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FOIA bill expected to clear House today
[The Secrecy File via Austin American-Statesman, 12.18.07]

Senate Passes Major Whistleblower Reforms
[WebWire, 12.18.07]

Panel proposed to balance research, security
[Government Executive, 10.29.07]

Under Cover: It’s not likely that Clinton’s papers will be public before the election
[Newsweek, 10.29.07]

FOIA Reform Legislation Stalled in Congress Over Discrepancies in Bills on Attorney Fees
[BNA, subscription required, 10.25.07]

Pa. won’t release list of polling places
[USA Today, 10.25.08]

Sen. Boxer Seeks Answers On Redacted Testimony
[Washington Post, 10.25.07]

US terror watch list tops 755,000 names: GAO
[Jurist, 10.24.07]

Senators Say White House Cut Deal With Panel on FISA
[Washington Post, 10.23.07]

Leahy and Specter demand access to secret surveillance documents
[Secrecy Report via Atlanta Constitution-Journal, 10.22.07]

Intelligence Budget Will Be Disclosed, ODNI Says
[Secrecy News, 10.22.07]

NASA won’t disclose air safety survey
[AP via USA Today, 10.22.07]

Weiner calls for hearings, IG probe on traffic program
[The Hill, 10.19.07]

Court May Move Against White House [on WH emails]
[AP, 10.19.07]

EFF demands telecom lobbying records from director of national intelligence
[The Secrecy File, 10.18.07]

House Passes Bill to Protect Confidentiality of Reporters’ Sources
[Washington Post, 10.17.09]

House Passes Bill to Protect Confidentiality of Reporters’ Sources
[Washington Post 10.17.07]

White House to Give Senate Panel Surveillance Program Documents
[Washington Post 10.17.07]

Internet-based system for federal documents previewed
[National Journal’s Technology Daily via Government Executive 10.15.07]

Groups press White House on e-mail
[Federal Computer Week 10.15.07]

That Whistle’s Been Blowing for Two Years
[Washington Post’s Federal Diary 10.12.07]

CIA director orders inquiry into agency’s inspector general
[International Herald Tribune 10.12.07]

Bunning places hold on presidential records act
[The Secrecy File blog, Cox Newspapers 10.11.07]

US House committees advance strengthened surveillance oversight bill
[JURIST 10.11.07]

CREW files TRO to stop White House from destroying documents
[The Secrecy File blog, Cox Newspapers 10.11.07]

Supreme Court Won’t Review Alleged CIA Abduction
[Washington Post 10.10.07]

Bush threatens to veto a bill that would stengthen IGs
[Federal Computer Week 10.8.07]

National Journal’s Cover Story On Blogs
[National Journal’s Beltway Blogroll 10.5.07]

Debate Erupts on Techniques Used by C.I.A.
[New York Times 10.5.07]

Waxman Says Rice Headed For ‘Confrontation’ With Panel
[National Journal’s CongressDaily AM 10.5.07 – subscription required] Also see Hearing: Assessing the State of Iraqi Corruption [House Oversight and Government Reform Committee 10.4.07]

Secret U.S. Endorsement of Severe Interrogations
[New York Times 10.4.07]

Did White House Lie About Solution Provider’s Role in Loss of 5 Million E-mails?
[ChannelWeb 10.3.07]

Cornyn key player on proposed media shield law [includes an interview w. Sen. Cornyn]
[The Secrecy File blog, Cox Newspapers 10.3.07]

President Clinton Complains Of Delays in Opening His Records
[New York Sun 10.4.07] See also Court Rules Delay in Release of Presidential Papers is Illegal [National Security Archive 10.1.07]

Stealth campaign to protect telecom from lawsuits?
[The Secrecy File blog, Cox Newspapers 10.1.07]

Commercial Satellite Imaging Closing In on Military Capabilities
[CQ 9.30.07]

Boeing worker says he was fired for talking to P-I
[Seattle Post-Intelligencer 9.28.07]

ISOO Director Leonard to Step Down
[Secrecy News 9.28.07]

Spies Prep Reporters on Protecting Secrets
[New York Sun 9.27.07]

GOP Leaders Transparently Obstruct Transparency Bill
[TPMmuckraker 9.27.07]

Kyl tries to gut media shield law
[The Secrecy File blog, Cox Newspapers 9.27.07]

Do reporters need a shield?
[The Secrecy File blog, Cox Newspapers 9.26.07]

