Long-Term Strategies

Often longer-term efforts to influence policy development or government direction require more developed strategies to properly organize advocacy activities. This section will help guide advocates in developing a long-term plan, message development and coalition building. These plans should not be stagnant and unchangeable. Revisiting and updating your long-term strategies based changing circumstances should be expected.

Long-term planning

To be successful it is imperative to develop a plan of action. Such plans assist in organizations in scheduling, monitoring progress, and even encouraging other groups to become involved.


Message Development

The importance of developing a concise and convincing message cannot be overstated. Policy debates can be won and lost, not just over the merits and facts of the issue but also over the clarity and resonance of the message. There are methods to help select and refine a useful message.


Coalition Building

Coalitions enable smaller groups to have more influence and get their voices heard in the policy-making process. However, building a coalition can be a tricky endeavor of balancing various views, agendas, and personalities. There are some basic steps and ground rules that can make the process easier.



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