Statement on ICE’s secretive facial recognition searches and Clearview AI Data Breach

Open The Government, in collaboration with MuckRock, uncovered that a secretive company, Clearview AI, was scraping billions of publicly available photos from social media accounts and selling them to law   Read Full

Open Government “State of the Union” Honors Sunshine Week 2020

OTG’s Lisa Rosenberg will moderate an Open Government State of the Union in honor of Sunshine Week, the nation-wide celebration of access to public information that takes place every year around President James   Read Full

OTG Launches New Torture Report Timeline

Torture Report Timeline

From the launch of the investigation into the Central Intelligence Agency’s detention and interrogation program in 2009 to present day, click through time in OTG’s new behind-the-scenes summary of the   Read Full

Investigating the Use of Facial Recognition: A Joint Project with MuckRock

Across the country, facial recognition technology is being quietly acquired and used by government agencies of all sizes. More than half of all adults in the United States are in   Read Full

Private Prison Information Act: Senator Cardin Introduces Legislation Following OTG Hill Briefing

Open The Government and the ACLU co-hosted a briefing at the Russell Senate Office Building to discuss the lack of accountability surrounding private prisons, jails, and detention centers that house   Read Full

Jared Kushner is Poster Child for Presidential Records Act Reform

The White House and Congress cannot afford to continue to pay lip service to clear violations Statement of Lisa Rosenberg, Executive Director, Open The Government Note: Revelation of Kushner’s actions   Read Full

New poll: Almost 9 in 10 Americans want a public report on Mueller’s findings

Nearly nine in 10 Americans say Robert Mueller’s investigators should produce a full, public report on their findings, a sentiment that crosses party lines, according to a new CNN poll   Read Full

Protecting the public’s right to know about the Special Counsel’s investigation

More than three quarters of Americans think the report on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into foreign influence in the 2016 presidential election should be released to the public.   Read Full

Join our team

Open The Government Fellowship Program: Spring 2019 OTG is seeking a research fellow for the spring of 2019 (January – May) to contribute to the coalition’s work to make the   Read Full

Newly released memo reveals secretary of homeland security signed off on family separation policy

Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen previously denied existence of policy Open The Government and the Project On Government Oversight have obtained documents through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that provides   Read Full