Director of National Intelligence Must Provide Public with Information on Section 702 Surveillance

Yesterday, joined the Brennan Center for Justice and 30 other privacy, civil liberties, and openness groups in calling on Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to provide the public with more information on troubling aspects of U.S. government surveillance programs.

The letter calls on Director Clapper to release information on how Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) affects Americans and other U.S. residents. In the lead-up to legislative reauthorization efforts in 2017, we believe that it’s crucial for the public to have a more complete picture of government surveillance activities. The information requested includes an estimate of how many communications involving Americans are subject to surveillance on a yearly basis, the number of times the FBI uses a U.S. person identifier to search a database that holds this data, and the policies concerning notification of individuals that this information will be used in judicial or administrative proceedings.

Read the complete letter here.