In Letter Signed by More than Thirty Organizations, Members of Senate Select Committee on Intelligence urged to Oppose Gina Haspel CIA Nomination

The groups are concerned that Haspel supervised torture, facilitated its cover-up, and obstructed access to her record on these matters.   Read Full

Jobs to Move America

Jobs to Move America (JMA) is a national non-profit organization. A research, strategy, and advocacy center, JMA is committed to harnessing government procurement to realize equity; to promote environmental sustainability;   Read Full

In hearing, Gina Haspel stokes fears about transparency, accountability

In her confirmation hearing today, Gina Haspel fueled fears that as CIA Director she would repeat the mistakes of the past and further undermine congressional oversight, transparency, and the rule   Read Full

Open The Government Executive Director Lisa Rosenberg Releases Statement for the Record Opposing Gina Haspel’s Nomination to Lead the CIA

Congress and the Public have been Subjected to a Selective Disclosure Campaign by the CIA in Favor of Gina Haspel’s Nomination, Asserts Rosenberg   Read Full

Defending Democracy Workshop Podcast (In Case You Missed It)

Defending Democracy

What can democracy advocates in the US and around the world do when their national governments flout international commitments and take steps toward democratic erosion and authoritarian practice? Monday’s workshop   Read Full

Coalition Calls on Congress to Oppose Defense Department’s FOIA Exemption Carve-Out

Exemption Could Lead to Shielding Information about Sexual Assault Complaints, Contractor Oversight, and Interrogation and Treatment of Prisoners   Read Full

Here are our questions for Gina Haspel

Open The Government Questions for Gina Haspel Confirmation Hearing On Wednesday, Gina Haspel will appear before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to answer questions about her career at the   Read Full

OTG’s Executive Director Applauds Congress for Protecting the Public’s Right to Know About the Results of the Mueller Investigation

Bipartisan Amendment Ensures Transparency and Accountability for Future Investigations by Special Counsels   Read Full

Check Out Open The Government’s Latest Newsletter, April 19, 2018

Open The Government published its April 19, 2018 Newsletter today. Check it out to see what we are up to. READ NEWSLETTER   Read Full

OTG Supports the Special Counsel Transparency Act of 2018 to Ensure the Results of Mueller’s Investigation are Preserved and Shared with Congress

The People Deserve Answers and Accountability and this Bill Helps Provide It   Read Full