News Archive 2009

Obama Executive Order on Classification: Reflects Public’s Comments, Makes a Commitment to Declassify Hundreds of Millions of Pages of Historical Materials, Sets the Stage for Reduction in Overclassification
[Unredacted, National Security Archive blog, December 30, 2009]

Court rules US can keep secrets in surveillance
[Miami Herald, December 30, 2009]

Spy Agencies Failed to Collate Clues on Terror
[New York Times, December 30, 2009]

Germs, Viruses, and Secrets: How The Obama Administration is Addressing Biological Threats
[Daily Kos: State of the Nation, December 27, 2009]

GAO: Release of Nuclear Document Caused No Damage
[Secrecy News, December 24, 2009; see also the Washington Post]

Administration alters stimulus job counting formula
[Government Executive, December 23, 2009]

Lithuania denies report it hosted secret CIA prisons
[CNN, December 23, 2009]

New Executive Order Awaits Presidential Decision
[Secrecy News, December 22, 2009]

Obama plan could limit records hidden from public
[AP via Google News, December 21, 2009]

White House seeks input on federal research info sharing program
[Federal Computer Week, December 21, 2009]

Q&A: Bill Leonard – A former government classification watchdog explains a year-end deadline
[Columbia Journalism Review, December 18, 2009]

Commentary: White House wants help on open government dashboard
[Federal Computer Week, December 16, 2009; see also the White House announcement]

With lawsuit settled, timetable for release of Bush e-mails is tricky
[Federal Computer Week, December 16, 2009]

White House Wades Into Terror Intel Dispute Between FBI, Homeland Security
[FOX News, December 17, 2009]

Google Talks Transparency, But Hides Surveillance Stats
[Wired: Threat Level, December 17, 2009]

House panel probes dual-roles of National Archives
[Federal News Radio, December 17, 2009]

GOP opens fire on closed briefings
[Politico, December 17, 2009]

Intelligence Improperly Collected on U.S. Citizens
[New York Times, December 16, 2009]

AUDIO: Group: Administration Making An Effort At Openness
[NPR, December 16, 2009]

Patriot Act renewal delayed
[Politico, December 16, 2009]

New Framework Proposed for "Sensitive" Govt Info
[Secrecy News, December 15, 2009]

In a Federal Case Over ‘State Secrets,’ a Question of Whether Evidence Is Too Secret
[New York Times, December 15, 2009] site has new page to fix problems
[Federal Computer Week, December 15, 2009]

MPs sue CIA to shatter secrecy on Britain’s role in rendition
[The Guardian (UK), December 15, 2009]

Editorial: Impunity or Accountability
[New York Times, December 14, 2009; see also Too many ‘state secrets privilege’ cases from the LA Times]

22 million missing Bush White House e-mails found
[AP via Yahoo News, December 14, 2009]

Treasury Imposing "Terms of Use" to Access TARP Data
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, December 14, 2009]

VA puts hospital data on
[Secrecy News, December 14, 2009]

Open government could present a challenge to intelligence agencies
[NextGov, December 11, 2009]

The fight for WaMu documents
[Puget Sound Business Journal, December 11, 2009]

Domestic Surveillance in Doubt as Patriot Act Expiration Looms
[Politics Daily, December 11, 2009]

Senator presses administration for improvements in stimulus data
[NextGov, December 11, 2009]

Blackwater Guards Tied to Secret Raids by the C.I.A.
[New York Times, December 10, 2009]

Openness Initiative Begins to Take Root
[Secrecy News, December 10, 2009]

Open government officials to testify before Senate panel
[Federal Computer Week, December 10, 2009]

Warner’s Own Open Initiative
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, December 10, 2009]

Judge Finds Pentagon in Contempt in Gitmo Case
[AP via New York Times, December 10, 2009]

Why an Open Government Matters
[White House, December 9, 2009]

Group sues for Obama White House visitor list
[MSNBC, December 9, 2009]

Sotomayor Issues First Ruling of Term in Quasi-‘State Secrets’ Case
[Washington Independent, December 9, 2009]

TSA accidentally reveals airport security secrets
[Washington Post, December 9, 2009]

Thousands of Stimulus Reports Missing, Resulting in Potential Undercount of Jobs Created
[ProPublica, December 9, 2009]

Round up of commentary on Open Government Directive
[National Security Archive, December 8, 2009]

Lawyers for Guantanamo prisoner to get documents
[AP via Miami Herald, December 8, 2009]

Open Government Directive Arrives
[NextGov: Tech Insider, December 7, 2009]

Sharing a sense of history: Ferriero is first librarian in charge at National Archives
[Washington Post, December 7, 2009]

Promises, Promises: A closed meeting on openness
[AP via Google News, December 6, 2009; see also the DOJ OIP presentation]

Ability to access comments gathered by White House questioned
[NextGov, December 4, 2009]

Yahoo Issues Takedown Notice for Spying Price List
[Wired: Threat Level, December 4, 2009]

Report: U.S. Fears Public Scrutiny Would Scuttle IP Treaty Talks – Update
[Wired: Threat Level, December 4, 2009]

Government openness is tested by Salahi case
[Washington Post, December 4, 2009]

Blackwater founder says he aided secret programs
[Washington Post, December 3, 2009]

Administration goes after noncompliant Recovery Act recipients
[Government Executive, December 3, 2009]

Major journalism groups demand agency end newsgathering constraints
[Association of Health Care Journalists, December 2, 2009]

Watchdog Calls For End To Secret Holds
[TPM Muckraker, December 2, 2009]

New Docs Shed Light On White House Role In CIA Tape Destruction
[TPM Muckraker, December 2, 2009]

EFF sues feds for info on social-network surveillance
[CNET News, December 1, 2009]

House’s New Financial Reports Drop Details
[Roll Call (subscription req’d), December 2, 2009]

Feds ‘Pinged’ Sprint GPS Data 8 Million Times Over a Year
[Wired: Threat Level, December 1, 2009]

Yahoo, Verizon: Our Spy Capabilities Would ‘Shock’, ‘Confuse’ Consumers
[Wired: Threat Level, December 1, 2009]

Authority to Spy on Americans Unclear as Patriot Act Expires
[ABC News, November 30, 2009]

Supreme Court throws out ruling ordering release of detainee abuse photos, cites change in law
[AP via LA Times, November 30, 2009]

House Expenditures to go Online
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, November 30, 2009; see also the disclosures]

Afghans Detail Detention in ‘Black Jail’ at U.S. Base
[New York Times, November 28, 2009]

Release of secret reports delayed
[Boston Globe, November 26, 2009]

Open Government Directive?
[NextGov: Tech Insider, November 26, 2009]

Additional Names of Visitors Are Released by White House
[New York Times, November 26, 2009; see also the WH announcement]

Japan says it will soon release details of nuclear pact with U.S.
[Washington Post, November 25, 2009]

Obama executive order targets payment errors
[Government Executive, November 24, 2009]

Information Obfuscation: An Update on the Missing White House Email
[Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, November 23, 2009]

Whatever Happened to the CIA’s Black Sites?
[Mother Jones, November 24, 2009; see also Guantanamo Detainee Seeks Details On ‘Black Sites’ Detention from Dow Jones via Wall Street Journal]

Blackwater’s Secret War in Pakistan
[The Nation, November 23, 2009]

Better reporting technology an unexpected byproduct of stimulus
[NextGov, November 23, 2009]

New Executive Order Aims to Avoid Declass Deadline
[Secrecy News, November 23, 2009]

Web 2.0 Expo: Noveck Cites Open Gov Challenges
[InformationWeek, November 20, 2009; see also video]

Milbank: An opaque transparency
[Washington Post, November 20, 2009]

GAO Audit Provides Ammo for Both Sides
[ProPublica: Eye on the Stimulus, November 20, 2009]

DorobekInsider: Gov 2.0 moves beyond ‘social media’ – and why it’s more than semantics
[Federal News Radio, November 19, 2009]

UK court orders release of details of ex-Guantanamo detainee’s treatment
[Jurist, November 19, 2009]

EDITORIAL: One step forward, one back for government transparency
[Washington Times, November 19, 2009]

Obama Team Challenges Web Developers
[Information Week, November 19, 2009]

Will The House Play Hardball With State Secrets?
[The Atlantic, November 18, 2009]

Holder Promises to Produce Evidence Requested on USA Patriot Act
[The Washington Independent, November 18, 2009; see also Senators Ask Holder to Declassify Evidence on Patriot Act]

ACLU seeks to salvage FOIA ruling
[ScotusBlog, November 18, 2009]

Federal agencies stiff-arm GAO on info
[The Hill, November 18, 2009]

British judge: Gitmo evidence can be kept secret
[AP via Google News, November 18, 2009]

CIA legally censored ex-operative’s memoir, appeals court rules
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, November 18, 2009]

Accounting for stimulus jobs: Be careful what you wish for
[Washington Post, November 18, 2009]

Legislation to Limit Use of State Secrets Privilege an Uphill Battle
[truthout, November 17, 2009]

Schools in the dark about tainted lunches
[USA Today, November 17, 2009]

Opinion: A state secrets solution
[National Law Journal, November 16, 2009]

Survey shows federal agencies need help with transparency
[Federal Computer Week, November 16, 2009]

In ‘Reverse FOIA,’ Defense Contractors Want to Stop Release of Documents
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, November 16, 2009]

President Obama Recognizes the Basic Human Right to Access to Information
[National Security Archive: Unredacted, November 16, 2009]

Gov 2.0: Transparency without accessibility?
[Federal Computer Week, November 16, 2009]

A Critical Look at Navy v. Egan
[Secrecy News, November 16, 2009]

TSA is secretly watching you
[Los Angeles Times, November 15, 2009]

Gates Invokes New Authority to Block Release of Detainee Abuse Photos
[Truthout, November 14, 2009]

Lawyers Allege Ongoing ‘Dragnet’ Surveillance
[Washington Independent, November 13, 2009]

2nd Circuit Upholds CIA’s Redaction of Spy Service Details in Plame Memoir
[New York Law Journal via, November 12, 2009]

Did Hoekstra Compromise A Sensitive Intelligence Program?
[The Atlantic, November 12, 2009]

Bush Concerned Successor Might Revoke Telco Spy Immunity
[Wired: Threat Level, November 12, 2009]

Obama stares down Patriot Act criticism
[The Hill, November 12, 2009]

DOJ Circumvents Judge Walker; Attempts To Further Correct Previous Falsities
[Firedoglake: Emptywheel, November 11, 2009]

Top Scientists Urge Access To Research
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, November 11, 2009]

Government Will Pay $3 Million in Coffee Table Spying Suit
[Wired: Threat Level, November 10, 2009]

Feds Charge $522K for FOIA Request
[Wired: Threat Level, November 10, 2009]

Miscounting of stimulus jobs cuts two ways
[Government Executive, November 10, 2009]

Holder Backs Senate Bill On Expiring Patriot Act Powers
[Who Runs Gov: Main Justice, November 10, 2009; see also Democrats risk impasse over PATRIOT Act from CongressDaily via Government Executive]

Chief Judge in D.C. Urged To Keep State Secrets Rulings in Place
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, November 9, 2009]

New contractor database draws fire
[Federal Computer Week, November 9, 2009]

GSA aims to improve procurement process through social media
[Government Executive, November 9, 2009]

Is a Redo of Post-9/11 Paranoia the Best We Can Do?
[truthout, November 9, 2009]

The Web’s next act: A worldwide database
[Government Computer News, November 9, 2009; see also 2 examples of how government data linking can work]

Agency Threatens Discipline for Off-Duty Warnings on Cap & Trade Failures
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, November 9, 2009]

Chairman Devaney: embarrassment will lead to improvements
[Federal News Radio, November 6, 2009]

U.S. EPA Makes Available Data on Compliance with Hazardous Waste, Air Regulations
[Environmental Protection Agency, November 6, 2009]

State Secrets
[Mother Jones: Kevin Drum, November 5, 2009]

Widely Cited Supreme Court Database Made More Accessible
[Northwestern University, November 3, 2009]

FAM Whistleblower Appeals His Termination; Says He Protected National Security
[Security Management, November 6, 2009]

National Counterterrorism Director argues terror fight oversight best pursued behind scenes
[Harvard Law Record, November 5, 2009]

Liberal lawmakers defy Obama on Patriot Act
[AP via Google News, November 5, 2009]

Groups Urge IP Pact Openness
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, November 5, 2009]

Italy convicts former CIA agents in rendition trial
[Reuters, November 5, 2009]

Open government conference sponsor takes flak over its software
[NextGov, November 4, 2009]

House Panel Feuds Over PATRIOT Act
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, November 4, 2009]

Buying Off Victims of Illegal Wiretapping at $3 Million a Pop…
[Firedoglake: Emptywheel, November 4, 2009]

New State Secrets Policy Yields Familiar Result
[Secrecy News, November 4, 2009; see also Obama’s state secrets from Newsweek via Kansas City Star ]

Inspector General to Probe EPA Marketing of Coal Ash: Agency Promotes Coal Waste "Beneficial Use" Without Completing Risk Assessment
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, November 4, 2009]

Govt Lawyers Seek to Quash Rendition Lawsuit
[IPS News, November 3, 2009]

