Just Give Us the Data! Prospects for Putting Government Information to Revolutionary New Uses
[Cato Institute, 12.1.08]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Committee Sponsors Privacy and Civil Liberties Roundtable – December 3
[House Committee on Homeland Security, 11.20.08]

ANNOUNCEMENT: November 17: First Annual Public Meeting of the Smithsonian Board of Regents
[Smithsonian Institution, 11.14.08]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Grants: Congressional Research Awards
[The Dirksen Congressional Center, 11.10.08]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Friday, November 21- The Bailout Bill and the Rule of Law: A Public Participatory Roundtable on Plugging the Bill’s Procedural Leaks
[American University, 11.10.08]

ANNOUNCEMENT: November 21: First Legal Training Seminar on Whistleblower Protections under the Consumer Product Safety Law (CPS)
[The National Whistleblowers Center, October 27, 2008]

ANNOUNCEMENT: OMB sponsors online discussion of privacy issues
[Free Government Information, October 24, 2008]

ANNOUNCEMENT:NARA to Host Electronic Records Conference October 7-8
[National Coalition for History, September 19, 2008]

ANNOUNCEMENT:Public Interest Declassification Board to Meet Sept. 27
[National Coalition for History, September 19, 2008]

ANNOUNCEMENT: We Want YOU… To Help With the Dot Gov Harvest!
[Free Government Information, September 9, 2008]


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ANNOUNCEMENT:Secrecy: The Movie
[Secrecy News, September 4, 2008; see also Screening Information]

ANNOUNCEMENT:Center for Transparent and Accountable Government Established
[The Buckeye Institute, August 10, 2008]

ANNOUNCEMENTS: "Secret Law and the Threat to Democratic and Accountable Government"
[Senate Judiciary Committee, 4.29.08]

ANNOUNCEMENT: IRS Releases Draft Instructions for 2008 Form 990, Seeks Public Comment
[IRS, 4.7.08]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sunlight Foundation Announces New Project: PublicMarkup.org
[Sunlight Foundation, 3.31.08]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Declaration to Advance the Right of Access to Public Information Worldwide
[Carter Center, 3.26.08; read the full Atlanta Declaration and Plan of Action]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Document Freedom Day: March 26

ANNOUNCEMENT: Congressional Watchdog Site Launched (site: Change Congress)
[Government Computer News, 3.21.08]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Journalism That Matters: NewsTools2008.org, April 30-May 3
[Media Giraffe Project, 1.24.08]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Freedom Of Information Grants Available for State Coalitions
[National Freedom of Information Coalition, 1.22.08]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Complete Index of DOJ Office of Legal Counsel Opinions Posted (thanks to Michael Ravnitzky)


CONGRESS: Committee Releases Report Criticizing President’s Assertion of Executive Privilege
[House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, 12.15.08]

CONGRESS: Letter From DOJ to House Judiciary Committee Defying Subpoenas For Siegelman Documents
[Talking Points Memo Document Collection, 11.14.08]

Congress: Lobbying Contribution Databases for the Senate and House

Congress:A Parliamentary-Style Question Period: Proposals and Issues for Congress
[Congressional Research Service, July 2008]

CONGRESS:Request for Comments on Interim Report- Communicating with Congress: Recommendations for Improving the Democratic Dialogue
[Congressional Management Foundation, July 17, 2008]

CONGRESS:Leahy: FOIA Anniversary Time For Renewed Open Government Commitment
[Statement of Senator Leahy, 6.25.08]

CONGRESS:Committee Calls for Declassification of Information About U.S. Bases in Iraq
[BeSpacific, 6.23.08}

[Society of Environmental Journalists, 6.18.08]

CONGRESS: GAO: protecting privacy or promoting secrecy?
[RCFP, 6.18.08; see also the full GAO report]

CONGRESS: Bills would give more access to DHS data
[Federal Computer Week, 6.11.08]

CONGRESS: Record of January 29, 2008 hearing on "Reform of the State Secrets Privilege" just published
[Secrecy News blog, 6.11.08]

CONGRESS: Statement of Glenn A. Fine, Inspector General
[Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Coervice Interrogation Techniques, 6.10.08]

CONGRESS: Specter: Wiretapping Needs "Judicial Review"
[Washington Independent, 6.9.08]

CONGRESS: Pressing for Stronger Protections for Whistle-Blowers
[Washington Post, 6.6.08]

CONGRESS: Again, EPA Asserts Executive Privilege against Embarrassment
[Talking Points Memo, 4.21.08]

CONGRESS: Record-Keeping Bill Is Criticized As ‘Anemic’ By Watchdog
[Washington Post, 4.17.08]

CONGRESS: Dingell examining closure of Hopkins health database
[Baltimore Sun, 4.16.08]

CONGRESS: Panel would reform records storage
[Federal Computer Week, 4.16.08]

CONGRESS: DOJ OIG Testimony on FBI’s Use of National Security Letters and Section 215 Orders for Business Records
[Office of the Inspector General (DOJ), 4.15.08]

CONGRESS: Cornyn Introduces Bill To Boost Taxpayer Access to Federal Spending Records and Earmark Information
[Senator Cornyn’s press release, 4.14.08; see also S. 2852, the Federal Spending and Taxpayer Accessibility Act of 2008]

CONGRESS: Senate Mulls Changes in Intelligence Oversight
[Secrecy News, 4.14.08]

CONGRESS: House lawyers slam White House executive privilege claims as broadest ‘since Watergate’
[Jurist, 4.10.08]

CONGRESS: House Staffers Livid Over Web Site
[Washington Post, 4.9.08; see also Legistorm]

CONGRESS: No Iraq Intelligence Update For You!
[Washington Independent, 4.1.08]

CONGRESS: Government Reform panel passes contractor database bill
[CongressDaily, via NextGov, 3.14.08]

CONGRESS: Subcommittee Seeks Answers on EPA Library Closures
[House Committee on Science and Technology’s Subcommittee on Investigations & Oversight, 3.13.08; see also GAO Report]

CONGRESS: Rep. Rohrabacher Says Administration Not Cooperating with Congress
[Congressional Record, 2.26.08, via FAS: Project on Government Secrecy]

CONGRESS: Grassley to Wrestle Justice Department
[Washington Post, 2.27.08, see also Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and bill text.]

