News Archive: January 1, 2011- March 10, 2011

Obama’s open government goes under review
[Federal Computer Week, March 10, 2011]

Time to update SEC disclosure requirements, agency official says in defending budget
[Center for Public Integrity: Paper Trail, March 10, 2011]

Openness in state gov’t? AP survey shows obstacles
[AP via Chicago Tribune, March 10, 2011]

Justice Department plans to use secret code in leak trial
[Politico, March 10, 2011]

Leaks a "Serious Problem" for Defense Intelligence
[Secrecy News, March 10, 2011]

Darrell Issa probing how agencies balance the books
[Federal Eye: Washington Post, March 10, 2011]

Obama Files More Anti-Leaker Cases in 2 Years than all Presidents in Last 40 Years
[AllGov, March 9, 2011]

Major transparency win at Supreme Court
[Politico: Under the Radar, March 7, 2011]

NARA’s spending plan for electronic archive isn’t reliable, GAO says
[Federal Computer Week, March 7, 2011]

Feds to launch product safety website despite opposition
[NextGov, March 7, 2011]

Overclassification is "Irrelevant," Drake Prosecutors Say
[Secrecy News, March 7, 2011]

Despite openness pledge, President Obama pursues leakers
[Politico, March 7, 2011]

Editorial: Public has right to see research it has paid for
[Spokesman Review, March 5, 2011]

Judge riled over secrecy requests in Loughner case
[Politico: Under the Radar, March 3, 2011]

Bills Push Medicare Data Access
[Wall Street Journal, March 3, 2011]

U.S. Files 22 New Charges Against WikiLeaks Soldier
[New York Times, March 2, 2011]

NARA: Most agencies at risk of bad records management
[FierceGovernmentIT, March 2, 2011; see also the report]

ISOO Director Bosanko Promoted to New Role
[Secrecy News, March 2, 2011; see also NARA announces reorganization from Fierce Government IT]

Bush OLC Opinions on Wiretapping Still Under "Review"
[Secrecy News, March 2, 2011]

OFPP’s Gordon shy about opening meeting results
[Federal Computer Week, March 1, 2011]

Supreme Court, 8-0, rejects privacy rights for corporations
[Politico: Under the Radar, March 1, 2011]

Secret campaign ad financing in offing as FEC is deadlocked
[Los Angeles Times, February 28, 2011]

Sterling Defense May Test Espionage Act
[Secrecy News, February 28, 2011]

Publicly accessible product safety database hits House roadblock
[Washington Post, February 27, 2011]

U.S. Gathered Personal Data on Times Reporter in Case Against Ex-C.I.A. Agent
[New York Times, February 25, 2011]

The Case of The Missing John Yoo Emails Is Solved – Or is it?
[CREW Blog, February 25, 2011]

Obama signs Patriot Act extension into law
[The Hill: Floor Action Blog, February 25, 2011]

Watchdog group to White House: Reveal all lobbyist meetings
[Politico, February 24, 2011; see also WH defends transparency]

Secrecy Reform Stymied by the Pentagon
[Secrecy News, February 24, 2011]

Darrell Issa subpoenas DHS officials
[Politico, February 24, 2011]

Study: One-fourth of federal websites surveyed rank high in transparency
[Federal Computer Week, February 23, 2011]

Senator vows to reform the PATRIOT Act
[Raw Story, February 23, 2011]

Feds Appeal Warrantless-Wiretapping Defeat
[Wired: Threat Level, February 22, 2011]

Dubious Deal, Cloaked by National Security Claim
[New York Times, February 19, 2011]

Senators Introduce Sunshine in the Courtroom Act
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, February 18, 2011]

FBI Pushes for Surveillance Backdoors in Web 2.0 Tools
[Wired: Epicenter, February 17, 2011]

Senate Bill Would Make Leaks a Felony
[Secrecy News, February 17, 2011]

House approves Patriot Act extension, sending it to Obama
[Washington Post: 44, February 17, 2011]

HUD to rental policy groups: Sign agreement, stay quiet
[Politico, February 16, 2011]

Senate punts on Patriot Act
[Politico, February 15, 2011]

