News Archive 2008

Feds net traveler data from airlines
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, December 30, 2008]

Will Obama ‘deimperialize’ the presidency?
[CS Monitor, December 31, 2008]

Republicans Seek Recovery Plan Details
[New York Times, December 29, 2008]

AG: Cheney Interview Protected By Executive Privilege
[Blog of Legal Times, December 29, 2008]

Obama fails to disclose transition meetings
[Chicago Sun-Times, December 29, 2008]

COMMENTARY: Where Things Stand: Obama and Transparency
[ProPublica, December 29, 2008]

COMMENTARY: A Series of Really Influential Tubes
[Understanding Government, December 28, 2008]

COMMENTARY: Freedom of the press as a foreign concept
[LA Times, December 28, 2008]

Bush Data Threatens to Overload Archives
[New York Times, December 27, 2008]

Climate czar left no electronic trail
[Washington Times, December 24, 2008]

A rare peek at Homeland Security’s files on travelers
[Budget Traveler, December 22, 2008]

EDITORIAL: The World According to Cheney
[New York Times, December 22, 2008]

COMMENTARY: Will Open-Government Liberals Oppose Obama’s Trashing of Union Transparency?
[The Examiner, December 22, 2008]

COMMENTARY: Making Congress Moot
[Washington Post, December 21, 2008]

Cheney says he gets to decide which records to archive
[Los Angeles Times, December 19, 2008]

Chertoff calls for less secrecy in cybersecurity
[NextGov, December 18, 2008]

Transition: Agencies prepare for the YouTube administration
[Federal Computer Week, December 18, 2008]

Bailout watchdog: Where’s the spending plan?
[AP via Yahoo News, December 18, 2008]

Feds’ lack of preserving digital records reaching urgent stage
[Next Gov, December 17, 2008; also see the report]

Issa moving to create house Republican investigative unit
[CongressDaily via Government Executive, December 17, 2008]

EDITORIAL: Obama Should Move Government Into 21st Century Transparency
[DC Examiner, December 17, 2008]

Update on [Bailout] Freedom of Information Act requests
[Bailout Sleuth, December 16, 2008

AUDIO: Bailout Money
[Federal News Radio, December 16, 2008]

Supreme Court refuses FOIA war crimes case
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, December 16, 2008]

[Legal Times, December 22, 2008]

2nd Circuit Requires Judicial Review Before Security Letter Gag Order
[, December 16, 2008]

Cheney Roars Back: The Nightline Interview during his trip to Iraq
[ABC News, December 16, 2008]

Panelists push Web-savvy, open government
[NextGov, December 15, 2008]

Likely EPA Pick Hit for Jersey Record
[ProPublica, December 15, 2008]

AIG Said to Offer Retention Payment to Bigger Group of Workers
[Bloomberg, December 13, 2008]

DoE Seeks to Limit "Public Interest" FOIA Disclosures
[Secrecy News, December 15, 2008]

The Fed Who Blew the Whistle
[Newsweek, December 13, 2008]

Official History Spotlights Iraq Rebuilding Blunders
[New York Times, December 13, 2008]

As possible Afghan war-crimes evidence removed, U.S. silent
[McClatchy, December 11, 2008]

COMMENTARY: Obama: Say ‘no’ to the secrecy of ‘political pre-nups’
[Michigan Messenger, December 10, 2008]

National Archivist Allen Weinstein Resigns
[National Coalition for History, December 9, 2008]

Amendment likely to prevent e-gov act reauthorization
[CongressDaily via NextGov, December 11, 2008]

Firms Push for a More Searchable Federal Web
[Washington Post, December 11, 2008]

House oversight panel gets new leadership
[Government Executive, December 11, 2008]

Will the Obama Administration Defend Karl Rove?
[Mother Jones, December 11, 2008]

Treasury official vows to beef up oversight of bailout funds
[CongressDaily via Government Executive, December 10, 2008]

Chrysler’s Owners Keep Balance Sheets Secret
[ProPublica, December 10, 2008]

Obama Transition Team Pushing for Secret Legal Memos
[Blog of the Legal Times, December 9, 2008]

Senate Confirms N.Y. Prosecutor As Inspector General for Bailout
[Washington Post, December 9, 2008]

National Security Reform and Classification Policy
[Secrecy News, December 8, 2008]

House Panel to Ask for NSA Spying Probe
[Wired, December 8, 2008]

Committee Report Criticizes President’s Assertion of Executive Privilegey
[beSpacific, December 8, 2008]

Facebook pages in National Archives?
[Politico, December 8, 2008]

Panel to Call for Review of Wiretapping of Scholar
[New York Times, December 7, 2008]

Congressmen call on Mukasey to explain counterterrorism pardons comments
[Jurist, December 5, 2008]

Obama transition team sets transparency policy
[NextGov, December 5, 2008; see also Obama and Affirmative Disclosure]

Italy court again suspends CIA rendition trial to consider state secrets testimony
[Jurist, December 4, 2008]

Coast Guard pledges to post court martial dockets online
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, December 4, 2008]

Hold on TARP watchdog lifted, Schumer says
[Politico, December 4, 2008]

SEC approves rule amendments for credit ratings agencies
[Jurist, December 3, 2008]

AP loses court battle for Justice Department records
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, December 2, 2008]

A Dome Under Lock and Key
[CQ Politics, November 30, 2008]

Treasury Rebuffs Watchdog’s Request for More Oversight of Bailout
[ProPublica, December 3, 2008]

Blocking Barofksy?
[Bailout Sleuth, November 30, 2008]

Local technology czar could be headed to Obama administration
[NextGov, November 26, 2008]

No Court Order Needed to Spy on Americans Overseas, Appeals Court Rules
[Wired, November 26, 2008]

COMMENTARY: It’s time for a Wiki White House
[Nieman Watchdog, November 25, 2008]

Last Secrets of the Bush Administration
[Washington Monthly, November/December 2008]

History Reloaded: Changing The Past To Suit The Present
[Information Week, November 26, 2008]

Obama losing fight to keep BlackBerry
[Politico, November 26, 2008]

FBI’s early anthrax hunches revealed in documents
[Los Angeles Times, November 26, 2008]

First Audit Said to Cite Some Snags With Bailout
[New York Times, November 25, 2008]

GAO: Labor Dept. Misled Congress
[Washington Post, November 25, 2008]

The Fed’s Secret $893 Billion Loan Portfolio
[ProPublica, November 24, 2008]

Bush e-mail records could be lost to history
[NextGov, November 24, 2008]

Towns building Oversight support, despite spotty attendance record
[The Hill, November 24, 2008]

Archives prepares for outgoing White House records
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, November 24, 2008; see also NARA’s Contigency Plan]

Iraq Ally Lists Were Altered, Study Shows
[New York Times, November 24, 2008]

COMMENTARY: Judges Need to Look: In FOIA cases over national security, courts should examine the documents
[Legal Times, November 24, 2008]

Towns could face competition for House oversight spot
[Government Executive, November 21, 2008]

Decoder: What Docs Can the White House Put in the Shredder?
[ProPublica, November 21, 2008]

Obama Transition Team Leaders Named for NARA
[National Coalition for History, Washington Update, November 21, 2008]

Judge orders release of 5 terror suspects at Gitmo
[AP via Yahoo News, November 20, 2008]

Report says CIA witheld info from White House
[AP via Yahoo News, November 20, 2008]

Don’t Remove Gov’t Records, Departing Officials Are Told
[Secrecy News, November 20, 2008]

New friendly fire coverup: Army shreds files on dead soldiers
[Salon, November 20, 2008]

Who Will Lead House Oversight and Government Reform?
[Washington Post, November 20, 2008]

AUDIO: Obama, Unplugged: Why Presidents Can’t E-mail
[National Public Radio, November 19, 2008]

US Navy defense lawyer allowed access to restricted Guantanamo camp
[Jurist, November 19, 2008]

New York Police Fight With U.S. on Surveillance
[New York Times, November 19, 2008]

ANALYSIS: Will Eric Holder Shift Justice Away From The Bush Model?
[Talking Points Memo, November 19, 2008]