CONGRESS: C-SPAN Congressional Chronicle

CONGRESS: Senate to Hold Hearing on GAO and Intelligence Oversight [2/29; see Calendar]
[Secrecy News, 2.25.08]

CONGRESS: Chairman Waxman Schedules Hearing to Examine Preservation of White House E-mails
[House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, 1.17.08]


NEWS: Bush’s legacy may lie in presidential library
[LA Times, 12.23.08]

NEWS: Google censors political-donation transparency ads
[Cnet News, 12.17.08]

NEWS: FOIA suit seeks documents on journalist’s death
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 12.18.08]

NEWS: Wikileaks Posts Secret Bomb-Stopper Report – Did It Go Too Far?
[Wired, 12.18.08]

NEWS: SSA becomes first to log on to national health network
[Next Gov,12.17.08]

NEWS: Report Finds Meddling in Interior Dept. Actions
[New York Times, 12.16.08]

NEWS: Sen. Feingold Urges "Concrete Steps" to Restore Rule of Law
[Secrecy News, 12.15.08]

NEWS: Experts debate future of Obama’s Web communications
[CongressDaily via NextGov, 12.12.08]

NEWS: State Dept: Crisis in the "Foreign Relations" Series
[Secrecy News, 12.11.08]

NEWS: Online Rebel Publishes Millions of Dollars in U.S. Court Records for Free
[Wired, 12.12.08]

NEWS: Contractors could face increased oversight on the Hill
[Government Executive, 12.10.08]

NEWS: Holder’s Hearing Set to Begin Jan. 8
[Blog of the Legal Times, 12.9.08]

NEWS: DHS to deliver data-mining report to lawmakers today
[NextGov, 12.8.08; see also 2008 Report to Congress – Data Mining: Technology and Policy The DHS Privacy Office]

NEWS: Where’s transparency of Podesta group?
[Politico, 12.8.08]

NEWS: Mo. Governor Sued Over Records Law
[Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, 12.5.08]

NEWS: Supreme Court today deliberates suit blocking Obama presidency
[Los Angeles Times, 12.5.08]

NEWS: Technology could steady financial markets
[NextGov, 12.4.08]

NEWS: EPA Delay on Electronic Reports Undercuts Eco-Enforcement
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 12.3.08]

NEWS: Experts spell out privacy platform for next Congress
[NextGov, 12.3.08]

NEWS: You’re Leaving a Digital Trail. What About Privacy?
[New York Times, 11.29.08]

NEWS: One Man’s Military-Industrial-Media Complex
[New York Times, 11.29.08]

NEWS: Obama names CBO head Orszag as OMB’s director
[Federal Computer Week, 11.25.08]

NEWS: HHS’ AIDS.gov to Use Blogs, Virtual Worlds, and Social Networks to Deliver HIV Information for World AIDS Day 2008
[beSpacific, 11.25.08]

NEWS: Eyeing Obama Era, DailyKos Launches Blog to Press Congress
[The Nation, 11.24.08]

NEWS: Citizenship 2.0
[Washington Post, 11.25.08]

NEWS: Report: Whistleblower Office Fails to Protect Air Marshals
[ProPublica, 11.25.08]

NEWS: Investors Demand Climate-Risk Disclosure
[SEJ TipSheet, 11.20.08]

NEWS: GovtTwit directory now live!
[Free Government Information, 11.20.08]

NEWS: Misleading Information from the Battlefield: The Tillman and Lynch Episodes
[CRS via Secrecy News, 11.20.08]

NEWS: Investors Demand Climate-Risk Disclosure
[SEJ TipSheet, 11.20.08]

NEWS: Senators aim to confirm bailout watchdog by end of week
[Government Executive, 11.19.08]

NEWS: U.S. Drug Czar Posts Roadmap to Buying Dope in San Francisco
[Wired, 11.19.08]

NEWS: The Smithsonian Fields The People’s Questions
[Washington Post, 11.19.08]

NEWS: Obama expected to name Peter Orszag OMB director
[Government Executive, 11.18.08]

NEWS: Google’s CEO wants IT to open up government
[Federal Computer Week, 11.18.08]

NEWS: Papers Offer Close-Up of Rehnquist and the Court
[New York Times, 11.17.08]

NEWS: Corporate Governance of Public Web Sites
[Law.com, 11.14.08]

NEWS: Sex, lies and scandal: Obama aide has seen it all
[AP via The (Syracuse) Post-Standard, 11.17.08]

NEWS: Members jockey for gavel of Government Reform panel
[The Hill, 11.14.08]

NEWS: Transition Watch: Obama to post weekly message on YouTube
[Federal Computer Week, 11.14.08]

NEWS: Sunshine in Government Initiative releases set of Obama transition proposals
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 11.14.08]

NEWS: NARA and Management of Presidential Library Records
[Free Government Information, 11.13.08]

