Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are my basic responsibilities as a site coordinator?

A1. Site coordinators DO NOT have to be content experts, nor do they have to be very familiar with the program content. However, to ensure a fulfilling experience for participants, they must

  • be present at viewing location,
  • distribute registrant materials on the day of the seminar,
  • assist with telephone and email interaction,
  • handle any problems or complaints promptly and courteously

Q2. How can I get the satellite coordinates?
A2. Satellite coordinates are available once a site registers. We are offering KU Band Analog, C Band Digital, and C Band Analog. If you have not received the satellite coordinates, contact

Q3. When can I test the satellite coordinates?

A3. There will be a test 30 minutes before the program. The test will be from 12:30 pm to 1:00pm.

Q4. What should I do if I have a technical problem?

A4. Consult your local technical coordinator before attempting to tune in another satellite channel; minor adjustments to your receiving and viewing equipment may be all that’s necessary. These adjustments must be made to determine whether the problem is local. If this does not work, please call the Technical Operations Center at the National Press Club, (202) 662-7594.

Q5. How will you take telephone and email questions?

A5. There will be times during the program for questions from the national audience. At those times, people may call in to the number flashed on the screen using the phone at your host site or their cell phones. The phone number for call-ins is 202-662-7490 and the email address is The numbers are ONLY for questions you’d like to ask our panel during the teleconference. For more general questions, see Question 4 above.

When sending or calling in a question, the person with the question should give his/her name and where he/she is from. The question will be taken by our operators. We may rephrase the question or combine the question with others. Due to the volume of questions we expect and our time constraints, we cannot guarantee every question will be read on air.

Q6. Can I tape the program?

A6. You are welcome to tape the program. If you’d like, you may show the taped copy at a later date.

Q7. Will DVDs of the program be available?

A7. We plan at this point to have DVDs of the program available through the Special Libraries Association. We will let you know when they become available.

Q8. Will there be a webcast of the program available?
A8. There is no webcast available, but you can tape or buy a DVD of the program (see above).

Q9. What do I once the program ends?

Please fill out our survey for sites at and send us the evaluation forms you handed out to the audience.

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