Financial Secrecy Index – USA tops the ranking
[Tax Justice Network, November 2, 2009; see also the complete results]

Dick Cheney and the use of classified information
[Washington Post: The Fine Print, November 3, 2009]

Feds: No true count of Iraq contractors
[Politico, November 3, 2009]

ARRA Executive Compensation Data No Longer Anonymous
[STAR Coalition Blog, November 3, 2009]

OSHA Expert Files Whistleblower Complaint: Workplace Injury and Illness Records So Poor That Progress Claims Are Illusory
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, November 3, 2009]

Confusion Reigns in Intelligence Secrecy Policy
[Secrecy News, November 2, 2009]

Holder’s Invocation of State Secrets Privilege Shields Government From Accountability
[Washington Independent, November 2, 2009]

The NSA’s Latest Listening Post
[TG Daily, November 2, 2009]

The Unreported White House Logs
[NextGov: Tech Insider, November 2, 2009]

More misplaced remains at Arlington National Cemetery
[Salon, November 1, 2009]

Documents Detail Conditions Found at Secret C.I.A. Jails
[New York Times, October 31, 2009]

Obama administration moves to stop release of classified information
[CNN, October 31, 2009]

Woman Loses Job Due to Error in FBI Criminal Database
[Wired: Threat Level, October 30, 2009]

White House releases visitors list
[UPI, October 30, 2009]

More Torture Docs Coming Friday?
[Mother Jones, October 29, 2009]

Guess Who? Wash Times highlights limits of Obama visitor disclosure policy
[Columbia Journalism Review, October 29, 2009]

Obama signs law blocking release of detainee torture photos
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, October 29, 2009]

Suit to Air Internal EPA Protests on Radiation Exposure Plan
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, October 28, 2009]

Historically Unimportant Intelligence Board May Actually Become Important
[Washington Independennt, October 29, 2009]

Loosening of F.B.I. Rules Stirs Privacy Concerns
[New York Times, October 28, 2009]

Adobe is Bad for Open Government
[Sunlight Labs Blog, October 28, 2009]

"Useful But Prohibited": Air Force Openness Lags
[Secrecy News, October 28, 2009]

Poor Data Quality and Lack of Website Functionality Hobble Recovery Act Recipient Reports
[OMB Watch: The Watcher, October 28, 2009]

Data center proliferation must end, Kundra says
[Federal News Radio, October 28, 2009]

How Congress and Special Interests Keep Clinical Trial Data Secret
[Sunlight Foundation, October 28, 2009]

Lawmakers ask Library of Congress to retract Honduras report
[McClatchy, October 28, 2009]

On Hill, a question of intelligence
[Washington Post, October 28, 2009]

Government transparency exposes new IT challenges
[Government Computer News, October 27, 2009]

In Industry First, Voting Machine Company to Publish Source Code
[Wired: Threat Level, October 27, 2009]

Ex-Gitmo detainees sue UK to make evidence public
[AP via Google News, October 27, 2009]

New York Fed’s Secret Choice to Pay for Swaps Hits Taxpayers
[Bloomberg, October 27, 2009]

F.B.I. Is Slow to Translate Intelligence, Report Says
[New York Times, October 26, 2009; see also the DOJ OIG report]

O Gov Directive? Not This Month
[NextGov: TechInsider, October 26, 2009]

Obama nominates Wagner as DHS intell chief
[Federal Computer Week, October 26, 2009]

Agencies scrubbing recovery data in preparation for release Friday
[Federal News Radio, October 26, 2009]

GOP Wants Rules Committee On Camera
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, October 26, 2009]

Government seeks to update paperwork rule
[NextGov, October 26, 2009; see also the FR Notice]

EDITORIAL: The Cover-Up Continues
[New York Times, October 25, 2009] Goes Drupal
[Personal Democracy Forum, October 24, 2009]

COMMENTARY: Barack Obama’s Idea of "Government Transparency" Would Make Dick Cheney Proud
[Newsweek: The Gaggle, October 23, 2009]

House probe of CIA briefings moves to hearing stage
[, October 23, 2009]

DHS information-sharing initiative stalls due to privacy concerns
[NextGov, October 23, 2009]

Freddie Mac’s Secrecy Pacts Face Court Test
[New York Times, October 23, 2009]

Invention Secrecy at Highest in a Decade
[Secrecy News, October 22, 2009]

Musicians call for release of records on Guantanamo detainee treatment
[Washington Post, October 22, 2009]

[Washington Post, October 22, 2009; see also OPINION from the New York Times (William A. Barnett): Who’s Looking at the Fed’s Books?]

Watchdog coalition presses House leaders on 72-hour reading period for bills
[The Hill, October 21, 2009]

Outside Washington, gets high marks for ease of use
[NextGov, October 21, 2009]

ACLU asks Gates to not block release of detainee abuse photos
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, October 21, 2009]

F.D.A. Lags in Banning Researchers After Fraud
[New York Times, October 21, 2009]

House bill would make changes in Patriot Act
[AP via Washington Post, October 21, 2009]

Judge Refuses to Lift 5-Year-Old Patriot Act Gag Order
[Wired: Threat Level, October 20, 2009]

Exclusive: U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets
[Wired: Danger Room, October 19, 2009]

Secret Service denies access to White House visitor logs
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, October 19, 2009]

White House readies phone-tap case concession
[Politico, October 16, 2009]

DOD finds knowledge management a tricky fit
[Federal Computer Week, October 16, 2009]

US judge upholds censoring CIA prisoner testimony
[AFP via Raw Story, October 16, 2009]

Britain must publish US intelligence on torture, court rules
[The Telegraph (UK), October 16, 2009]

Congress Moves to Bar Release of Abuse Photos
[Secrecy News, October 15, 2009; see also Rep. Louise Slaughter Slams Effort to Amend FOIA to Shield Abuse Photos]

Critics fault Recovery Board’s first posting of stimulus data
[NextGov, October 15, 2009]

Scientists Return Fire at Climate Skeptics in ‘Destroyed Data’ Dispute
[New York Times, October 14, 2009]

Freshman Rep Wants Bills Online In 24 Hrs
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, October 15, 2009]

Administration fights to protect secret propaganda budget
[Politico, October 15, 2009]

Obama, liberals split on security and media issues
[AP via Google News, October 15, 2009]

Data starts flowing in from recipients of Recovery Act funds
[NextGov, October 14, 2009]

Bush-era EPA document on climate change released
[Los Angeles Times, October 14, 2009]

Only a small part of stimulus spending will be reported, coalition says
[Federal Computer Week, October 13, 2009]

Recovery board grants stimulus reporting extension
[NextGov, October 13, 2009]

GSA is designing the next generation of USA.GOV
[Federal News Radio, October 13, 2009]

Commentary (Lawrence Lessig): Against Transparency
[The New Republic, October 9, 2009; see also In Response from the Sunlight Foundation Blog]

Public Access to DTRA Documents Restored
[Secrecy News, October 13, 2009]

Obama Administration Accused Again of Concealing Bush-Era Crimes
[truthout, October 12, 2009]

Congress could thwart bid to view abuse photos
[AP via Yahoo News, October 10, 2009]

First wave from states will test’s stimulus reporting mettle
[Federal Computer Week, October 9, 2009]

Leslie Harris: Obama Versus Obama on the Patriot Act
[Huffington Post, October 9, 2009]

Congress Moves to Require Taped Detainee Sessions
[New York Times, October 8, 2009]

Freshman Reps Join CRS Openness Crusade
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, October 9, 2009]

Commentary: A historian’s account of Democrats and Bush-era war crimes
[Salon, October 8, 2009]

DoD Suppressed Critique of Military Research
[Secrecy News, October 8, 2009]

New DoD Website Fosters Secret Science
[Secrecy News, October 8, 2009]

Boehner, Bunning: Post bills, committee work online
[The Hill: Briefing Room Blog, October 8, 2009]

Critics: National Archives lax in records management enforcement
[NextGov, October 7, 2009]

Obama Administration Denies Appeal for Information on Contract with Smartronix
[ProPublic: Eye on the Stimulus, October 7, 2009]

EDITORIAL: U.S. government must lift veil of secrecy
[Miami Herald, October 7, 2009]

Questions (and Answers!) About the Federal Register
[O’Reilly Radar, October 6, 2009]

Detainee’s Lawyers to Get Interrogation Tapes
[Washington Post, October 6, 2009]

Agencies will be expected to measure transparency results
[NextGov, October 5, 2009]

FBI Investigated Coder for Liberating Paywalled Court Records
[Wired: Threat Level, October 5, 2009]

DoD Releases Military Intel Program Budget Docs
[Secrecy News, October 5, 2009]

Geithner Calls for Greater Transparency at Development Banks
[Wall Street Journal, October 5, 2009]

A More Web-Friendly Register
[Washington Post: The Fed Page, October 5, 2009]

OMB to issue transparency directive within a few weeks
[NextGov, October 2, 2009]

Senate Confirmation Hearing on Nomination of David Ferriero as Archivist of the U.S.
[National Coalition for History, October 2, 2009]

State struggles to track contractor data: GAO
[Federal Computer Week, October 2, 2009]

DOJ: Proposed Settlement Reached in State Secrets Suit in D.C.
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, October 1, 2009]

The Case for a National Declassification Center
[Secrecy News, October 1, 2009]

Opinion (Thomas B. Evans Jr. and Michael German): Time to Iron Out Wrinkles
[Washington Times, October 1, 2009]

Senate Intel chairman backs Patriot Act revisions
[AP via Google News, October 1, 2009]

Federal Contractor Databases Are a Mess
[Personal Democracy Forum, September 29, 2009]

Judge orders release of Cheney interview with FBI
[AP via Yahoo News, October 1, 2009]

EDITORIAL: Limiting state secrets
[Philadelphia Enquirer, October 1, 2009]

Probe Targets Archives’ Handling of Data on 70 Million Vets
[Wired: Threat Level, October 1, 2009]

DOJ Says It’s Pushing Agencies on Openness
[Pro Publica, September 30, 2009]

NY judge: CIA can keep 9/11 videotape info secret
[AP via Google News, September 30, 2009]

DHS establishes office for intelligence-sharing centers
[Federal Computer Week, September 30, 2009]

Senators, AP seek more public info, fewer secrets
[AP via Google News, September 30, 2009]

FBI disclosure stokes fears
[Politico, September 30, 2009]

Draft Order Would Set New Limits on Classification
[Secrecy News, September 29, 2009]

Obama Administration Limits Access to Guantanamo, Raising Transparency Questions
[FOX News, September 29, 2009]

‘Clear’ Security Service May Return at Airports
[New York Times, September 29, 2009]

The Case of the Missing Torture Documents
[Mother Jones, September 28, 2009]

Recovery board unveils makeover of stimulus spending Web site
[NextGov, September 28, 2009; see also asks citizen developers for ways to improve site]

Group wants health care bill posted online
[National Journal via NextGov, September 28, 2009]

Govt Defends Use of State Secrets Privilege
[Secrecy News, September 27, 2009]

Corporations can claim personal privacy interest
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, September 25, 2009]

Measure opening Federal Reserve to more scrutiny gains steam
[Los Angeles Times, September 25, 2009]

Five House Democrats sign discharge petition
[The Hill, September 25, 2009]

OMB needs to ensure more accountability for stimulus spending
[NextGov, September 24, 2009]

How Much Should U.S. Intrude to Protect Citizens?
[PBS, September 23, 2009]

Commentary (Dana Milbank): Talking Transparency Isn’t the Same as Seeing It Through
[Washington Post, September 24, 2009; see also Democrats Spar With Obama DOJ Over Patriot Act from the Huffington Post]

A Problematic New Policy on State Secrets
[Secrecy News, September 24, 2009; see also Feingold hits Obama’s transparency from Politico]

Obama Stands Behind ‘State Secrets’ in Spy Case
[Wired: Threat Level, September 23, 2009]

Cronkite records destroyed by FBI
[USA Today, September 23, 2009]

Lawmakers weigh Patriot Act extension
[Los Angeles Times, September 23, 2009]

FBI’s Data-Mining System Sifts Airline, Hotel, Car-Rental Records
[Wired: Threat Level, September 23, 2009]

Justice Dept. to Limit Use of State Secrets Privilege
[New York Times, September 22, 2009]

Redacted: WaPo’s Unprecedented Deal with the Pentagon
[Columbia Journalism Review, September 22, 2009]

Commentary: Secret Ops, Domestic Spying OK – As Long As Someone’s Watching the Watchmen
[Wired, September 22, 2009]

Feds to empower ‘citizen IGs’ to watch stimulus spending
[Federal Times, September 21, 2009]

Obama rebuffs call to nix interrogation probe
[Politico, September 20, 2009]

USPTO latest agency looking to outsource their data
[Free Government Information, September 19, 2009]

In Health Care, Number of Claims Denied Remains a Mystery
[Huffington Post Investigative Fund, September 18, 2009]

JUSTICE Act would roll back telecom wiretap immunity
[ars technica, September 18, 2009]

Intelligence Oversight Bill Faces Obstacles
[Washington Post, September 18, 2009]

DOD opens some classified information to non-federal officials
[Federal Computer Week, September 17, 2009; see also the DHS announcement]

Rejected FOIA Appealed
[NextGov: Tech Insider, September 17, 2009]