NEWS: Adoption of e-health records depends on consolidation of systems
[NextGov, 11.13.08]

NEWS: For a Washington Job, Be Prepared to Tell All
[New York Times, 11.12.08]

NEWS: Adapting YouTube, Facebook and MySpace to Governing
[Washington Post, 11.13.08]

NEWS: Feds collaborate on NHIN interface
[Federal Computer Week, 11.11.08]

NEWS: Obama transition as web savvy as campaign
[Politico, November 8, 2008]

NEWS: Obama transition as web savvy as campaign
[Politico, November 8, 2008]

NEWS: FBI tracked journalist Halberstam
[AP via Los Angeles Times, November 8, 2008]

NEWS: Political veterans map out recommendations, pitfalls for president-elect
[Government Executive, November 7, 2008]

NEWS: Lieberman plans to take his case to Senate Democratic Steering Committee
[Government Executive, November 7, 2008]

NEWS: Immigration to Go Paperless
[Washington Post, November 7, 2008]

NEWS: Lieberman meets Reid, does not relinquish chairmanship
[Government Executive, November 6, 2008]

NEWS: Will Obama Keep Transparency Promises?
[ProPublica, November 6, 2008]

NEWS: Presidential transition web site… copyrighted!
[Free Government Information, November 6, 2008]

NEWS: Using government information to encourage civic engagement
[Free Government Information, November 6, 2008]

NEWS: GAO sets up transition Web site
[Government Computer News, November 6, 2008]

NEWS: Waxman to vie for energy panel leadership
[Government Executive, November 5, 2008]

NEWS: California Republican seeks ranking Government Reform post
[Government Executive, November 5, 2008]

NEWS: Congressmen vie for leadership on House panel
[Government Executive, October 31, 2008]

NEWS: Library of Congress and Google Collaborate on Digitizing Congressional Hearings
[beSpacific, November 2, 2008]

NEWS: Senate oversight committee could get a post-election face-lift
[Government Executive, October 31, 2008]

NEWS: Transportation launches Web site to track hazardous materials
[NextGov, October 31, 2008]

NEWS: NASA joins NSF research portal
[Government Computer News, October 31, 2008]

NEWS: LA Times takes heat for honoring promise of confidentiality
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, October 30, 2008]

NEWS: FDA staff, White House disagreed on drug lawsuits, papers show
[Los Angeles Times, October 30, 2008]

NEWS: Video: Recalibrated Machine in W. Virginia Appears to Record Vote Inaccurately
[Wired, October 29, 2008]

NEWS: Senate oversight committee could get a post-election face-lift
[Government Executive, October 31, 2008]

NEWS: Federal Web sites see another modest rise in user satisfaction
[NextGov, October 28, 2008]

NEWS: Harvest time
[Government Executive, October 27, 2008]

NEWS: Info on Clean Water Priced Like Gold in Alaska
[SEJ TipSheet, October 22, 2008]

NEWS: Casting a Ballot, and a Wary Eye
[New York Times, October 26, 2008]

NEWS: From ELC: Congress access to MySpace could advance Web 2.0
[Federal Computer Week, October 27, 2008]

NEWS: From ELC: Legislation updates FAR’s ethics rules
[Federal Computer Week, October 27, 2008]

NEWS: OMB increases transparency of agency IT management data
[Federal Computer Week, October 25, 2008]

NEWS: Buzz of the Week: A lively social networking circuit
[Federal Computer Week, October 25, 2008]

NEWS: Iacobucci Seeks Fuller Disclosure in Torture Cases
[iStockAnalyst, October 23, 2008]

NEWS: Press freedom index moves US up, war-torn countries down
[Jurist, October 22, 2008]

NEWS: HHS streamlines information collection in-house and across domains
[Government Computer News, October 20, 2008]

NEWS: Congress cancels novel [classified] satellite program
[AP via NextGov, October 21, 2008]

NEWS: Watchdog unveils government reform priorities for next administration
[Government Executive, October 20, 2008]

NEWS:Intellipedia said to be growing rapidly
[Federal Computer Week, October 16, 2008]

NEWS:Senator Stevens Files to Preclude Reference to a Public Interest in Financial Disclosure
[Taxpayers for Common Sense, October 14, 2008; see also, A the government’s response ]

NEWS:A Veneer of Secrecy Reform at the Pentagon
[Secrecy News, October 14, 2008]

NEWS:POGO Releases Contract of Contractor Hired to Investigate Contractors: What’s Wrong with This Picture?
[POGO, October 10, 2008]

NEWS:Officer wrote of harsh treatment of U.S. detainee
[Los Angeles Times, October 8, 2008]

NEWS:Officer wrote of harsh treatment of U.S. detainee
[Los Angeles Times, October 8, 2008]

NEWS:Treasury details procurement plan for new financial office
[Government Executive, October 7, 2008]

NEWS:Judge’s Top Secret Decision Blocks Sale of DVD-Copying Software
[Wired, October 6, 2008]

NEWS:House To Permit Use of Third Party Websites to Facilitate E-Gov
[beSpacific, October 4, 2008; see also New rules let Congress use Web sites such as YouTube from Federal Computer Week]

NEWS:Congress Passes Overhaul of NARA and NHPRC Programs
[National Coalition for History, October 3, 2008]

NEWS:Federal Agencies Establishing Guidelines to Digitize Historical Materials
[National Coalition for History, October 3, 2008]

NEWS:Arizona attorney general approves online school board meetings
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, October 2, 2008]

NEWS:Orphan works bill could open library collections to the Web
[Government Computer News, October 1, 2008]