A New Milestone in Intelligence Budget Disclosure
[Secrecy News, February 14, 2011]

House Votes to Extend Patriot Act Provisions
[New York Times, February 14, 2011]

Neil Barofsky, TARP’s outspoken overseer, will resign
[Washington Post, February 14, 2011]

Judge rejects suit for more info on ‘torture memos’ probe
[Politico: Under the Radar, February 14, 2011]

Editorial: Protecting the Whistle-Blowers
[New York Times, February 11, 2011]

CRS Questions the Open Government Initiative
[Secrecy News, February 14, 2011]

Editorial: A Patriot Act Surprise
[New York Times, February 12, 2011]

Obama assertion: FBI can get phone records without oversight
[McClatchy, February 11, 2011]

EPA wants ideas on e-rulemaking experiment
[Federal Computer Week, February 11, 2011]

Publishing contracts online? Not so fast
[Government Executive, February 10, 2011]

Ex-CIA staffer alleges agency coverup in toxin exposure case
[Washington Post, February 10, 2011]

NEWS: Welch asks Issa to ‘step away’ from FOIA probe
[Politico: On Congress, 2.8.11]

NEWS: Feds ready more transparency for private jets
[Politico: Under the Radar, 2.7.11]

House votes to proceed on Patriot Act extension
[Washington Post: 44, February 10, 2011]

Recovery Board chairman wants deeper reporting
[Government Executive, February 10, 2011]

Patriot Act extension fails in the House by seven votes
[Washington Post, February 8, 2011; see also Obama wants 3-year PATRIOT extension, will take 9 months from Politico]

Air Force reverses course on WikiLeaks guidance for military families
[Federal Computer Week, February 8, 2011]

First courtroom showdown set for U.S. Wikileaks probe
[Politico: Under the Radar, February 8, 2011]

Accessing WikiLeaks Violates Espionage Act, USAF Says
[Secrecy News, February 7, 2011]

Stephen Kim Leak Defense Cites Overclassification
[Secrecy News, February 7, 2011]

House to take up Patriot Act extension next week
[Washington Post: 44, February 4, 2011]

Costs soaring for Archives’ digital library, auditors say
[Washington Post, February 4, 2011]

U.S. Patriot Act: Reader Privacy Fight Resumes In Congress
[Huffington Post, February 2, 2011]

Cummings says Issa’s probe could make FOIA backlog even worse
[The Hill: Blog Briefing Room, February 2, 2011]

ISOO Spurs Agencies to Perform Classification Review
[Secrecy News, February 2, 2011]

RAND: What Should Be Classified?
[Secrecy News, February 2, 2011]

FEATURES: Open Secrets
[Government Executive, February 1, 2011]

House panel expands probe of information requests
[AP via Washington Post, February 1, 2011]

Agencies face problems with opening up government: report
[Federal Computer Week, January 31, 2011]

Rep. Paul Quotes Classified Cable on House Floor
[Secrecy News, January 31, 2011]

FBI involved in hundreds of violations in national security investigations
[Los Angeles Times, January 30, 2011]

POGO argues for release of past-performance information
[Federal Computer Week, January 28, 2011]

Senate Puts a Stop to Secret Holds
[ABC News: The Note, January 27, 2011]

House panel wants details of information requests
[AP via Google News, January 27, 2011]

Transparency Advocates Excited by Obama’s Call for More Congressional Disclosure
[National Journal, January 27, 2011]

House, Senate Judiciary chairs clash over extending online spy provisions
[NextGov, January 26, 2011]

The No-Fly List: FBI Says It’s Smaller Than You Think
[National Public Radio, January 26, 2011]

Lessons from the federal blogosphere
[Federal Computer Week, January 26, 2011]

Journal Files Suit to Open Medicare Database
[Wall Street Journal, January 26, 2011]

Twelve Million Pages Opened by Declass Center in 2010
[Secrecy News, January 26, 2011]

Congressman Accuses White House Of Putting Spin Above Science
[Huffington Post, January 26, 2011]

Kennedy Family Limiting Access to RFK Documents
[Boston Globe, January 23, 2011]

