Is A Blog with E-Mail Public Participation?

Today, 17 organizations — several of them coalitions — wrote to Cass Sunstein and Aneesh Chopra to recommend a way to make the Open Government Partnership (OGP) public consultations truly public: an open blog to which the interested public can submit their ideas, using the model developed by and successfully employed twice by the Public Interest Declassification Board (PIDB).  These consultations were done in public and online; the PIDB did not just take the comments privately via e-mail and summarize them online.
Last week, we wrote about what the Roadmap for the Open Government Partnership (OGP) lays out as the principles for public consultation — and noted what Aneesh Chopra and Cass Sunstein proposed as the 'next phase' of the US government's consultations: a blog post with questions and an invitation to " send your thoughts to"
It was a proposition that we and others thought needed improvement to meet the spirit of the consultation process and make it in keeping with the President’s commitment to transparent government.