NEWS:Business booming for FOI Commission
[The (Stamford) Advocate, September 30, 2008]

NEWS:Over 16,000 Pages of FBI File on Martin Luther King Posted Online
[beSpacific, September 30, 2008]

NEWS:Google’s presidential-quote finder: Search giant parses the presidential views so you don’t have to
[Government Computer News, September 30, 2008]

NEWS:House of Representatives’ Web site overwhelmed
[CNN, September 30, 2008]

NEWS:Heavy interest in bailout bill slows House Web sites
[NextGov, September 29, 2008]

NEWS:Army solidifies policy on media access to Arlington funerals
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, September 29, 2008]

NEWS:Shuttered EPA Libraries Open Doors Tomorrow After Two Years
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, September 29, 2008; see also EPA’s Grand Library Re-Opening on Government Executive ]

NEWS:Executives tell US senators ISPs will limit data collection
[Jurist, September 27, 2008]

NEWS:Grant program approved to preserve presidential documents
[Government Executive, September 26, 2008]

NEWS:YouTube Accord Eludes House
[Roll Call, September 26, 2008; subscription req’d]

NEWS:Commandant Exhorts: Figure Out Facebook
[NextGov, September 24, 2008]

NEWS:Hurricane Ike photos available online
[Federal Computer Week, September 24, 2008]

NEWS:Defense to re-engineer electronic health record system
[NextGov, September 24, 2008; see also Defense health record database growing too big ]

NEWS:Obama’s transparency proposals seen as ambitious
[NextGov, September 23, 2008]

NEWS:Education unveils college Web site
[Government Computer News, September 22, 2008]

NEWS:Science.gov launches a new version
[Federal Computer Week, September 23, 2008]

NEWS:Also in the News: Judge puts federal wreck registry in fast lane
[Federal Computer Week, September 23, 2008]

NEWS:Also in the News: Voter suppression wiki debuts
[Federal Computer Week, September 22, 2008]

NEWS:US military releases journalist detained as enemy combatant in Afghanistan
[Jurist, September 22, 2008]

NEWS:Army Alters Photographs, Issues Them To AP
[Columbia Journalism Review, September 19, 2008]

NEWS:Palin won’t say whether veep is an executive post
[The Hill, September 18, 2008]

NEWS:The Heat Is On for Details of Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
[Wired, September 18, 2008; see also Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Press Release]

NEWS:Hackers Access Palin’s Personal E-Mail, Post Some Online
[Washington Post, September 18, 2008]

NEWS:Presidential Debates Launch MySpace Portal
[Washington Independent, September 17, 2008]

NEWS:New Smithsonian Chief Drafts Empire’s Future
[Washington Post, September 17, 2008]

NEWS:Legacy of program assessment tool unclear
[Government Executive, September 16, 2008]

NEWS:Smithsonian Institute to digitize its collection
[NextGov, September 15, 2008]

NEWS:Getting on the same page
[Federal Computer Week, September 15, 2008]

NEWS:Smaller news budgets, less ammunition for open records fights
[Reporters Committee for the Free Press, September 12, 2008]

NEWS:Federal court district weighs cutting back on plea agreement availability
[Reporters Committee for the Free Press, September 12, 2008]

NEWS:Intelligence turns to open market for data
[NextGov, September 12, 2008]

NEWS:Ethel Rosenberg didn’t type secrets for Soviets, more evidence suggests
[Los Angeles Times, September 12, 2008]

NEWS:D.C. Circuit hears author’s plea for attorney’s fees in FOIA case
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, September 10, 2008]

NEWS:NOAA Historical Hurricane Tracks Web Site Helps Users Prepare for Big Storms
[beSpacific, September 10, 2008]

NEWS:Wikipedia Sleuths Win Journalism Award for Wired.com
[Wired, September 10, 2008]

NEWS:Tech Czar Might Rule Policy Under Obama
[CongressDaily AM via NextGov, September 10, 2008]

NEWS:National Security Archive and Historians Secure Long Secret Rosenberg Grand Jury Testimony
[beSpacific, September 9, 2008]

NEWS:DOJ FOIA Post: Treatment of Agency Records Maintained For an Agency By a Government Contractor for Purposes of Records Management
[beSpacific, September 9, 2008]

NEWS:EPA upgrades to Web 2.0
[Government Computer News, September 9, 2008]

NEWS:Smithsonian head wants to keep FOIA away
[Reporters Committee for the Free Press, September 8, 2008]

NEWS:Buzz of the Week: Change is in the wind
[Federal Computer Week, September 8, 2008; see also, Images of Gustav available on the Web ]

NEWS:Telecom Reporting Rule May Be Eased
[Washington Post, September 5, 2008]

NEWS:Agencies must create performance snapshots
[Federal Computer Week, September 2, 2008]

NEWS:To Evade Penalty, Key AIPAC Witness Seeks to Quash Subpoena
[Secrecy News, September 2, 2008]

NEWS:Whistle-blowers play large role in uncovering healthcare fraud
[Los Angeles Times, September 2, 2008]

NEWS:Lost in Transcription
[Government Computer News, August 29, 2008]

NEWS:DNA databases blocked from the public
[Los Angeles Times, August 29, 2008]

NEWS:Latest Wikileaks Prize for Sale to the Highest Bidder
[Wired, August 27, 2008]

NEWS:Federal judge unseals 8 more Rosenberg grand jury transcripts
[Jurist, August 27, 2008]

NEWS:USA.gov ranked as best federal site
[Federal Computer Week, August 27, 2008; see also Brooking’sState and Federal Electronic Government in the United States, 2008]