EDITORIAL: Time to turn the page on government secrecy
[The (Longview, WA) Daily News, November 19, 2008]

COMMENTARY: Keep the BlackBerry
[Washington Post, November 19, 2008]

Many Groups Spied Upon In Md. Were Nonviolent
[Washington Post, November 19, 2008]

DNI: Data destruction a major cyber threat
[Federal Computer Week, November 18, 2008] ‘Agenda’ Pages Are Back
[ProPublica, November 18, 2008]

Invention Secrecy Up Slightly in 2008
[Secrecy News, November 18, 2008]

Lieberman keeps government reform panel chairmanship
[Congress Daily via Government Executive, November 18, 2008]

Obama to nominate ex-deputy AG Holder as next attorney general: reports
[Jurist, November 18, 2008]

Fears over covert DNA database
[Financial Times, November 17, 2008; see also Joint Intelligence DNA Database Described from Secrecy News]

Contempt Order Vacated, But Case Not Closed
[The Blog of Legal Times, November 18, 2008]

Plame, Wilson Seeking Supreme Court Review
[The Blog of Legal Times, November 18, 2008]

U.S. Loses Ruling on Hatfill
[Washington Post, November 18, 2008]

Lawmakers: More Power Needed To Monitor Rescue Plan
[Congress Daily, November 18, 2008 (subscription req’d)]

Early Test for Obama on Domestic Spying Views
[New York Times, November 17, 2008]

Bailout watchdog nominee touts experience
[Government Executive, November 17, 2008]

Bush names officials to oversee rescue plans
[Federal Computer Week, November 17, 2008]

Third Circuit promises an end to secret dockets
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, November 17, 2008]

F.D.A. Scientists Accuse Agency Officials of Misconduct
[New York Times, November 17, 2008]

George W Bush could pardon spies involved in torture
[The Telegraph (UK), November 15, 2008]

Smithsonian operating with new FOIA-like policy
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, November 17, 2008]

Obama signals he will tap his rivals
[The Christian Science Monitor, November 17, 2008]

Now The Hard Part: Can Obama Keep His Promises On Ethics And Transparency?
[National Journal, November 17, 2008 (subscription req’d)]

Call for probe into ex-Goldman executives
[Financial Times, November 17, 2008]

Smithsonian Regents Set To Hold First Open Meeting
[Washington Post, November 15, 2008]

Court weighs missing White House e-mail
[MSNBC, November 14, 2008]

COMMENTARY: Computers Of The World, Unite!
[Forbes, November 17, 2008]

Obama Wrote Federal Staffers About His Goals
[Washington Post, November 17, 2008]

Say Goodbye to BlackBerry? Yes He Can, Maybe
[New York Times, November 16, 2008]

Senators move swiftly on nominee to oversee bailout
[Congress Daily via Government Executive, November 14, 2008]

Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program Named
[White House Personnel Announcement, November 14, 2008]

EDITORIAL: Democratic Pressure on Obama to Restore the Rule of Law
[New York Times, November 14, 2008; see also Senator Feingold’s hearing on Restoring the Rule of Law]

Commentary: Accountability Needed With Bailouts
[New York Times, November 13, 2008]

Commentary: Where’s the oversight for $700B bailout?
[CNN, November 13, 2008]

Bush, Out of Office, Could Oppose Inquiries
[New York Times, November 12, 2008]

FOXBusiness Demands Answers on Bailouts
[FOXBusiness, November 11, 2008]

Bailout Docs Still Redacted
[ProPublica, November 13, 2008]

Democrats to White House: Preserve your records
[AP via Washington Post, November 13, 2008]

COMMENTARY: The Iraq Math War
[Mother Jones, November/ December 2008]

Bailout Lacks Oversight Despite Billions Pledged: Watchdog Panel Is Empty; Report Is Unfinished
[Washington Post, 11.13.08]

Obama Team Faces Major Task in Justice Dept. Overhaul
[Washington Post, 11.13.08]

Obama Team Expected to Broker Deal on Subpoenas Over U.S. Attorney Firings
[AP via, 11.13.08]

Whistleblower asked to reveal illegal FBI acts
[Washington Times, 11.13.08]

Boehner Demands Fed Identify Recipients of Loans
[Bloomberg News, 11.12.08]

COMMENTARY: Obama and the imperial presidency
[Guardian (UK), 11.12.08]

Coalition Calls for Obama Administration to Restore Government Transparency
[beSpacific, 11.12.08]

Newspapers seek unsealing of anthrax search records
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 11.12.08]

Proposed Changes Never Reviewed by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; Call for Congress to Close the Federal Register Now
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 11.10.08]

Under Obama, Web Would Be the Way
[Washington Post, 11.10.08]

Search for White House e-mails could span administrations
[NextGov, 11.11.08]

Government Rescue Spending: Clear or Cloudy?
[ABC News, 11.11.08]

Obama advisers planning Guantanamo prison closure: report
[Jurist, 11.10.08; See also AP’s Obama plans Guantanamo closure, US terror trials ]

Supreme Court refuses review in secret employment discrimination suit
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 11.10.08]

COMMENTARY: Plugging Leaks in the Bailout: To make sure the law functions as planned, we need a few things clarified.
[Legal Times, 11.10.08]

Let’s Go to Court! A call to news organizations: Join Bloomberg’s suit vs. Fed
[Colombia Journalism Review, 11.11.08]

Court Rejects White House on Missing E-mails
[National Security Archive, 11.10.08]

Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Disclose
[Bloomberg, 11.10.08]

A Quiet Windfall For U.S. Banks: With Attention on Bailout Debate, Treasury Made Change to Tax Policy
[Washington Post, 11.10.08]

Bush Spy Revelations Anticipated When Obama Is Sworn In
[Wired, 11.10.08]

Secret Order Lets U.S. Raid Al Qaeda in Many Countries
[New York Times, 11.9.08]

Bloomberg Steps Up: Wire service sues Fed for bailout transparency
[Columbia Journalism Review, 11.7.08]

After the Imperial Presidency
[New York Times Magazine, 11.7.08]

More information, please
[Bailout Sleuth, 11.6.08]

Judge Opens First Habeas Corpus Hearing on Guantanamo Detainees
[New York Times, 11.6.08]

Report: Counterterrorism should focus on open source intelligence
[NextGov, 11.6.08]

The Presidential Transition and Secrecy
[Secrecy News, 11.6.08]

FY 2008 NRO Budget Book Released
[Secrecy News, 11.6.08]

Another $11 million in legal work
[Bailout Sleuth, 11.5.08]

Court Rebukes CIA on Freedom of Information, Recognizes Journalists, Not CIA, Determine What Is News
[National Security Archive, 11.5.08]

Memo: ISOO Notices
[Information Security Oversight Office, 10.30.08; see also the notices]

Propelled by Internet, Barack Obama Wins Presidency
[Wired, 11.4.08]

Judge: prosecutors mischaracterized record in secret briefs
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 11.4.08]

Goldman’s Backdoor Bailout: A call for transparency in the taxpayer rescue of Wall Street
[Columbia Journalism Review, 11.4.08]

EDITORIAL: So Little Time, So Much Damage
[New York Times, 11.3.08]

New Terrain for Panel on Bailout
[New York Times, 11.3.08]

Federal judge orders Cheney aide to testify in VP records lawsuit
[Jurist, 11.3.08]

CRS warns against destruction of Web pages, records
[Federal Computer Week, 11.3.08; see also the CRS report, Presidential Transitions: Issues Involving Outgoing and Incoming Administrations]

Classification System is "Broken," Advisers Tell DHS
[New York Times, 11.3.08]

U.S. Said to Be Using Loose Rules in Bank Aid
[New York Times, 10.31.08]

Is Paulson’s Plan Mysterious or Non-Existent?
[Dirt Diggers Digest, 10.31.08]

Army historian says war records ‘just not kept’
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 10.31.08]

Judge orders White House to produce wiretap memos
[AP via Washington Post, 11.02.08]

Bush administration denies funding for FBI probe of mortgage mess
[AP via Seattle P-I, 10.31.08]

