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Whose numbers can be trusted?
[The Examiner Editorial 12.29.06]

FBI Says Files In Leak Cases Are ‘Missing’
[New York Sun 12.27.06]

What We Wanted to Tell You About Iran
[New York Times OpEd 12.22.06]

U.S. to Declassify Secrets at Age 25
[New York Times 12.20.06]

FBI Releases Last Pages From Lennon File
[Washington Post 12.20.06]

DHS Sued Over Alleged Data Mining
[Cox Newspapers’ Washington Bureau Blog 12.19.06]

Ex-NSC Official Says White House Is Stifling His Criticism of Iran Policy
[Washington Post 12.19.06]

NASA Launches Google Collaboration
[Washington Post 12.19.06]

Prosecutors Drop A.C.L.U. Subpoena in Document Fight
[New York Times 12.19.06]

New policy limits environmental scrutiny, public appeals
[Sacramento Bee 12.17.06]

Judge allows compromise on protective orders in terror case
[AP via Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12.15.06]

House makes blogging easy
[ 12.15.06]

Dems drop some 9/11 panel proposals from agenda
[ 12.15.06]

Fear spoils freedom’s promise
[First Amendment Center, OpEd by Paul McMasters 12.15.06]

Pelosi announces plans to oversee intelligence activities
[International Herald Tribune 12.14.06]

U.S. Gets Subpoena to Force ACLU to Return Leaked Memo
[Washington Post 12.14.06]

Congress and the Benefits of Sunshine
[New York Times Editorial 12.14.06]

Administration asks to keep Cheney logs secret
[ 12.13.06]

Lawmakers urge FBI to release information on 2001 anthrax attacks
[JURIST 12.12.06]

New House panel will oversee information policy
[ 12.12.06]

Climate scientist says ‘Kyoto’ barred
[Rocky Mountain News 12.11.06]

Muzzling Those Pesky Scientists
[New York Times Editorial 12.11.06]

Senators to Gather in Closed Meeting
[Washington Post 12.9.06]

Chertoff: Traveler screening program wasn’t a secret
[ 12.8.06]

Secrets Safe From a Suit, Judge Says
[New York Sun 12.8.06]

Keep the E.P.A. Libraries Open
[New York Times OpEd 12.8.06]

Anti-secrecy board unable to gain traction
[Cox News Service 12.8.06]

Incoming House chairman proposes restructuring of oversight panel
[ 12.7.06]

Vigilance needed to combat hazards of industry secrecy
[Philadelphia Inquirer 12.7.06- (no link available) OpEd by Rick Engler of New Jersey Work Environmental Council, a coalition partner]

Go Ahead, Leak a Little
[Slate 12.6.06]

Webcasting offers window into government
[ 12.4.06]

FBI director refuses to discuss domestic spying program in Senate hearing
[JURIST 12.6.06]

GSA Chief Seeks to Cut Budget For Audits
[Washington Post 12.2.06]

Congressional staff members gather tips on oversight
[ 12.1.06]

Information about doctors’ performances becoming available
[Miami Herald 11.26.06]

Whistle-blowers tell of cost of conscience
[USA Today 11.24.06]

Senate Democrats Revive Demand for Classified Data
[New York Times 11.24.06]

Federal Court Favors Cox In Fight For Records
[Cox News Service 11.23.06]

GAO: DOJ needs to fix classification problems
[GCN 11.21.06]

GAO: DOJ needs to fix classification problems
[GCN 11.21.06]

GAO offers oversight advice to new Congress
[ 11.20.06]

First Guantanamo tribunal tapes released under FOIA
[JURIST 11.21.06]
NPR has more

The Secret Auto-Safety Files
[Washington Post 11.21.06]

Pressure at OSHA to alter warning
[Baltimore Sun via 11.20.06]

Save the earth’s libraries
[Boston Globe Editorial 11.20.06]

Legislators seek longer life for Iraq oversight office
[ 11.14.06]

A career as a secrecy watchdog
[ 11.13.06]

CDC’s Katrina critique is secret
[Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11.7.06]

Attorney General Proves Steadfast in the Art of Evasion
[Washington Post 11.3.06]

DOJ FOIA Chief Retires
[Cox Newspapers’ Washington Bureau Blog 11.2.06]

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