NEWS:Tennessee officer accused of snooping on reporter
[Reporters Committee for the Free Press, August 26, 2008]

NEWS:Where the IT dollars go
[NextGov, August 26, 2008]

NEWS:Latest cybersecurity threat lies in trusted software and hardware
[NextGov, August 25, 2008]

NEWS:Web services to the citizen
[Government Computer News, August 25, 2008]

NEWS:Army plan would give press better access to Arlington Cemetery funerals
[Reporters Committee for the Free Press, August 21, 2008]

NEWS:NOAA launches maritime weather Web site
[Federal Computer Week, August 21, 2008]

NEWS: Hospital death rates for key conditions unveiled
[CNN, August 20, 2008]

NEWS:SEC Announces Successor to EDGAR Database
[beSpacific, August 19, 2008]

NEWS:Planned Launch of GPO’s Federal Digital System (Fdsys)
[Free Government Information (FGI), August 17, 2008]

NEWS:Be Careful What You Talk About
[NextGov, July 17, 2008]

NEWS:Soldiers: Mold infests Okla. barracks for wounded
[USA Today, August 18, 2008]

NEWS:Psst, information tips on the rise from public to FBI
[USA Today, August 15, 2008]

NEWS:McCain offers technology plan
[Federal Computer Week, August 15, 2008]

NEWS:Paperless government? Only sometimes.
[NextGov, August 14, 2008]

NEWS:EPA’s online tool promotes self-disclosure
[Federal Computer Week, August 14, 2008]

NEWS:Files from WWII Office of Strategic Services are secret no more
[Los Angeles Times, August 14, 2008]

NEWS:Can technology bring buzz to conventions?
[Politico, August 12, 2008]

NEWS:Dems throwing convention doors open with town hall event
[Cox News Service, August 12, 2008]

NEWS:Okla. newspaper uncovers more than 2,000 court cases sealed
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, August 12, 2008]

NEWS:Digital Domain: Goodbye, Passwords. You Aren’t a Good Defense.
[New York Times, August 9, 2008]

NEWS:BLM launches an enhanced library of digital images
[Federal Computer Week, August 11, 2008]

NEWS:Maine puts Web 2.0 spin on state site
[Government Computer News, August 11, 2008]

NEWS:Senators want information on breached phone records
[The Hill, August 11, 2008]

NEWS:Who is watching your online image?
[Federal Computer Week, August 11, 2008]

NEWS:EPA Library Restoration Pact Finalized
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, August 11, 2008]

NEWS:Presidential debate commission goes online finally: MySpace livestream
[Los Angeles Times, August 10, 2008]

NEWS:SEC Filings: Digital Tags Aim to Ease Data Searches
[Washington Post, August 10, 2008]

NEWS:NARA To Open Personnel Files of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)
[National Coalition for History, August 8, 2008]

NEWS:Another GovNet?
[Federal News Radio, August 5, 2008]

NEWS:California launches site with education data
[Federal Computer Week, August 5, 2008]

NEWS:E-gov on the upswing
[Government Computer News, August 4, 2008]

NEWS:New bill would protect contract employees from discrimination and harassment
[Government Executive, August 4, 2008]

[Roll Call (subscription req’d), August 4, 2008]

NEWS:Panel approves bill calling for a federal grants Web site
[NextGov, August 1, 2008]

NEWS:Unions question TSA plan to extend whistleblower rights
[Government Executive, August 1, 2008]

NEWS:Congress Guarantees Widespread Whistleblower Rights in CPSC Reform
[Government Accountability Project, July 31, 2008]

NEWS:Judge says private prisons are subject to open records laws
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, July 31, 2008]

NEWS:Judge says private prisons are subject to open records laws
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, July 31, 2008]

NEWS:Congressional Transparency Proposal Released
[Tech Daily Dose, July 31, 2008; see also Sunlight Foundation: Public Markup Transparency Bill Revised]

NEWS:Data crusader: Josh Tauberer ’04 is someone a policy wonk could love
[Princeton PAW, July 16, 2008]

NEWS:DOD maps out plans for improving data
[Federal Computer Week, July 30, 2008]

NEWS:NASA images, video available online
[Federal Computer Week, July 29, 2008]

NEWS:Satisfaction with federal Web sites rises slightly
[Government Executive via NextGov, July 29, 2008]

NEWS:Web 2.0 panel weighs in on risks
[Federal Computer Week, July 28, 2008]

NEWS:Pentagon Posts Documents on Embedded Media
[beSpacific, July 27, 2008]

NEWS: Clarifications sought on data mining
[Federal Computer Week, July 24, 2008]

NEWS: Getting Companies to Come Clean About Risks
[Dirt Diggers Digest, July 24, 2008]

NEWS:NARA joins World Digital Library project
[Federal Computer Week, July 23, 2008]

NEWS: A New (and Unlikely) Tell-All
[New York Times, July 22, 2008]

NEWS: Group honors GSA’s IG, other whistleblowers
[Federal Computer Week, July 21, 2008]

NEWS: The Youth Free Expression Network announces judges for its 5th Annual Film Contest: "My Vote For Free Speech!"
[National Coalition Against Censorship, July 20, 2008]

NEWS:Book Cites Secret Red Cross Report of C.I.A. Torture of Qaeda Captives
[New York Times, July 20, 2008]

NEWS:SUIT TO UNCOVER HUMAN HAZARDS OF FEDERAL WILDLIFE ERADICATION: Secret Agency Review of Poisonings, Crashes, Explosions and Terror Risks
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, July 16, 2008]