Federal judge rules Patriot Act search, surveillance provisions unconstitutional
[JURIST 9.26.07]

Congress responds to contractor fraud
[Politico 9.26.07]

State Department accused of stonewalling congressional panel
[Congress Daily via Government Executive 9.26.07]

Commentary: A disconnected public aids the imperial Bush
[Kansas City Star, 9.25.07]

Critics See Ruse in Senate Earmark Rules
[CQ Today 9.24.07]

U.S. Govt. Blocks Lawyer Access To Gitmo
[AP via JURIST 9.23.07]

Collecting of Details on Travelers Documented
[Washington Post 9.22.07]

Panel votes to limit Justice-White House communications
[Government Executive 9.21.07]

Blowing The Whistle
[Washington Post‘s Government Inc. blog 9.20.07]

Anonymous senator puts hold on bill unsealing presidential papers
[Dallas Morning News 9.19.07]

Special counsel should resign or be removed
[Federal Times Commentary by Tom Devine and Adam Miles of GAP 9.17.07]

Panel poised to curb OSC discretion in whistleblower probes
[Congress Daily via Government Executive 9.17.07]

Ho and Magner: A good government is an open government
[Austin American-Statesman Commentary 9.17.07]

Bush signs lobbying, ethics reform package
[National Journal’s Technology Daily via Government Executive 9.14.07]

EPA mapping work aims for more readable data
[National Journal’s Technology Daily via Government Executive 9.14.07]

Info collected in pilot program to gather subcontracting data won’t be public
[Government Executive 9.13.07]

Post-Katrina tech funds prove difficult to track
[National Journal via Government Executive 9.13.07]

Court Cloaked in Secrecy Shows a Hint of Openness
[New York Times 9.10.07]

FBI telecom surveillance wider than previously acknowledged: NYT
[JURIST 9.9.07]
[Also see F.B.I. Data Mining Reached Beyond Initial Targets [New York Times 9.8.07] and FOIA Litigation: Abuse of National Security Letters [EFF]]

CIA director defends US secret detention program
[JURIST 9.7.07]

Senator wants sections of GAO report on Iraq declassified
[Congress Daily via Government Executive 9.7.07]

FBI CIO: Culture inhibits info sharing
[Federal Computer Week 9.7.07]

Inspection Notes Errors in Terror List
[New York Times 9.7.07]

Reaction to queries on DHS contract raises suspicion
[Congress Daily via Government Executive 9.6.07]

Homeland Security Drops Data-Mining Tool
[Washington Post 9.6.07]

Judge Strikes Down Part of Patriot Act
[AP via San Francisco Chronicle 9.6.07]

Legal battle brews over NSA spy program
[The Secrecy File blog, Cox Newspapers 9.6.07]

Nuclear regulators reverse secrecy policy, release documents
[AP; inactive link 9.4.07]

Envoy’s Letter Counters Bush on Dismantling of Iraq Army
[New York Times 9.3.07]

More trouble for White House on missing White House e-mails
[The Secrecy File blog, Cox Newspapers 9.3.07]

White House e-mails lost despite daily audits
[Bloomberg News via Arizona Daily Star 8.31.07]

Millions of missing e-mails
[The Secrecy File blog, Cox Newspapers, 8.30.07]

U.S. Cites ‘Secrets’ Privilege as It Tries to Stop Suit on Banking Records
[New York Times, 8.30.07; subscription req’d]

Conservative Group Targets Hillary Clinton’s Papers in Presidential Library
[Library Journal Academic Newswire 8.28.07]

Defense Dept. pays $1B to outside analysts
[USA Today 8.29.07]

The C.I.A.’s Open Secrets
[New York Times OpEd 8.27.07]

Florida Launches Open Government Commission
[Government Technology 8.24.07]

White House Shell Game
[New York Times Editorial 8.24.07]

Lawmakers propose nuclear plant no-fly zones
[Government Executive 8.22.07]

Intelligence Chief Reveals Details on Surveillance
[AP via New York Times 8.22.07]
Read the interview with National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell
[El Paso Times 8.22.07]

What’s Off the Record at N.H.T.S.A.? Almost Everything
[New York Times 8.22.07]

Justice Dept. argues limits of FOIA law
[AP via USA Today 8.22.07]

US launches ‘MySpace for spies’
[Financial Times 8.21.07]