Military whistle-blowers get little help in retaliation cases
[AP via Government Executive, 10.31.08]

CIA Can Hide Torture Allegations, Court Rules
[Wired, 10.29.08; see also Violations of Law May Be Classified, Court Rules on Secrecy News]

Audit: US Fails In Tracking Cost of Iraq Contractors
[AP via ProPubica, 10.30.08]

ICE record systems get Privacy Act exemptions
[Federal Computer Week, 10.29.08]

The case for e-discovery
[Government Computer News, 10.27.08]

Treasury Will Disclose Bailout Banks, Eventually
[ProPublica, 10.28.08]

Defense Lawyers Get Access To Secret Guantanamo Camp
[Washington Post, 10.28.08]

Activists, Lawyers Secure File Access
[Washington Post, 10.28.08]

Campaign advisers say CIO job should be a career position
[NextGov, 10.28.08]

ODNI Releases Budget Figure for National Intelligence Program
[Director of National Intelligence, 10.28.08]

Treasury is mum on new hires to manage bailout
[Government Executive, 10.27.08]

Next special counsel faces an uphill battle
[NextGov, 10.27.08]

Administration to Bypass Reporting Law
[New York Times, 10.24.08]

COMMENTARY: Data tools outstrip laws, policies
[Federal Computer Week, 10.27.08; see also Protecting Individual Privacy in the Struggle Against Terrorists: A Framework for Program Assessment via beSpacific]

COMMENTARY: Let’s see what happens with open government
[The Tallahassee Democrat, 10.27.08]

GSA creates private network for transition teams
[Federal Computer Week, 10.24.08]

Can’t Touch This: Why did the NSA classify ‘public’ report on wiretaps?
[Newsweek, 10.24.08]

Special Counsel Bloch Resigns Under Pressure
[Washington Post, 10.24.08]

Senator probes SEC role in Bear rescue
[Financial Times, 10.23.08- free registration req’d]

DoD Fails to Control "Controlled Unclassified Info"
[Secrecy News, 10.23.08]

Inspector General Confronts Overclassification
[Secrecy News, 10.23.08]

U.S. Army delays, alters medical studies under little-known scientific censorship program
[epiNEWS, 10.23.08]

Quaker organization posts first public English translation of latest U.S.-Iraq status of forces agreement
[American Friends Service Committee, 10.21.08]

U.S. Pressed to Turn Over Detainee Papers
[Washington Post, 10.23.08]

What are the candidates hiding?
[Politico, 10.23.08]

Why are Docs From the Bailout Being Redacted?
[ProPublica, 10.22.08]

Officials weigh creating domestic intelligence agency
[Government Executive, October 22, 2008; see also the Rand Report (115 pages)]

TSA announces final rule for watch list screening
[NextGov, 10.22.08]

COMMENTARY: Fixing the Jumbled Mess of e-Rulemaking
[POGO Blog, 10.22.08]

Transparency at Federal Science Agencies
[Columbia Journalism Review, 10.22.08]

Agencies Counted Big Firms As Small: SBA Says It Will Correct Data on Federal Contracts
[Washington Post, 10.22.08]

EDITORIAL: Questions About Their Health
[New York Times, 10.20.08]

OSC chief announces he will resign on Jan. 5
[Congress Daily via Government Executive, 10.20.08]

Agencies collaborate on digitization guidelines
[Federal Computer Week, 10.20.08]

Agencies Rated on Scientific Candor
[Washington Post, 10.17.08]

Want Palin’s e-mails? That’ll be $15 million: Even at that price, many records won’t be available until after the election
[MSNBC, 10.17.08]

Former AIPAC Lobbyists Are Said To Be Hopeful of a New Review of Their Case
[The Jewish Daily Forward, 10.16.08]

Pentagon tightens rules on detainee interrogation
[LA Times, 10.15.08]

CIA Tactics Endorsed In Secret Memos
[Washington Post, 10.15.08]

Bush Declares Exceptions to Sections of Two Bills He Signed Into Law
[New York Times, 10.14.08]

Bipartisan Committee Report Criticizes President’s Assertion of Executive Privilege
[beSpacific, 10.14.08]

Reporters Committee, 29 other media groups urge Supreme Court to open secret case
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 10.14.08]

New bailout plans for archivists
[Federal Computer Week, 10.6.08; see also What’s new with DOD’s 5015.02-STD ]

Federal Wildlife Agencies Ordered to Ignore Global Warming
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 10.14.08]

Judge: Palin must preserve e-mails on private accounts
[McClatchy Washington, 10.10.08]

U.S. tapped intimate calls from Americans overseas
[LA Times, 10.10.08]

Surveillance powers unlikely to change with new president
[Government Executive, 10.9.08]

EPA likely to see changes under next administration
[Government Executive, 10.8.08]

States’ Actions to Block Voters Appear Illegal
[New York Times, 10.8.08]

SEC chairman blames lack of transparency for market turmoil
[NextGov, 10.8.08]

Treasury told to release documents related to terrorist watch list
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 10.8.08]

Intelligence Policy Would Reward Information Sharing
[Secrecy News, 10.8.08]

Activists Classified as Terrorists: Md. Police Put Activists’ Names on Terror List
[Washington Post, 10.8.08]

Justices Weigh Value of a Rule That Limits Evidence
[New York Times, 10.7.08]

Feds, industry announce center for identity management research
[Government Executive, 10.7.08]

Data-Mining for Terrorists Not ‘Feasible,’ DHS-Funded Study Finds
[Wired, 10.7.08; see also the report and Federal Computer Week’s Panel: Government data-mining programs need more scrutiny]

FCC Probes Pentagon Analysts
[US News & World Report, 10.6.08]

Palin’s promise of transparency in Alaska wanes on touchy topics like e-mail and polar bears
[, 10.7.08]

Court Won’t Force Testimony On Firings of U.S. Attorneys
[Washington Post, 10.7.08]

SEC plans to modernize how it discloses financial data
[Federal Computer Week, 10.6.08; see also October 8th Roundtable on Modernizing the SEC’s Disclosure System]

Intelligence Policy on Unauthorized Disclosures (2002)
[Secrecy News, 10.6.08]

Palin is sued for access to e-mail
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 10.6.08]

Supremes Mull Whether Bad Databases Make for Illegal Searches
[Wired, 10.4.08]

Experts debate how Congress can handle e-mail overflow
[CongressDaily via NextGov, 10.2.08]

Officials Refuse to Provide Details on Secret Previous Bailout
[ABC News, 10.1.08]

FBI Prevents Agents from Telling ‘Truth’ About 9/11 on PBS
[CQ Politics, 10.1.08]

Navy Urges More Classification by Compilation
[Secrecy News, 10.1.08]

Orphan works bill could open library collections to the Web
[Government Computer News, 10.1.08]

Separate private Palin e-mail account detailed
[Los Angeles Times, 10.1.08]

FBI won’t release documents on anthrax suspect
[Miami Herald, 9.30.08]

ODNI: Trade-off information security for good intel
[NextGov, 9.30.08]

DOD authorization bill reinforces competition, transparency, oversight
[Federal Computer Week, 9.30.08]

EDITORIAL: Security, not secrecy
[Federal Computer Week, 9.29.08]

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008
[beSpacific, 9.28.08; see also the New York Time’s Treasury Would Emerge With Vast New Power ]

Defense agency rescinds whistleblower’s gag order
[Government Executive, 9.26.08]

Senate panel approves policies for [sharing] sensitive documents
[Government Executive, 9.26.08]

Is E-Gov Act in jeopardy?
[Federal Computer Week, 9.26.08]

FBI creates knowledge wiki
[Federal Computer Week, 9.26.08]

Bailout Plan: Trust But Verify
[The Nation, 9.23.08]

OPINION: Ten To Toss: The Bush executive orders that most deserve to be scrapped.
[Slate, 9.26.08]

Subpoena for Office of Legal Counsel Documents Authorized
[Secrecy News, 9.26.08]

Guantanamo ex-prosecutor demands immunity to testify
[Los Angeles Times, 9.26.08; see also Guantanamo prosecutor quits amid controversy]

