News Highlights – March 25, 2016

The Ugly Cynicism of Obama’s Declassification Diplomacy
[The New Republic, Steven Cohen, March 25, 2016]

Will Spring Bring More Sunlight? Freedom of Information on Congressional Agenda
[Union of Concerned Scientists, Celia Wexler, March 25, 2016]

Warrantless Wiretap Whistleblower Agrees to Punishment for Exposing Bush-Era Surveillance
[US News, Steven Nelson, March 24, 2016]

Inside the FBI’s American Muslim Network
[Politico, Michael Hirsh, March 24, 2016]

Surveillance Oversight Should Be President-Proof, But We’re Still a Long Way Off
[Just Security, Jennifer Granick, March 24, 2016]

Federal agencies on target to meet email management deadline
[FierceContentManagement, Lisa Hoover McGreevy, March 23, 2016]


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