Facial Recognition Technology Regulation: A Practical Guide for Congress

Facial Recognition Technology Regulation: A Practical Guide for Congress

The dearth of accountability safeguards as government agencies acquire facial recognition technologies prompted Open The Government and a growing list of civil society groups to urge Congress to swiftly regulate   Read Full

Enough with Congressional Hearings on Facial Recognition: Pointers to Regulate the Technology

Recent news headlines about federal agencies using facial recognition technology to scour state databases around the country for Americans’ driving licenses without their knowledge or permission is rightfully drawing the   Read Full

Kevin McAleenan Requests Additional Border Funds as Coalition of Over 100 Organizations Condemn DHS Surveillance of Activists, Journalists, and Lawyers

Before his testimony to Congress today asking for more border funds, Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan was the recipient of a coalition letter from over 100 organizations   Read Full

New Amazon, Government Security & Secrecy Report Released at Freedom of Information Day Conference

Open The Government is releasing an in-depth case study, Government Inc.: Amazon, Government Security & Secrecy and hosting a panel discussion addressing  the primary concerns the public should have about   Read Full

Combating Government Secrecy through Freedom of Information

In response to a growing culture of government secrecy, people are seeking new ways to defend their right to information and combat intensifying threats to transparency and accountability. Openness advocates,   Read Full

It Takes a Global Village to Fight Efforts to Subvert Open Government Policies

As we have seen in the United States, political transitions can be a precarious time for government openness and accountability. There are myriad ways that governments backslide, ranging from abandoning   Read Full

Coalition calls for stronger surveillance reforms to protect against warrantless surveillance of Americans

Today, OTG joined a letter calling on members of the House Judiciary Committee to close the loophole in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that the government uses to conduct   Read Full

OTG Town Hall: Exposing secret government surveillance and combating threats to privacy, civil liberties and civil rights

Join us for an OpenTheGovernment town hall to discuss efforts to combat secrecy and build consensus around ways to address constitutional threats stemming from warrantless government surveillance programs. Experts will   Read Full

Coalition voices support for strong bipartisan Senate surveillance reform legislation

National Security Agency Headquarters, Fort Meade, Maryland.

OpenTheGovernment joined a letter of support today for bipartisan legislation to reform the warrantless surveillance law that gives the government sweeping authority to collect communications of people within and outside   Read Full

House bill needs stronger reforms to ensure transparency and accountability for government surveillance programs

Updated: October 13, 2017 – Today, OpenTheGovernment joined a coalition of government accountability, privacy, civil rights and civil liberties organizations, calling on Congress to strengthen the surveillance reform bill introduced by   Read Full