News Highlights – April 13, 2011

CPI Investigates White House Visitor Logs, Identifies Problems
Whistleblowers, Champions, Honored
E-Gov Fund Slashed in Budget Deal, Transparency Sites at Risk
Agencies Not Carrying Through on Ordered "Fundamental Classification Review"
U.S. police increasingly view private email, instant messages
POGO Addresses OMB Response to Concerns about Post-WikiLeaks Information Security Assessments
Gawker Finds Rumsfeld Didn’t Post All Declassified Records He Received from the Pentagon, Does It for Him




White House visitor logs riddled with holes
[iWatch News, April 13, 2011]

Former NSA worker charged in leaks case to be honored as whistleblower
[AP via Washington Post, April 13, 2011]

Transparency websites hit by budget ax
[NextGov, April 12, 2011]

Obama anti-secrecy effort falls flat
[Salon, April 12, 2011]

U.S. police increasingly view private email, instant messages
[ComputerWorld, April 12, 2011]

OMB’s Confusing Reply to Concerns that Post-WikiLeaks Directives Could Lead to Rights Infringement
[POGO Blog, April 11, 2011]

More Pentagon Papers Donald Rumsfeld Doesn’t Want You to See
[Gawker, April 11, 2011]

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