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Database Manager, PEN America Director, US Free Expression Programs, PEN America DC Statehood Campaign Strategist, ACLU-DC Research Director, Americans for Financial Reform-Education Fund Arts and Culture Program Director, National Coalition   Read Full


What happened at one agency when the inspector general botched an investigationFederal News Network, January 7, 2022Project on Government Oversight Federal Agencies Highlight Security Improvements A Year After Capitol AttackGovernment   Read Full

Q & A with an Accountability Expert

Jana Morgan, Director, Declaration for American Democracy Can you tell us about Declaration for American Democracy and your role at the organization? DFAD is a coalition of over 230 organizations   Read Full

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The Patriot Act Turns 20: Taking Stock and Rethinking Surveillance PowersCenter for Democracy & TechnologyOctober 5, 2021   Read Full

Openings in Openness

Development Associate & Office Assistant, Brave New Films Multiple, Take Back the Court Policy Associate, Voices for Progress Communications Associate or Senior Communications Associate, ReThink Media *Check out the Open Government Jobs   Read Full


Clearview AI drops subpoenas of its criticsPolitico, September 27, 2021Open The Government ‘Chilling’: Facial recognition firm Clearview AI hits watchdog groups with subpoenasPolitico, September 24, 2021Open The Government and MuckRock   Read Full

Q & A with an Accountability Expert

Jonathan Bydlak, Director, Governance Program & Fiscal and Budget Policy Project, R Street Institute. The Q&A below has been edited for clarity and length. Can you tell us about the   Read Full

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National Security in the Post-9/11 EraOpen The GovernmentAugust 31, 2021 Annual Freedom of Information SummitNational Freedom of Information CoalitionSeptember 28-30, 2021   Read Full


I Live in Fear as a Black Trans Dad—The Senate Can Fix ThatDaily Beast, August 2, 2021National LGBTQ Task Force U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Bill Would Protect Congressional Whistleblowers from   Read Full

Q & A with an Accountability Expert

Dana Gold, Senior Counsel & Director of Education and Partnerships, Government Accountability Project discusses the role of whistleblowers in upholding the truth. What is your role at GAP and how   Read Full