For the People Act Deserves Unwavering Support Despite Latest Senate Republican Opposition

Washington, D.C. – After Senate Republicans blocked a floor debate on the For the People Act, Lisa Rosenberg, executive director of Open The Government released the following statement:

“Today, in an affront to our democratic values, Republicans prevented the Senate from starting debate on the For the People Act, a critical bill that will help realize the promise of our democracy and restore the public’s belief in an inclusive and representative government. Disgracefully, the same Republican Senators who blocked an investigation into a deadly attack on our Capitol and previously abused the filibuster to hinder the bill again blocked the legislation that 8 in 10 Americans from across the nation and the political spectrum overwhelmingly support to protect the freedom to vote.

“The support from the rest of the Senate and the Biden administration for the legislation demonstrates that there is still a clear path forward for the bill. The Senate must return to work in September and deliver the For the People Act to create national standards that ensure Americans can safely and freely cast their ballots in fair elections, have their voices heard, and elect leaders that are accountable to them.”

Ufuoma Otu
Communications Director
(202) 332-0251