Four Members of Congress join and Other Groups In Seeking End to Secret Legal Interpretations of Executive Order 12333, four members of Congress, and over forty other civil society organizations wrote to President Obama and the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) asking for a thorough investigation of the NSA’s surveillance under Executive Order 12333. The letter, organized by Access, states in part:

We call on the President to declassify and make public all current and future legal opinions or interpretations concerning surveillance under Executive Order 12333 and the surveillance-related regulations issued thereunder. Secret law is a threat to democracy. also wrote a separate comment to PCLOB outlining specific questions a study of Executive Order 12333 should answer. Our coalition asked PCLOB to make an end to secret law a priority. also asked the Board to specifically review and seek disclosure of seven Office of Legal Counsel memos about the drone program, which the Executive Branch has withheld from both Congress and the public.