Dangerous Package of “Anti-Leaks” Provisions Stalls in the Senate

The dangerous “anti-leaks” provisions of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Intelligence Authorization bill hit a snag last week when Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore) placed a hold on the bill. Senator Wyden aims to delay passage of the bill until the Senate either fixes some of the problematic provisions, or there is an open amendment process on the floor.

Twenty-seven organizations concerned with openness and accountability joined OpenTheGovernment.org on a letter thanking Senate Leadership for delaying action on the bill and supporting Senator Wyden’s efforts to ensure the bill is not passed without thoughtful debate and amendment.

We've written previously about the effect particular provisions of the bill would have on freedom of speech and the ability of the public to have an understanding of and informed debate about our government’s actions. We continue to oppose Title V of the bill as drafted. While we recognize the need to prevent leaks of appropriately and properly classified information, the American public also requires access to some information about government conduct in order to foster an informed and meaningful national discussion.