Join With Us to Turn Rhetoric into Results with a Civil Society Model National Action Plan for Open Government

We and our colleagues have learned that the government’s National Action Plan for open government is the place to turn openness rhetoric into specific commitments from government that lead to measurable results. We invite you to join us in furthering that goal.  As part of engagement in the Open Government Partnership, the US government is required to develop – and implement — an OGP country plan with concrete commitments on open government – in collaboration with Civil Society.  We hope you will join us and contribute to creating the Civil Society Model National Action Plan.

At the end of this year, the Obama Administration will finish implementing its 2nd National Action Plan. This week, the White House kicked off brainstorming for its 3rd National Action Plan for Open Government with a web-cast reflection on the previous Plan and smaller collaborative sessions on future commitments on fiscal transparency, open data, the Freedom of Information Act, open innovation, federal and local collaboration, and public participation.

The current (2nd) plan included more commitments than those above, and the scope of the next National Action Plan is not limited to those or to what has been included in the past. Civil society’s input is crucial to ensure the next plan is ambitious and meaningful. 

As with the first Model Plan, we intend this 2nd model Plan to provide concrete examples for the US government illustrating how agencies can tackle tough openness and accountability issues in an achievable and timely manner in the third National Action Plan.

Interested? See the site, learn more, and even submit your own commitment at The deadline for submissions is June 1st.

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