Privacy amendment stalls e-gov bill
[Federal Computer Week, 9.25.08]

Advocates Demand Congress Put Bailout Details on Internet
[Wired, 9.25.08]

Justice Department to amend proposed FBI guidelines
[Jurist, 9.24.08]

States, localities slam U.S. government for not sharing info
[NextGov, 9.24.08]

New Light on Private Security Contractors in Iraq
[Secrecy News, 9.24.08]

Groups Seek Whistle-Blower Protection in Bailout Legislation
[Washington Post, 9.24.08]

‘Grim’ Afghanistan Report To Be Kept Secret by US
[ABC News, 9.24.08]

[New York Times, 9.23.08]

OPINION: Just Click Send
[New York Times, 9.23.08]

Second Circuit rules government must release photos of Iraqi, Afghan prisoners
[Jurist, 9.22.08]

Obama says he would use IT to open government
[NextGov, 9.22.08]

Concern spreads about lack of accountability in emergency Treasury bill
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 9.22.08; see also Jurist’s Senate Democrats fault lack of judicial review in Bush financial rescue proposal ]

Cheney Is Told to Keep Official Records
[Washington Post, 9.21.08]

Few Limits Proposed for Treasury: Draft Rescue Bill Bars Court Review, Riling Lawmakers
[Wall Street Journal, 9.22.08(subscription req’d); see also Bush Urges Quick Passage of Bailout Package and Text of the Bailout Legislation]

Attorney General Pulls Immunity Trigger, Denies ‘Dragnet’ Surveillance
[Wired, 9.20.08]

OPINION: Senator Feingold’s Hearing to Restore "The Rule of Law"
[Boderfire Report, 9.18.08]

Industry Lawyers Directed Baca Wildlife Refuge Drilling Study – Concerns of Refuge Scientists Overridden by Interior, Justice Officials
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 9.18.08]

Senate Passes Contractor Responsibility Database
[POGO Blog, 9.18.08]

Prolonged Dispute Keeps New FOIA Office Only On Paper
[CongressDaily via Government Executive, 9.18.08; see also House Panel Holds Hearing on FOIA Ombudsman from the National Coalition for History]

Open Source Intel Rocks — Sorry, It’s Classified
[Wired, 9.17.08]

FBI chief grilled on spy rules: Defends warrantless citizen surveillance
[Chicago Tribune, 9.17.08]

Voter Database Glitches Could Disenfranchise Thousands
[Wired, 9.17.08]

Palin’s e-mail secrecy an open secret in Alaska
[Seattle Times, 9.15.08]

Poll: Public opposes increased presidential power
[Government Executive, 9.15.08; see also, theAP Poll]

Checking on contractors’ work
[Federal Computer Week, 9.15.08]

US Justice Department to ease FBI investigation guidelines
[Jurist, 9.15.08]

Newspaper asks Supreme Court to review secret docket
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 9.15.08]

Justice Department Moving to Immunize Snooping Telcos
[Wired, 9.12.08]

In Digital Age, Federal Files Blip Into Oblivion
[New York Times, 9.12.08]

Rule Changes Would Give FBI Agents Extensive New Powers
[Washington Post, 9.12.08]

Social Networking Sites Not Just for Friends – They’re Also for the Feds
[FoxNews, 9.11.08]

Senator questions progress on federal spending Web site
[NextGov, 9.11.08]

Feds Set to Take Over Airline Watch List Checking, Again
[Wired, 9.10.08]

Groups warn of growing government secrecy
[AP, 9.9.08]

Procedures for Invoking the State Secrets Privilege
[Secrecy News, 9.8.08]

Suit seeks to save Cheney files
[Los Angeles Times, 9.8.08]

Sarah Palin’s Secret Emails
[Mother Jones Blog, 9.7.08]

DC Circuit issues temporary stay blocking Miers testimony
[Jurist, 9.6.08]

Lawmakers chop up major contracting reform legislation
[NextGov, 9.4.08]

In Secret Letter, Tough U.S. Line on India Nuclear Deal
[Washington Post, 9.3.08]

Smithsonian chief: Museum to be more transparent
[Washington Examiner, 9.3.08]

Report Describes Careless Handling of U.S. Secrets
[Washington Post, 9.3.08; see also,Report of Investigation Regarding Allegations of Mishandling of Classified Documents by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales]

Provision allows certain agencies to withold information from records requesters
[Dallas Morning News, 9.2.08]

Social networkers respond to Hurricane Gustav
[Federal Computer Week, 9.1.08]

Secret Spying Court Stays Secret, Rejects ACLU Plea Again
[Wired, 8.29.08]

US warning to UK court in alleged torture case
[The Guardian, 8.28.08]

US judge voices fear public will be shut out of detainee trials
[Boston Globe, 8.28.08]

Contractors Augment Intelligence Agencies
[Washington Post, 8.28.08]

Judges consider whether FBI violated free speech
[Boston Globe, 8.27.08]

Executive privilege showdown looms for Congress, White House
[Los Angeles Times, 8.28.08]

Bush steps up fight over congressional authority
[Government Executive, 8.27.08]

Tech flaws hobble watch list
[Government Computer News, 8.26.08]

FBI: Phone record seizure was miscommunication
[Government Executive, 8.26.08]

OPINION:Sprehe: Seeking the records decider
[Federal Computer Week, 8.25.08]

Anxious Governments React to Google Earth
[Secrecy News, 8.25.08]

DHS to use controversial centers during political conventions
[Government Executive, 8.22.08]

Small biz advocates say change in disclosure process reduces transparency
[Government Executive, 8.22.08]

Candidates Would Ease Up On Executive Power
[NPR, 8.21.08]

[Dirt Diggers Digest, 8.22.08]

PR Push for Iraq War Preceded Intelligence Findings
[National Security Archives, 8.21.08]

Leahy, Specter request stalls new FBI guidelines
[The Hill, 8.21.08]

OPINION:Boston Court’s Meddling With ‘Full Disclosure’ Is Unwelcome
[Wired, 8.21.08]

White House missing as many as 225 days of e-mail
[AP via NextGov, 8.20.08; see also, more from the National Security Archive]

Report Rejects Medicare Boast of Paring Fraud
[New York Times, 8.20.08]

White House Signing Statements “Unsubstantiated,” Report Says
[Secrecy News, 8.20.08; see also, Findings of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations]

Citizens’ U.S. Border Crossings Tracked: Data From Checkpoints To Be Kept for 15 Years
[Washington Post, 8.19.08]

Judge Gives Government 10 Days to Avoid Contempt on CIA Tapes
[, 8.19.08]

Ninth Circuit rules people on ‘no-fly’ list can challenge status in federal courts
[Jurist, 8.19.08]

Senators seek to delay new rules in terror probes
[Associated Press, 8.18.08]

Study: U.S. not the leader in e-Government
[Federal Computer Week, 8.19.08; see also, Brookings’ Improving Technology Utilization in Electronic Government around the World, 2008]

Lawsuit seeks EPA pesticide data
[San Francisco Chronicle, 8.19.08]

Court Rules Against Limits On Pollution Monitoring
[CNN Money, 8.19.08]

Analysis tool exempt from some privacy laws
[Federal Computer Week, 8.18.08; see also, DHS’ privacy impact statement (PIA)]

Old-school recordkeeping meets the Digital Age
[Federal Computer Week, 8.18.08]

OPINION:FOIA Facts: Expanding the FOIA
[, 8.17.08]

U.S. May Ease Police Spy Rules: More Federal Intelligence Changes Planned
[Washington Post, 8.16.08]

Bill would allow media access to casket-arrival ceremonies at Dover
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 8.15.08]

Off Base: Fighting for Access to Military Court Dockets and Proceedings
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 8.15.08]

Toxic Exports — from the USA
[Dirt Diggers Digest, 8.14.08]

Project will preserve Bush administration Web sites
[NextGov, 8.15.08; see also Project will document Bush-era agency sites FCW, 8.14.08]

Opinion: A press-protecting president is vital
[The News & Observer, 8.14.08]

FBI to get freer rein to look for terrorism suspects
[McClatchy, 8.13.08]

