New Research Reveals How Law Enforcement Policies Restrict Transparency and Accountability

After a Minneapolis Police Department officer murdered George Floyd in May 2020, questions quickly arose about discrepancies between the police department’s incident report and eyewitness accounts. Bystander video and subsequent   Read Full

Law enforcement media relations polices

Open The Government obtained via public records requests the follow media relations policies from law enforcement agencies across the country. CA Highway Patrol – Ch1 HPM 90_1 CA Highway Patrol   Read Full

“Sick of Secrecy” Report: COVID-19 Exacerbates Agencies’ Predilection to Withhold Public Information

Secret policies, muzzled experts, delays, and records request mismanagement define the government’s pandemic response and spotlight the need for FOIA reform. Hundreds of public records requests filed by open government   Read Full

Accountability 2021: Recommendations for accountability in the federal government

In January of 2020, nearly two dozen organizations came together to begin work on setting an agenda for a more accountable government. What united them was not a partisan political   Read Full

Majority of Americans Disapprove of Trump’s Coronavirus Response, New Accountable.Us Poll Finds

Americans are not pleased with the Trump administration’s pandemic response. Topline findings from the Accountable.Us commissioned-poll conducted by the Global Strategy Group, include: The stature of health care experts overshadows   Read Full

New OTG Report Finds Abuses Persist at DHS Fusion Centers

Open The Government today released a new report on state and local “fusion centers,” created to share counterterrorism intelligence across government agencies to prevent the communication and coordination failures that   Read Full

Facial Recognition Technology Regulation: A Practical Guide for Congress

Facial Recognition Technology Regulation: A Practical Guide for Congress

The dearth of accountability safeguards as government agencies acquire facial recognition technologies prompted Open The Government and a growing list of civil society groups to urge Congress to swiftly regulate   Read Full

Enough with Congressional Hearings on Facial Recognition: Pointers to Regulate the Technology

Recent news headlines about federal agencies using facial recognition technology to scour state databases around the country for Americans’ driving licenses without their knowledge or permission is rightfully drawing the   Read Full

CIA’s Expansion of “covert agent” definition would weaken oversight and accountability

CIA lobby seal

Section 305 (Division A) of S. 1589, the Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 2018, 2019, and 2020, would expand the definition of “covert agent” for purposes of prosecution under the   Read Full

New EPA FOIA Regulations Expand Politicization without Transparency

The Environmental Protection Agency is planning to implement substantial changes to the agency’s Freedom of Information Act regulations without giving the public an opportunity to comment. Although not yet finalized,   Read Full