Peace and Security

We foster greater transparency and accountability around U.S. military and national security actions by building relationships with communities and grassroots organizations. OTG educates the public to mobilize demand for information about U.S. military activities and combats excessive national secrecy through federal policy reforms.


  • OTG’s The Cost of Fear report highlighted the abuses that persist at U.S. government-funded fusion centers post-9/11.
  • We continue to call on the federal government to release the full report to the public and push for accountability for those who were involved in the program. In December 2016, after sustained pressure from OTG and our partners, the Obama administration decided that the torture report would be preserved under the Presidential Records Act.
  • OTG and our partners have also succeeded in preventing the Department of Defense from weakening FOIA through the National Defense Appropriations Act for several years in a row.
  • The OTG coalition successfully supported two transparency provisions in the NDAA, requiring reports from the administration on the legal and policy frameworks behind the military and national security operations overseas, and on civilian casualties resulting from U.S. operations. We continue to monitor the government’s fulfillment of those reporting requirements.
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