What’s Still Top Secret? Economic Briefings
[National Public Radio, September 15, 2009]

Commentary: A New Deal for The CIA
[Washington Post, September 17, 2009]

Much lobbyist help undisclosed
[AP via Yahoo News, September 17, 2009]

Google readies government cloud offering
[Government Computer News, September 16, 2009]

D.C. Circuit Orders Guantanamo Hearing Closed to Public
[Blog of the Legal Times, September 15, 2009]

How Web 2.0 has changed the business of government
[Federal News Radio, September 15, 2009]

White House Seeks Renewal of Surveillance Laws
[Washington Post, September 16, 2009]

Groups welcome Recovery board’s mash-up system to uncover fraud
[NextGov, September 15, 2009]

The Risks of Open Government
[NextGov, September 15, 2009]

Secretive Spending on U.S. Intelligence Disclosed
[Reuters via New York Times, September 15, 2009]

Panel to recommend keeping some color-coded alerts
[AP via Google News, September 15, 2009]

Study Faults Bush’s Emphasis On Daily Intelligence Brief
[Washington Post: Fine Print, September 15, 2009; see also the Brookings Report]

Intelligence Analyst Charged With Hacking Top Secret, Anti-Terror Program
[Wired: Threat Level, September 14, 2009]

Recovery Board announces schedule for data release
[Government Executive, September 14, 2009]

GSA, OMB To Unveil Cloud Computing Site
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, September 14, 2009]

Government Web sites kept alive at Cyber Cemetery
[Federal News Radio, September 14, 2009]

Obama’s Shift on Detainee Photographs Highlights Competing Interests
[New York Times, September 14, 2009]

Agencies may be unable to meet request for downloadable data
[NextGov, September 11, 2009]

Report finds room for improvement in Recovery Act transparency
[Government Executive, September 11, 2009]

NARA digs out of digital avalanche
[Federal Computer Week, September 11, 2009]

Version 2.0 of spending site to debut in October
[Federal Computer Week, September 10, 2009]

Hayden Named to Public Interest Declass Board
[Secrecy News, September 10, 2009]

Techies meet with Feds to hash out Gov 2.0
[The Hill, September 10, 2009]

Gov 2.0: Open Government Directive Nearly Ready
[InformationWeek, September 10, 2009; see also Chopra: Open Gov Directive Coming in ‘Weeks’ from]

New media pushing government into data services role
[NextGov, September 9, 2009]

‘Serious’ hazmat spills not reported
[USA Today, September 9, 2009]

EDITORIAL: The Crisis, a Year Later
[New York Times, September 8, 2009]

Appeals Court Rejects Challenge to Lobbying Disclosures
[Blog of the Legal Times, September 8, 2009]

Report: Obama administration improves openness
[AP via Google News, September 8, 2009]

Bush White House Sought to Shield Those Running Secret CIA Prisons
[Washington Post, September 8, 2009]

Michigan lawmaker refused Guantanamo info
[Detroit News, September 8, 2009]

FOIA does not shield images of detainee abuse, RCFP argues
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, September 8, 2009]

Administration Seeks to Keep Terror Watch-List Data Secret
[Washington Post, September 6, 2009]

White House Promises to Reveal Visitor Logs
[Columbia Journalism Review, September 4, 2009; see also the White House announcement]

Note to Gunrunners: Don’t Use Gmail
[Wired: Danger Room, September 3, 2009]

EXCLUSIVE: CIA asks Justice to probe leaks of secrets
[Washington Times, September 4, 2009]

Records Of Health Worker Misdeeds Kept Secret
[NPR, September 3, 2009]

Biden wants Recovery Act business practices to become routine
[Government Executive, September 3, 2009]

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Scientists Gain Right to Publish
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, September 3, 2009]

EDITORIAL: Dick Cheney’s Version
[New York Times, September 2, 2009]

Administration wants help archiving its Facebook, Twitter content
[Federal Computer Week, September 2, 2009]

Stimulus watchdog site exempted from paperwork rules
[NextGov, September 2, 2009]

How to Keep Secrets
[Columbia Journalism Review, September 2, 2009]

C.I.A. Resists Disclosure of Records on Detention
[New York Times, September 1, 2009]

No Child Left Behind Gives Military Recruiters Teens’ Info
[Mother Jones, September/October, 2009]

Administration has yet to make proposed security policy revisions public
[NextGov, August 31, 2009]

Shrinking Newsrooms Wage Fewer Battles for Public Access to Courtrooms
[New York Times, August 31, 2009]

U.S. Meetings With Lobbyists Go Unreported
[Washington Post, August 31, 2009]

Interagency Secrecy Reviews Draw to a Close
[Secrecy News, August 31, 2009]

Secrecy and Error Correction in Open Source Intel
[Secrecy News, August 31, 2009]

A.C.L.U. Lawyers Mine Documents for Truth
[New York Times, August 29, 2009] glitch prevents comments from reaching agencies
[NextGov, August 28, 2009]

Judge rules that he, too, can grant access to U.S. secrets
[McClatchy, August 28, 2009]

Bush’s Search Policy For Travelers Is Kept
[Washington Post, August 28, 2009]

Barney: Fed audit bill will pass in October
[Politico, August 28, 2009]

Bids for Failed Banks: A State Secret?
[American Banker, August 24, 2009]

CIA contractors will be a focus of interrogation investigation
[Los Angeles Times, August 27, 2009]

Experts: Agencies should monitor crosstalk on social media
[Federal Computer Week, August 27, 2009]

For Intelligence Officers, A Wiki Way to Connect Dots
[Washington Post, August 27, 2009]

Judge: lawyers must see secrets in spy suit
[Politico, August 26, 2009]

ACLU sues for laptop search details
[NextGov, August 26, 2009]

Deaths, Missing Detainees Still Blacked Out in New CIA Report
[ABC News, August 25, 2009]

Federal Courts Wary of Document-Sharing Plugin
[Wired: Threat Level, August 25, 2009]

George W. Bush CIA insider key to Obama plan
[Politico, August 26, 2009]

CIA Releases Its Instructions For Breaking a Detainee’s Will
[Washington Post, August 26, 2009]

Military judge rules Guantanamo detainee’s lawyers may not tour CIA ‘black sites’
[Jurist, August 25, 2009]

A side-by-side Comparison of the Bush and Obama Versions of the CIA Inspector General’s Report on Torture
[National Security Archive, August 25, 2009]

C.I.A. Abuse Cases Detailed in Report on Detainees
[New York Times, August 25, 2009]

Fed Must Release Reports on Emergency Bank Loans, Judge Says
[, August 25, 2009]

U.S. Says Rendition to Continue, but With More Oversight
[New York Times, August 24, 2009]

Social networks–the new front in war on terror
[cnet news, August 24, 2009]

Judiciary chairs still demand truth commission
[Politico, August 24, 2009]

Justice Dept. Report Advises Pursuing C.I.A. Abuse Cases
[New York Times, August 24, 2009; see also Obama Spokesman Announces Interrogation Unit]

EPA Fails to Inform Public About Weed-Killer in Drinking Water
[Huffington Post Investigative Fund, August 24, 2009]

CIA staged mock execution, wielded power drill in interrogations, secret report says
[Los Angeles Times, August 23, 2009]

Europe official urges countries to disclose role in CIA secret prisons
[Jurist, August 23, 2009]

U.S. Shifts, Giving Detainee Names to the Red Cross
[New York Times, August 22, 2009]

OPINION: Transparency Chic
[Wall Street Journal, August 21, 2009]

Detainees Shown CIA Officers’ Photos
[Washington Post, August 21, 2009]

Obama DOJ punts on warrantless taps’ legality
[Politico, August 21, 2009]

Administration says it is committed to posting contracts online
[Government Executive, August 20, 2009]

Stimulus reporting registration off to a smooth start
[Government Executive, August 19, 2009]

Judge seals briefs, pulls opinions in Amtrak case
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, August 19, 2009]

Opening the Window on Foreign Lobbying
[ProPublica and the Sunlight Foundation, August 18, 2009]

Is administration more interested in transparency of Congress?
[NextGov, August 17, 2009]

Behind Push for Stimulus Transparency, a Question Remains: Who Ensures the Numbers Are Right?
[ProPublica, August 17, 2009]

EDITORIAL: 72-hour waiting period in Congress is a reasonable request
[Daily News (WA), August 16, 2009]

Information Sharing as a Form of Secrecy
[Secrecy News, August 17, 2009]

A Thousand Little Gitmos
[Mother Jones, July/August 2009]

White House will change e-mail rules
[Politico, August 16, 2009]

Firm awaits decision on whether Defense will disclose contractor ratings
[NextGov, August 14, 2009]

Government wants contractors to register soon at stimulus-tracking site
[Federal Computer Week, August 14, 2009]

In secret case, government agrees to disclosures
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, August 14, 2009]

On Cyber, Homeland Security Isn’t Waiting
[The Atlantic, August 14, 2009]

Obama Administration Redacts Contract Details for
[ProPublica, August 13, 2009]

Obama Administration Refuses to Turn Over List of Bagram Detainee Information
[, August 13, 2009; see also ]ACLU press release ]

Airlines Set to Ask More of Passengers
[Washington Post, August 13, 2009]

Stimulus Transparency Watchdogs Keep Contract Details a Secret
[ProPublica, August 13, 2009]

A Window Into C.I.A.’s Embrace of Secret Jails
[New York Times, August 12, 2009]

Inspectors General Chase Leaks at GPO, CRS
[Secrecy News, August 12, 2009]

OMB and private groups track Congressional earmarks
[Federal Computer Week, August 11, 2009]

House Judiciary Committee Releases Rove and Miers Interview Transcripts and Over 5,400 Pages of Bush White House Documents
[House Judiciary Committee, August 11, 2009]

Target Of Obama-Era Rendition Alleges Torture
[Huffington Post, August 11, 2009]

Anti-Whistleblower Track Record Continues
[Center for Public Integrity, August 10, 2009]

White House Sliding Back on Signing Statements
[CBS News, August 9, 2009]

EDITORIAL: Why so many needless deaths?
[Albany Times-Union, August 11, 2009; see also State comparisons]

TONELSON: In the dark on globalization, trade policies
[Washington Times, August 11, 2009]

Defense asks the public for help forming social media policy
[NextGov, August 10, 2009]

GIS goes vertical, with integration across state, local, federal lines
[Government Computer News, August 10, 2009]

EPA Timidly Tiptoes Toward Transparency
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, August 10, 2009]

Town halls underscore grassroots secrecy, critics say
[The Hill, August 10, 2009]

Chemical Industry Lends Support to Reform
[Washington Post, August 9, 2009]

Obama administration asks Supreme Court to block release of detainee abuse photos
[Jurist, August 8, 2009]

U.S. government will not get secret company Internet data
[Washington Post, August 8, 2009]

When it comes to transparency, Supreme Court’s Web site is dark
[NextGov, August 7, 2009]

Spitzer Wiretap Info Back Under Wraps
[Columbia Journalism Review, August 7, 2009]

Project investigating Pearl murder suffers FOIA setback
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, August 7, 2009]

Hackers Target Sites
[Washington Post: Security Fix, August 6, 2009]

Ninth Circuit denies FOIA request for potential blast ranges at military base
[Jurist, August 6, 2009]

Google, Microsoft executives criticize Obama’s e-health records plan
[NextGov, August 6, 2009]

The $333 Million Grant That Wasn’t
[Sunlight: Real Time Investigations, August 6, 2009]

For One Agency’s Stim Dollars, Even the Size of the Pie Was a Mystery
[ProPublica, August 6, 2009]

Defragmenting the Stimulus: 5 easy steps to take to the next level
[Rhiza labs via O’Reilly Radar, August 5, 2009]

Presidential pardon applicants to become public
[McClatchy Blog, July 31, 2009]

Virtual town halls gaining popularity
[Politico, August 6, 2009]

Recovery Act board publishes data dictionary
[Federal Computer Week, August 5, 2009]

Government FOIA office gives public update
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, August 5, 2009]

Press groups move to intervene in secret trial
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, August 5, 2009]

White House: Redirect Some Spending To Tech
[Information Week, August 5, 2009]

Leahy Blocks Positive Report on Mexico’s Rights Record
[Washington Post, August 5, 2009]

Vendors worry posting of contracts will expose proprietary data
[NextGov, August 4, 2009]

Obama Administration Withholds Data on Program
[AP via New York Times, August 4, 2009]

More D.C. Kids Had Elevated Lead Than Stated
[Washington Post, August 4, 2009]

Groups want more input in classification debate
[Federal Computer Week, August 3, 2009]

[NextGov, August 3, 2009; see also GSA posts winning overhaul contract proposal]

Taking aim at Obama administration failures on FOIA
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, August 3, 2009]

Obama Brief on State Secrets Rankles the Left
[New York Times, August 3, 2009]

Doc dump details Air Force One’s New York City mishap
[Politico, August 3, 2009]

Obama Follows Bush Precedent
[CQ Politics, August 2, 2009]

Fox loses FOIA suit against Federal Reserve
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, July 31, 2009]

Search continues for missing NARA hard drive
[Federal News Radio, July 31, 2009]

To Investigate, or not Investigate
[Washington Post: Behind the Numbers, July 29, 2009]

