OTG Supports the Special Counsel Transparency Act of 2018 to Ensure the Results of Mueller’s Investigation are Preserved and Shared with Congress

The People Deserve Answers and Accountability and this Bill Helps Provide It   Read Full

OTG Releases New Report Highlighting Challenges to Transparency in Washington, a Growing Surveillance State, and Attacks on Press Freedoms

Open the Government (OTG) released a new report, Closing Democracy’s Window: The Growing Culture of Secrecy in Washington and the Erosion of the Public’s Right to Know. To document the   Read Full

In Sunshine Week Declaration Condemning Threats to Openness, Coalition Warns that Laws and Norms Protecting Open Government are Being Eclipsed

Leading Organizations Call for More Accountability and Transparency, While Expressing Concern about Growing Culture of Secrecy in Washington   Read Full

Politically Diverse Organizations Call for Reforms to Reduce Government Secrecy Following Nunes Memo

Letter Sent to Congress Calls for Action to make Government Surveillance Less Secretive and More Accountable to Voters   Read Full

Open the Government’s 2017 Year End Report

As we look back to the successes we had in 2017, we are inspired to continue our fight for a transparent and accountable government, creating a more informed electorate that   Read Full

OTG’s Executive Director Condemns Reported Trump Decision to Keep Guantanamo Prison Open

Guantanamo military commissions have failed to secure terrorism convictions at the same rate as America’s more open and transparent federal courts   Read Full

Nunes Alleges FISA Abuse in Secret Memo; Yet he and Others Voted for Reauthorization of the Most Unregulated Area of the Law Without Protections for Americans

Congress and President Trump Should Use Opportunity to Revisit FISA and Discuss Updating Law to Ensure it is More Transparent and Accountable   Read Full

Trump Administration Blocks Access to Report on Handling of the Travel Ban; Open Government Groups Appeal Decision

OTG and POGO call for Immediate Disclosure to Ensure Accountability for Travel Ban Abuses   Read Full

Travel Ban Report Released by Homeland Security Watchdog after Groups File Records Appeal

Redacted Report

Open the Government (OTG) and the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) applauded the release today of a report by the Homeland Security Administration’s Inspector General that critiqued the Trump Administration’s   Read Full

Dangerous Provision Slipped into the Continuing Resolution Allows Secret Transfer of Intelligence Funding without Congressional Oversight

Open the Government Executive Director, Lisa Rosenberg, called on the House today to reject a disturbing provision in the budget bill that would permit President Donald Trump and intelligence agencies   Read Full