How Can You Participate?

Civic organizations, libraries, universities and other groups can participate in two ways:

Be a host site.
Host sites must be able to receive a satellite
feed, underwrite a site license fee of no more than $250, and, ideally, show the national program live to an audience of 5 to 500 people. Working with other local sponsors, hosts may organize an audience discussion or panel presentation after the local program to discuss open government from a community perspective.

    Technical Requirements for Host Sites
    Host sites should be able to receive a C Digital or KU band satellite transmission to view the national program.
    IMPORTANT: When registering, please indicate your preference for:

      (a) C Digital OR
      (b) KU-Band Analog

Be a local program sponsor.
Sponsors may work with host sites to plan local programs immediately following the national program. This national program from Washington, DC, will be broadcast via satellite feed to communities around the country. Where possible, the national organizing groups will help all interested groups find local hosts who can receive the satellite feed and show the national program.

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