Judge unseals Exxon opinion
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 8.13.08]

IT oversight bill gains support
[Federal Computer Week, 8.8.08; see also, S. 3384]

Candidates Vow To Keep Politics Out Of Science
[NPR, 8.12.08]

Continuing debate over Secrecy vs Security between Erich Lichtblau and Jack Goldsmith
[The New Republic, 8.13.08; see also Goldsmith’s review of Lichtblau’s Bush’s Law: The Remaking of American Justice and Lichtblau’s response]

Senate Report Scrutinizes the State Secrets Privilege
[Secrecy News, 8.12.08]

US court won’t resurrect lawsuit in CIA leak case
[New York Times, 8.12.08]

Federal Judge in DefCon Case Equates Speech with Hacking – Updated with Recording from Hearing
[Wired, 8.10.08]

Endangered Species Act Changes Give Agencies More Say
[Washington Post, 8.12.08]

Justice wants criminal intell systems to include terrorism info
[Federal Computer Week, 8.11.08]

OpEd:Open Questions on a Closed Case
[New York Times, 8.10.08]

Bush Administration Denies Congressional Access to More Global Warming Documents
[Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, 8.8.08]

F.B.I. Says It Obtained Reporters’ Phone Records
[New York Times, 8.8.08]

Twitter takes flight in Congress
[Federal Computer Week, 8.8.08]

Judge Bates Slams the Bush White House’s Claims of Congressional Immunity: Why There May Be No Consequences for the White House, Despite the Clear Ruling
[FindLaw, 8.08.08]

White House remains defiant on Miers, Bolten testimony
[The Hill, 8.8.08]

Editorial:Identifying the Anthrax Killer
[NY Times, 8.8.08]

Judge Says F.B.I. Can Examine Library Computers That Scientist Used Last Month
[NY Times, 8.8.08]

Chertoff: I’m Listening to the Internet (Not in a Bad Way)
[Wired, 8.6.08]

NARA offers guidance on e-mail archiving
[Federal Computer Week, 8.6.08]

NRC Proposes to Increase Openness on Security Info
[Secrecy News, 8.6.08]

White House Denies Author’s Accusations of Document Forgery
[Washington Post, 8.6.08]

Justice Dept. Set to Share Details in Anthrax Case
[New York Times, 8.5.08]

NARA proposes to rewrite record regulations
[Federal Computer Week, 8.5.08]

Climate Staff Urges EPA to Come Clean Before Congress
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 8.5.08]

Did U.S. Tape Detainee Visits?
[Washington Post, 8.5.08]

GAO and Intelligence Oversight
[Secrecy News, 8.4.08]

Legislation Introduced:A Bill to End Coercive Interrogations and Secret Detentions
[Secrecy News, 8.4.08]

New legislation would give security chiefs more power
[NextGov, 8.1.08]

Senate Rules Keep Donors Under Wraps: Voters Won’t Know Who Supported Senate Candidates Until After Election
[The Washington Independent, 8.1.08]

LEGISLATION INTRODUCED:Senate Bill Would Bar Secret Changes to Executive Orders
[Secrecy News, 8.1.08]

Judge Orders Miers to Testify Claim of Executive Privilege Rejected
[Washington Post, 8.1.08]

Prosecution Rests, Then Terror Trial Enters Secret Session to Hear Defense Testimony
[New York Times, 8.1.08; see also Lawyers for Detainee Assert Coercion]

Acknowledging Odds, Nadler Pushes State Secrets Bill
[CongressDaily, 8.1.08 (subscription req’d)]

Bush draws criticism after ordering intelligence overhaul
[CongressDaily via Government Executive, 7.31.08]

Intel Community Directed to Make Greater Use of Outside Experts
[Homeland Security Today, 7.31.08]

Bush signs new rules for spy agencies
[AP via Yahoo News, 7.31.08]

Editorial: In Search of Fresh Air Put the Smithsonian under the Freedom of Information Act
[Washington Post, 7.31.08]

GAO powers would increase under bill moved by House
[CongressDaily via Government Executive, 7.30.08; see also H.R. 6388 Government Accountability Office Improvement Act of 2008]

Magistrate Judge Affirms Recommendation that Court Order White House to Preserve E-mails on Workstations and Portable Media
[National Security Archive, 7.29.08]

EPA Staff Ordered to Stonewall Investigators and Media
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 7.28.08]

Wyden Seeks Declassification of FISA Court Opinions
[Secrecy News, 7.28.08]

Govt Files Appeal in AIPAC Case
[Secrecy News, 7.28.08]

The agency name that dare not be spoken
[Los Angeles Times, 7.27.08]

4,000 U.S. Deaths, and a Handful of Images
[New York Times, 7.26.08]

Justice Advised CIA in ’02 About Legal Waterboarding
[Washington Post, 7.25.08; see also, the the memos]

Lawmaker Pledges to Block ‘Secret Rule’
[Washington Post, 7.25.08]

Committee approves bills to ease flow of information
[Congress Daily via Government Executive, 7.24.08; see also HR 6576, the Reducing Information Control Designations Act and HR 6575, the Over-Classification Reduction Act ]

New information sharing office faces uncertain future
[Congress Daily via Government Executive, 7.23.08]

Editorial: Debating From the Domestic Front
[New York Times, 7.23.08]

U.S. Rushes to Change Workplace Toxin Rules
[Washington Post, 7.23.08]

Panels Compete For Bragging Rights To Classification Bills
[Congress Daily AM via Government Executive, 7.23.08 ]

Bills, lawsuits attempt to thwart private prisons’ escape from FOIA
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 7.22.08]

National security observers explain FISA ins and outs
[Government Executive, 7.21.08;see also Ketchup and Caviar’s Understanding Recent Changes to FISA – A Visual Guide (Flowchart)]

Editorial: Looking beyond email
[Federal Computer Week, 7.21.08]

Intel Official Blasts NYT Disclosure of CIA Interrogator’s Name
[Secrecy News, 7.21.08]

Mukasey Asks Congress to Write New Rules on Detainees
[Washington Post, 7.21.08]

Why Is It So Hard to Get Documents from the National Archives About the National Archives?
[History News Network, 7.21.08]

UK Commons report casts doubt on US denial of torture techniques
[Jurist, 7.20.08]

Opinion: Coleen Rowley and Ray McGovern: "Justifying" Torture: Two Big Lies
[Common Dreams, 7.19.08]

Bill Would End FOIA Shield for Smithsonian: Sen. Grassley Says Goal Is Greater Openness
[Washington Post, 7.19.08]

More on Why White House Blocked CO2 Curbs
[New York Times, 7.18.08]

Editorial: Double Secret Donations
[Washington Post, 7.18.08]

Office of Special Counsel official quits in protest
[Los Angeles Times, 7.17.08]

Feasibility of Improved Information Sharing Assessed
[Secrecy News, 7.17.08]

Oversight panel clears Iraq IG, deputy
[Government Executive, 7.17.08]

Panel approves bill allowing GAO to sue agencies
[Government Executive, 7.17.08]

White House Blocks Release of FBI Files: Privilege Is Cited in CIA Leak Case
[Washington Post, 7.17.08]

Video of interrogation of Guantanamo prisoner released
[Los Angeles Times, 7.15.08]

Controlled Unclassified Info May Be Classified, US-Czech Doc Says
[Secrecy News, 7.14.08]

E-mail public documents get erased, disappear
[Los Angeles Times, 7.14.08]

Editorial: History Deleted at the White House
[New York Times, 7.13.08]

True to form, CIA keeps its spy museum hush-hush
[USA Today, 7.13.08]

Turns out, FBI HQ Is Secure For Classified Intel
[ProPublica, 7.11.08]

Court Tosses White House Appeal on Visitor Logs
[, 7.11.08]

Army fires whistleblower who wanted press access to military funerals
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 7.10.08]

House votes to preserve White House e-mails
[Los Angeles Times, 7.10.08]

Capuano: Boehner’s Charges On Rule "Laughably Inaccurate"
[CongressDaily AM, 7.1.08; subscription req’d;; see also House seeks to curb YouTube ads when lawmakers link up]