Contractor performance database goes public in April
[Government Executive, January 21, 2011]

Senate Offices Told to Avoid WikiLeaks
[Secrecy News, January 21, 2011]

SEC transparency faulted by watchdog group
[Government Executive, January 21, 2011]

White House transparency critiqued at D.C. conference
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, January 21, 2011]

EFF Urges California Court to Grant Public Access to Electronic Mapping Data
[Electronic Frontier Foundation, January 21, 2011]

Judge: Justice Department can keep secret names of lawyers warned over leaks
[Politico: Under the Radar, January 20, 2011]

Open-government initiative marks two-year milestone
[NextGov, January 20, 2011]

ODNI Secrecy Activity, "Population" Increased in 2010
[Secrecy News, January 17, 2011]

Supreme Court Weighs AT&T Privacy Claim
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, January 19, 2011]

Justices debate fairness, not state secrets
[Washington Post, January 18, 2011]

President wants to put rulemaking and compliance activities online
[Federal Computer Week, January 18, 2011]

A Bumpy Start for Fundamental Classification Review
[Secrecy News, January 18, 2011]

Editorial: Supreme Court can curb abuse of ‘state secrets’ privilege
[Washington Post, January 17, 2011; see also Test of ‘state secrets’ shield goes before Supreme Court from USA Today]

Oversight asks for DHS documents about FOIA requests
[The Hill, January 16, 2011]

Judge to CIA: Ensure no repeat of tape destruction
[AP via Miami Herald, January 14, 2011]

Ex-CIA officer pleads not guilty to leaking info
[AP via Miami Herald, January 14, 2011; see also Feds: leaking is worse than spying from Politico]

Tracing Transparency
[NextGov, January 12, 2011]

Senators say military cyber ops not disclosed
[AP via Miami Herald, January 12, 2011]

Departing White House ethics czar sees no let-up in drive for transparency
[The Hill, January 13, 2011]

No political appointee FOIA interference at EPA, says IG
[Fierce Government IT, January 12, 2011]

D.C. Judge Blocks Release of TSA Body Scan Images
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, January 11, 2011]

Issa promotes whistleblower website
[The Hill: Hillicon Valley, January 11, 2011]

Gulf Claims Czar Makes Mixed Progress on Transparency Pledges
[ProPublica, January 11, 2011]

Which Senator Secretly Sabotaged the Popular Whistleblower Protection Bill?
[ProPublica, January 10, 2011]

White House Open Gov Post Vacant
[NextGov: Tech Insider, January 10, 2011]

Twitter Shines a Spotlight on Secret F.B.I. Subpoenas
[New York Times, January 9, 2011]

Opinion: Who killed the whistle-blower bill?
[Los Angeles Times, January 10, 2011; see also How a Red Herring about WikiLeaks Killed Whistleblower Protections from POGO Blog]

Meeting Set on Sharing of Classified Info
[Secrecy News, January 10, 2011]

NARA: OSD ‘likely’ not properly managing email and shared files records
[Fierce Government IT, January 9, 2011]

1986 Privacy Law Is Outrun by the Web
[New York Times, January 9, 2011]

Report: Military and government data breached 104 times in 2010
[NextGov, January 7, 2011]

Ex-C.I.A. Officer Named in Disclosure Indictment
[New York Times, January 6, 2011]

U.S. Sends Warning to People Named in Cable Leaks
[New York Times, January 6, 2011]

New on YouTube: Oversight and government reform
[The Hill: On the Money, January 5, 2011]

Tightening Security in the "Post-WikiLeaks" Era
[Secrecy News, January 4, 2011]

Opinion: A Clear Danger to Free Speech
[New York Times, January 3, 2011]

Cummings wants agreement between Issa and White House
[The Hill, January 3, 2011]

After Oil Spill Cleanup, Mystery Surrounds Oil Remaining in Gulf
[Center for Public Integrity: Daily Watchdog, January 3, 2011]

Secrecy and Classification – Two Diverging Domains
[Secrecy News, January 3, 2011]

Rumsfeld Memoir Highlights VIP Access to Government Files
[AOL News, January 2, 2011]

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