Reducing Secrecy

New Amazon, Government Security & Secrecy Report Released at Freedom of Information Day Conference

Open the Government is releasing an in-depth case study, Government Inc.: Amazon, Government Security & Secrecy and hosting a panel discussion addressing  the primary concerns the public should have about   Read Full

Migrant caravan illustrates greater accountability for U.S. immigration policy south of the border is needed

OTG joins openness advocates, human rights defenders and journalists in Mexico forum As a caravan of thousands of asylum-seeking migrants journey north towards the U.S.-Mexico border, advocates are aligning efforts   Read Full

A Citizen’s Guide to America’s Forever Wars and the Secrecy that Sustains Them

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America’s Forever Wars and the Secrecy that Sustains Them A Citizen’s Guide After 17 years, three presidents, $5.6 trillion, and hundreds of thousands of human lives lost, it’s time Americans   Read Full

“Protecting her own image” – Gina Haspel nomination process shows need for classification reform

Immediately after the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence voted favorably on Gina Haspel’s nomination to be CIA Director, Senator Ron Wyden issued a strong statement condemning the secrecy of the   Read Full

In hearing, Gina Haspel stokes fears about transparency, accountability

In her confirmation hearing today, Gina Haspel fueled fears that as CIA Director she would repeat the mistakes of the past and further undermine congressional oversight, transparency, and the rule   Read Full

Here are our questions for Gina Haspel

Open the Government Questions for Gina Haspel Confirmation Hearing On Wednesday, Gina Haspel will appear before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to answer questions about her career at the   Read Full

Combating Government Secrecy through Freedom of Information

In response to a growing culture of government secrecy, people are seeking new ways to defend their right to information and combat intensifying threats to transparency and accountability. Openness advocates,   Read Full

Open the Government Applauds Requirement in Defense Bill Stipulating Better Reporting on Civilian Casualties Caused by U.S. Military Forces

Harmful FOIA Exemption Also Stripped from Bill, Says OTG   Read Full

Be wary of selective disclosures

CIA lobby seal

Last week, the CIA announced that it was declassifying and releasing a new trove of documents from the government’s files on Osama bin Laden, ostensibly in the interest of transparency   Read Full

To ensure accountability for use of lethal force, advocates look to Congress

So far, the Trump Administration has shown a willingness to accelerate the use of military force overseas, while continuing and sometimes expanding on the excessive secrecy of its predecessors.  As   Read Full