Legal Justice for Servicemembers Act Introduced in House and Senate

The Legal Justice for Servicemembers Act, introduced by Senators Barbara Boxer, Ron Wyden, and Edward J. Markey and Congresswoman Jackie Speier, strengthens whistleblower protections rights for members of the Armed Forces. Twenty-seven groups joined the Government Accountability Project in strongly supporting the legislation.

As enumerated in the groups’ letter of support, the legislation:

  • permits legal challenges to retaliatory investigations;
  • permits the Inspector General to issue a 90 day “stay” of alleged retaliation while it is investigated;
  • guarantees an administrative due process hearing at the Board of Correction of Military Records for fully investigated whistleblower claims;
  • applies the civilian Whistleblower Protection Act burdens of proof against retaliation;
  • strengthens independence by allowing servicemembers to have an investigation by the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (OIG), instead of by a Service Inspector General;
  •  requires OIG investigative reports to consider discipline for retaliation; and
  • establishes general military administrative justice due process reforms.