News Highlights – March 6, 2017

Shadowy dispute over evidence casts doubt on 2018 start of 9/11 trial
[Miami Herald, Carol Rosenberg, March 5, 2017]

With tweetstorm, Trump may have exercised exclusive declassification authority
[ABC News, Brian Ross, James Gordon Meek, and Matthew Mosk, March 4, 2017]

Trump Wants NSA Program Reauthorized But Won’t Tell Congress How Many Americans It Spies On
[The Intercept, Alex Emmons, March 4, 2017]

The U.S. Government’s Privacy Watchdog Is Basically Dead, Emails Reveal
[The Intercept, Jenna McLaughlin, March 3, 2017]

Exclusive: Trump aides’ bid to plug leaks creates unease among some civil servants
[Reuters, Arshad Mohammed, Jonathan Landay, and Warren Strobel, March 3, 2017]

White House staff told to preserve Russia-related materials
[AP, Julie Pace and Vivian Salama, March 2, 2017]

The DOJ’s Director of Public Affairs Used Gmail to Send a Work Email. Is That Legal?
[Slate, Jacob Brogan, March 2, 2017]

NASA Opens Free Software Catalog To The Public: Perfect For Experimental Earthlings
[Tech Times, Arrianne del Rosario, March 2, 2017]


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