Commitment Analysis:

The following was written by John Kamensky of the IBM Center for The Business of Government

In 2013, the Federal Government improved its Performance.Gov website by including performance information, updated quarterly, for its cross-agency and agency-specific priority goals, totally nearly 120 goals.  It also included the first-ever inventory of programs, agency-by-agency.

In 2014, the Administration is committed to posting revised and updated cross-agency and agency-specific priority goals and report on their progress quarterly, as well.  It also plans to:

·Update the functionality and navigation of the website

·Include updated agency strategic plans, annual performance plans, and annual performance reports

·Include a governmentwide performance plan for its cross-agency priority goals.

·Provide a greater level of detail for its inventory of agency-level programs

·Make more information downloadable

When taken together, these commitments will substantially expand the transparency and understandability of the scope and breadth of federal operations, making them more accessible to both policymakers and citizens.

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