Analysis: Does Obama’s visibility mean greater transparency?
[National Journal via Government Executive, July 31, 2009]

Agencies fail to make information sharing a priority
[NextGov, July 30, 2009]

Military May Ban Twitter, Facebook as Security ‘Headaches’
[Wired: Danger Room, July 30, 2009]

How Reliable Are Lobbyist Registration Data?
[Business Week, July 30, 2009]

File Sharing Leaks Sensitive Federal Data, Lawmakers Are Told
[Washington Post, 30, 2009]

OMB directs agencies to improve contractor performance reporting
[NextGov, July 29, 2009]

Declassified PDB Info is Still Classified, CIA Says
[Secrecy News, July 29, 2009]

Air Force on the Hunt for ‘Subversive’ Behavior Online
[Wired: Danger Room, July 28, 2009]

OPM takes strategic planning process public
[Government Executive, July 28, 2009]

A New U.S. Archivist: David Ferriero
[Washington Post: 44, July 28, 2009]

Auditor: TVA lawyers limited ash spill report
[Government Executive, July 28, 2009]

NIH Staffers Get Into the Wiki World
[Washington Post, July 28, 2009]

GAO: Weaknesses threaten Electronic Records Archive program
[NextGov, July 27, 2009; see also the GAO Report]

White House eases stimulus lobbyist restrictions
[The Hill, July 25, 2009]

Feds Seek Input On Web Site Cookie Policy
[InformationWeek, July 24, 2009]

Los Angeles judge holds entire trial in secret
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, July 24, 2009]

Two federal groups follow different paths to transparency
[NextGov, July 23, 2009]

About that Letter…
[Columbia Journalism Review, July 23, 2009]

Panel seeks cybersecurity records, cites privacy concerns
[CongressDaily via NextGov, July 22, 2009]

Secrets in the Sky: A Tale of Two Air Marshals
[Center for Public Integrity, July 22, 2009]

New executive order
[Inside the Ring: Washington Times, July 23, 2009]

After lawsuit, Obama releases info on health talks
[CREW, July 23, 2009; see also Obama hold on records raises hypocrisy charge.]

Opposing view [Silvestro Reyes]: ‘Obfuscation and evasion’
[USA Today, July 23, 2009]

Obama White House breaks another promise to reject Bush secrecy
[Top of the Ticket: LA Times, July 23, 2009]

U.S. spy chief sees more private sector input
[Reuters, July 22, 2009]

Bailout money is still spent without the close oversight of the Treasury Department
[Las Vegas Sun, July 22, 2009]

OPINION:Obama’s disappointing secrecy
[Christian Science Monitor, July 21, 2009]

Group Plans Lawsuit To Unveil the CIA’s ‘Pentagon Papers’
[Wired: Threat Level, July 21, 2009]

Free the Patents and Laws, Activist Tells Feds
[Wired: Epicenter, July 21, 2009]

OPINION (Lowell Grant): Banana Republic vs. the United States
[Sacramento Bee, July 21, 2009]

Archives Wants Input On Strategic Plan
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, July 21, 2009]

‘Tectonic Shift’ Needed For Open Gov’t
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, July 21, 2009]

Transparency advocate: Fed Web sites have moral obligation
[NextGov, July 21, 2009]

Chopra: Open government initiative will keep government on pace with innovation
[Government Computer News, July 21, 2009]

Open Government Initiative provides plenty of lessons
[Federal Computer Week, July 15, 2009]

Dem chairmen warn Obama on ‘signing statements’
[Politico, July 21, 2009]

Justice Department argues against releasing Cheney interview
[Politico, July 21, 2009]

Judge rules CIA committed fraud in court
[AP via Google News, July 20, 2009]

Congressional investigators say FDA does not track spending on some drug safety activities
[Los Angeles Times, July 20, 2009; see also GAO’s report]

U.S. Withheld Data on Risks of Distracted Driving
[New York Times, July 20, 2009]

Court Rebukes Government Over "Secret Law"
[Secrecy News, July 20, 2009]

Recovery act: OMB convenes online forum to talk about guidelines
[Federal Computer Week, July 20, 2009]

Anticipated Web 3.0 jibes with open-government goals
[Federal Computer Week, July 17, 2009] to Face a Challenger From Sunlight Labs
[New York Times, July 16, 2009]

DOJ agrees not to oppose suppression of Guantanamo detainee confession
[Jurist , July 17, 2009]

Editorial: We deserve accountability in secret operations
[ Miami Herald , July 17, 2009]

John Yoo: Why We Endorsed Warrantless Wiretaps
[Wall Street Journal , July 17, 2009]

Commentary: Jules Witcover: CIA oversight enacted for good reason
[Myrtle Beach Sun News , July 16, 2009]

Full disclosure sought for maritime security mistakes
[FierceGovernmentIT , July 16, 2009; see also Sen. Rockefeller wants full disclosure of maritime security violations and flubs ]

Air the Rules?
[Politico, July 16, 2009]

CIA Assassin Program Was Nearing New Phase
[Washington Post, July 16, 2009; see also Obama Official Says Secret CIA Program Was Legal, Breaks With Dems]

Obama’s Online Efforts — and Interview with Beth Noveck
[New Hampshire Public Radio, July 15, 2009]

Feds Say ‘Dragnet’ Surveillance Lawsuit Threatens Security
[Wired: Threat Level, July 15, 2009]

EDITORIAL: Save Those Docs
[Roll Call (subscription req’d), 7.15.09; see also Appropriations Panel Routinely Destroyed Old Earmark Requests]

Obama Claims Immunity, As New Spy Case Takes Center Stage
[Wired: Threat Level, July 15, 2009]

Barriers to Archival Access Stymie Historical Research
[Secrecy News, July 15, 2009]

New Light on Intelligence Notifications to Congress
[Secrecy News, July 15, 2009]

Sotomayor: ‘signing statements’ must be considered case by case
[CNN, July 14, 2009]

Sotomayor has had "positive experiences" with cameras in court
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, July 14, 2009]

Wearing Out the ‘Classified’ Stamp on Abu Zubaida
[Washington Post: Fine Print, July 14, 2009]

CIA’s secret program: Paramilitary teams targeting Al Qaeda
[Los Angeles Times, July 14, 2009]

EDITORIAL: Terrorism and secrecy: Drill down or move on?
[Dallas Morning News, July 13, 2009]

Details of redesign contract revealed
[NextGov, July 13, 2009]

Transparency Questions for Sotomayor
[Columbia Journalism Review, July 13, 2009]

Bush Anti-Terror Policies Get Reluctant Revisit
[Washington Post, July 13, 2009]

CIA Had Secret Al Qaeda Plan
[Wall Street Journal, July 13, 2009]

Supreme Court asked to review secret jury selection
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, July 10, 2009]

Mixed reviews for the Open Government Initiative
[Federal Computer Week, July 10, 2009]

Government withholds details on contract to redesign
[NextGov, July 10, 2009]

Cheney Is Linked to Concealment of C.I.A. Project
[New York Times, July 11, 2009]

Report: Bush-era surveillance went beyond wiretaps
[Los Angeles Times, July 11, 2009]

White House Kept Justice Lawyers in Dark on Warrantless Wiretapping
[Washington Post, July 10, 2009; see also the Unclassified Report on the President’s Surveillance Program]

Secret Program Fuels CIA-Congress Dispute
[Washington Post, July 10, 2009]

Judge Urged to Declare Bush Spy Program Illegal
[Wired: Threat Level, July 9, 2009]

Military Grapples With Information Overload
[Information Week, July 9, 2009]

Contract to Upgrade Stimulates Criticism
[Wall Street Journal: Washington Wire, July 9, 2009]

Administration hosts help sessions on reporting stimulus spending
[Government Executive, July 9, 2009]

White House Threatens Veto Of Bill To Alter National Security Briefings
[Huffington Post, July 8, 2009; see also Covert Action Notification Policy in Dispute from Secrecy News]

House Intel Chair: CIA has misled us for years
[AP via WTOP News, July 8, 2009]

Recovery board to provide public with original stimulus data
[NextGov, July 8, 2009]

GAO: Recovery Act requirements overwhelm state auditors
[Federal Times, July 8, 2009]

Social media could frustrate diplomatic efforts, online researchers say
[NextGov, July 8, 2009]

Swiss Vow to Block UBS From Providing Data to U.S.
[New York Times, July 8, 2009]

Opinion (Lee Hamilton): Congress needs to embrace transparency
[Lincoln Journal, July 8, 2009]

This time, White House receives kudos for participation
[NextGov, July 7, 2009]

Senate turns aside new attempt to scrutinize Fed
[Reuters via Yahoo News, July 6, 2009]

Recommendations for reducing government secrecy roll in
[Federal Computer Week, July 6, 2009]

Officials weigh cost of transparency, with an eye on technology’s role
[NextGov, July 6, 2009]

Pentagon Intel Ops "Often" Evade Oversight
[Secrecy News, July 6, 2009]

Yottabytes and the Data Analysis Challenge
[Secrecy News, July 6, 2009]

Financial managers worried about tracking stimulus funds, survey shows
[Government Executive, July 2, 2009]

New Evidence Cheney Swayed Reaction to Leak
[Washington Post, July 3, 2009]

Grand Jury Inquiry on Destruction of C.I.A. Tapes
[New York Times, July 2, 2009]

U.S. Says It Will Preserve Secret Jails for Terror Case
[New York Times, July 2, 2009]

Obama Administration Wants CIA Torture Report Withheld Until August 31
[Washington Independent, July 2, 2009]

Leon Panetta and the CIA: The Secret History
[New Yorker, June 22, 2009]

To Critics, New Policy on Terror Looks Old
[New York Times, July 1, 2009]

Devaney won’t impede other IG investigations
[Federal Times, July 1, 2009]

Federal CIOs are key to Obama’s change agenda
[Government Executive, July 1, 2009;see full story here]

Guantanamo suspect’s lawyers seek CIA site access
[Washington Post, June 30, 2009]

Stimulus gives federal money managers a seat at the table
[Government Executive, June 30, 2009]

Government Launches Web Site to Track IT Spending
[Washington Post, June 30, 2009]

Requiem for the Whistleblower Protection Act
[Washington Post: Federal Diary, June 30, 2009]

FOIA attorney’s fee change not retroactive, court says
[Reporters Committee, June 29, 2009]

White House approach to transparency gains favor – for now
[NextGov, June 29, 2009]

Open government advocates map out future of citizen governance
[Government Executive, June 29, 2009]

EDITORIAL: Fixing Abuses of State Secrets
[Washington Post, June 29, 2009]

Declassification Policy
[White House Open Government Blog, June 29, 2009; see also the interactive discussion on the OSTP blog]

Reducing Government Secrecy: Finding What Works
[Secrecy News, June 29, 2009]

Obama Seeks Input on Classification of Records
[Washington Post, June 27, 2009]

Lawmakers to arm wrestle Speaker to see copy of cap-and-trade bill before vote
[Washington Policy Blog, June 26, 2009]

US wants to delay release of CIA report
[AP via Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 26, 2009]

NASCIO joins open government effort
[Federal Computer Week, June 25, 2009]

Public Input Sought on Classification Reform
[Secrecy News, June 25, 2009]

Transparency initiatives bolstered by chief performance officer, official says
[Federal Computer Week, June 25, 2009]

A push to open the Pentagon’s books
[Politico, June 25, 2009]

MSPB Ruling Guts Whistleblower Protection Act
[Government Accountability Project, June 25, 2009]

ACLU asks court to open secret government filing
[InfoWorld, June 24, 2009]

Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein bluffed about WMDs fearing Iranian arsenal, secret FBI files show
[New York Daily News, June 24, 2009]

Lawsuit Filed Over FBI Surveillance Docs
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, June 24, 2009]

OMB redactions found to exceed FOIA exemptions in records case
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, June 24, 2009]

Stimulus guidance calls for more detailed reporting
[Government Executive, June 23, 2009]

Latest OMB stimulus reporting rules don’t require public raw data
[Nextgov, June 23, 2009; see also M-09-21, Implementing Guidance for the Reports on Use of Funds Pursuant to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009]

EDITORIAL: Right to know
[Waco Tribune-Herald, June 23, 2009]

[The News & Observer, June 23, 2009]

Ideas Online, Yes, but Some Not So Presidential
[New York Times, June 22, 2009]

Court passes on suit vs. Cheney over CIA outing
[The Hill, June 22, 2009]

White House Changes the Terms of a Campaign Pledge About Posting Bills Online
[New York Times, June 22, 2009]

Debts reveal lack of transparency from Fed Reserve
[AP via The Times Herald, June 22, 2009]

Justice Dept. Wants More Time to Review IG’s Findings on Detainee Treatment
[Washington Post, June 20, 2009]

House Bill Expands Oversight Of NSA]
[Washington Post, June 20, 2009]

On Terrorist Watch List, but Allowed to Buy Guns
[NY Times, June 20, 2009; see also GAO Report]

Judge Questions Justice Dept. Effort to Keep Cheney Remarks Secret
[Washington Post, June 19, 2009]

Did Treasury Try to Stonewall the SIGTARP?
[Project On Government Oversight (POGO) Blog, June 18, 2009; see also "ABC News: Political PunchABC News 6/18)]