Waxman: federal agencies cough up documents
[The Secrecy File blog, Cox Newspapers 8.21.07]

Spy court gets new home outside DOJ
[AP via USA Today 8.21.07]

What’s Brewin’: Clear as Mud
[Government Executive 8.20.07]

Concerns Raised on Wider Spying Under New Law
[New York Times 8.19.07]

Court Weighs Making Public Rulings on U.S. Wiretapping
[New York Times 8.18.07]

Grassley Warns All NIH Components Not To Intimidate Whistleblowers
[Federal Daily 8.16.07]

The Feds Who Edit Wikipedia
[Government Executive 8.16.07]

Domestic Use of Spy Satellites To Widen
[Washington Post 8.16.07]

Judges Skeptical of State-Secrets Claim
[Washington Post 8.16.07]

FEMA records public, court rules
[The News-Press 8.15.07]

Justice, civil liberties groups battle over spy tactics
[Government Executive 8.14.07]

Congress balks at DOD’s ‘strategic communication’ plans
[Federal Computer Week 8.14.07]

Bearing Witness
[National Journal via Government 8.13.07]

Select Hospitals Reap a Windfall Under Child Bill
[New York Times 8.12.07]

Above the law? Executive privilege doesn’t let officials elude public scrutiny
[Column; The Albuquerque Tribune 8.10.07]

Transparency: the new democracy
[Financial Times Comment by Grover Norquist 8.8.07]

ACLU asks FISC to unseal rulings limiting scope of US surveillance powers
[JURIST 8.8.07]

States Feel Left Out Of Disaster Planning
[Washington Post 8.8.07]

DHS cuts time it will save passenger data
[Federal Computer Week 8.7.07]

FEMA suspends use, sales of ‘toxic’ trailers
[ 8.7.07]

House Committee Holds Hearing on Abuse of Information
[OMB Watcher 8.7.07]

House Approves Foreign Wiretap Bill
[AP via Washington Post 8.6.07]

Bush Signs Homeland Security Bill
[AP via Washington Post 8.3.07]

Strengthened FOIA gets green light
[Cox Newspapers’ Washington Bureau Blog 8.3.07]

Law grants whistleblower protections to transportation workers
[Government Executive 8.3.07]

Bush Aide Addresses Missing RNC E-Mails
[Washington Post 8.3.07]

Ruling Limited Spying Efforts
[Washington Post 8.3.07]

Lobbying ethics reform bill passes US Senate
[JURIST 8.2.07]

House Judiciary Committee approves journalist shield law
[JURIST 8.2.07]

Senate May End an Era of Cloakroom Anonymity
[New York Times 8.2.07]

House Approves Ethics Reform
[Washington Post 8.1.07]

NSA Spying Part of Broader Effort
[Washington Post 8.1.07]

NARA makes films available on Amazon
[Federal Computer Week 7.31.07]

9/11 Commission bill passed; requires intelligence budget disclosure
[Secrecy News Editorial 7.27.07]

Frog by frog: Political strong-arming of endangered species list shows need for transparency
[Houston Chronicle Editorial 7.25.07]

Federal judge refuses to block state probes of NSA domestic spying
[JURIST 7.25.07]

Canada court orders release of uncensored Arar report
[JURIST 7.25.07]

Let the Sun Shine
[New York Times 7.23.07]

Unlikely Adversary Arises to Criticize Detainee Hearings
[New York Times 7.23.07]

Davis to OSC: Hand over e-mails from Bloch’s personal account
[Federal Computer Week 7.20.07]

FEMA Knew Of Toxic Gas In Trailers
[Washington Post 7.20.07]

Freedom of Information delays take years
[USA Today 7.18.07]

Keeping Secrets
[Washington Post Editorial 7.15.07]

DOJ expanding national security, privacy oversight efforts
[JURIST 7.14.07]

Federal report: FAA covers up air traffic control mistakes at DFW
[USA Today 7.13.07]

US House committee rejects bids to permit public access to gun sale data
[JURIST 7.12.07]

Government secrecy on the rise
[Austin American-Statesman (link not active) 7.13.07]

Federal Court Skeptical of CIA Bid for Secrecy
[New York Sun 7.11.07]
[More info from Secrecy News and National Security Archive]

Cheney standoff with Democrats extends to spending bill
[Government Executive 7.10.07]