DoD Renounces Security Restrictions on Unclassified Research
[Secrecy News, 7.09.08]

Cheney’s Staff Cut Testimony On Warming
[Washington Post, 7.9.08]

E-records reform bill faces resistance
[Federal Computer Week, 7.9.08; see also, the Statement of Administration Policy]

House seeks to curb YouTube ads when lawmakers link up
[The Hill, 7.8.08]

FBI Headquarters Not Cleared for Classified Intelligence
[Secrecy News, 7.7.08]

More scrutiny, secrecy at Justice Department
[Los Angeles Times, 7.6.08]

"State Secrets" Privilege Derails Rendition Suit
[Common Dreams, 7.4.08]

Immune to Critics, Secret-Spilling Wikileaks Plans to Save Journalism … and the World
[Wired, 7.3.08]

GAO: Feds need more financial transparency
[Federal Computer Week, 7.3.08]

Federal judge rules executive privilege limited by FISA requirements
[Jurist, 7.3.08]

Conyers threatens contempt charges for Rove
[The Hill, 7.3.08]

A Backlog Of Cases Alleging Fraud: Whistle-Blower Suits Languish at Justice
[Washington Post, 7.1.08]

Commentary: Milt Bearden: Truth Is Out on CIA and Torture
[The Washington Independent, 7.1.08]

Lawmakers want more spending data online
[Federal Computer Week, 7.1.08]

RAND Releases Delayed Iraq History
[New York Times, 7.1.08]

Judges Cite Need for Reliable Evidence To Hold Detainees
[Washington Post, 7.1.08]

Hill battle over Justice Department records likely to escalate
[Government Executive, 6.30.08

US House committee subpoenas CIA leak documents
[Jurist, 6.30.08]

White House Fights To Edit EPA Document Outlining GHG Regs
[Dow Jones NewsPlus via cattlenetwork, 6.29.08]

U.S. and Europe Near Agreement on Private Data
[New York Times, 6.28.08]

AT&T Whistleblower: Spy Bill Creates "Infrastructure for a Police State"
[Wired, 6.27.08]

Ashcroft involved with torture memos: Bush administration lawyers
[Jurist, 6.27.08]

Court: NSA can refuse to say if lawyers wiretapped
[Associated Press, 6.26.08]

Senate delays FISA vote until after recess
[Politico, 6.26.08]

White House Tried to Silence EPA Proposal on Car Emissions
[Washington Post, 6.26.08]

White House Refused to Open Pollutants E-Mail
[New York Times, 6.25.08]

Before Judge, Spirited Clash on Subpoenas for Bush Aides
[New York Times, 6.25.08]

Senator Feingold Will Filibuster FISA
[Truthout, 6.24.08]

Judge reluctant to enter fight over subpoenas: Congress urges court to force White House to turn over documents
[Associated Press, 6.23.08]

Judge Urged to Order Associates Of President to Honor Subpoena
[Washington Post, 6.24.08]

American Envoy Is Linked to Arms Deal Cover-Up
[Secrecy News, 6.25.08]

FEDERAL WILDLIFE REPORT CENSORED: Highly Redacted Inspector General Report Posted on Official Website
[Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, 6.23.08]

Democrats ponder splitting FISA bill as busy week looms in Senate
[Politico, 6.23.08]

Court Narrows Scope of Appeal in AIPAC Case
[Secrecy News, 6.23.08]

White House claims executive privilege in EPA emissions inquiry
[Jurist, 6.21.08]

Agencies weigh options as contempt vote looms
[Jurist, 6.19.08 (via]

Cheney gets last laugh
[The Hill, 6.19.08]

Congress Strikes Deal to Overhaul Wiretap Law
[New York Times, 6.20.08]

An Unlikely Antagonist in the Detainees’ Corner
[New York Times, 6.19.08]

Hill told privacy laws must be updated to protect the public
[NextGov, 6.18.08; see also the full GAO report]

Davis asks committee to investigate Bloch’s online defenses
[CongressDaily, 6.19.08 (via NextGov)]

Easing of laws that led to detainee abuse hatched in secret
[McClatchy, 6.18.08]

Report Questions Pentagon Accounts — Officials Looked Into Interrogation Methods Early On
[Washington Post, 6.17.08]

Grand Jury Said to Look at Attorneys’ Dismissals
[New York Times, 6.17.08]

Federal judge dismisses FOIA suit seeking records about White House e-mails
[Jurist, 6.16.08]

USDA keeps livestock data open to public
[Federal Computer Week, 6.13.08]

Detainees May Be Denied Evidence for Defense
[Washington Post, 6.15.08]

Lawmaker threatens contempt vote for EPA chief
[AP, 6.13.08 (via Washington Post)]

Data on Housing Relief Questioned
[Washington Post, 6.13.08]

Mobile Phone Number Moving Caused Feds to Wiretap Wrong American
[Threat Level (Wired), 6.12.08]

Supreme Court rejects limits on FOIA lawsuits
[Washington Post, 6.12.08; see also the amicus brief of the National Security Archive, which we joined, and the Court’s ruling]

Lawmakers Seek to Close Foreign Lobbyist Loopholes
[New York Times, 6.12.08]

Secret Spy Court Repeatedly Questions FBI Wiretap Network
[Threat Level (Wired), 6.11.08]

Audit Faults Delays in Immigrant Name Checks
[Washington Post, 6.10.08]

Records Could Shed Light on Iraq Group
[Washington Post, 6.9.08; see also Listening to Dissent, Slate, 6.10.08]

Government Probes at Least 7 Defense Contracts for Charities
[Washington Post, 6.7.08; see also FBI Investigation of PA Pentagon Contractors Reveals More Money, Contracts, TPM Muckraker, 6.10.08]

DIA Reports on Loss of Jose Padilla Interrogation Video
[Secrecy News, 6.8.08]

Lawyer: Gitmo interrogators told to trash notes
[AP (via Talking Points Memo), 6.8.08]

US reopening review of torture charges
[AP, 6.6.08]

Mukasey defends military commissions for terror cases
[AP, 6.5.08]

Climate Findings Were Distorted, Probe Finds – Appointees in NASA Press Office Blamed
[Washington Post, 6.3.08]

US accused over ‘floating prisons’ for suspected extremists
[Agence France-Presse, 6.2.08]

New Contracts Reflect Continued Presence in Iraq
[Washington Post, 6.2.08]

In shift, White House accelerates deadline to propose rules
[Boston Globe, 5.31.08]

Under Pressure, White House Issues Climate Change Report
[New York Times, 5.30.08; see also story about 2007 federal ruling]

Former prosecutors challenge White House immunity claim
[McClatchy, 5.29.08]

Censors put limits on Guantanamo photos
[Miami Herald, 5.25.08]

Mukasey defends government lawyers who wrote interrogation memos
[Jurist, 5.24.08]

Judge orders SBA to release contracting data
[RCFP, 5.23.08]

New judges appointed to secret court
[United Press International, 5.23.08]

The "Big Scrape": This Time, You’re on Your Own
[Federal News Radio, 5.23.08]

They Knew, and Didn’t do it Anyway
[Federal News Radio, 5.23.08]

Google rejects Lieberman’s request to remove content
[The Hill, 5.20.08]

Attorneys: Save evidence against alleged combatant
[LA Times, 5.20.08]

House passes bill with contracting reforms
[Federal Computer Week, 5.19.08]

Report: Government’s Cyber Security Plan Is Riddled With New Spying Programs
[Wired, 5.19.08; See also Senate Armed Services Committee Report 110-335 on National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009]

FOIA law on attorney fees can be applied retroactively
[Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, 5.19.08]

John McCain and Barack Obama: Two visions of the Supreme Court
[LA Times, 5.19.08]

Democracy and the Web
[NY Times, 5.19.08]

Will NARA be ready for Bush’s e-records?
[Federal Computer Week, 5.15.08]

Political clashes underline limits to intelligence reform
[LA Times, 5.15.08]

Ex-State officials allege corruption cover up
[AP via, 5.13.08]

