Community Actions, Coalition Partners, Join the Government Accountability Project in Urging Protection of Bailout Whistleblowers [.pdf] [1.23.09] and several coalition partners signed on to a letter by the the Government Accountability Project (GAP) urging the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) to protect whistleblowers that expose waste, fraud and abuse during the IG audits.

See the response from the Special IG [2.2.09]

More than 75 Organizations Join and the National Taxpayers Union to Demand Bailout Transparency [.pdf] [12.8.08]
78 good government advocates joined and the National Taxpayers Union in sending a letter urging Congress to improve oversight and transparency of the financial bailout. Any credible solution to today’s economic crisis must address one of the crisis’ fundamental causes – corruption and other abuses of power sustained by secrecy. The signatories ask that Congress use its oversight authority to make the financial bailout more accountable to the American public, and its legislative authority to make it more transparent. See our press release here.

More than 50 Organizations and Advocates Join in Opposing Secrecy in Financial Industry Bailout Plan [.pdf] [9.23.08] and more than 50 open government organizations and advocates wrote to the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs and the House Committee on Finacial Services to oppose provisions of the financial industry bail out plan that would make any decisions by the Secretary of the Treasury non-reviewable by courts or administrative agencies. Further, public contracts associated with the proposal could be created outside of existing laws normally governing such actions. See the House and Senate letters.