Bill to Require NIH to Publish Research Online
[Government Executive Tech Insider blog 7.10.07]

Former Surgeon General Says He Was Muzzled
[Reuters, 7.10.07]

Gonzales Was Told of FBI Violations
[Washington Post 7.10.07]
[More info from EFF]

Washington Secrecy Grows as States Go Transparent
[Cox News Service 7.9.07]

Bush Denies Congress Access to Aides
[Washington Post 7.9.07]

Nixon library’s changes start with Watergate
[Los Angeles Times 7.8.07]
[Visit the library’s new website]

Appeals court dismisses suit against NSA spy program
[CNET 7.6.07]

Secrecy at Nuclear Agency Is Criticized by Lawmakers
[New York Times 7.6.07]

Federal judge dismisses NYT lawsuit for classified domestic spying documents
[JURIST 7.3.07]

Specter Pushes Bill to Rein In Presidential Signing Statements
[Roll Call 7.3.07]

Survey Finds Action on Information Requests Can Take Years
[New York Times 7.2.07]

Watched Cops
[Government Executive 7.1.07]

FDA Officials Criticized for Secrecy
[USA Today 6.30.07]

Bush Claims Executive Privilege on Subpoenas
[Washington Post 6.29.07 – includes links to relevant documents]

Senate Issues Subpoenas in Wiretapping Investigation
[New York Times 6.27.07]

CIA Releases Files On Past Misdeeds
[Washington Post 6.27.07]

Judge Discusses Details of Work On Secret Court
[Washington Post 6.26.07]

Open government advocates slam report on FOIA reform
[Government Executive 6.25.07]

New Life for an Open-Government Law
[Washington Post Opinion 6.24.07]

Bush claims oversight exemption too
[Los Angeles Times 6.23.07]

The News-Press wins FEMA lawsuit
[The News-Press 6.22.07]

Cheney Defiant on Classified Material
[Washington Post 6.22.07]

CIA to Air Decades of Its Dirty Laundry
[Washington Post 6.22.07]

Pork Project
[Wall Street Journal 6.22.07 – subscription required]

GSA showcases agencies’ blogs
[Federal Computer Week 6.20.07]

Justice Dept. opts out of whistle-blower suits
[Boston Globe 6.20.07]

Modern world, ancient websites
[The Hill OpEd 6.19.07]

‘Signing Statements’ Study Finds Administration Has Ignored Laws
[Washington Post 6.19.07]
[See the GAO report]

Drug, Food Risks Stay Secret as Inquiries to U.S. FDA Pile Up
[Bloomberg 6.19.07]

House Oversight Committee Report Alleges Abuse Of E-mails
and The Republican National Committee Responds To E-mail Report
[Cox Newspapers’ Washington Bureau Blog 6.18.07 and 6.19.07]
[See the Committee Report]

Abusing The Secrets Shield
[Washington Post Opinion 6.18.07]

Presidential Stone Walls
[New York Times 6.17.07]

Federal court orders FBI to release national security letter documents
[JURIST 6.16.07]

Whistleblower protection bill gains Senate panel’s approval
[Government Executive 6.14.07]

Hold That Bill
[Cox Newspapers’ Washington Bureau Blog 6.14.07]

FBI Finds It Frequently Overstepped in Collecting Data
[Washington Post 6.14.07]

Former Justice Official Opens Up About FOIA
[Austin American-Statesman 6.12.07]

Holds: The Non-Secret of Landrieu’s Success
[Roll Call 6.12.07]

Navy Wants to Cut Out "Excessive" Web Sites
[ Blog 6.11.07]

America’s Secret Obsession
[Washington Post Outlook Section, 6.10.07]

FEC maps show you the campaign money
[Federal Computer Week 6.8.07]

Democrats May Subpoena N.S.A. Documents
[New York Times 6.7.07]

Panel OKs Bill Restoring Detainee Rights
[AP, 6.7.07]

Exploring the deep web — Internal and external federated systems lead users to treasures that regular search engines can’t find
[Govt Computer News 6.6.07]

Intel. budget may be buried in PowerPoint
[UPI 6.6.07]

New facilities to house temporary e-records
[Federal Computer Week 6.5.07]

Show Us the Money
[New York Times Opinion 6.4.07]

White House follows new path to secrecy
[AP via Washington Post 6.1.07]

Kyl Vows to Block Open Government Bill
[AP via San Francisco Chronicle 05.31.07]