NEWS:DOD to start using Web 2.0
[Politico, July 10, 2008]

NEWS:Senate Appropriations Panel Increases Funding for NARA & NHPRC
[National Coalition for History, July 10, 2008]

NEWS:Waxman: New GAO Report Reveals Agencies are Not Complying with Requirements to Preserve E-mails
[Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, July 8, 2008; see also the GAO report]

NEWS:Push for New Accounting Standards Gains Speed
[Washington Post, July 8, 2008; see also Commentary on Dirt Diggers Digest, Is the SEC Putting Itself Out of Business]

NEWS:Congress Questions Secret Directives, Weakly
[Secrecy News, July 7, 2008]

NEWS: Why vote on Tuesdays? Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) has proposed casting ballots on weekends to facilitate voter turnout.
[Los Angeles Times, July 20, 2008]

NEWS:EPA Agrees to Reopen Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City and HQ Libraries
[beSpacific, July 19, 2008]

NEWS:Advocates outline plan to protect whistleblower rights
[Government Executive, 7.3.08]

NEWS:Generation Y seeks more interaction with government online
[Government Executive, 7.2.08]

NEWS:Advocates outline plan to protect whistleblower rights
[Government Executive, 7.3.08]

NEWS:Generation Y seeks more interaction with government online
[Government Executive, 7.2.08]

NEWS:Waxman: White House Knew Of Hunt/Kurdistan Oil Contract
[Wired, 7.2.08; see also the full report]

NEWS:Bosses Delete Outspoken Army Blog
[Wired, 7.2.08]

NEWS:ACLU Releases Navy Files on Civilian Casualties in Iraq War: Public Has a Right to Unfiltered Information About the Human Cost of War, ACLU Says
[Common Dream, 7.2.08]

NEWS:FOIA: Federal Agencies Clear Out FOIA Backlogs During FY 2007, Justice Department Reports
[BNA Daily Report for Executives (subscription req’d), 7.2.08]

NEWS:Feature: Virtual Connections
[Government Executive, 7.1.08]

NEWS:ACLU And EFF Sue Justice Department To Uncover Records Of Cell Phone Tracking
[Common Dreams, 7.1.08]

NEWS:Committee Chairs Introduce Bill to Strengthen GAO
[beSpacific, 7.1.08]

NEWS:Pentagon will buy satellites to do more spying
[Government Executive, 7.1.08]

NEWS:DNI Assigned to Oversee All Security Clearance Policy
[Secrecy News, 7.1.08]

NEWS:USPTO encouraged by peer patent review
[Federal Computer Week, 6.30.08]

NEWS:Google: U.S. copyright renewal records available for download
[BeSpacific, 6.29.08]

NEWS:DOJ Issues Guidances on FOIA Backlogs and Reading Room Requirements
[BeSpacific, 6.27.08]

NEWS:NARA launches electronic records archives
[Federal Computer Week, 6.27.08]

NEWS:Federal Prosecutors Agree to Release of Some Rosenberg Grand Jury Records After Petition from Archive and Historical Groups
[National Security Archives, 6.26.08]

CONGRESS:Hearing on: From the Department of Justice to Guantanamo Bay: Administration Lawyers and Administration Interrogation Rules
[US House Judiciary Committee, 6.26.08]

NEWS:House Appropriations Panel Gives NARA $23.6 million Increase for FY ’09
[National Coalition for History, 6.25.08]

NEWS:Lawmakers slam State, Defense officials for not sharing information on weapons dealer
[Government Executive, 6.25.08]

NEWS:Spying Bill Redefines WMDs
[Wired, 6.25.08]

NEWS:IRE denied dam inspection records since 2002; PATRIOT Act cited
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 6.25.08]

NEWS:House Approves FACA Amendments in Response to "Abuses"
[Secrecy News, 6.25.08]

NEWS:Photographer Documents Secret Satellites – All 189 of Them
[Wired, 6.21.08]

[Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Government, 6.20.08]

NEWS:FOIA ruling raises questions
[Federal Computer Week, 6.20.08]

NEWS: National Archives cracks Time’s Top 50
[Government Computer News, 6.19.08; visit the site, Digital Vaults

[Society of Environmental Journalists, 6.18.08]

NEWS:Oberstar Pushes Stronger FAA Whistleblower Office
[Project On Government Oversight, July 17, 2008]

NEWS:Army Secretary: We’re Falling Behind Online
[Wired, July 17, 2008]

NEWS: Washington, D.C., puts itself under surveillance
[Los Angeles Times, 6.16.08]

NEWS: EPA Library on effects of New Chemicals Will Remain Closed
[PEER, 6.16.08]

NEWS: Blogger arrests hit record high
[BBC, 6.16.08]

NEWS: HUD seeks more transparent document simplifying fees paid on home mortgages
[AP, 6.13.08 (via Baltimore Sun)]

NEWS: Secrecy News Purged from State Dept History Mailing List
[Secrecy News, 6.12.08]

NEWS: Secret al-Qaida, Iraq files found on British train
[AP, 6.11.08]

NEWS: Security hole exposes utilities to Internet attack
[AP (via Wired), 6.11.08]

NEWS: EPA Misdeeds on Trial in Ombudsman Whistleblower Hearing
[PEER, 6.9.08]

NEWS: Fusion Centers Face "Insufficient" Terrorist Activity
[Secrecy News, 6.3.08]

NEWS: Homeland Security avoids subpoena by turning over documents
[CongressDaily, 5.28.08, via GovExec.com]

NEWS: More details required for FOIA reports
[Federal Computer Week, 5.28.08]