Public Editor: Information That Doesn’t Come Freely
[New York Times, 5.11.08]

Guantanamo judge demands detainee’s records
[AP via Philadelphia Inquirer, 5.09.08]

US judge orders CIA to turn over ‘torture’ memo
[Reuters via Jurist, 5.08.08]

’03 White House E-Mails Not Found
[Washington Post, 5.07.08]

FBI Targets Internet Archive With Secret ‘National Security Letter’, Loses
[Wired, 5.07.08]

Yoo, Ashcroft To Testify On Interrogation Policies; Subpoena Authorized For Addington
[Politico, 5.06.08]

F.B.I. Raids Special Counsel’s Office
[NY Times, 5.06.08]

Lawmakers seek probe of Pentagon public relations program
[AP via, 5.05.08]

The Ultimate Little Black Book
[Washington Post, 5.05.08]

Editorial: Missing Records
[New York Times, 5.04.08]

White House Blocked Rule Issued to Shield Whales
[Washington Post, 5.01.08]

Telecoms and the Bush administration talked about how to keep their surveillance program under wraps.
[Newsweek, 5.01.08]

Lawmakers to See Secret Documents
[The Washington Post, 5.01.08; See also Secret Law and the Threat to Democratic and Accountable Government]

Air marshals grounded in list mix-ups
[Washington Times, 4.30.08]

WH pushes senators on shield law
[Politico, 4.29.08]

From Chief Prosecutor To Critic at Guantanamo
[Washington Post, 4.29.08]

Noose Allegedly Found at Secret Service Training Center
[Cox Washington, 4.29.08]

House Chairman Threatens Subpoenas on Torture Policy
[Associated Press, 4.29.08]

Senate judiciary panel advances bill curbing state secrets privilege
[Jurist, 4.29.08]

FBI wants widespread monitoring of ‘illegal’ Internet activity
[CNET News, 4.29.08]

Letters Give C.I.A. Tactics a Legal Rationale
[NY Times, 4.28.08; See Also John McCain and Bush’s torture powers]

Iraqis accuse Blackwater of shredding documents
[USA Today, 4.28.08]

Lawyers Fear Monitoring in Cases on Terrorism
[NY Times, 4.28.08]

Judge Rules on Terrorism Watch Lists
[NY Times, 4.28.08]

Officials question cost, scope of e-mail storage measure
[Congress Daily via, 4.25.08]

CIA Foresaw Interrogation Issues
[Washington Post, 4.25.08]

OMB indicates some ozone documents may be privileged
[Congress Daily via, 4.22.08]

White House Challenges Release of Visitor Logs
[Associated Press via, 4.21.08]

Secrecy in case of financier in dispute
[San Diego Tribune, 4.20.08]

Editorial: The Torture Sessions
[NY Times, 4.20.08]

Behind Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand
[NY Times, 4.20.08; see also Major Revelation: U.S. Media Deceitfully Disseminates Government Propaganda]

Justice Department investigating torture memo
[AP via Jurist, 4.18.08]

Whose Privilege?
[New York Times, 4.18.08]

Tapes Not Part of Court Order, C.I.A. Insists
[New York Times, 4.18.08]

Dems seek to require electronic storage of agency e-mail
[CongressDaily, via, 4.17.08]

TSA may begin air passenger background checks in 2009
[CongressDaily, via Government, 4.16.08]

Congress May Seek Criminal Probe of Altered Earmark
[Washington Post, 4.17.08]

EFF Report: FBI Slowed Terror Investigation with Improper NSL Request
[EFF, 4.15.08; see the EFF report and the DOJ OIG’s FBI/NSL report]

Lawmakers Want FBI Access to Data Curbed
[Washington Post, 4.15.08]

Secrecy May Hamper Cybersecurity Efforts
[Wired: Danger Room, 4.14.08]

House panel to take up bill requiring electronic e-mail storage
[CongressDaily, 4.14.08 (via]

Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in U.S.
[Washington Post, 4.12.08]

Constitutional Exception Not Valid, Mukasey Says
[Washington Post, 4.12.08]

Bush Aware of Advisers’ Interrogation Talks
[ABC News, 4.11.08]

Agencies Use Contradictory Rules for Classifying Information
[Washington Post, 4.11.08; see also the report, via FAS/Secrecy News]

Cheney, Others OK’d Harsh Interrogations
[ABC News, 4.11.08]

Arguments on Privilege for 2 Bush Aides
[AP, via New York Times, 4.11.08]

Senators warn Bush about Iraq security agreements
[Los Angeles Times, 4.11.08]

Exclusive: Pentagon delays report on FBI role in detainee abuse
[McClatchy, 4.10.08]

Senate panel moves whistleblower measure
[CongressDaily, via, 4.7.08]

The Justice Department fights PR battle over media shield bill
[Cox News: The Secrecy File, 4.7.08]

Whistle-blowers say FAA looked the other way on airline safety
[Los Angeles Times, 4.4.08]

Republicans to Call for More Disclosure on Earmarks
[New York Times, 4.3.08]

DOD using FBI to circumvent security letter limits: ACLU
[Jurist, 4.2.08]

Risk Information Withheld by CDC
[NextGov, 4.2.08]

Memo: Laws Didn’t Apply to Interrogators
[Washington Post, 4.2.08]

Centers Tap Into Personal Databases
[Washington Post, 4.2.08]

Intelligence-Gathering Program May Be Halted
[Washington Post, 4.2.08]

DOJ wins a legal battle with DNC over White House e-mails
[Politico, 3.28.08]

Tapes’ Destruction Hovers Over Detainee Cases
[New York Times, 3.28.08]

EPA chief bides time on court’s emissions order; Shelving his agency’s findings that greenhouse gases are a danger, he says he’ll open a long public comment period.
[Los Angeles Times, 3.28.08]

USDA Might Limit Meat Recall Information
[AP, 3.26.08]

Supreme Court rules Bush exceeded his powers
[Los Angeles Times, 3.26.08]

Senate bill seeks to ease vote caging
[Politico, 3.25.08; see our Election Resource Center]

Op-Ed — Dick Cheney’s Error: It’s Government By the People
[Washington Post, 3.22.08]

Passport files of McCain, Clinton, Obama all breached
[Los Angeles Times, 3.22.08]

White House says computer hard drives from years of possibly missing e-mail were destroyed
[AP via Star Tribune, 3.21.08]

EPA wants to know what staffers told congressman
[Los Angeles Times, 3.20.08]

On-the-Record Briefing on Unauthorized Accessed Passport Records
[State Department, 3.20.08]

In Hillary Clinton’s Datebook, A Shift
[Washington Post, 3.20.08]

Judge allows questions about how Clinton documents are released
[Los Angeles Times, 3.20.08]

Hillary Clinton’s White House Schedules
[Washington Post, 3.19.08]

White House e-mail controversy may affect current computers
[Federal Computer Week, 3.18.08; see also National Security Archive]

FBI provided flawed data for terrorism watch list, audit says
[Los Angeles Times, 3.18.08]

Critics: Exemptions cripple information act
[, 3.17.08]

States steadily close public access to information
[AP, via The World (Coos Bay, OR), 3.17.08]

States fight to keep official e-mails private
[Brattleboro Reformer, 3.17.08]

Audit: Bush barely trims FOIA backlog
[Boston Globe, 3.16.08; see also audit by The National Security Archive (and the report itself)]

More People See Federal Government as Secretive; Nearly All Want to Know Where Candidates Stand on Transparency
[Sunshine Week, 3.16.08]

Presidential candidates believe government should be more open
[Herald-Dispatch, 3.15.08]

National Rules Adopted for Judicial Conduct and Disability Proceedings
[, 3.11.08; see also Ruling on judges complaints will be made public, RCFP, 3.13.08]

Cornyn-Leahy introduce new FOIA reform
[Cox News The Secrecy File, 3.12.08; see the bill, S. 2746]

President weakens espionage oversight
[The Boston Globe, 3.14.08]

Pentagon Cites Tapes Showing Interrogations
[New York Times, 3.13.08]

ACLU sues to demand Guantanamo disclosures
[Los Angeles Times, 3.13.08]

