FOIA Summit by the Numbers

On October 10 – 11, as hosts of the FOIA Summit, kicked off an effort to create a more vibrant and better coordinated effort to make the FOIA work better for the public. As we noted in our latest newsletter, items on the agenda included creating a vision for the Office of Government Information Services, the FOIA Ombudsman; making more records available without having to file a FOIA request; making sure agencies are not over-applying exemptions; and improving the federal government's record keeping practices. Click "read more" for a snapshot of the Summit.

FOIA Graphic

View a full screen version  of the infographic here:

Before leaving, attendees signed up to continue to work on particular issues, and begin to refine and implement the action plans. will continue to support and coordinate these efforts, identify common themes among the issues, and recruit more people and organizations to be a part of the solution.

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