NEWS: ACLU Obtains Heavily Redacted CIA Documents Regarding Waterboarding
[ACLU, 5.27.08]

NEWS: Widgets to the rescue
[Government Computer News, 5.26.08; see also A search with depth]

NEWS: New watchdog effort targets government secrecy in WA
[The Olympian, 5.26.08]

NEWS: BIA begins phased reconnection to the Internet
[Federal Computer Week, 5.20.08]

NEWS: McCain vows unprecedented transparency
[The Hill, 5.15.08]

NEWS: DOJ Office of Information Privacy FOIA Posts – April 2008
[Department of Justice, 5.14.08]

NEWS: John Yoo: In His Own Words
[Esquire, 5.14.08]

NEWS: Sensitive but unclassified category simplified
[FCW.com, 5.13.08]

NEWS: Navy releases McCain’s military record
[AP via Lexington Herald-Leader, 5.07.08]

NEWS: DOD Posts Documents Released to New York Times on Pentagon’s Military Analyst Program
[BeSpacific.com, 5.07.08]

NEWS: FBI Files: Mismanaged Secrets
[Fox 5 News, 5.06.08; See also Archive Featured in Fox News Expose on FBI Files]

NEWS: Pentagon Details OSD Records Management
[Secrecy News, 5.06.08]

NEWS: Federal e-mail preservation clears House committee
[NextGov.com, 5.05.08]

NEWS: Transparency bill worked on in the open
[The Hill, 5.05.08]

NEWS: Italy posts income details on web
[BBC, 5.01.08]

NEWS: National Labs Develope Improved Searches
[Federal Computer Week, 4.30.08]

NEWS: Watchdog group sues FDA for information on inspection force
[Congress Daily via GovernmentExecutive.com, 4.29.08]

NEWS: Senate Judiciary Begins Mark Up Webcasts
[National Journal, 4.28.08]

NEWS: Long Range Plan for Information Technology in the Federal Judiciary
[US Courts.gov, 4.28.08]

NEWS: Law Professors Blast EPA Libraries Plan
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 4.28.08]

NEWS: Court considers limits on duplicative FOIA requests
[RCFP, 4.16.08; see amicus brief]

NEWS: Dick Cheney need not testify in wrongful arrest lawsuit
[Los Angeles Times, 4.16.08]

NEWS: AIPAC Defendants Say Testimony from ISOO’s Leonard Crucial
[Secrecy News, 4.16.08]

NEWS: Federal appeals court hears challenge to Sarbanes-Oxley oversight board
[Jurist, 4.15.08]

NEWS: Leak Inquiry Said to Focus on Calls With Times
[New York Times, 4.12.08]

NEWS: OMB to agencies: Don’t bother submitting 2010 budget requests
[Government Executive.com, 4.11.08]

NEWS: OMB issues records management guidance (may be worthless)
[Government Computer News, 4.11.08]

NEWS: US House committee issues subpoena for EPA-White House communications
[Jurist, 4.9.08]

NEWS: NARA will not record a snapshot of Executive Branch websites at the end of Presidential administration
[DotGovWatch, 4.8.08]

NEWS: FBI Data Transfers Via Telecoms Questioned
[Washington Post, 4.8.08]

NEWS: FBI taped lawmaker calls
[The Hill, 4.8.08]

NEWS: Pork Barrel Remains Hidden in U.S. Budget
[New York Times, 4.7.08]

NEWS: Gov’t: bar classification czar
[JTA, 4.4.08 (thanks to Steve Aftergood)]

NEWS: Agencies get ready to reduce Internet gateways
[Federal Computer Week, 4.2.08]

NEWS: EPA To Re-Open Libraries By Fall – But They Won’t Be The Same
[PEER, 3.28.08]

NEWS: EPA Libraries Reopening
[ABC News, 3.27.08; see also EPA National Library Network News: Update on EPA’s Library Network (March 2008) and see the report]

NEWS: Environmental Whistleblowers Fare Poorly Under Bush
[PEER, 3.25.08]

NEWS: Earmarks create a Web collapse
[Marketplace/American Public Media, 3.21.08]

NEWS: Click, browse, follow the money
[Baltimore Sun, 3.20.08; see Maryland legislation, HB 358]

NEWS: YouTube for the intell community
[Federal Computer Week, 3.14.08]

NEWS: Court finds presumption of openness in plea documents
[RCFP, 3.13.08]

NEWS: OMB concerned about legislation to regulate data resellers
[Federal Computer Week, 3.12.08]

NEWS: Clarke sharply criticizes Bush cyber-security plans
[InfoWorld, 3.12.08]

NEWS: OMB finalizes new statistical policy
[Federal Computer Week, 3.7.08]

NEWS: GAO Seeks Review of Spy Agencies
[Washington Post, 3.7.08]

NEWS: Court reverses ruling blocking release of farm information
[RCFP, 3.4.08]

NEWS: Law enforcement officials secretly profiling immigrants
[McClatchy, 3.4.08]

NEWS: GAO Oversight Office at NSA Lies Dormant
[FAS Secrecy News blog, 3.3.08]

NEWS: Government records incorrectly kill off thousands
[MSNBC, 2.29.08]

NEWS: Outspoken scientist dismissed from panel on chemical safety
[Los Angeles Times, 2.29.08]

NEWS: USDA Shuts Down Congressional Audit
[AP, 2.28.08]

NEWS: Preservation of Iraq War Records, and More DoD Doctrine
[Secrecy News, 2.28.08]