2010 Intelligence Authorization Pending [with exemptions from openness]
[Secrecy News, June 18, 2009]

Congressional Action on Secrecy
[Secrecy News, June 18, 2009]

Push Back, Mr. President
[Washington Post- White House Watch, June 18, 2009]

CIA Fights Full Release Of Detainee Report
[Washington Post, June 17, 2009]

Obama Criticized for Withholding Visitor Logs
[Washington Post, June 17, 2009]

EDITORIAL: The Eavesdropping Continues
[New York Times, June 17, 2009]

E-Mail Surveillance Renews Concerns in Congress
[NY Times, June 16, 2009; see also Pinwale And The New NSA Revelations [the Atlantic]

Obama blocks list of visitors to White House
[, June 16, 2009]

[Teresa] Chambers wins appeal against U.S. Interior Department
[PEER, June 16, 2009]

No Proof Detainee Photos Led to Military Deaths
[CQ Politics, June 16, 2009; see also GOP: no trust for Barack Obama on torture photos from]

Pentagon wavers on releasing report on Afghan attack
[McClatchy, June 15, 2009]

US reveals new pieces of Gitmo hearings
[AP, June 15, 2009]

What the White House is Thinking About How to Architect for Openness
[TechPresident, June 15, 2009]

White House says transparency, collaboration are IT goals
[Fed’l Computer Week, June 15, 2009]

OPINION: FOIA Facts: The Detainee Photo Issue – Is it What it Seems?
[, June 14, 2009]

EDITORIAL: Pound-Foolish Lesson for Congress
[New York Times, June 14, 2009]

U.S. to withhold list of risky ash storage sites
[AP via LA Times, June 13, 2009]

DOJ seeks state secrets case rehearing
[Jurist, June 12, 2009]

EDITORIAL: What We Need to Know
[New York Times, June 12, 2009]

EPA chemical database rules a political hazard, critics say
[LA Times, June 12, 2009]

Lindsey Graham: Ban detainee photos or "no business goes forward" in Senate
[McClatchy Planet Washington, June 12, 2009]

Another Request on Detainee Photos
[New York Times, June 12, 2009]

Abuse Photos Part of Agreement on Military Spending
[New York Times, June 12, 2009; see also Barack Obama, on cellphone, wins war funds from]

EDITORIAL: CIA disclosure — let a judge decide on
[LA Times, June 12, 2009]

Whistleblower Makes Herself Heard on the Hill
[Washington Post, June 11, 2009]

Why Doesn’t the CIA’s Vaughn Index Match the CIA’s Vaughn Index?
[emptywheel blog, June 10, 2009]

Archives names expert as new FOIA ombudsman
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, June 10, 2009]

Classification and the "Descent Into Torture"
[Secrecy News, June 10, 2009]

Congressional Access to National Security Info
[Secrecy News, June 10, 2009]

Declass Panel Helps Overcome Reflexive Secrecy
[Secrecy News, June 10, 2009]

Analysts say transparency will take time
[NextGov, June 9, 2009]

Recovery board to issue app agencies can use to report stimulus data
[NextGov, June 9, 2009]

CIA Urges Judge To Keep Bush-Era Documents Sealed
[Washington Post, June 9, 2009]

Source: Possible House deal on "torture pics"
[Politico, June 9, 2009]

Dear Senator: Show your support to 482 and Oppose the Roberts’ amendment
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, June 8, 2009]

Something "Very Wrong" in State Dept History Office
[Secrecy News, June 8, 2009]

Lieberman, Graham threaten scorched earth on pics
[Politico, June 8, 2009]

U.S. May Permit 9/11 Guilty Pleas in Capital Cases
[New York Times, June 5, 2009] wins praise for public outreach
[NextGov, June 5, 2009]

White House preparing 2.0
[Government Computer News, June 5, 2009]

State secrets privilege reform urged in House committee hearing
[Jurist, June 4, 2009]

OMB updates guidelines for data
[NextGov, June 4, 2009]

White House moves on open government
[Federal Computer Week, June 4, 2009; see also How the Open Government Dialogue got slimed]

Critics Blast Obama Classification Review
[ABC News, June 3, 2009]

House to Put Office Spending Online
[Washington Post, June 4, 2009]

Judge Revisits Warrantless Eavesdropping
[Washington Post, June 4, 2009; see also Federal Judge Dismisses Dozens of Wiretap Suits Against Telecoms from Court News Service]

White House transparency effort falls short for some
[Wall Street Journal, June 4, 2009]

Gov’t posts sensitive list of US nuclear sites
[AP via Yahoo News, June 3, 2009]

EDITORIAL: F.D.A.’s Secret File
[New York Times, June 3, 2009] gears up for a makeover
[NextGov, June 2, 2009]

Federal judge rules Guantanamo documents must be made public
[Jurist, June 2, 2009]

Ready for reuse?
[Government Computer News, June 1, 2009]

Can the Internet Make a More Open Government?
[New York Times: Bits, June 1, 2009]

Ginsburg gives Obama a month more in photos case
[Politico, June 1, 2009]

State Department promotes Internet diplomacy
[NextGov, June 1, 2009]

Drug Agency May Reveal More Data on Actions
[New York Times, June 1, 2009]

Press and Guantanamo Lawyers Score Victory Over Documents
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, June 1, 2009]

Lawmakers Keep Expenses Off-Line
[Wall Street Journal, June 1, 2009]

Secrecy Conceals Some Classification Costs
[Secrecy News, June 1, 2009]

Another Tiny ($2.3 Billion) Accounting Mistake
[ProPublica, June 1, 2009]

DOJ to appeal order to release detainee photos to Supreme Court
[Jurist, May 29, 2009]

New Online Forum Promotes Transparency and Openness in Government
[EPA, May 29, 2009]

Obama’s open government initiative thin on collaboration, critics say
[NextGov, May 29, 2009; see also Online dialogue yields calls for more government transparency from Federal Times]

Obama misses key elements in rolling back secrecy practices
[NextGov, May 28, 2009; see also the memo]

FBI planning a bigger role in terrorism fight
[Los Angeles Times, May 28, 2009]

Review of Government Secrecy Ordered
[Washington Post, May 28, 2009]

New media advocates see cracks in Obama’s open government push
[NextGov, May 27, 2009]

Online forum slow for
[Federal Computer Week, May 27, 2009]

Showdown in NSA Wiretap Case: Judge Threatens Sanctions Against Justice Department
[Wired: Threat Level, May 26, 2009]

Searching for Clarity in the Five Day Pledge
[Sunlight Foundation Blog, May 26, 2009]

Showdown Looming On ‘State Secrets’
[Washington Post, May 26, 2009]

[New York Times, May 25, 2009]

As social media becomes a hit with agencies, GSA plans more offerings
[NextGov, May 22, 2009]’s Misplaced Speeches
[NextGov, May 22, 2009]

Parsing Obama on State Secrets
[Columbia Journalism Review, May 21, 2009]

White House Rolls Out Web Site, Initiatives to Boost Transparency
[Washington Post, May 21, 2009]

NARA’s preservation practices for e-records called ‘fatally flawed’
[NextGov, May 21, 2009]

Obama Opens O-Government
[NextGov: Tech Insider, May 21, 2009]

Obama Announces Review of Classification Policies
[Secrecy News, May 21, 2009]

Feds launch today
[Federal Computer Week, May 21, 2009]

Tracking Stimulus Spending May Not Be as Easy as Promised
[Washington Post, May 21, 2009]

Bush Administration revisited, online
[NextGov: Tech Insider, May 21, 2009]

Senators voice support for CTO nominee
[Federal Computer Week, May 19, 2009; see also Senators skim over open government during CTO confirmation hearing from NextGov]

Groups want transparency in the spotlight
[CongressDaily via Government Executive, May 19, 2009]

Investigation Into Huge Loss of Computerized Clinton Data
[New York Times, May 19, 2009]

Court rules Office of Administration not subject to the FOIA
[Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, May 19, 2009; see also Coalition Letter Asking Obama Administration to Reverse Policy]

Trial of CIA, Italian agents provides rare look at intelligence work
[Los Angeles Times, May 19, 2009]

U.S. to Expand Immigration Checks to All Local Jails
[Washington Post, May 19, 2009]

FISA Surveillance Down, NSL Requests Up in 2008
[Secrecy News, May 18, 2009]

Stimulus Deadline Passes, But Where Are the Reports?
[ProPublica, May 18, 2009]

Analysis: Pelosi flap could advance ‘truth commission’
[The Hill, May 17, 2009]

Obama Dares Judge to Order Release Of NSA Spy Document
[Wired: Threat Level, May 15, 2009]

Debate continues over White House policy on email preservation
[NextGov, May 15, 2009]

Groups seek FOIA policy reversal
[Federal Computer Week, May 15, 2009; see also Like Bush, Obama White House Chooses Secrecy for Key Office from ABC News]

Images, the Law and War
[New York Times, May 16, 2009]

Detainee Interrogation: A Road Not Taken
[Secrecy News, May 14, 2009; see also Zelikow’s memos, "Elements of Possible Initiative" (June 12, 2005) and "Detainees – The Need for a Stronger Legal Framework" (pdf- July 2005]

EDITORIAL: Building a Better Census Bureau
[New York Times, May 14, 2009]

Experts Say Obama May Need to Classify Photos
[New York Times, May 14, 2009]

Debate erupts over whistleblower rights for intelligence workers
[Government Executive, May 14, 2009; see also Whistleblower Advocates Push for More From Obama from the Washington Post: Federal Diary]

C.I.A. Rebuffs Cheney’s Request to Declassify Torture Memos
[New York Times: The Caucus, May 14, 2009]

Pelosi: C.I.A. Misled Congress Over Waterboarding
[New York Times: The Caucus, May 14, 2009]

Pentagon official charged with conspiracy
[Los Angeles Times, May 14, 2009]

Four More Years? Photos send Obama looking for a new FOIA exemption
[Columbia Journalism Review, May 13, 2009]

Acting Special Counsel says employee morale, productivity is high
[Government Executive, May 13, 2009]

Information-sharing platform hacked
[Federal Computer Week, May 13, 2009]

Obama orders stop to detainee photo releases
[CNN, April 13, 2009]

COMMENTARY: Transparency 2.0
[Internet Evolution, April 9, 2009]

Zelikow advocates independent investigation into torture policies
[Foreign Policy: The Cable, May 13, 2009]

"Controlled Unclassified Info" Policy Is On the Way
[Secrecy News, May 12, 2009]

Obama creates public engagement office
[Federal Computer Week, May 12, 2009]

DHS plans electronic records management system
[Federal Computer Week, May 12, 2009]

OP-ED: Congress’s Torture Bubble
[New York Times, May 12, 2009]

Open government delays irk some
[Politico, May 12, 2009]

Sunstein To Overhaul
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, May 12, 2009]

Hoyer says briefing facts ‘need to get out’
[The Hill, May 12, 2009; see also GOP wants Pelosi intel docs declassified ]

EDITORIAL: Sharing Congress’s Research
[New York Times, May 11, 2009]

Policy on Controlled Unclassified Info Languishes
[Secrecy News, May 11, 2009]

Court Rebuffs FBI Censorship of Manuscript
[Secrecy News, May 11, 2009]

New push to bring cameras in Supreme Court
[Politico, May 11, 2009]

Memos shed light on CIA use of sleep deprivation
[Los Angeles Times, May 10, 2009]

Pentagon’s Black Budget Grows to More Than $50 Billion
[Wired: Danger Room, May 7, 2009]

Records suggest Pelosi, others were told of harsh interrogations
[Los Angeles Times, May 8, 2009]

A Secret E-Mail Argument Among Psychologists About Torture
[ProPublica, May 8, 2009]

Government Could Destroy Records in Hundreds of Guantanamo Cases
[ProPublica, May 7, 2009]

EDITORIAL: The Torture Debate: The Missing Voices
[New York Times, May 6, 2009]

Federal CTO will issue incomplete suggestions for open government
[NextGov, May 6, 2009]

Groups Complain of Continued Secrecy About Trade Pact
[PC World, May 6, 2009]

Records violations ensnare housing nominee
[Washington Times, May 7, 2009]

Justice Dept. Finds Flaws in F.B.I. Terror List
[New York Times, May 6, 2009]

Ethics Case Disclosures Still Distant
[Roll Call (subscription req’d), May 6, 2009]

Inspector at Pentagon Says Report Was Flawed
[New York Times, May 5, 2009]

Stimulus hot line is on the horizon
[NextGov, May 5, 2009]

Senate Moves To Adopt XML Format
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, May 5, 2009]

The DNA Debacle: How the Federal Government Botched the Backlog Crisis
[ProPublica, May 5, 2009]

Bush-Era Secrecy Still Hiding Gov’t Data
[ABC News, May 4, 2009]

Calif.’s Harman Rails Against Wiretapping That Ensnared Her
[Washington Post, May 4, 2009]

Lawmakers seek openness after Navy closes reports
[The Virginia-Pilot, May 4, 2009]

GAO auditors echo concerns about
[Federal Computer Week, May 1, 2009]

Stimulus watchdog optimistic about reining in waste
[Government Executive, May 1, 2009]

Mixed reviews for Obama’s transparency vow
[CNET News, April 29, 2009]

Feds dropping charges against pro-Israel lobbyists
[AP via Google News, May 1, 2009]

