House Passes Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act

Before all members of the House left DC on September 28, they unanimously passed an amended version of S. 743, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act during a pro-forma session. The new version of the bill needs to be approved by the Senate before it is ready to be signed into law.

The latest version of S.743 closes important loopholes that have left federal employees who blow the whistle on government waste, fraud, abuse, and illegality vulnerable to retaliation, and upgrades protections. However, the bill does not include several high-priority improvements that whistleblower advocates have fought for years to put in place. Provisions that would have granted federal whistleblowers access to jury trials, expanded protections for classified disclosures to Congress, and added new protections for the national security and intelligence community were stripped from the bill in the interest of creating a non-controversial bill that could be passed before the end of the 112th Congress.

Strong whistleblower protections are crucial to creating a more accountable government. We look forward to continuing to support our allies on the Hill and whistleblower advocates in our partner organizations, notably the Government Accountability Project – GAP and the Project On Government Oversight – POGO, in their efforts.

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