Rules lacking over access to executive branch info
[Government 5.31.07]
[See also: CRS Report]

Cheney Blocks Record of Visitors to His Residence
[New York Times 5.30.07]

Foreign lobbyist database goes online
[The Hill 5.30.07]

IG: Contract data late, incorrect
[Federal Computer Week 5.29.07]

NOAA’s chemical info makes online CAMEO
[ 5.28.07]

Information-sharing efforts making strides, officials say
[ 5.25.07]

Senate Panel Approves Rule to State Cost of Spy Efforts
[New York Times 5.25.07]
[See also: Secrecy News]

House passes 2 reform bills on lobbying by big margins
[Washington Times 5.25.07]

Intelligence bill’s ‘earmarks’ no longer secret
[USA Today 5.24.07]

McClatchy’s D.C. Bureau Claims It’s Barred From Defense Secretary Plane
[Editor & Publisher 5.23.07]

Web Sites Listing Informants Concern Justice Dept.
[New York Times 5.22.07]

Curley: Open Government Gets New Push
[AP via Washington Post 5.19.07]

Bush Administration Ruling throws cold water on environmental whistleblowers
[Common Dreams, 5.18.07]

From Out of the Shadows, Whistle-Blowers Convene
[New York Times 5.18.07]

Growing movement fights secrecy in government
[Seattle Times Editorial 5.13.07]

Markey records video from chairman’s perspective
[The Hill 5.10.07]

U.S. labels 2003 leaked memo ‘sensitive’
[AP via USA Today 5.10.07] [Background info on the case from POGO]

No light in basement
[The Hill Op Ed 5.8.07]

GPO dives into digital future
[GCN, 5.7.07]

Top 10 Ways Pelosi Can Reform the House
[, 5.6.07]

Obama: Make Debate Video Public
[Washington Post 5.3.07]

Give bloggers Capitol access
[The Hill Op-Ed 4.30.07]

Ethics Group Takes Legal Action To Stop Bush Administration From Destroying Documents
[Cox News Service 4.27.07]

Lawmakers assail DHS on responsiveness
[ 4.26.07]

Web Mashups Turn Citizens Into Washington’s Newest Watchdogs
[Wired 4.26.07]

Government Keeps a Secret After Studying Spy Agencies
[New York Times 4.26.07]

Science agencies’ media policy draws fire
[ 4.25.07]

In reversal, Obey to allow TV coverage of conference
[The Hill 4.19.07]

Open-gov’t groups seek senator’s i.d.
[The Hill 4.24.07]

Judge rejects request for secret trial
[AP via Boston Globe 4.16.07]

Sen. Anonymous – GOP Unknown Halts Electronic Finance Filings
[Washington Post 4.19.07 ]

FDA’s Web overhaul won’t inform public, critics say
[ 4.16.07]

Keeping a Reading Room of Their Own
[Washington Post 4.17.07]

$26.6 million paid to Columbia families: NASA settlement revealed four years after loss of shuttle and crew
[APvia MSNBC 4.16.07]

Rove E-Mail Sought by Congress May Be Missing
[Washington Post 4.13.07]

Bush Threatens a Veto Over Intel Bill
[AP via Washington Post 4.12.07]

Librarian Who Resisted FBI Says Patriot Act Invades Privacy
[Washington Post 4.12.07]

US intelligence chief circulates proposed FISA amendments
[JURIST 4.11.07]

New Head of FOIA Office Appointed
[Cox Newspapers’ Washington Bureau Blog 4.10.07]

Media seeks to keep lobbyist trial open
[AP via USA Today 4.9.07]

Congress girds up for return to oversight
[Christian Science Monitor 4.9.07]

Government’s biggest spenders are the least transparent, report finds
[, 4.4.07]

Stabenow farm bill session closed(inactive link)
[Saginaw News, 4.3.07 ]

Uncle Sam’s Secrets
[ 4.2.07]

Transparency takes a hit
[, 3.31.07]

Court Tightens Whistle-Blower Rules
[AP via San Francisco Gate 3.27.07]

Spirited Talk on First Amendment at ASNE
[Editor & Publisher 3.27.07]

GOP Groups Told to Keep Bush Officials’ E-Mails
[Washington Post 3.27.07]

You’d Know if You Were Congressional
[Washington Post 3.22.07]

Public Less Satisfied With Government Web Sites
[Washington Post 3.21.07]

