Groups Support Effort to Reinforce Privacy Protections, Support Open Government, in Farm Bill

On Tuesday, June 4 we joined several of our partners and open government allies in support of an effort by Senator Cardin (D- MD) to reinforce existing privacy protections for farmers and protect the ability of the public to access government information.

Senator Cardin's proposed amendment (Amendment #1159) to the Farm Bill (S.954) is intended to be an alternative to the proposed amendments by Senators Grassley and Donnelly (Amendments #970, 1011, 1097). We wrote about how the Grassley-Donnelly amendment would undermine the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) here).

Here is a breakdown of the differences between the Grassley– Donnelly approach and Senator Cardin's Amendment. We urge you to contact your Senator to ask that they vote FOR the Cardin Amendment and AGAINST the Grassley– Donnelly Amendments.