Remixing government data
[Government Computer News, April 30, 2009]

Cloud computing could help agencies track stimulus funds
[NextGov, April 30, 2009]

Obama: State Secrets Privilege is ‘Overbroad’
[Wired: Threat Level, April 30, 2009]

Electronic Archiving So Far Is One Tough Slog
[Roll Call (subscription req’d), April 30, 2009]

Sen. DeMint Pushes For XML Format
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, April 29, 2009]

Stimulus Oversight Chief Wants Your Ideas
[Washington Post: Federal Eye, April 29, 2009]

New swine flu money could go for monitoring
[Federal Computer Week, April 29, 2009]

Another Three Agencies Begin Posting Recovery Act Lobbying Contacts
[Sunlight Foundation blog, April 29, 2009]

House Democrats urge AG to name special counsel to probe Bush interrogation policies
[Jurist, April 29, 2009]

Official: "We’re Lazy About Classification"
[Secrecy News, April 29, 2009]

Army Intel Journal Back Online
[Secrecy News, April 29, 2009]

EPA Releases Libby Clean-up Report
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, April 29, 2009]

Surveillance Effort Draws Civil Liberties Concern
[New York Times, April 28, 2009]

On State Secrets Obama Loses, Openness Wins
[Columbia Journalism Review, April 29, 2009]

Nadler: Holder must appoint special prosecutor
[Politico, April 29, 2009]

Google Unveils New Tool To Dig for Public Data
[Washington Post, April 29, 2009; see also, Google’s announcement]

White House officials discuss technology challenges
[NextGov, April 28, 2009]

Feingold grades Obama well, except on secrecy
[The Hill, April 28, 2009]

CDC Sits on Documents Dealing With Its Reputation
[Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 26, 2009]

Fed court revives rendition lawsuit against Boeing
[AP via Google News, April 28, 2009]

White House Web presence gets low marks
[National Journal via NextGov, April 27, 2009]

Kundra wants data more available
[Federal Computer Week, April 27, 2009]

Feds coordinate Web communications to fight swine flu
[NextGov, April 27, 2009]

U.S. Weighs Release of More CIA Memos
[Wall Street Journal, April 27, 2009]

Specter Bills Seek to Rein In Executive Power
[Secrecy News, April 27, 2009]

Online voting records user unfriendly
[Politico, April 27, 2009]

Military Bases Block Official Army Tweets
[Wired: Danger Room, April 27, 2009]

CIA ‘Whistleblower’ Told Hastert About Suppression of Harman Wiretap
[CQ Politics, April 26, 2009]

Officials: Recovery act rules are the future
[Federal Computer Week, April 24, 2009]

21st Century Crowbars Help Pry Open Government
[NPR, April 24, 2009]

Bayer Fights Safety Board "Terrorists"
[Dirt Diggers Digest, April 24, 2009]

DOJ to release detainee treatment photos under court order
[Jurist, April 22, 2009]

Secrecy vs. Scientific Integrity
[Secrecy News, April 23, 2009]

EDITORIAL: In the Spirit of Openness
[New York Times, April 22, 2009]

Congress Debates Fresh Investigation Of Interrogations
[Washington Post, April 23, 2009]

Pelosi Says She Had Been Briefed on Harman Wiretap
[Washington Post, April 23, 2009]

Dozens of Prisoners Held by CIA Still Missing, Fates Unknown
[ProPublica, April 22, 2009]

Congressman pushes to expand chief technology officer’s influence
[NextGov, April 22, 2009]

Transportation Dept. Reverses FAA on Bird Strike Data
[Washington Post, April 22, 2009]

Obama Won’t Bar Inquiry, or Penalty, on Interrogations
[New York Times, April 22, 2009]

Harman calls out NSA
[Politico, April 22, 2009]

Low-tech Senate slow rolls disclosures
[Politico, April 22, 2009]

Rare F.D.A. Meeting to Discuss Complaints on Device Approval
[New York Times, April 21, 2009]

DOJ Sits on Secret CIA Interrogation Memo: 2007 Memo on Geneva Conventions Not Released With Similar Documents
[Washington Independent, April 21, 2009]

Lawmakers Say Chemical Company Withheld Information About Explosion
[New York Times, April 21, 2009]

Stimulus board launches ‘Extreme Makeover: Web Edition’
[NextGov, April 21, 2009]

EDITORIAL Accountability in Schools [Funding]
[New York Times, April 21, 2009]

Report Gives New Detail on Approval of Brutal Techniques
[New York Times, April 21, 2009]

IT officials push rewrite of outdated paperwork reduction policies
[NextGov, April 21, 2009; see also Social Media and the Federal Government: Perceived and Real Barriers and Potential Solutions by the Federal Web Managers Council]

Lawmaker proposes funding for states to oversee stimulus
[Government Executive, April 21, 2009]

Cheney wants CIA files for memoir
[Politico, April 21, 2009]

Secret EPA Report on Libby Cleanup Sparks Lawsuit
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, April 21, 2009]

Judge to review records of FBI inquiries into Muslim groups
[Los Angeles Times, April 21, 2009]

DOJ Sits on Secret CIA Interrogation Memo
[The Washington Independent, April 21, 2009]

Judge to Rule on Domestic Spying
[Threat Level – Wired, April 20, 2009]

Jane Harman’s Calls Recorded Wiretapped By NSA
[The Washington Independent, April 20, 2009]

White House, groups look to settle e-mail case
[Federal Computer Week, April 20, 2009]

Workshop to explore social-media privacy
[Federal Computer Week, April 20, 2009]

Snail Mail Disclosure
[Columbia Journalism Review, April 20, 2009]

Stimulus spending: Why feds fear more openness
[Federal Times, April 20, 2009]

Waterboarding Used 266 Times on 2 Suspects
[New York Times, April 19, 2009]

F.B.I. and States Vastly Expand DNA Databases
[New York Times, April 18, 2009]

Obama appoints Aneesh Chopra as CTO
[Federal Computer Week, April 18, 2009]

Card Issuers Face New Scrutiny
[Washington Post, April 17, 2009]

Role of Bush NSA Plan Under Review
[Washington Post, April 17, 2009]

Judge Skeptical Of State Secrets Privilege For NSA/Charity Case
[The Atlantic, April 17, 2009; see also Court Order]

Officials Say U.S. Wiretaps Exceeded Law
[New York Times, April 16, 2009; see also Head of Senate Panel Calls for Hearing on Wiretaps]

Obama Releases Interrogation Memos, Says C.I.A. Operatives Won’t Be Prosecuted
[New York Times: The Caucus, April 16, 2009]

Standards for Mobile Transparency
[NextGov: Tech Insider, April 16, 2009]

Researchers say social media essential for national security
[NextGov, April 15, 2009]

The stimulus stress test: ‘Data dumps,’ overwhelming feedback
[Federal Times, April 15, 2009]

Obama Tilts to CIA on Memos
[Wall Street Journal, April 15, 2009]

Legal left cools toward Obama
[Politico, April 14, 2009]

White House Mum On Legislation That Would Nix Bush "State Secrets Privilege"
[WhoRunsGov: The Plum Line, April 13, 2009]

Health agency covered up lead harm
[Salon, April 11, 2009]

Obama to release Reagan records kept secret by Bush
[The Raw Story, April 10, 2009]

Open government advocates question administration’s transparency commitment
[Nextgov, April 10, 2009]

A Flagging Obama Transparency Effort
[Cato@Liberty, April 9, 2009]

Keeping Tabs on the Stimulus Plan’s Billions
[Washington Post, April 9, 2009]

Supreme Court casts doubts on confessions
[Los Angeles Times, April 7, 2009]

OMB directs agencies to continue with weekly stimulus reporting
[Government Executive, April 6, 2009; see also OMB updates guidance for stimulus money from Federal Computer Week]

Following Bush lead, Obama moves to block challenge to wiretapping program
[Raw Story, April 6, 2009]

18-Year Media Ban on War Casualties’ Homecomings Lifted at Dover Air Force Base
[Washington Post, April 6, 2009]

CIA’s CREST Leaves Cavity in Public Domain
[Secrecy News, April 6, 2009]

Roslyn Mazer to be ODNI Inspector General
[Secrecy News, April 6, 2009]

State Stimulus Reports Could Use Some Clarity (Literally)
[ProPublica, April 6, 2009]

Obama Finds That Washington’s Habits of Secrecy Die Hard
[New York Times, April 4, 2009]

Managing Technology: Unlocking Ideas
[NextGov, April 3, 2009]

States wrestle with stimulus funding
[Federal Computer Week, April 3, 2009]

Lawmakers Slow to Comply With New Filing Requirement
[CQ Politics, April 3, 2009]

Rep. Connolly Introduces CTO Act
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, April 3, 2009]

New rules to be released for stimulus reporting
[Federal Computer Week, April 2, 2009]

Immigrant Detainee Dies, and a Life Is Buried, Too
[New York Times, April 2, 2009]

Senators disappointed with stimulus-tracking site
[Government Executive, April 2, 2009]

Fusion Centers Should Be Dismantled, Expert Says
[Security Management, April 2, 2009; see also Texas Fusion System Raises Concerns from the Texas Observer]

Seven States Fail to Make Full Online Disclosures in State Contracting
[The Center for Study of Responsive Law, April 2, 2009]

Feds Begin Post-9/11 Airline Watchlist Takeover
[Wired: Threat Level, April 1, 2009]

What Transparency Means to Feds
[NextGov, April 1, 2009]

Behind the Curtain: What transparency really means
[Government Executive, April 1, 2009]

Report Faults U.S. Spy Agencies
[New York Times, April 1, 2009]

Senate Panel Clears Presidential Records Bill
[National Coalition for History, April 1, 2009]

Groups challenge Obama on whistleblower policy
[The Hill, April 1, 2009] Falling Short of Expectations So Far
[ProPublica, April 1, 2009]

Obama White House Close to Settling Missing Emails Case
[Mother Jones, March 31, 2009]

Administration Is Debating Release of Interrogation Memos
[New York Times, March 31, 2009]

Acquisition community faces strict stimulus reporting rules
[Government Executive, March 31, 2009]

Interim IG Report on Surveillance Program Released
[Secrecy News, March 31, 2009]

The Latest Obama Signing Statement
[Washington Post: Federal Eye, March 30, 2009]

Hundreds flock to camp for social networking in government
[NextGov, March 30, 2009]

EDITORIAL: Senate bucks campaign transparency
[Washington Times, March 29, 2009]

GAO Asks for Help Tracking Stimulus Fraud
[Washington Post: Federal Eye, March 30, 2009]

The rise and fall (and rise again) of
[Federal Times, March 30, 2009]

EDITORIAL: Opening Up Government: A welcome change of heart on freedom of information
[Washington Post, March 28, 2009]

National intelligence chief: Scope of intel activities continues to expand
[Government Executive, March 27, 2009]

Obama holds virtual town hall meeting
[Federal Computer Week, March 27, 2009]

FAA Proposes Keeping Bird Strike Data Under Wraps
[ABC News, March 27, 2009]

Document system to support Obama’s transparency initiative, GPO says
[NextGov, March 26, 2009]

FOIA requester loses attorney’s fees case
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, March 26, 2009]

Judge: Sept. 11 records will likely remain sealed for now
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, March 26, 2009]

WH preserves secrecy option for tax panel
[Politico: Under the Radar, March 26, 2009]

Federal judge sets timetable for release of reports on CIA tapes destruction
[Jurist, March 28, 2009]

Holder Has A New FOIA Policy: Will it Apply to Old Cases
[CJR, March 26, 2009; see also Courts Pay Attention to New FOIA Policy from Secrecy News]

Director of FBI Urges Renewal of Patriot Act
[Washington Post, March 26, 2009]

House Oversight Committee Asks White House About E-Mail Preservation Policy
[National Coalition for History, March 26, 2009]

Why secretly funded DEA surveillance planes aren’t flying
[McClatchy, March 25, 2009]

Stimulus czar is well-prepared for new role
[Government Executive, March 25, 2009]

Federal shield law moves out of House committee
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, March 25, 2009]

POGO Releases Names of Suspended and Debarred Contractors Profiled in GAO Report
[Project On Government Oversight, March 25, 2009]

Handling Of ‘State Secrets’ At Issue: Like Predecessor, New Justice Dept. Claiming Privilege
[Washington Post, March 25, 2009]

Oral arguments slated over Sept. 11 documents
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, March 24, 2009]

U.S. Sen. Grassley: President Obama’s signing statement and whistleblower protections
[Iowa Politics, March 23, 2009]

Declass Board Tells Obama Openness is "At Risk"
[Secrecy News, March 24 2009]

NARA Seeks New Ideas for Presidential Libraries
[Secrecy News, March 24 2009]

Obama breaks own signing rules
[Washington Times, March 24 2009]

Printing Office Offers Open Gov’t Help
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, March 23, 2009]

Experts: Standards needed for cloud computing
[Federal Computer Week, March 23, 2009]

Senate bill would allow cameras in federal courts
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, March 23, 2009]

Coming Soon: Declassified Bush-Era Torture Memos
[Newsweek, March 21, 2009]

[Washington Post: 44 – The Clickocracy, 3.24.09]