Pentagon Report on Saddam’s Iraq Censored?
[ABC News, 3.12.08]

NSA’s Domestic Spying Grows As Agency Sweeps Up Data
[Wall Street Journal, 3.10.08; see also TIA Lives On, National Journal, 2.23.06]

Officials Lean Toward Keeping Next Iraq Assessment Secret
[Washington Post, 3.7.08]

Secret Service Official says he didn’t look for documents
[Cox News, The Secrecy File, 3.7.08]

Finally, a vote on a media shield law?
[Cox News, The Secrecy File, 3.6.08]

National Dragnet is a Click Away
[Washington Post, 3.6.08]

FBI Chief Confirms Misuse of Subpoenas
[Washington Post, 3.6.08; see also the previous report of the Office of the Inspector General (DOJ)]

Swiss Bank Drops Wikileaks Lawsuit
[AP, via NYT, 3.5.08]

Some Clinton papers to be released
[Los Angeles Times, 3.4.08]

Mukasey Refuses Probe of Bush Aides
[AP, via ABC News, 3.4.08; see previous news story, Pelosi Urges Probe Into Bush Aides’ Refusals]

Computer experts point to White House failures in e-mail controversy
[AP via, 3.3.08]

New White House order bolsters intelligence chief’s power
[International Herald Tribune, 3.1.08]

Panel witnesses press for GAO audits of intelligence agencies
[Congress Daily via, 2.29.08]

Bush May Take Foreign Money for Presidential Library
[New York Times, 2.29.08; see also proposed legislation, The Presidential Library Donation Reform Act]

Pelosi Urges Probe Into Bush Aides’ Refusals
[Washington Post, 2.28.08]

Moussaoui lawyers say secrecy rules prevented adequate defense
[Jurist, 2.27.08]

The Treasury’s Missing Minutes Mystery
[New York Post, 11.29.07]

GOP Halts Effort to Retrieve White House E-Mails
[Washington Post, 2.27.08 (see also House Oversight Committee hearing summary with statements, testimony)]

On Signing Statements, McCain Says "Never," Obama and Clinton "Sometimes"
[Washington Post, 2.24.08]

Justice Probes Authors Of Waterboarding Memos
[Washington Post, 2.23.08]

Judge to let group explore Office of Administration’s workings
[Federal Computer Week, 2.12.08]

Government accountants: Taxpayers distrust federal financial reporting
[Federal Computer Week, 2.20.08]

Secret Service Inspector admits destroying documents
[Cox News: The Secrecy File, 2.20.08]

Privacy, civil rights advocates castigate Wikileaks ruling
[ComputerWorld, 2.20.08]

Experts find fault with cyberdirective
[Federal Computer Week, 2.18.08]

F.B.I. Received Unauthorized E-Mail Access
[New York Times, 2.17.08]

Bush Appeals to Justices on Detainees Case
[New York Times, 2.15.08]

Defendants’ Lawyers Fear Loss of Potential Evidence at Guantanamo Bay
[Washington Post, 2.14.08; see also Seton Hall report, "Captured On Tape"]

Federal judge extends deadline for government report on CIA tape destruction
[Jurist, 2.14.08]

House readies for key contempt vote
[Politico, 2.14.08]

What Economic Indicators?
[Sunlight Foundation – Ellen Miller’s blog, 2.14.08]

Congress poised to charge Bolten, Miers with contempt
[TheHill, 2.13.08]

Army Blocks Public Access to Digital Library
[Secrecy News, 2.13.08]

Senate Approves Telco Amnesty, Legalizes Bush’s Secret Spy Program
[’s Threat Level, 2.12.08]

Federal judge allows limited probe into White House office in missing e-mails case
[Jurist, 2.12.08]

Prosecutor to Review Official Handling of C.I.A. Tapes
[New York Times, 2.10.08]

Army Buried Study Faulting Iraq Planning
[New York Times, 2.11.08]

Editorial: The Cult of Secrecy at the White House
[New York Times, 2.7.08]

Clarity Sought on Electronics Searches
[Washington Post, 2.7.08]

Administration defends proposed FOIA change
[, 2.6.08]

CIA Monitors YouTube For Intelligence
[InformationWeek, 2.6.08]

Federal buildings become Real ID zones
[, 2.5.08]

Cornyn and Leahy oppose Bush cutting FOIA ombudsman
[Cox News: The Secrecy File, 2.5.08]

Are White House e-mails gone for good?
[Federal Computer Week, 2.4.08]

Bush eliminates FOIA ombudsman
[Cox News: The Secrecy File, 2.4.08, see also Leahy criticizes Bush on open records, AP via USA Today, 2.4.08]

Secret Service v. African American agents in discrimination suit
[Cox News: The Secrecy File, 2.1.08]

Federal appeals court refuses to consider ‘enemy combatant’ evidence ruling
[Jurist, 2.1.08]

Times Reporter Subpoenaed Over Source for Book
[New York Times, 2.1.08]

Bush asserts authority to bypass defense act
[Boston Globe, 1.30.08]

Judge Hits Gov’t on Indian Money Delay
[AP, 1.30.08]

Study: US broadband goal nearly reached
[Business Week, 1.30.08]

Acquitted terror defendant can’t speak publicly about trial
[AP, via First Amendment Center, 1.29.08]

Bush to charge lawmakers $200 for budget hard copy
[The Hill, 1.30.08]

New legislation could protect against abuse of state secrets privilege
[Jurist, 1.25.08] See also Congressional Odd Couple
[The Huffington Post, 2.01.08]

Leahy and Cornyn oppose White House moving FOIA ombudsman
[Cox News/The Secrecy File, 1.24.08]

EPA Chief Defends Greenhouse Gas Call
[Washington Post, 1.24.08]

Lawmakers favor outside access to legislative data
[Government Executive, 1.23.08]

New policy expected soon for sensitive information
[Federal Times, 1.22.08]

White House Has No Comprehensive E-Mail Archive
[Washington Post, 1.22.08]

EPA denies request for full explanation of California emissions waiver rejection
[Jurist, 1.20.08]

Conflicting statements in missing email inquiry
[Cox News/The Secrecy File, 1.18.08]

White House Study Found 473 Days of E-Mail Gone
[Washington Post, 1.18.08; see also White House rejects claims that e-mails missing, Jurist, 1.17.08]

Court keeps information on military trials private
[RCFP, 1.17.08]

CIA chief never objected to destruction of interrogation videos: lawyer
[Jurist, 1.17.08; see also Congress told CIA interrogation videos destroyed against instructions: Hoekstra]

White House Tape Recycling May Have Erased Controversial E-Mails
[Washington Post, 1.16.08]; see also National Security Archive statement]

Station Chief Made Appeal To Destroy CIA Tapes
[Washington Post, 1.16.08];

Executive Resigns in Storm Over Sleeping Guards
[Washington Post, 1.10.08 (via POGO; see also Tennessean story)]

Chicago council approves $20M settlement in police torture lawsuits
[Jurist, 1.10.08]

Judge postpones ruling on Secret Service sanctions, hears testimony
[The Secrecy File, 1.10.08; see also 12.20.07 story]

Federal judge rejects inquiry into CIA destruction of interrogation videos
[Jurist, 1.9.08; see also BBC story]

UK civil servant cleared in CIA rendition secrets leak case
[Jurist, 1.9.08]

Secret Service could face more sanctions tomorrow
[The Secrecy File, 1.9.08]

Federal judge rules that public has no right to view entire execution process
[Jurist, 1.9.08

Advisory Board Urges Declassification Reforms
[FAS’s Secrecy News Blog, 1.9.08; get the full report, "Improving Declassification"; See also Cox Secrecy File]

Judge orders White House to come clean on missing emails
[The Secrecy File, 1.8.08]

CIA in 2003 Planned Destruction of Tapes
[Washington Post, 1.4.08]

Human rights groups can protect sources: US court
[Jurist, 1.3.08]

Criminal Investigation Planned on C.I.A. Tapes
[New York Times, 1.2.08]

Redacted Air-Traffic Safety Survey Released
[Washington Post, 1.1.08]

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