Finally: Amazon’s Rekognition Moratorium Long Overdue

Note: On Amazon’s one-year moratorium on police use of Rekognition, Lisa Rosenberg, executive director of Open The Government, issued the following statement:

Amazon’s decision to implement this one-year moratorium on police use of Rekognition is a small step in the right direction. It is also a travesty that Amazon stated support for the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of George Floyd’s killing while continuing to sell its racially biased products to law enforcement. 

As a government contractor, Amazon should extend the moratorium until Congress regulates the technology. It should also be transparent about which government agencies currently use its technology and how its current roster of law enforcement clients plans to halt the use of Rekognition. Now more than ever, as protests spread across the U.S. over Floyd’s death, Congress must fulfill its oversight authority and quickly place a moratorium on the broad use of facial recognition. Congress simply cannot wait for Amazon and other private corporations around the country to self-regulate.