Sunshine on Lawmakers
[Cox Newspapers’ Washington Bureau Blog 3.15.07]

House Passes Open-Government Bills
[Washington Post 3.15.07]

Senators seek federal transparency, ‘reporter’s shield’
[ 3.14.07]

Democrats push open government agenda
[AP via 3.14.07]

Secrecy rises: Washington gives public less and less
[USA Today Opinion 3.12.07]

Frequent Errors In FBI’s Secret Records Requests
[Washington Post, 3.9.07]

A Tug of War On Presidential Papers’ Release
[Washington Post 3.2.07]

Leak Attack: Jon Kyl Puts On the Gloves
[Cox Newspapers’ Washington Bureau Blog 2.28.07]

An Admonition on Intelligence
[Washington Post 2.26.07]

Bush budget contains many secrets (inactive link)
[Las Vegan Sun 2.25.07]

Google moves ahead with plan to open up federal Web sites
[ 2.21.07]

Information, Please
[Washington Post 2.19.07]

Protecting Those Who Speak Out
[New York Times Editorial, 2.16.07]

Ethics gun is turned at executive
[The Hill 2.13.07]

All 435 House Members Can See Iraq Intelligence — and Talk on Iraq Next Week
[The Politico 2.12.07]

More Lawmakers Pushing for Access to Secret Surveillance Documents
[CQ Today 2.9.07]

Free Press? Don’t Tell The Congressional Research Service
[Austin American-Statesman 2.9.07]

World Bank Launches Internal Probe to Root Out Leakers
[ 2.8.07]

Cheney Tangles With Agency on Secrecy
[U.S. News & World Report 2.8.07]

[Society of Environmental Journalists 2.8.07]

Federal Web site introduces new analysis tools
[ 2.5.07]

SMU is pressed to fight Bush’s secrecy
[Dallas Morning News 2.5.07]

Who’s Afraid of Presidential Signing Statements?
[New York Times Select 2.4.07]

House Opens Inquiry Of Presidential Signing Statements
[Cox News Service 2.3.07]

In Washington, Contractors Take On Biggest Role Ever
[New York Times 2.3.07]

Revisiting 9/11 Failures
[Newsweek via 1.31.07]

U.S. Officials Agree to Release Domestic Spying Documents
[Washington Post 1.31.07]

Agency Says Higher Casualty Total Was Posted in Error
[New York Times 1.30.07] Also see: Shooting the Messenger
[Inside Higher Ed 1.30.07]

Bush Directive Increases Sway on Regulation
[New York Times 1.29.07]

Secrecy Is at Issue in Suits Opposing Spy Program
[New York Times 1.26.07] to nearly triple number of rules posted
[ 1.23.07]

Cyber leakers now have a place to go
[Atlanta Journal-Constitution
, 1.22.07]

EPA gets an earful on library closures
[Seattle Post-Intelligencer 1.22.07]

Logging data extracts puts some agencies in a bind
[ 1.22.07]

Thinking Sunshine
[Baltimore Chronicle Commentary 1.22.07]

Reform committee names subcommittee chairmen
[ 1.17.07]

White House Says Judiciary Will Monitor Spy Program
[New York Times 1.17.07]
[Read the letter to Senators – TPM Muckraker]

Gonzales: Judges unfit to rule on terror policy
[MSNBC 1.17.07]

How to Bury a Secret: Turn It Into Paperwork
[Washington Post 1.16.07]

Deletions in Army Manual Raise Wiretapping Concerns
[New York Times 1.14.07]

Enhanced Whistleblower Protections Proposed
[Secrecy News 1.12.07]

Leak Probes Stymied, FBI Memos Show
[New York Sun 1.10.07]

Senators go to Web for transparency
[ 1.10.07]

Group Sues Archives Over WH Visitor Logs
[AP via San Francisco Gate 1.10.07]

Watchdog wins release of National Reconnaissance Office documents
[Federal Times 1.9.07]

Waxman to stir debate with transparency subcommittee
[The Hill, 1.4.07]

Web site aims to post government secrets
[Federal Times 1.4.07]

Our view on open government: It’s 2007. Do you know what your lawmakers are up to?
[USA Today Opinion 1.3.07]

SBA criticized for pulling company data from Web site
[beSpacific 1.1.07]

For Their Eyes Only
[Utne Reader January / February 2007 Issue]

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