Directory of Registered Sites


Host Site: Department of Information Science and The Center for Information as Evidence, The University of California Los Angeles
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Contact Name: Patrick Keilty
Contact Email: pkeilty at


Host Site: California Institute of Technology
Location: Pasadena, CA
Contact Name: Asa Hopkins
Contact Email: asa at

Host Site: County of Alameda Training Center
Location: Oakland, CA
Co-Sponsors: Northern Ca Assoc of Law Libraries and Special Libraries Association
Contact Name: Anne Barker
Contact Email: abarker at


Host Site: Hartford Public Library
Location: Hartford, CT
Contact Name: Richard Frieder
Contact Email: rfrieder at



Host Site: Yale Law Library
Location: New Haven, CT
Contact Name: Camilla Tubbs
Contact Email: camilla.tubbs at



Host Site: Florida State University Libraries
Location: Tallahassee, FL
Co-Sponsors: Friends of the FSU Libraries Contact Name: Richard Frieder
Contact Email: rfrieder at




Host Site: North Suburban Library System
Location: Wheeling, IL
Contact Name: Donna Tieberg
Contact Email: dtieberg at


Host Site: Chicago-Kent College of Law
Sponsor: Chicago Association of Law Libraries (CALL)
Location: Chicago, IL
Contact: Kevin McClure
Contact Email: kmcclure at

Host Site: University of Chicago
Location: U of C campus
Contact Name: Rebeca Bell
Contact email: rbell at


Host Site: Indiana Pro Chapter of SPJ
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Co-sponsors: Indiana Coalition for Open Government
Contact Name: Keith Robinson
Contact Email: krobinson at


Host Site: Minnesota Coalition on Government Information
Co-Sponsors: MN Telecommunications and Information Policy Roundtable
Location: St Paul, MN
Contact Name: Mary Treacy
Contact Email: mtreacy at


Host Site: MINITEX Library Information Network
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Contact Name: Kristen Mastel
Contact Email: meye0539at


Host Site: University of Missouri-Columbia
Co-Sponsors: MU Society of Professional Journalists
Location: Columbia, MO
Contact Name: Chris Sanders
Contact Email: sandersc at


Host Site: Park University
Co-Sponsors: The Park University Stylus, 816-584-6324, stylus at; Political Science Club, 816-741-2000, ashley.watkins at
Location: Parkville, MO
Contact Name: Kelli Bamforth
Contact Email: kelli.bamforth at

New Jersey

Host Site: Rutgers University
Location: Newark, NJ
Contact Name: Elizabeth Mason
Contact Email: bmason at


New York

Host Site: NYU Libraries
Location: New York, NY
Contact Name: Gretchen Gano
Contact Email: gretchen.gano at


Host Site: Long Island Library Resources Council
Location: Stony Brook, NY
Contact Name: Min Liu
Contact Email: minliu at


Host Site: FOI Oklahoma Inc.
Co-Sponsors: Metropolitan Library System
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Contact Name: Joey Senat
Contact Email: joey.senat at


Host Site: Oregon State University Valley Library
Location: Corvallis, OR
Contact Name: Valery King
Contact Email: valery.king at


Host Site: University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Contact Name: Marjorie Hassen
Contact Email: hassen at

South Dakota

Host Site: Northern State University Student Center
Co-Sponsors: Aberdeen American News and Alexander Mitchell Library
Location: Aberdeen, SD
Contact Name: Nancy Miller
Contact Email: millern at


Host Site: University Libraries
Location: Knoxville, TN
Contact Name: Thura Mack
Contact Email: tmack at


Host Site: Utah Valley State College
Co-Sponsors: School of Science and Health; Center for the Study of Ethics
Location: Orem, UT
Contact Name: Jim Price
Contact Email: pricejm at



Host Site: Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council, Senate Room A, General Assembly Building
Co-Sponsors: Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council; Virginia Coalition for Open Government; Virginia Association of Broadcasters; Virginia Press Association; Virginia Library Association; Library of Virginia
Location: Richmond, VA
Contact Name: Maria Everett
Contact Email: MEverett at; Coalition for Open Government, contact Megan Rhyne, 757-870-3169 or mrhyne at; Virginia Association of Broadcasters


Host Site: Washington Coalition for Open Government
Location: Olympia, WA
Contact Name: Elly Snow
Contact Email: info at


Host Site: University of Washington Odegaard Library
Co-Sponsors: Law Librarians of Puget Sound (LLOPS – primary sponsor) & Washington Coalition for Open Government & WA State Library
Location: Seattle, WA
Contact Name: Laurie Miller or Ann Hemmens
Contact Email: lmille2 at or hemmens at
Contact Phone: Laurie Miller: 253-798-2691. Ann Hemmens: 206-543-7672


Host Site: University of Wisconsin Eau Claire McIntyre Library
Co-Sponsors: Eau Claire Big Read
Location: Eau Claire, WI
Contact Name: Leslie Foster
Contact Email: fosterla at
Contact Phone: 715-836-3247