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OTG Launches Sunshine Week Report on Amazon, Government Security & Secrecy

OTG Launches Sunshine Week Report on Amazon, Government Security & Secrecy ‘Government Inc.’ report shows weak transparency requirements and accountability mechanisms for private companies even as they work on government contracts Washington,   Read Full

New Amazon, Government Security & Secrecy Report Released at Freedom of Information Day Conference

Open the Government is releasing an in-depth case study, Government Inc.: Amazon, Government Security & Secrecy and hosting a panel discussion addressing  the primary concerns the public should have about   Read Full

Secrecy Check: FOIA in FY2013

Each year, the Office of Information Policy (OIP) collects and summarizes agencies’ FOIA reports to give a look at the broader state of FOIA processing.   Read Full

PCLOB Report: We Don’t Know How Many Americans’ Emails the NSA Collects Under Section 702—But We Don’t Need to Know

The following is cross-posted from The Classified Section,'s new blog on national security secrecy.   The Privacy and Civil Liberties officially released its long-awaited report into Section 702 of FISA yesterday.   Read Full

Secrecy Report 2013 –The Tip of the Iceberg

WASHINGTON, October 1, 2013 – Today’s release of the 2013 Secrecy Report, the 9th annual review and analysis of indicators of secrecy in the federal government by, comes amid   Read Full

Through the Transparency Lens: An NSA Domestic Spying Primer

Earlier this June, documents published by the Guardian and the Washington Post revealed the great extent to which the National Security Agency (NSA) is scooping up Americans’ telephone and internet   Read Full

Secrecy Check: Classification and Declassification

Each year, the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) reports to the President on the statistics and costs government classification and declassification programs. The report for FY 2012 is available here.   Read Full

Secrecy Check: FOIA by the Numbers

We have said previously that the Department of Justice seems to view agency implementation of the Freedom of Information Act through rose-colored glasses. Each year, the Office of Information Policy   Read Full

Secrecy Check: Surveillance and the FISA Court

In 2012, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) approved every single one of the federal government’s 1,856 applications made to it for authority to conduct electronic surveillance and/or physical searches   Read Full

Welcome to Secrecy Check

Each September, provides a comprehensive view of the state of secrecy in a Secrecy Report. Follow our series “Secrecy Check” for a rolling analysis of the contributing information, stats,   Read Full