Coalition calls for greater transparency from ODNI on surveillance orders

OTG has joined a coalition of open government, civil rights, human rights, journalist and civil liberties organization in calling on the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to follow through on his pledge to “provide transparency on matters of public interest” and disclose to the public:

  • The interpretation of law and the Fourth Amendment that was relied upon to justify the Yahoo email scanning;
  • The FISA Court opinion and order that compelled the surveillance order to occur, as is required in the USA FREEDOM Act and consistent with the ODNI Principles of Intelligence Transparency Implementation Plan;
  • Whether the reported practice involved the scanning of email content;
  • The types of selectors that the government believes are permissible under the authority it used;
  • Any legal interpretations of FISA that reflect the government’s view of the scope of technical assistance it can compel providers to afford it; and
  • The total number of times such an order has been issued to a provider compelling a scan of all incoming email (or a search of comparable scope), as well as the year in which such a surveillance order was first issued.

Read the letter here.