Critical Infrastructure Information (CII)

The Critical Infrastructure Information (CII) policy provides secrecy, civil immunity, preemption of state and local disclosure laws, and protection from whistleblowers to corporations that voluntarily submit information on infrastructure vulnerabilities.   Read Full

Public Trust & Accountability

A strong right of access to government information is a key component of an accountable government. In the simplest sense, accountability is being answerable for performance or results. Much of   Read Full

National Security

National security has long been recognized as a legitimate reason to restrict information from the public. The risk comes in not finding the proper balance between security and the public’s   Read Full

Environment, Health & Safety

Information has always been the fuel that powers the engine of environmental, health and safety protection. History shows that when environmental or health problems are made public, the public demands   Read Full


The people’s right to know is a foundation of democracy. Throughout history, the cardinal element in the formation of democratic societies — the element most feared and suppressed by totalitarian   Read Full

Partners Working on the Homeland Security Act

These coalition partners have been working together to examine the implications of the Homeland Security Act and to protect information access and open government.   Read Full

Let’s Reverse the Pattern of Secrecy

Concerned that our government keeps from the American public information that we need to make our families safe, secure our country and strengthen democracy, a broad-based set of organizations formed   Read Full