News Highlights – March 13, 2017

In a fact-challenged era, will public access to federal data be the next casualty?
[McClatchy, Stuart Leavenworth and Adam Ashton, March 12, 2017]

Op-Ed: Here’s proof that the GOP health-care plan is driven by politics – the need for healthcare cost transparency
[Washington Post, Steven Pearlstein, March 10, 2017]

Ex-CIA director Hayden says millennials leak secrets because they are ‘culturally’ different
[Washington Post, Mark Berman, March 10, 2017]


Sunshine Week:

Op-Ed: We have a right and responsibility to know what government is doing
[The Post-Star, Editorial Board, March 12, 2017]

Op-Ed: The fight for open government is more important than ever
[Wisconsin State Journal, Editorial Board, March 12, 2017]

Op-Ed: Sunshine Week: The media are your allies, not your enemies
[Miami Herald, Editorial Board, March 11, 2017]

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