News Highlights – March 29, 2017

Op-Ed: I am an Arctic researcher. Donald Trump is deleting my citations
[The Guardian, Victoria Herrman, March 28, 2017]

Mar-a-Lago can’t release visitor logs — because it doesn’t keep them
[Politico, Darren Samuelsohn, March 28, 2017]

Messages Between U.S. Agencies and Foreign Governments Not Protected by FOIA Exemption 5, Sixth Circuit Rules
[Lawfare, Michael Linhorst, March 28, 2017]

FOIA Reveals Spotty Procedures in Immigration Courts
[Courthouse News, Nicholas Iovino, March 29, 2017]

USAF Adopts More Expansive Disclosure Policy
[Secrecy News, Steven Aftergood, March 28, 2017]

NARA Rethinks How to Store Presidential Records
[Nextgov, Mohana Ravindranath, March 28, 2017]


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