How Should We Make the Federal Government More Open and Accountable? has set up a blog to help us collect your suggestions for ways to make the federal government more open and accountable. As you may remember, last month shared news about a report we had presented the Obama Administration with recommendations for what steps the Administration needs to take to meet the commitments it has made in the US National Action Plan (NAP) for the Open Government Partnership — and what additional steps we suggest the Administration take to meet these its goals. Now it's your turn to weigh in.

We need your feedback so that we can appropriately set priorities and make sure the Administration does everything needed to turn its promises into reality. We will evaluate the Administration’s effort to implement the plan, and will release results of that evaluation in September 2012.

The 18 goals laid out by the Administration in the NAP are written down the right hand side of the page. You can also find the areas you are particularly interested in by clicking on the "challenge" areas above or the tags to narrow down the list. The language from the NAP is in grey, and our recommendations are in green. Use the comment section to let us know what we missed, what needs modification, and how we should prioritize our recommendations.