News Highlights – April 15, 2016

The Government’s Unprecedented Position in CIA Torture Lawsuit Is Very Good News
ACLU National Security Project, Dror Ladin, April 15, 2016]

Archives Synthesizes Criteria for Agency Email Management
[GovExec, Charles S. Clark, April 14, 2016]

Just Security’s Guide to the 2016 Presidential Candidates and National Security
[Just Security, John Reed and Steve Vladeck, April 13, 2016]

Next U.S. National Military Strategy to be Classified
[Secrecy News, Steven Aftergood, April 13, 2016]

Obama’s Secrecy Problem 
[Slate, Fred Kaplan, April 15, 2016]

Congressmen introduce OPEN Government Data Act with stakeholder endorsements
[Fierce Government, Eli Richman, April 15, 2016]


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