Federal Inspectors Often Difficult to Reach, Group Says
[Washington Post, March 23, 2009; see also the report by POGO]

EDITORIAL: They Can’t Tell You
[New York Times, March 22, 2009]

EDITORIAL: Mr. Obama and the Rule of Law
[New York Times, March 21, 2009]

Obama releases guidance on acceptable stimulus spending
[Government Executive, March 20, 2009; see also Obama official agrees more needs to be done on stimulus transparency from CongressDaily via NextGov]

Towns calls for IT committee on stimulus spending
[Federal Computer Week, March 20, 2009]

DISA makes software collaboration agreement
[Federal Computer Week, March 20, 2009]

Italy CIA rendition trial delayed while high court frames reasons for excluding evidence
[Jurist, March 20, 2009]

Holder’s FOIA memo is a "refreshing change"
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, March 19, 2009]

FOIA’s Hidden Exemptions
[Columbia Journalism Review, March 19, 2009]

Official: US to Release Data Unless Harm Foreseen
[AP via New York Times, March 19, 2009; see also Attorney General Holder’s Memo]

Interoperability: surmounting the Tower of Babel
[Federal News Radio, March 18, 2009]

Early stimulus contracts face scrutiny
[Government Executive, March 18, 2009]

Government 2.0 Meets Catch 22
[New York Times Blog, March 17, 2009]

Agencies may need help managing stimulus money
[Federal Computer Week, March 18, 2009]

2009 Consolidated Appropriations Act ensures NIH public access policy will persist
[Alliance for Taxpayer Access, March 12, 2009]

Notes From FOI Day
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, March 18, 2009]

Leahy speaks to transparency, FOIA
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, March 17, 2009]

Freedom of Information Act in practice leaves a lot of room for improvement promised by Obama
[AP via Seattle Times, March 17, 2009]

Where Fantasy Meets Reality in the Stimulus
[ProPublica, March 17, 2009]

Google could gain from cookie trail
[National Journal via NextGov, March 17, 2009]

Stimulus plan: Spend now, details later
[AP via Government Executive, March 17, 2009]

Leahy, Cornyn Introduce FOIA Reform Bill
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, March 17, 2009]

EDITORIAL: On Signing Statements
[New York Times, March 16, 2009]

Two More States (and American Samoa) Go Transparent
[ProPublica, March 17, 2009]

U.S. Challenged On Sealing of Detainee Files
[New York Times, March 16, 2009]

Archives officials urge caution on declassification policy
[CongressDaily via Government Executive, March 16, 2009]

Deal Showcases Need to Fix Executive Privilege
[Roll Call subscription req’d, March 16, 2009]

House again considers electronic records bill
[Federal Computer Week, March 16, 2009]

Red Cross Described ‘Torture’ at CIA Jails: Secret Report Implies That U.S. Violated International Law
[Washington Post, March 16, 2009]

OPINION: (Mickey Edwards) A truth commission? It’s a start
[Politico, March 16, 2009]

EDITORIAL: Missing White House History
[New York Times, March 16, 2009]

Whistleblowers Could be Casualties of Obama’s Signing Statement
[CQ Politics, March 13, 2009]

Stimulus Transparency Still Months Away
[CongressDaily via National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, March 16, 2009]

Issa wants subcontract data on
[Federal Computer Week, March 13, 2009]

FBI finds nothing for 2 out of 3 who seek records
[AP, March 13, 2009; see also National Security Archive press release]

House lawmakers reintroduce bill to protect federal whistleblowers
[Government Executive, March 12, 2009]

Obama Administration Declares Proposed IP Treaty a ‘National Security’ Secret
[Wired, March 12, 2009]

GAO will review state plans for stimulus cash
[Federal Computer Week, March 12, 2009]

Kundra not implicated in bribery sting but faces uncertain future
[NextGov, March 12, 2009]

Plain Writing, and Sunshine in Litigation
[Secrecy News, March 12, 2009]

First Stimulus Transparency Docs Arrive Thin on Details
[ProPublica, March 11, 2009]

FOIA Ombudsman gets $1 million
[Columbia Journalism Review, March 11, 2009]

Obama Says He Can Ignore Some Parts of Spending Bill
[New York Times, March 11, 2009]

Leahy Vows to Name Names if Nominees Are Delayed
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, March 11, 2009]

OMB: Stimulus grant applications may overwhelm portal
[Federal Computer Week, March 11, 2009; see also OMB’s memo]

NSA Dominance of Cybersecurity Would Lead to ‘Grave Peril’, Ex-Cyber Chief Tells Congress
[Wired, March 10, 2009]

Congress Caves on Online Contracts
[The Washington Independent, March 11, 2009]

Obama White House Discloses Two More Lobbyist Waivers Granted
[ABC News, March 10, 2009]

Federal Employees Pursue Knowledge Management
[Secrecy News, March 9, 2009]

Obama Aims to Shield Science From Politics
[Washington Post, March 9, 2009]

Watchdog Over Stimulus Spending Toes a Delicate Line
[Wall Street Journal, March 9, 2009]

In Seeking ‘Truth,’ Senate Looks to the ’70s
[Legal Times, March 9, 2009]

Twitter, blogs and other Web 2.0 tools revolutionize government business
[Federal Computer Week, March 6, 2009]

Judge Weighs Dismissing Case Involving Torture Memorandums
[New York Times, March 6, 2009]

Thoughts of Storm Troopers Filling Spy Case
[Wired, March 6, 2009]

New federal CIO lays out IT agenda
[NextGov, March 5, 2009]

Agencies have problems collecting data
[Federal Computer Week, March 5, 2009]

An API for Federal Legislation? Congress Wants Your Opinion
[Wired, March 5, 2009]

Bush Wiretapping: Known Unknowns Remain
[Wired, March 5, 2009]

D.C. Tech Chief Tapped for White House Slot
[Washington Post, March 5, 2009]

Top Bush Aides to Testify in Attorneys’ Firings
[New York Times, March 5, 2009]

Secrecy Shuts Down Briefing on 2008 Chem Accident
[Secrecy News, March 5, 2009]

Bulk Data Downloads: A Breakthrough in Government Transparency
[O’Reilly Radar, March 4, 2009]

About That 120 Day Deadline
[Columbia Journalism Review, March 4, 2009]

Where Is Obama’s Chief Technology Officer?
[Mother Jones, March 4, 2009]

Cuts at newspapers, cuts in access to information
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, March 2, 2009]

Report: Diebold Voting System Has ‘Delete’ Button for Erasing Audit Logs
[Wired, March 4, 2009]

What the OLC Memos Mean for ‘Truth Commission’ Idea
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, March 4, 2009]

Lieberman Urges Better Public Access to CRS Reports
[Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, March 4, 2009]

Justice Department to Reveal More Bush Administration Legal Memos
[Washington Post, March 4, 2009]

First weekly stimulus reports arrive at OMB
[Government Executive, March 3, 2009]

An Eye (Many Eyes) on the Stimulus Money
[City Room: New York Times, March 3, 2009]

OPINION: War act would ensure that president, Congress consult
[USA Today, March 3, 2009]

Extraordinary Measures: A new memo shows just how far the Bush administration considered going in fighting the war on terror
[Newsweek, March 3, 2009]

Federal judiciary grilled for charging for access to e-filed documents
[National Law Journal, March 3, 2009]

Memos Reveal Scope of the Power Bush Sought
[New York Times, March 2, 2009]

Government Keeping Its .Gov Domain Names Secret
[Information Week, March 2, 2009]

CIA Destroyed 92 Interrogation Tapes
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, March 2, 2009]

Surveillance Court Quietly Moving
[Washington Post, March 2, 2009]

Web-Savvy Obama Team Hits Unexpected Bumps
[Washington Post, March 2, 2009]

Feds defy judge’s order in Islamic group case
[San Francisco Chronicle, February 28, 2009]

Court rejects Obama bid to stop wiretapping suit
[AP via Yahoo News, February 27, 2009]

Agencies award millions of dollars in contracts to banned contractors
[Federal Times, February 26,2009]

Appeals court rejects Obama administration claim of state secrets in warrantless wiretap case
[Star Tribune, February 27, 2009]

Lieberman Seeks Information on Federal Court Compliance with Transparency, Privacy Requirements
[Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, February 27, 2009]

Senate E-Filing Bill Reintroduced, Pass S. 482
[Sunlight Blog, February 27, 2009]

Senate to investigate CIA’s actions under Bush
[Los Angeles Times, February 27, 2009]

Obama Budget Stresses Transparency
[National Journal: Tech Daily Dose, February 26, 2009]

Obscure Farm Bill Provision Blacks Out Agriculture Data
[SEJ TipSheet, February 25, 2009]

Obama Administration Supports Telco Spy Immunity
[Wired, February 26, 2009]

NSA Should Oversee Cybersecurity, Intel Chief Says
[Wired, February 26, 2009]

Ore. state secrets case is Bush leftover for Obama
[AP via Washington Post, February 25, 2009]

Whistleblower protections will be back on table, lawmakers vow
[Federal Times, February 25, 2009]

Judge Moves Towards Letting Lawyers Hear Classified Information from Clients
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, February 25, 2009]

New Obama Advisers Test Executive Privilege, Byrd Says
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, February 25, 2009]

Leahy Plans Hearing to Consider Truth Commission
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, February 25, 2009]

Lobbyists win classified leaks ruling
[Washington Times, February 25, 2009]

Macon Phillips: The man behind
[Chicago Tribune, February 24, 2009]

Obama plans a more transparent budget
[Los Angeles Times, February 24, 2009]

Rove skips House Judiciary deposition
[Politico, February 23, 2009]

Watchdogs applaud Obama’s pick to oversee stimulus
[Government Executive, February 23, 2009]

Court Grants Obama (Another) Extension in Subpoena Case
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, February 23, 2009]

Opinion Could Dampen Zeal To Classify Government Information
[Washington Post, February 23, 2009]

Obama’s DOJ Opposes Lawsuit to Release Missing Bush E-mails
[ProPublica, February 23, 2009; see also, the National Security Acrive press release]

U.S. Unit Secretly in Pakistan Lends Ally Support
[New York Times, February 22, 2009]

Obama to name stimulus watchdog
[Politico, February 22, 2009; see also Progress mixed on naming officials to oversee stimulus spending from Government Executive]

COMMENTARY: The place for public comments
[Federal Computer Week, February 18, 2009]

To Investigate or Not: Four Ways to Look Back at Bush
[New York Times, February 21, 2009]

Issa seeks info on White House e-mail use
[Federal Computer Week, February 19, 2009]

D.C. Circuit Forces Obama to Move Quickly in Subpoena Case
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, February 19, 2009]

Stimulus guidance calls for agencies to submit data to
[Nextgov, February 18, 2009; see also the OMB memo]

Secrecy and denial as Pakistan lets CIA use airbase to strike militants
[The Times (UK), February 17, 2009]

Advocates Determined to See Whistleblower Protections Pass
[Washington Post: Federal Diary, February 18, 2009]

Obama’s War on Terror May Resemble Bush’s in Some Areas
[New York Times, February 17, 2009]

The White House’s missing documents
[Politico, February 17, 2009] not likely to meet expectations
[Associated Press via Nextgov, February 17, 2009]

OPINION: Sen. Rockefeller: Restore intelligence to intel gathering
[Politico, February 17, 2009]

Federal Agency Aided Md. Spying
[Washington Post, February 17, 2009]

Obama DOJ Delays Responding to Request for Key OLC Memos Re Torture and Interrogation Policies
[Washington Independent, February 14, 2009; see also Justice Dept. to Critique Interrogation Methods Backed by Bush Team from New York Times]

OPINION: In Defense of Secrecy
[New York Times Magazine, February 15, 2009]

Is the Supreme Court About to Kill Off the Exclusionary Rule?
[New York Times, February 15, 2009]

Obama administration limits access to records
[Miami Herald, February 12, 2009]

COMMENTARY: Time to Make Open Government a Reality
[Electronic Frontier Foundation, February 12, 2009]

An Effort to Upgrade a Court Archive System to Free and Easy
[New York Times, February 13, 2009]

Obama order cites CTO as assistant to president
[Federal Computer Week, February 12, 2009; see also, Executive Order 13500]

Law requires IG, contracting officer involvement
[Federal Computer Week, February 12, 2009; see also Acquisition lawyers say mandatory disclosure rule is opaque from Government Executive]

White House orders agencies to plan oversight of stimulus spending
[Government Executive, February 12, 2009]

Senate strips protections for federal whistleblowers from stimulus bill
[Government Executive, February 12, 2009; see also GAP’s press relaese]

Social Butterflies
[NextGov, February 12, 2009]

Media shield legislation reintroduced
[Politico, February 12, 2009]

House State Secrets Bill Re-Introduced
[Judiciary Committee, February 11, 2009; see also Senate State Secrets Bill Re-Introduced]

COMMENTARY: Pressing On State Secrets
[Columbia Journalism Review, February 11, 2009]

Bush’s cyber chief calls national security initiative too secret
[NextGov, February 11, 2009]

Compromise Stimulus Bill Leaves Federal Whistleblowers in the Cold
[POGO Blog, February 11, 2009]

Clinton State Department looks to boost online presence
[NextGov, February 11, 2009]

Agent Claims Evidence on Stevens Was Concealed
[New York Times, February 11, 2009]

