Join the Celebration of Global Legislative Openness Week

From September 15th to 25th, civil society groups and governments will kick start an international dialogue on open parliamentary practices. GLOW is organized by the Legislative Openness Working Group of the Open Government Partnership.

Although the US National Action Plans have focused solely on the executive branch, is working with the Sunlight Foundation, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and others to create a blueprint for how the next session of Congress can be more open and accountable. Sunlight’s groundbreaking 2007 Open House Project will provide the foundation for the plan. The project includes recommendations on opening up legislative data, improving the transparency of the Office of the Clerk, making Congressional Research Service reports available to the public, and much more.

Share your vision of a more open Congress with us on Twitter at @OpenTheGov and the hashtag #OpenParl2014.

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