NEWS: "Wikileaks" Case Gets EFF, ACLU Backing
[National Journal’s Tech Daily Dose, 2.27.08]

NEWS: State Transparency Roundup
[Nisha Thompson’s Sunlight Foundation blog, 2.25.08]

NEWS: DNI Report Details Data Mining Programs
[Secrecy News, 2.22.08; see the report]

NEWS: Researchers Find Way to Steal Encrypted Data
[New York Times, 2.22.08]

NEWS: The Economic Indicators service will not be discontinued after all.
[EconomicIndicators.gov, 2.22.08]

NEWS: Army Says It Will Restore Public Access to Online Library
[Secrecy News, 2.21.08; see previous item, Army Blocks Public Access to Digital Library, 2.13.08]

NEWS: Court Issues Injunction Against Wikileaks.org
[Secrecy News, 2.19.08]

NEWS: DHS handoff worries lawmakers
[Federal Computer Week.com, 2.18.08]

NEWS: INTELWIRE Releases FBI Documents Given To The 9/11 Commission
[INTELWIRE, 2.18.08]

NEWS: Domestic Access to Spy Imagery Expands
[Washington Post, 2.12.08]

NEWS: More testimony in Secret Service lawsuit
[Cox News: The Secrecy File, 2.12.08]

NEWS: 1.8 Mil. Pages Of Case Law Put Online For Public Use
[CongressDaily, 2.11.08]

NEWS: Civil rights groups sue DHS for border screening policy info
[Jurist, 2.8.08]

NEWS: DHS’ annual privacy report later than expected, again
[Federal Computer Week, 2.11.08]

NEWS: IRS Flouts Three Court Orders
[TRAC, 2.11.08]

NEWS: New Blog on Virtual Government
[GovExec.com, 2.7.08]

NEWS: Some public notices find home on Web
[USA Today, 2.7.08]

NEWS: New Charges of Gitmo Torture
[Time, 2.6.08]

NEWS: Register for the First Annual Freedom of Information Day Celebration
[Collaboration on Government Secrecy (AU-WCL), 2.6.08]

NEWS: NRCC probe scares GOP
[The Politico, 2.6.08]

NEWS: The Budget’s Seal of Authenticity
[GovExec.com, 2.4.08]

NEWS: Leaked E-mails May Sink Arctic Offshore Lease Sales
[PEER, 2.4.08]

NEWS: Archives Challenges Clinton Papers Case
[AP, via TPM, 1.31.08]

NEWS: Threats from everywhere in "cyber storm"
[AP, 1.31.08]

NEWS: Feds Oppose Release of Cheney Testimony in Colorado Suit
[AP via Fox News, 1.30.08]

NEWS: S1 Implementation in the Senate Finance Committee
[Sunlight Foundation – John Wonderlich’s blog, 1.30.08]

NEWS Local Sunlight
[Sunlight Foundation – Nisha Thompson’s blog, 1.29.08]

NEWS: EPA Scientists Condemn Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Waiver Denial
[PEER, 1.24.08 (see also letter from EPA unions)]

NEWS: Perry office e-mails reveal ‘candid’ talk
[Star-Telegram, 1.24.08]

NEWS: OMB, GAO to Go Digital on Key Reports
[Washington Post, 1.24.08]

NEWS: Minnesota company disputes GAO claim that recycled agency tapes are purged of data: compare GAO report, GovExec.com story, and press release from Congresswoman McCollum

NEWS: Shining the light on federal government
[The Secrecy Files, 1.14.08]

NEWS: Capitol Hill websites fail to make grade
[The Hill, 1.14.08; see the CMF‘s press release and report]

NEWS: White House cuts paper out of federal budget
[Computerworld, 1.10.08]

NEWS: Sunlight for Senate Campaign Contributions
[Sunlight Foundation, 1.10.08]

NEWS: FOIA Community Conference on the FOIA Amendments of 2007 (1/16/08)
[Collaboration on Government Secrecy, see also FOIA conference conflict-just a coincidence?, The Secrecy File, 1.9.08]

NEWS: EPA Fights Legal Bid to Re-open World Trade Center Probe
[PEER, 1.8.08]

NEWS: NSA Releases History of American SIGINT and the Vietnam War
[FAS’s Secrecy News Blog, 1.7.08]

NEWS: ODNI issues new metadata standards
[Federal Computer Week, 1.4.08]

NEWS: DoJ Attorneys Damaged Secrecy Oversight, FAS Complaint Says
[FAS’s Secrecy News Blog, 1.3.08]


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REPORT: Senate Intelligence Committee "Phase II" reports: Report on Whether Public Statements Regarding Iraq by U.S. Government officials Were Substantiated by Intelligence Information and Report on Intelligence Activities Relating to Iraq Conducted by the Policy Counterterrorism Evaluation Group and the Office of Special Plans Within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
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[ACSI, 3.18.08 (via beSpacific)]

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[GAP, 3.14.08; read the report]

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[InformationWeek, 3.14.08; see the GAO’s report]

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[BusinessWeek, 1.30.08]. See also Ignoring Reality, Bush Declares Broadband Mission Accomplished
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[CPI, 1.22.08, via TPM Muckraker]

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OTHER: GCN Interview: Ben Shneiderman: Visualize data
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Click here for podcasts from the FOIA Community Conference on the FOIA Amendments of 2007 (see also original event)

Pentagon Tackles Controls on Unclassified Information
[Secrecy News Blog, 1.16.08]

An Inside View of "Dysfunctional" Information Restrictions
[Secrecy News Blog, 1.14.08]


Visit the Of Interest – 2007 Archive.

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