Gates Orders Review of Policy on Soldiers’ Coffins
[New York Times, February 10, 2009]

Feds and YouTube close to reaching a deal to post video
[NextGov, February 10, 2009]

Kundra on deck to be OMB e-gov and IT administrator
[Government Computer News, February 10, 2009]

Miranda rule may hamper detainee trials
[Los Angeles Times, February 10, 2009]

Justice Dept. Uses ‘State Secrets’ Defense
[Washington Post, February 10, 2009]

Are Bush’s secrets safe with Obama?
[Politico, February 10, 2009]

CIOs urged to collaborate on Obama’s IT goals
[Federal Computer Week, February 9, 2009]

Leahy Proposes ‘Truth Commission’ For Bush Era
[Washington Post, February 9, 2009]

Pentagon Issues ‘Credits’ To Offset Harm to Wildlife
[Washington Post, February 9, 2009]

Senate Bill Revisits GAO Oversight of Intelligence
[Secrecy News, February 9, 2009]

Change you can download: a billion in secret Congressional reports
[WikiLeaks, February 8, 2009; see also, OpenCRS]

FOIA Facts: President Obama’s FOIA Memorandum and When Change Will Actually Occur
[, February 8, 2009]

See-Through Stimulus
[Columbia Journalism Review, February 6, 2009]

Carper will pursue updates of e-government, IT agenda
[NextGov, February 6, 2009]

Obama gets off to a slow start on one transparency pledge
[Government Executive, February 6, 2009]

Would-be CIA chief Panetta denounces [Bush Policies]
[Los Angeles Times, February 6, 2009]

Observers say D.C. CTO would bring innovative approach to e-gov
[NextGov, February 5, 2009]

Citing U.S., British Court Blocks Data on Suspect
[New York Times, February 5, 2009]

OPINION: Unraveling Injustice
[New York Times, February 4, 2009]

Kundra said to be Obama’s pick for OMB e-gov chief
[NextGov, February 4, 2009]

Celinda Lake Poll: Voters want transparency in economic recovery/bank bailout spending
[via U.S. PIRG, February 4, 2009]

Have Thoughts on SCHIP? The White House is Listening, Kind Of
[Mother Jones: MoJo Blog, February 4, 2008]

DoD Should Not "Categorically" Deny GAO Access to Intelligence
[Secrecy News, February 4, 2008]

House Passes "Reducing Overclassification Act"
[Secrecy News, February 4, 2008]

OPINION: A new kind of record-keeper
[Federal Computer Week, February 3, 2008]

OPINION: Attorney General Holder: Hold Bush administration accountable
[Seattle Times, February 3, 2009]

Obama’s attorney general nominee is confirmed
[Los Angeles Times, February 3, 2009]

Secret report urges new Afghan plan
[Politico, February 3, 2009]

New Senate Stimulus Bill: Out?
[Sunlight Foundation, February 2, 2009]

Agencies struggling to make connections online
[NextGov, February 2, 2009]

Eric Holder on State Secrets, OLC Opinions
[Secrecy News, February 2, 2009]

Obama preserves renditions as counter-terrorism tool
[Los Angeles Times, February 1, 2009]

The end of a war against public access
[San Francisco Chronicle, February 1, 2009]

Obama team’s finances hard to access
[Politico, January 30, 2009]

PowerPoint to the People: The urgent need to fix federal archiving policies.
[Slate, January 29, 2009]

The Openness Ombudsman: D.C.’s new FOIA ombuds office is finally taking shape
[Columbia Journalism Review, January 29, 2009]

House passes bill to protect whistleblowers
[AP, January 29, 2009]

Nationwide Campaign Under Way to Evaluate Government Records Online
[Government Technology, January 29, 2009]

Strike one against White House transparency
[IT World, January 29, 2009]

Pentagon Keeps Mum on Who’s at Bagram
[ProPublica, January 28, 2009]

Opinion: Let the American People See
[USA Today, January 28, 2009]

COMMENTARY: Press, public need to keep Obama open
[Politico, January 28, 2009]

The Missing Memos
[ProPublica, January 28, 2009]

Past Perfect? Obama’s Records Act order heartens historians
[Columbia Journalism Review, January 28, 2009]

Dissidents at F.D.A. Complain of Inquiry
[New York Times, January 28, 2009]

Obama lawyers set to defend Yoo
[Politico, January 28, 2009]

Smithsonian Regents Approve Revised Document Disclosure Policy
[art daily, January 28, 2009; see also the policy]

Watchdog group wins FOIA fee waiver
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, January 27, 2009]

Obama-Media Ties Balance Access, Information
[National Public Radio, January 27, 2009]

Chief techie: All bark and no bite?
[Federal Computer Week, January 26, 2009]

NOLA Reporter Still Waiting for Public Katrina Records
[Understanding Government, January 27, 2009]

Ball In Obama’s Court On Rove’s US Attorney Testimony
[TPM Muckraker, January 27, 2009]

Behind the Executive Orders
[The New Yorker, January 25, 2009]

Emerging from the Shadows
[Understanding Government, January 26, 2009]

Rove subpoenaed by Conyers
[Politico, January 26, 2009]

DNI releases new information-sharing policy
[Federal Computer Week, January 26, 2009]

Obama restores some of the ‘Freedom’ to FOIA
[McClatchy, January 23, 2009]

Blair: Intel Classification Policy Needs "Fundamental Work"
[Secrecy News, January 26, 2009]

OLC OPINIONS: Legal Authorities Supporting the Activities of the National Security Agency Described by the President; Presidential Signing Statements; Requests for Information Under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act
[Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel, January 21, 2009]

West Wing on steroids in Obama W.H.
[Politico, January 26, 2009]

Melding Obama’s Web to a YouTube Presidency
[New York Times, January 26, 2009]

Lobbyists skirt Obama’s earmark ban
[AP via Boston Globe, January 25, 2009]

Guantanamo Case Files in Disarray: Situation Complicates Prison’s Closure
[Washington Post, January 25, 2009]

White House Tech More Tired Than Wired
[Wired, January 23, 2009]

The Wired President: Obama Creates an E-Mail Trail
[AP via New York Times, January 23, 2009]

Secret prisons: Obama’s order to close ‘black sites’
[The Guardian, January 23, 2009]

White House acts to limit YouTube cookie tracking
[CNET News, January 23, 2009]

Obama order offers IT chiefs rare leadership chance
[NextGov, January 22, 2009]

NSA whistleblower says journos were targeted
[ars technica, January 22, 2009]

Obama Sides With Bush in Spy Case
[Wired, January 22, 2009]

Obama Picks Critic of Warrantless Wiretapping for Slot at Justice Dept.
[New York Times, January 22, 2009]

Obama limits ex-presidents’ discretion on records
[Washington Post, January 21, 2009]

Blair Pledges New Approach to Counterterrorism
[New York Times, January 22, 2009]

Senators Shuffle Membership on Judiciary Committee
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, January 22, 2009]

Executive Order – Presidential Records
[White House, January 22, 2009]

On Day One, Obama Sets a New Tone
[New York Times, January 22, 2009; see also, the Los Angeles Times’ President Obama swiftly sets course on Day One]

Day One: New FOIA Rules
[Columbia Journalism Review, January 21, 2009]

Online specialists praise, question White House Web site
[NextGov, 1.21.09]

In Final Legal Act, Bush Appeals Spy Ruling
[Washington Post, 1.21.09]

President Obama Revokes Bush Presidential Records Executive Order
[National Coalition for History, January 21, 2009]

Temporary Stay Blocks Judge’s Demand of Mukasey, Filip
[Blog of the Legal Times, January 21, 2009]

Obama: We Will "Do Our Business in the Light of Day"
[Secrecy News, January 21, 2009]

Feingold: New FISA Court Ruling Based on Incomplete Record
[Secrecy News, January 21, 2009]

The Secret Sharer
[Columbia Journalism Review, January 20, 2009]

On National Security, DOJ May Stay Course
[NextGov, January 19, 2009]

The Wired Presidency: Can Obama Really Reboot the White House?
[Wired, January 19, 2009]

New Congress-YouTube partnership raises questions
[NextGov, January 16, 2009]

Change has come to
[White House Blog, January 20, 2009]

Ruling on Records Delivers a Win to Cheney
[Washington Post, January 20, 2009]

White House opposes court order in e-mail case
[AP, January 17, 2009]

OPINION: Obama 2.0: Who’s Leading Who?
[NY Times, January 16, 2009]

New Guidelines Define NCTC Access to Non-Terror Databases
[Secrecy News, January 16, 2009]

Inquiry Into Interrogations Unlikely
[Washington Post, January 16, 2009]

At confirmation hearing, Holder looks to be more press-friendly
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, January 15, 2009]

Obama to Defend Telco Spy Immunity
[Wired, January 15, 2009]

Senate Still Filing the "Hard" Way
[National Journal Online, January 15, 2009]

Labor Department launches digital snapshot project
[Government Computer News, January 15, 2009]

White House e-mail in "true emergency conditions"
[National Security Archive, January 15, 2009]

Intelligence Court Rules Wiretapping Program Legal
[New York Times, January 15, 2009]

Khadr trial date up in air after ‘secret’ refiling of charges: defence lawyer
[CBC News, January 13, 2009]

Evidence in Terror Cases Said to Be in Chaos
[Washington Post, January 14, 2009]

Federal Judge Orders Mukasey to Respond to Inquiry in Stevens Case
[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, January 14, 2009]

Justices allow evidence seized on errors, false information
[Chicago Tribune, January 14, 2009]

INSIDE WASHINGTON: Holder may reverse Bush secrecy
[AP via San Luis Obispo Tribune, January 14, 2009]

Basic Failures Abound in Classification Program
[Secrecy News, January 14, 2009]

Current, Future Justice Officials Clash Over OLC Proposal
[Secrecy News, January 14, 2009]

Court Grants National Security Archive Motion to Search White House Computers and Preserve E-mails
[National Security Archive, January 14, 2009]

Will Obama open the government through IT?
[Federal Computer Week, January 13, 2009]

Chairman Towns Speech on Oversight Priorities
[House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, January 13, 2009; see also, Federal Computer Week’s Issa sees broad focus for oversight committee]

Bush to Give Documents on Firings to Obama Administration
[CQ, January 12, 2009; subscription req’d]

44 to reverse 43’s executive orders
[Politico, January 12, 2009]

In F.D.A. Files, Claims of Rush to Approve Devices
[New York Times, January 12, 2009]

COMMENTARY: All the President’s IMs: Are Federal Record-keeping Laws Out of Step With Modern Communications?
[FindLaw, January 12, 2009]

FOIA Facts: New FOIA Provisions Take Effect
[, January 12, 2009]

COMMENTARY: Voting for Glass Houses
[Columbia Journalism Review, January 12, 2009]

Obama Signals His Reluctance to Look Into Bush Policies
[New York Times, January 11, 2009]

Judge Rejects Keeping White House Visitor Logs Private
[AP via Washington Post, January 10, 2009]

Obama’s Cheney Dilemma
[Newsweek, January 10, 2009]

Obama’s intelligence team entering new era in counter-terrorism
[Los Angeles Times, January 10, 2009]

Prosecutors urge release of testimony in CIA case
[AP via Sacramento Bee, January 9, 2009]

Bush Admin Still Withholding Key ‘War on Terror’ Memos
[ProPublica, January 9, 2009; see also Recent Releases from the Office of the Legal Counsel]

U.S. to collect DNA samples of arrested immigrants
[Los Angeles Times, January 9, 2009]

Congress asks judge to keep Bush records at WH
[AP, January 8, 2009]

Obama Pick to Analyze Broad Powers of President
[New York Times, January 7, 2009]

Obama Is Reported Set to Revise Counterterrorism Efforts
[New York Times, January 7, 2009]

House renews probe of U.S. attorney firings
[Las Vegas Sun, January 7, 2009]

McCain, Feingold reunite to battle earmarks
[The Hill, January 7, 2009]

Obama, security aides, still debating Blackberry
[AP via Wired, January 7, 2009]

Bush Signing Statements Will Retire With Their Author
[ProPublica, January 7, 2009]

Judge’s Order Could Keep Public From Hearing Details of 9/11 Trials
[Washington Post, January 7, 2009]

Climate Scientists Freed from Agency Gag Order
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, January 7, 2009]

Criminal Investigation of CIA Video Destruction is "Ongoing"
[Secrecy News, January 7, 2009]

House and Senate appropriators impose new earmark requirements
[The Hill, January 6, 2009]

Ethics Rules Get Minor Tweak for 111th
[Roll Call, January 6, 2009 (subscription req’d)]

Obama Nominates Four To Senior Justice Posts
[Washington Post, January 6, 2009]

Court upholds prisoner secrecy
[Los Angeles Times, January 6, 2009]

Agencies Move to Restrict FOIA Access in Last-Minute Regs
[ProPublica, January 5, 2009]

More transparency fixes seen in Senate future
[USA Today via Federal Times, January 2, 2009]

Constitutionality of FISA to be Reviewed
[Secrecy News, January 5, 2009]

Obama expected to revoke Bush order on presidential records
[Austin American-Statesman, January 4, 2009]

EDITORIAL: Exit, Stonewalling
[New York Times, January 3, 2009]

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