Frequently-Asked Questions – 2008 webcast

Q. Can I still register my group’s event for the webcast?

A. Yes. Registration has been extended until March 18, the day before the webcast.

Q. Is it feasible for my group to receive the satellite downlink transmission?

A. The satellite downlink will be on C-band analog. Information (coordinates, transponder details) is now available. Email cgreen at

Q. Why do I have to register at the second site for the webcast?

A. The registration for the webcast – at – serves two purposes: it lets us tally our viewers, and it enables you to test your computer and internet connection before the event to confirm that you’ll be able to join us.

Q. I can’t make it to a group event (because of the timing, or there isn’t one near me). Can I simply register to watch the webcast on my own, and do I need to register with both and the National Press Club?

A. We realize not everyone will be able to watch the webcast at a community event. Individuals need only register at the National Press Club’s webcast site.

Q. How can I be sure my computer and internet connection can handle the webcast?

A. There is a brief test at the web page for the webcast (see above), which can evaluate your computer and your internet connection at any time. We recommend you perform this test before the day of the webcast; we strongly recommend that you use the same computer and connection as you intend to for the webcast, as that is the only way to confirm that you’ll be able to enjoy the webcast.

Q. My group and I cannot watch the webcast at the live broadcast time. Can we watch it later, and if so, how?

A. We realize not everyone will be able to watch the webcast at the time of the event. Within a few hours of the event, the webcast will be archived and posted as a Windows Media Player file at the webcast page. We’ve been told it should take a couple hours at most, and be available by late afternoon, EDT.

There, it will remain available at the link above for several months; it will also be archived on our web site.

Q. Do you have a media advisory about the program?

A. Yes; it’s available at

Q. What kind of information can you provide to help me host an event?

A. We have an event guide, which you can download at It offers advice on planning your event, drawing media attention to the event and issues, and getting people in your community interested, educated, and involved.

Q. How can we ask questions of the panelists?

A. Participants in events around the country, as well as audience members at the National Press Club, may ask panelists questions by emailing or calling in to the event. Priority will be given to participants at event host-sites (see our directory for a list of locations across the country). Email questions to: Questions at; call (202) 662-7496 or (202) 662-7497.

If you have additional questions, please email cgreen at

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