Monumental HR1 Passage in House Expands Democracy Reform, Senate Must Follow Suit

OTG applauds the For the People Act and urges Senate to make it law

The For the People Act (H.R. 1) is the boldest pro-democracy legislation passed since Watergate and it encompasses critical anti-corruption, ethics, and voting reforms to create a more equitable and accountable democracy for all Americans. This historic bill provides solutions that will close the widening deficit of trust in government by championing strong federal ethics oversight that overhauls the Office of Government Ethics, erases antiquated loopholes for lobbyists and foreign agents, and puts in place pragmatic enforcement measures that provide the transparency and accountability the American people expect. 

For too long Americans have seen lawmaking in Washington unduly benefit corporations and wealthy interests. The “For the People Act” will root out these self-dealing practices so that our government serves the public, not the corporations they regulate. Open The Government applauds the House for passing this substantive legislation that transforms ethics norms that were often abused in the Trump administration into the rule of law. We urge the Senate to quickly pass the bill to guarantee some of the most urgent challenges to our democracy are faced head-on and to restore the public’s belief in an inclusive and representative government that delivers on what the people need.

Ufuoma Otu, Communications Director
(202) 332-0251